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July 20 2023

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Body type:Athletic
Ethnicity:No Answer
Status: Single
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About me:
================================= ABOUT ME ============================================
================================= LIKE TO MEET ============================================
"I will become a Hero who Protects!." "If I don't act now, forget being a Hero I'm not even a Man! "

Full Name Eijiro Kirishima

Pronunciation Ay-Jee-Row Kee-Ruh-Shee-Muh

Nickname/Alias Ei, Kiri, Shima,Red Riot

Meaning You could just look it up yourself

Origin Kirishima is from My Hero Academia

Title Red Riot

OOC I'm more available on Discord! Ask and I'll add ya!

Gender Male

Gender Role A Hero in The Streets, A Villain in The Sheets!

Orientation Bisexual - Female Preference

Real Age 21 years

Age Appearance 18?

Birthday October 16th

Personality Kirishima is an outgoing, charismatic, and boisterous guy with a fondness for being manly. He's admired by his friends and cosplayers alike because, time and time again, he bravely puts the safety of others before himself.

BirthplaceChiba Prefecture

Astrological Sign Libra

Species Quirked Human

Ethnicity White

Blood Type O

Preferred Hand Right handed

Rp Type SFW, N*FW

Eye Color Red

Hair Color Red

Complexion (Self explanatory)

Body Type Human

Build Muscular

Height 170 cm ( 5'7 )

Weight Unknown

Facial Hair None

Birthmarks/scars Plenty of scars from battle

Distinguishing Features Red eyes, spiky hair, shark-like teeth

Health Iā€™m unbreakable!

Energy High

Allergies None!.. That I'm aware of

Phobias Thalassophobia

Addictions The Spotlight, Combat

Mental Disorders None!.. I think.

Get harder! More and More, My Body and Spirit!

bold italic underline Link Rules are simple! 1. Don't be a Jerk! 2. At least be able to write a paragraph if you plan to engage in rp with me! 3. I'm more accessible on Discord, and don't mind adding those who are alright with it! 4. Yes, I do N*SFW/ERP! 5. I'm more used to rping on Discord or F-List, apologies if I don't get your message/reply! I'm pretty forgetful at times!

Who I'd like to meet:

    More Roleplayers



ŌƒŅ½ĻÉ¾Ī¹Ź‹Ņ½Ōƒ Ź‚Ī¹É Ō‹Ęš

Child Prodigy

Ė¢įµ˜āæ į¶œŹ°įµƒĖ¢įµ‰Ź³š–¤“


joke's on you ׅāŽ–

Immortal Jack Rakan

ā €ā” š…šˆšš€š‹ š’šŽšš†




š“š“­š“Ŗ, š“¦š“Ŗš“²š“½!

[ŹœŹŹ™Ź€ÉŖį“… į“›Źœį“‡į“Ź€Ź]

Pretty Bird


š€rtificial š€postle.

░░ ✡ υв-01

Fleur De Lys




į“›į“xÉŖį“„ ŹŸÉŖį“˜źœ± ā˜…




{į“³Ź³įµƒįµ›ā±įµ—Źø; š’¦š’¾š“ƒš‘”}

Insane In The Membrane

šš„š™æšš‚š™øš™³š™“š™³š™¾šš†š™½ MAN

Obelisk blue heir.




įµ—Ź³įµƒā±Ė”įµ‡Ė”įµƒį¶»įµ‰Ź³ 2.0

LĪ¹Ń‚Ń‚lĪµ MĪ¹Ń•Ń• AѕѕĪ±Ń•Ń•Ī¹Šø

Abandoned Wolf


Valient Nightngale


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Aug 29th 2022 - 10:52 AM

I think I have an idea on a story how it should start out atleast. Perhaps it could be years they have been able to see each other after becoming pro heros and finally end up doing a mission together?Ā 

Aug 29th 2022 - 6:30 AM

As expected of kirishima! The good ol gentleman! I myself have a villain deku that is in the works. Been trying to do a roleplay with another deku for it lol. Though it's villian deku going back in time.Ā 

Aug 29th 2022 - 6:20 AM

Well if it isn't red riot! I love that we can be friends. I would also like to get a story going if you are ok with that and wouldn't mind discussing some details before we start, though I may ask if you would want to roleplay when they were in highschool, after they are pro heros or something different. Either way I'm pretty open to many things....oops I'm muttering again. Please let me know.Ā 
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