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"Your fears are my symphony.
I come to life in the colors."
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Jan 3rd 2023 - 11:16 AM

 : { Hi there! I'm going to apologise now for how bland and boring this is ahead of time. 
       I'm trying to get myself back into the swing of things after having been MIA for a lil bit. 
           So I must thank you now for having been so patient with me if you have remained on my list this long! 
               I'm always up for writing, discussing or general banter! 
                   If there are any genre's you are closed off to, let me know. [ I will not do erotica or romance, as an example ]
                      Thank you for your everlasting patience! 

Nov 6th 2022 - 12:49 PM

Hey there! Sorry for the terrible greeting; slowly working my way through things, so I do apologise for any delay
there may have been.
If you're ever up for discussing a storyline, let me know! I am always eager to find more like-minded writers. 
Any questions? Feel free to ask away! I'm always adding more to my profile as Lucien grows into who he is and learns
about himself as time goes on— So please do just ask if you need any clarifications. 

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Icy Twin❄ Misa Yukino Sohma

Nov 4th 2022 - 9:50 PM

Long story I'd rather not get into.
Icy Twin❄ Misa Yukino Sohma

Nov 4th 2022 - 9:25 PM

I got rid of it a while ago. Bad experience with it.

Nov 4th 2022 - 3:38 PM

Thank you for adding me! If you're open to it, I'm open to brainstorm and write! 
I also do love banter if you aren't open for stories at the moment, and editing/coediting.
(I tend to draw things vs edit nowadays though so I take forever.)
Anywho, I hope we can become friends and chat sometime!
I peruse profiles at random to see if any ideas come to mind during the process,
so you might hear from me randomly again.

xoxo, floofkida

Nov 4th 2022 - 9:35 AM

Greetings, good morning and all that jazzy jazz. Thank you for accepting my request and I hope you fare well today. I hope to hear back from you and hopefully get something started.

Nov 3rd 2022 - 11:15 PM

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