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Characters: Sol\'Anaka
Verses: Vice: A Tale Of Smiles[Original] - Urban Fantasy - Elden Ring - Dark Souls - Crossovers
Playbys: Extra Verses: DnD - Pathfinder - Cyberpunk Fantasy
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological,
Member Since:September 11, 2022

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About me:
About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Public Information

BIRTH NAME | Sol'Anaka
Origin | Original
ETYMOLOGY Sol —Unisex;Soul(Sol) meaning small ember, or shrinking blaze. Anaka-surname; meaning caged or to be trapped within. NICKNAME[S] |
Moniker[S] |
-The Smile
-Mister Trauma Dick
-Mr Clean; Killer Of Stains

Class| Alchemist|????
Alignment| Chaotic Neutral
SPECIES | Dusken[Dusk Root Elf]

A sub species of Ancient Elves that were sculpted in the image of the Twin Deities of Exile&Betrayal. They embody their creators' hatred of mana, and magic thus explaining their inability to utilize or sense it.They instead boast abnormal psionic powers through connections with the endangered floral of the realm.

Sexuality|: Pansexual
DOB | 4th Day Of The 2nd Rising Sun
Height:| 5'7
Weight|: 129 lbs
Skin color:| Darker Clay Brown
Hair color:| Golden Blonde
Eye color:| Metallic bronze
NSFW Sizes:| Currently thinking up a Lie for this.

Understanding THe Smile

Who Is Sol Really? | Sol was an estranged individual who stood out amongst his kin. Not for anything special physically, or some unique gift. But rather his mind alone made it this way. You see the Dusk Root Elves were a proud people that shunned magic, and any teachings beyond that of battle, and honor. Taught from an early age to uphold principles such as restraint, and survival even at the cost of others around them. It was how they made a name for themselves as Merchants, and Bodyguards alike.

But our dear Sol sought a different path. One of enlightenment, and profane knowledge that shunned simple brawn. Of course, he wasn't alone in this thinking, but those who had once stood beside him faded into the crowd once they grew older. Wishing to survive they tossed him aside. Still, all he did was smile. A fact that many adults and even children took for granted at the time. A simple smile that wished all others around him the best, but it in itself was a lie. For Sol hid his truth behind those shitty smiles of his. They were just a tool he often utilized to gain an advantage over others even as a child. or that was just the story the locals told.

His parents had a different story, but they hardly ever spoke of the boy. Claimed he was never around much, to begin with. They'd distanced themselves from him. Though his mother claimed that despite his openly kind nature, he was never the type to be forgiving to those that crossed him. Even the lightest slight would be paid back as brutally as one could ever imagine. The incident with a neighborhood boy having a smile carved onto the back of his head like a pumpkin was what really made him an outcast. They couldn't imagine how, or why a child could be so vindictive. I mean all he did was shove Sol. So why go so far? And do you know what Sol had to say? Well, nothing at first. Not even a smile. Not until the boy came to apologize to Sol, and he dismissed it. Claiming that he only did what it took to Survive.

Strictly speaking he isn't a deranged person, but often chooses to ignore the limits set by others. Focusing solely on varied interpretations that those around him could only become squeamish thinking about. But he perfectly understood right from wrong. Those concepts just didn't fit perfectly with his people's motto of survival so he just ignored it. Beyond this little fascinated him more than experimenting with illegal chemicals, and herbs that were tucked away in his family storehouse. It was there that he found his passion in Alchemy, Herbology, and Mycology after finding a certain book. Bound by what felt like an overly smooth leather he was enamored by the inhuman grin printed on the cover that look as if it would consume him if he ever let it go.

Sol would spend most if not all of his time pursuing his newfound passion. Skipping meal after meal until concoction after concoction had been completed. All were illegal of course, and most were too dangerous to even be opened by the time he was 16 years of age. Though his family, and in the later stages his entire village did not approve they couldn't exactly stop him with words alone. Nor could anyone report him to the authorities as they were the ones collecting the illegal ingredients in the first place. So they often just to just wreck his lab, or destroy the research notes he made in an attempt to stop any of his progress.

Over time they thought him; Frail, Weak, and Silent as if they'd forgotten what happened to the boy from oh so long ago. Step by step the attacks escalated from destroying his lab to beating the boy himself. Amazingly enough, Sol went through 12 years of such treatment before finally being tossed in prison for his crimes. There was no trial or any formal proceedings. They just locked him away as if relieving themselves of a burden too great to bear any longer. Unluckily enough Sol did not stay imprisoned. One night he slipped out of his shackles, invaded their homes, and slit the throats of those who had treated them this way. While others who merely sat back as on-lookers were subjected to drown In a mild dose of Imp Ichor, a drug he perfected during the times they'd left him bloodied and bruised beyond recognition.

To this day, no one knows just how he escaped. Some say he had an ally that helped him. An outsider that knew nothing of the village, and just wanted to lend a hand. Yet the smart ones don't think of it at all. Choosing to simply forget what happened then. TO cast aside the boogeyman that could one day return to further his revenge.

There is no return once you've found The Love In Vice.

Founding Of Grin| Be it by smuggling, kidnapping, or even less pleasant work the Black Market Organization known as Grin rose like a storm. Founded during the Civil War of the Nothern Storm Elves, and Haughty High Elves Of the Western Front its sole purpose was to spread the doctrine of "Freedom Through Vice".

A creed that lulled many a fanatic follower into the clutches of its Founder, Sol. Officially defined as a terrorist organization it has yet to be targeted due to excessive bribes aimed at officials of the royal court, and those that ran the security forces of the nation. A necessary step in securing themselves a foothold.

Grin is mostly made up of Elves as it is based within the center of the continent where they usually dwell. Stamping out smaller guilds, and gangs that had formed long before them. However, any with the will can, and desire to chase their freedom are welcomed with open arms. Members could be anyone. They could be anywhere. Few actually speak of their ties to the group after all, and those that do have always lost a few inches off those loose tongues of theirs. But where you find a smile...surely Grin is not to far behind.

My Vice My Tool. My Love.

Broken Obsession| An ancient ceramic pipe that was crafted from a hollow stone like ore that made it perfect for smoking. Though it has been cursed due to the resentment of being abandoned after the death of its creator. Now those who smoke from it experience the sensation of being suffocated constantly when wielding it. Though in exchange they can effortlessly manipulate any smoke, or vapor being funneled through it. Freely shifting its density, and even shaping it for assaults. Making it the perfect partner for Sol.

Imp Ichor| Once the crown jewel of nobles who needed a kick to spice up their relationships has now been turned into the blade of many a fabled killer. As a former aphrodisiac, the illegal substance brings out the inner urges of all those who breathe in its vapor or drink its purified liquid form. Sol modified it by introducing paralytic herbs to the mixture that cause one to slowly grow stiff the more excited they've become. It was banned alongside the original as no one could ever hope to tell them apart.

Simon| A young Mesmer Toad that Sol came into contact with after he awoke in the plant nursery of his friend, Lady. According to her own knowledge, it is somehow more special than he could ever imagine as she claims it was the reason he had found himself buried in her garden, to begin with. So after studying it he determined that it hunts by locking prey in a mesmerized state and ordering them to bury themselves under the soil to perish. After which it would consume their corpse until it had begun to decay before then searching for another victim to trap the same way.

Dusk Resin| A powdered version of the Dusk Root fungi that can leave a victim plagued with either ghoulish illusions or wonderous fantasies depending on what it is laced with. Normally a harmless substance it was banned from markets after Grin began to use it to kidnap noble daughters for the sake of ransom, or a change in city policies.

Swollen Ember| A home-brewed wine that was crafted with fermented Ash Peaches, and Amber grapes found in the Volcanic Oasis of the continent. One can either drink it as normal or utilize a special smoking flask for the sake of inhaling its vapor. Given strong it is, and how long it takes to make Sol only produces ten bottles every year.

pOWER IS MY FREEDOM. The FreedoM to desire anything.

Breath Of Kali| It was public knowledge that the Dusken Elves weren't able to use magic in any form, or fashion. For most that was the end of it, but quite a few of the elves were able to awaken to an affinity for Psionic Forces that relied heavily on certain flora. For Sol it was any exotic mushroom or fungi that could be found in the wild.

Through consumption, he was able to amplify their effects and then expel them outwards in the form of metallic bronze smoke. Be it through taste, touch, or inhaling it anyone that came into contact with the smoke aside from Sol himself would suffer from obvious consequences depending on which mushroom he decided to eat.

Knife Juggling| Having a distaste for actual combat Sol chose to learn knife juggling as a replacement for traditional martial arts. It isn't to say that he is cowardly as many members of Grin have watched him leaping into conflict head first time and time again. And his skill with them isn't low either.

Student Of Alchemy| Having studied the art of alchemy for years, Sol managed to become quite proficient in it. Allowed him to master the creation of numerous Drugs after he'd managed to revive extinct plants or herbs by the method of equivalent exchange.

Herbology&Mycology Master| While alchemy is a strength of his it was hardly ever what he relied on. In fact, it never helped him outside of research. However being able to discover herbs, or identify fungi saved his life on numerous occasions. 75% of all herbs or fungi are within his bed of knowledge so far as his own realm. However, he can still point out minor details and similarities when presented with those from another.

Out of Character

VIce: A Tale Of Smiles[Orginal]

[S: 0 | R: 0] - [M: 0 | C: 0]

Ask for Discord

  • Multi-Para/Novella.

  • Mature themes ahead.

  • Just write, and I'll be happy.

  • Shipping For Story Purposes

  • Who I'd like to meet:
    Vice:Tale Of Smiles EVERYONE WELCOMED

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    ` 𝗷𝗶𝗻𝘅.

    Sep 28th 2022 - 7:04 AM

    OOC// I can't even lie and say I wasn't all about that reply. LMAO It took me a minute to even begin to piece together a reply for you because I wanted it to be perfect. alfkajsg;lkjd
    As soon as she walked in, the woman felt eyes on her. She felt uneasy, but she was able to manage to ignore it. After all, it must have been quite obvious she was a traveller amongst village patrons, something she was used to being. She didn't really have a place she called home. She was always an outsider, no matter where she went. Her home was destroyed years ago, and she was exiled for her practices and beliefs.

    Though, she was almost thankful about the way the bard stole the attention off herself, and onto him. She focused on eating her cheese and bread; following every other bite with a sip of the heavy tankard; an alcoholic red liquid meeting lips. Love, remorse and revenge? How entertaining. She never really cared for the existence or stories the bards came up with, but maybe this one would be an interesting tale. After all, his
    smile was quite inviting... or so she thought. At first, the sorceress thought she could just ignore it, until the pointed eared jester brought attention to himself in other ways, her palms found either side of her head and she sighed, heavily. Though, that was cut short as she watched the strange bard shove that knife through the onlooker, one who opposed the seemingly hopeless man. Well.. F***. That's a problem, right? At least not for herself...

    Then, things got even worse within the tavern. The smell of
    ichor flooded the room, a smell the woman was familar with, what did the other patrons think? Oh, gods. He called her out; directly. That long digit pointed right at her and she felt her heart sink. 'Witch,' 'Hag,' F***ing hell. She could never relax. What the woman thought would be an easy visit, she was entirely wrong. No. Thinking she could just sneak in and eat, no. It was never that easy, right? Not in this world, not in this timeline... or even any universe, really. Being a magic user, there was always problems. Whether it was monsters, or saving someone, or dealing with anti-magic substances. Ugh.

    What say I?" She answered back. She was on the spot. Should she fight back? Should she go low-key? After all, she was here for a job... but, no one knew who she was when it came to the job. She wouldn't bring bad light to the mortician she came to visit.

    I say, watch over that poor soul you just sent to Hell," She answered.
    She figured she'd have some fun.

    Ad vitam," She muttered under her breath before her eyes darted to the dead corpse, and the way it swung back into life. The bloodied body spun in circles, beginning to twirl its feet; spewing blood along the closest patrons. Seemingly dancing to the tune the man set in the previous moments.

    Sep 26th 2022 - 7:15 PM

    'Well well well. What do we have here? Quite the outgoing individual I see. Perhaps you'll prove of some use for me." The taller woman gave a nod of approval. Something that was actually rare of someone like her. "I do seek power. I also seek blood. Lots of it. If it sounds like fun, then I suppose we can form some sort of alliance. The names Dimitrescu. Sagat Dimitrescu." 
    Ancient Noble

    Sep 26th 2022 - 8:39 AM

    It's a rare sight to see a fellow Keebler around
    these parts! Thanks for sending me an add. :D
    𝔦 𝔯 𝔦 𝔰

    Sep 24th 2022 - 8:44 PM

    ⊱Out of character⊰
    So, I'm still waiting on that dinner date - I promise not to eat anyone who didn't deserve it~.
    Thanks for accepting.
    I'm Iris. I'm pretty shy and awkward - for that I'm sorry! I promise I'm trying be social.
    Anyways! I'm around to role-play, or chat. That is, if you're cool with that.
    If you wish to role-play I range from multiple paragraphs to novella, I'm also discord friendly too.
    ˖✧ 𝐕𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲 °

    Sep 22nd 2022 - 12:42 PM

    °˖✧A grand meeting, is it not?✧˖°

    Meanwhile, her golden gaze shined brighter than ever, pointy pupils staring directly at the other, sharp enough to pierce like no other daggers. And so those pools of honey watched every single motion of his form, though it was his courteous demeanor that pulled at one of the corners of her lips, forcing a light smirk to form upon her features. Quite an interesting one, wasn't he? At the brink of insanity and yet, mindful of manners before his own mind.

    His words echoed though the silence that lingered between them; yet there was no immediate response. A faint hum could be heard right before a shift in the reality itself, thick air began to disperse and familiar shapes and colors were brought to man's sight. The very form of The Divine changed, one easier for the eyes, yet she still stood tall, her c*cky smile hinting at the beaming confidence. Bright as the dwarf stars themselves, if she was not the one to put an end to them. 

    "A mortal strong enough to withstand the unknown, even if for mere minutes, just who might you possibly be?"

    //Greatest apologies, dearest! Been a little busy on my end, but I have just recently returned to writing. Of course, I couldn't simply ignore such wonderful greeting of yours. It is a delight to meet you, and I certainly hope my silence did not make you see me in any worse of a light. I hope that today is treating you well and once again, it is a delight to meet you.

    Sep 22nd 2022 - 8:42 AM

    ;; Oof, see I used to be a horror rper so I'm trying to stay away from spooky elements. Maybe no nightmares...sounds like I could fall down the same rabbit hole and transform Lady into some horror based character. 

    Good for you! I'm really sick of burning myself out and then losing my job months later. I feel like I should just get a job I can live off of and call it good. Like if I can find part time and make bills, why go for full time? Especially since all the work asks you to give more than what they said you'd have to at the start. 

    Fan-snail! It's not my official title in regards to Sol. And don't tempt me because rambling is my achilles heel. I'll ramble on and on til someone tells me to stop. xD 
    Even just background elements bring so much more depth to things. I love the Organization concept and how it kinda maps out certain other traits/elements to the story of Sol. To learn more indepth stuff would be super fun! Maybe even make it kinda a way to map through the organization as a whole. Learn each part as we peruse through it or something. 
    Lady is a pacifist! She won't fight. She might accidently start fires though. And then be too in her head or dense to realize it's problematic. 

    Thank you for the look sheet! Any special requests? Want something more sinister, or more in season/autumn like? I can try my hand at backgrounds if you want. *^* 
    ` 𝗷𝗶𝗻𝘅.

    Sep 21st 2022 - 10:36 PM

    Arriving in the busy kingdom, she checked the contract scroll, confirming this was the place she needed to be. A request to assist in the solving of a murder, she also was aware of smuggling and thievery within the busy streets. She had heard so by a group of smaller dwarves that existed on the outskirts of the town, clearly where the poorer, disadvantaged lived.
    All anyone needed to know about her, is that she was a bounty hunter, and here to assist the mortician. She was a stranger to anyone else; completely unaware of the kingdom. She travelled far distances to arrive here, but the pay made the journey worth it. Even if she didn't get paid for the job, or she didn't go through with it — she could sell other services, such as spell for hire or even potion creation.
    She sighed, realizing she would have a few hours to kill before she had to meet with the mortician... Instead, the sorceress stopped into the local tavern. She ordered a sweet bun, cheese and mead; taking a seat with her food, she quietly ate; listening to the ongoings about the town; hoping to hear something interesting.
    After all, money didn't make itself.

    Greetings, hello. I'd like to take the time to say thanks for your add/acceptance.
    I look forward to beginning our encounter - or at the least, being friends.
    If writing is in your interest, we could discuss something, or just work off the snippet above! Blaire is extremely adaptable and can be placed in many different plots and verses.
    However, if not, I do not mind just chatting, or even just idle banter.

    I do hope to hear from you soon!
    ɢᴏᴅ ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇx

    Sep 18th 2022 - 2:10 PM

    A manicured hand rested over where, legend has it, her heart would be. A coy smile on her lips as she confidently nodded. "Why, of course, I do dabble in a bit of charity." Ugly beast or not, she was here to discuss a few things, and get to know the people around her. She was growing quite low in friends the higher she climbed up.  Arrogance was her middle name, it showed in each step he took every breath that she would take. 

    "I abhor getting filthy, but...there are people for that, so no need to fret, my dear." With a simple wave of her hand, her hazel hues flared up with intent. Focused entirely on him as she stepped forward, closing the distance between them. "Now, do you drink? I may be able to forgive your appearance, but I am no saint."

    "I feel we will work marvelously together."

    ooc: Haha, no need to worry about the length of time that passes! I'm getting back into the swing of things myself, so I feel ya there!
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