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"The tree that exists, and is the origin of all life... That's the thing we must protect." - A New World, The Novel.

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Characters: The Scions, The Gods, and everything in-between
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About me:
The Irminsul Tree of Yggdrasil exists in a realm known as the Divine Realm, where it is the creator of all life in the realm. From the tree came the Gods who would hold full dominion over there realm known as the Abyss. One day, two gods known as Asmoday, and Diche reached out to the barren mortal realm of Yggdrasil, there, the nature gods allowed plant life to spring forth, and soon, many other gods began to create life in all sorts of ways, but Asmoday, and Diche created human, and beastman life. They were celebrated as the Gods of Creation, but with time, Asmoday was forgotten about, resigning to being the "Guardian of the Irminsul", never to be seen again.
Who I'd like to meet:
With the creation of human life, the Gods always drew there power from the Irminsul, and soon, three gods, the Kukunochi, the Beast of the West, and the God Of Nature began to create divine trees known as "World Trees" to those in Yggdrasil. These trees were a beautiful gray color, with shining silver leaves that had a unique glow in certain weathers, such as some World Trees having there silver leaves glow a scarlet red. As these trees weren't directly connected to the Irminsul, they drew upon the powers of the gods that planted them, as well as the natural energy in the world. And when there roots expanded, and the trees grew, they became conduits of power, as mana flowed freely through them, into the ground, soon expanding magic into the world, while still needing to be given power by there gods. As the trees grew, they birthed "Scions" spirits that live within the tree, and draw on the tree for power. Although, as they are manifestations of the divine tree, they are revered as gods by most people, as they can bless the mortals with magic. Leading to many populations to grow envious of the lucky tribes that are already established around World Trees.

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