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OOC: Pokemon Vex doesn't usually kill people unless he has to, and doesn't kill Pokemon trainers. Unless they are part of team Rocketship because abuse of Pokemon Current Vex @Island Region Currently. "Hello. I'm Vex, my father left me alone at 8 years old, and I was trained to kill by my older brother. However, neither of them confided in me the moral code of Burakkuho'ru's. So chances are someone hired me to kill you, but I have a moral code of honor now I learned through experiences. If I kil

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Characters: Vex Burakkuho'ru. Zenno Masayashi Burakkuho'ru.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Open, Sports/Tournament,
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About me:
A table laid in the air, the table had no legs and hovered. A body laid on top, a tobacco colored man laid on the steel, and Vex's hand then became a shadow blade made of shadow wood, he pierced around the vital organs, and then he did the same to the girl that laid on a hovering table next to he. When the brain was up for carving, he peeled the skin till the brain was exposed, then he carefully removed the brain from the male skull, and placed the brain inside the girl body last.ย 

Vex walked towards some wires and injected them into the vital chakra points of the dead and the non living, suddenly bolts of electricity began to fill within the person's body, and then the girl's heart began to beat once more. Vex had the bodies strapped with chakra blockages so they could only be revived and not attack, "This is only for safety precautions," he whispered into the girl's ear, "I am Vex Burakkuhoru, and you come from the lineage of Burakkuhoru's, one day we will meet each other again, Vox. If you do not remember, you are or were my father but I will leave you with this," the young girl was between 4-8 years old, "If you remember me, you know information about me that others do not." Vex paused for a second.ย 

"I know I have done bad, but I was left with no guidance, and I see no better way of me atoning for my sins than me dying or something of the like," suddenly slow steady steps walked down a hall," These scars will heal, however, the gap of not having someone to guide you, if you do not remember who you are, will leave you a void therefore, I have asked my oldest son, Vexino to look after you and guide you in the correct direction. " Vex then walked towards a wall and hovered his hand over the wall, and a vehicle was shown. The top was covered with a dark metal to protect from physical trauma. The vehicle did not have spots for others to join in, and no seats were available but the one. It was painted in red and black, the orange replaced by the red, the rest was black.ย 

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Suddenly the door was opened, and Vex walked towards the vehicle, and as he jumped in, Vexino broke through the door, his back was turned to Vexino who had been tracking a serial killer, who happened to be his own father, "Vex jumped into the vehicle but before he did, he said, "Vexino, how are ya," and closed the lid. The room was filled with light but one could not see past the wall where Vexino was.

Vexino looked around, "Vexino? There's only one person who calls me that," Vexino's dagger fell from within his sleeve of his cloak, this whole area was surrounded by sigils, wards, rune's and ninpou. Vex then spoke through a speaker attached to the vehicle, "We'll see each other soon my beloved seed. You have made my proud," suddenly, a T.V popped up, a sunflower was on the screen, on top hung a name tag, and it read, 'Vex Burakkuhoru,' underneath the tag was another name tag that read, 'Alias: Sunflower Assassin'.ย 

Vexino slanted his head, and he fell to his knees with tears rolling down his face, Vexino was in distress, "Now you all want to pit me against my father! He taught me morals and a code of honor, he would never!", his anger and madness heard in his words. Suddenly a voice came from the television screen which was the wall.

"That is your sister. Please guide her in the correct direction. I have trust in you, my son. You have done well up until this --" simultaneously as he spoke, suddenly the tv was broken by a shadow of air that slashed through the screen and that was followed by a vehicle approaching Vexino at a face speed before disappearing from this world. The black hole was closed quickly, and Vexino's tears ceased. He looked at his sister, then walked towards a dead body, Vex Jr kicked the body, "You attacked my village asshole. I am the second leader of Shadow Society's City of Darkness. ๐ŸŒ†" The body fell over and then he walked towards his sister and stared over the body awaiting the girl's enlightenment.ย  Vex Burakkuhoru's kekkei genkai and elemental abilities have been nullified upon using an interdimensional drift vehicle and entering a different universe . The vehicle was placed in a secret remote island in the hoeen region that is laced with booby traps. Upon arriving his vehicle shut off and broke down, and he couldn't utilize proper chakra, instead using chi he learned from some Pokemon monks who trained him.

They were in a nearby sanctuary island which was riddled with monks with superhuman like attributes. Although not supernatural, they were superhuman. They taught him how to catch his first Pokemon, which was a small baby kangaroo with some metal in her pouch. She smacked Vex upside the head before Vex put her in a bear hug and then captured her with a pokeball.

He masqueraded as a kid due to his youthful appearance he was able to. He then caught a psychic type pokemon that looked like a male clown but with a round face. The clown used a psychic attack to keep Vex still but luckily, the Kangaroo smacked the psychic and knocked it out. Vex then caught it with a pokeball while then petting the Kangaroo. The Kangaroo was placed in a pokeball

He swam and then had to deal with a dolphin, the dolphin helped Vex swim, and keep his upper body over water,the day was shining,and when the dolphin and Vex approached shore, the dolphin did not want to leave Vex, and Vex then threw a pokeball at it; catching the male dolphin. However along the way, he encountered a nearby swimmer who wanted to poke battle in the middle of small water that passed through, the Swimmer used a pokemon, and Vex used his dolphin. He ended up using a tackle to finish and knock out the pokemon.

When he got to land, he was caught up with a goat with two horns curled upwards, the goat was a bit young but as able to use earth attacks. He caught Vex off guard, but he managed to run around the attacks, eventually the goat began to snout fire from his nose. He threw a pokeball and then caught it.

On his journey there he ran into a small rat like creature with a wind symbol on the belly, and a tail that was made of wind. She blew him away, and then was caught by Team Rocketship and Vex had to save the day and then tried catching the creature. He wasted most his pokeballs trying to catch the wind creature and then he walked away. As he walked the rat ๐Ÿ continued to follow him around everywhere he went from a distance.

Vex met up with a person in a mountain region and met with a dragon like creature, the creature was fierce. As he fought he was saved by being pushed by a gust of air that caused his kick to land with more strength and in faster speed. The dragon was knocked conscious and he then he inadvertently threw his last pokeball. He successfully caught a Dragonite.
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