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Characters: Caitlyn Kiramman
Verses: League of legends, Arcane, Crossover+
Genre: Any, Open, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Video Game,
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About me:
Caitlyn Kiramman is a scion of the Kiramman Clan, one of the ruling houses of Piltover. Eager to see the world for herself and disdainful of the traditional elitist lifestyle that her parents had raised her in, Caitlyn joined the Enforcers as a young woman to make a name for herself. When Marcus, the Sheriff of the Enforcers, and her parents-for very different reasons-started blocking her efforts to further investigate an undercity conspiracy, Caitlyn set off on her own to find answers, only to get much more than she bargained for. orn into the wealthy Kiramman family, Caitlyn always felt that her parents, especially her mother, sheltered her, thus hindering her personal growth in their hopes of protecting her and convincing her to follow in her footsteps to effectively carry on their family name. Caitlyn grew to become a very skilled marksman. Once, she joined a competition in Piltover and won the trophy. She confronted her closest opponent in the competition, the Piltover Police Department Sheriff Grayson Grayson, about throwing the competition for her, suspecting that her parents had paid her to do it. Grayson admitted to letting her win only because she felt that the girl deserved it, not because ofher parents, then asked her what she was shooting for. She also became very close to Jayce Talis Jayce Talis, an Academy student that her parents were sponsoring. Caitlyn was with him when his laboratory exploded after a break-in, angering her mother further about the risk Jayce had apparently put her in. Though Caitlyn and her father managed to convince her mother to speak for Jayce during the trial, it ultimately still went against his favor, much to Caitlyn's disappointment. Caitlyn is a young slim pale woman with dark blue hair and blue eyes. Caitlyn has a mixed Ionian and Piltovan ancestry. She usually wears either wealthy Piltovan clothing or her enforcer uniform. During most the events of Arcane she wore Zaunite street clothing stolen by Vi. Caitlyn at first glance looks innocent, sweet and overprotected after being raised in a wealthy family with luxuries. However she's actually very mature, determined and stubborn wanting to go on her own way. After becoming an Enforcer, Caitlyn developed a great sense of duty and responsibility. When her mother prevents her from doing what she feels is most necessary, she despises it, such as when she was upset with her because she used her power, and influence to keep her minding her tent. Right after Jinx's attack, instead of leaving her position Caitlyn took it as her responsibility, and continues investigating even though she was no longer an Enforcer.
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