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"I'll protect you, Master!" Literacy is required for RP. Adult Themes with Story! Straight character, only looking to accept males. Please Read Profile BEFORE Adding!

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Characters: Alaska!
Verses: Open. - Mature. - Literacy Required.
Playbys: Doggo
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Anime, Comedy, Open, Romance, Slice of Life,
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"Don't worry master! I'll protect you!"

If you add me, please have an idea in mind already. If I add you, I'll present my idea/s to you. Discussions cannot happen without a proper idea to start it off.

A guard dog or watchdog is a dog used to watch for and guard property and their owners against unwanted or unexpected human or animal intruders.

Alaska was trained at a young age to be a guard dog so that when she got older she could protect her owner at all costs. That was her goal but she's not all too good at her job. Previous owners always end up taking her back since she barks at almost anything; falling leaves, innocent bystanders, babies, bugs (ants included), trash blowing in the wind, trees. Yeah, anything.

Unfortunately, that's all she does until said thing gets too close and she wimps out almost immediately. Whining, running, and looking for safety of her own. Though, if she believes that she can take something down, she'll charge right in, head first (literally) without a plan.

Her guard is always up, except around her owner. Around them she becomes clingy and all the more loving after a day of (hardly) hard work!

She does her best, really, but maybe the guard dog life isn't one suitable for her. It is her dream though, and one she plans to follow for as long as she's breathing.

Alaska is very much capable of thinking, walking and talking like your everyday person but her canine instincts trigger easily, randomly, and strongly. She fails miserably at things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and putting on bras and pants (button-up shirts and skirts are easier for her). She is capable of learning these things but it'll take someone with great patience to teach it to her.

basic information & Rules

Full Name Alaska
Occupation Guard Dog
Pet Names Many are Welcomed
Gender Female.
Orientation Completely Straight.
Age 18-20
Status Single.
A few rules:
- This is a Mature profile but story MUST be included.
- Literacy is also a must. If I feel we won't click, I'll simply remove you.
- Alaska is a straight female so males are highly preferred.
- This is a multi-ship account. Each story will be in its own world.
- Deleting will happen often. If you add me and just lurk around, I'll end up deleting you. Add again if you like and speak up while you're at it.
- If you add me, please have an idea in mind already. If I add you, I'll present my idea/s to you. Discussions cannot happen without a proper idea to start it off.

romantic life

Status Single.
Whom No One.
Dated ×××
Engaged ×××
Married ×××
Comments ×××

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