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December 02 2022

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Characters: Plumeria
Verses: Pokemon
Length: Multi Para, Para
Member Since:September 02, 2022

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Who I'd like to meet:

ℙ𝕠𝕚𝕤𝕠𝕟 ℙ𝕦𝕟𝕜 [Plumeria]

BBB Members

Hanashi - Artic Fox

This lady survived horrible experimentation at the hands of the Rockets after being sold off by her parents. Having escaped, she ended up on our island near Po Town where my grunts found her. She's feisty, crazy, and the perfect addition to Team Skull. Whenever I'm having an issue, I know I can count on her to be a shoulder to lean on. Handling all of the grunts, helping Guzma get through his bad days, dealing with a long-distance relationship that seems to cut in and out with a champion from another region, it all gets tiring and it's nice to have someone who'll listen without judging. I've even put her in charge of some of the admin duties whenever I'm absent. She's definitely one of my best friends.


Met this badass at a bar while I was having a bad time. I don't completely get it, but she wants to make it big and become famous. With all the adventures we find ourselves on, I'm sure she'll get all the footage she'll need to make her dreams become reality. If there's anything I can do to support this bad bitch, I will. In the meantime, Hanashi and I will do our best to show her the ropes in our little pokemon world that she's found herself in.

Background Story

Plumeria spent most of her younger years in the hospital due to an illness. Unknown to her, her parents were more concerned about her being able to complete the trials of the island at an appropriate age than they were about her surviving. It isn't until she is much older that she finally overcomes her illness and is thrust quickly into the world of training by her parents.

Having been discharged from the hospital, her parents immediately took her to the closest park where they'd help her catch the first pokemon she encountered, a Salandit. From there, they ventured back to their home island of Ula'ula where they forced her to train hard day and night, not wanting to be embarrassed by the fact that their child still hadn't completed the trials. It's at this point that she feels something is off with her parent's behavior but ignores it due to her growing bond with Salandit.

Her parents were still unhappy with the progress she had made and decide to speak with the Kahuna of their island in order to see if she could bypass some of the challenges due to her special circumstance. After briefing Nanu on both her unusual case and the training she'd undergone, he agrees to a battle with her. On the condition she wins, she'd be able to skip doing the challenges with the trial captains. In the end, the battle didn't go according to plan. Nanu's pokemon was far too powerful and Plumeria hadn't had nearly enough time to strengthen Salandit. Salandit lost his life as a result.

Watching her best friend and partner die, she couldn't help but think the trials were just some pointless ritual that not everyone should be forced into. If she had known what was going to happen, she would have never made Salandit fight. To make matters worse, instead of consoling her, her parents made it known that they were embarrassed by her and no longer wanted her under their roof.

Distressed and distraught from the betrayal of her parents, she left everything she ever owned behind and ran. She continued to run until her lungs felt as if they would explode and her feet couldn't carry her anymore. It had been raining hard that day and she was a complete mess by the time she had found shelter in what appeared to be an abandoned market. Not having a pokemon partner any longer, she fell prey to a Haunter that happened to be residing within. Just as it had started to toy with her mind and cause her to hallucinate, Guzma appeared and banished it with his Golisopod.

Sensing that both were in the same position as one another, they spoke and quickly became good friends. Guzma invited her to come stay with him at the manor where they would eventually decide to dress in a similar fashion and give their little duo a proper name. They wanted to make a name for themselves without utilizing the trials and cause the islands to fear them in retaliation for how it had turned a blind eye to the injustices done to them.

Plumeria had quickly established and friendship and had found a place to stay but still needed some of the things she'd left behind. Following her long first night away from her parent's home, she and Guzma boarded a bus and returned to her neighborhood while her parents were away. Upon arriving, she would notice that all of her belongings were strewn across their front lawn, most of it already picked over by scavengers.

Guzma became enraged by this and, without hesitation, charged over to the front door before busting it open. He then encouraged Plumeria to commit her first real crime and the two completely trashed and wrecked the home. To finish off their deed, Plumeria uses some spray paint she'd found in the garage to tag the wall of her parent's bedroom with the Team Skull symbol that she'd come up with on the fly. Guzma, approving of her work, signed his name on the wall next to hers underneath their logo before leaving the scene of the crime. It was only because of Nanu and his pity for what he knew had happened to the girl that they were let off easier than they would have been otherwise.

Relationship My Beloved

-Is in love wit deez streets.-

Who I'd like to meet:

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