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I role-play both canon and AU versions of Melissa! Crossovers, OCs, AUs, Canons, and banter welcome! Don't l*wd the genius cinnamon roll! Discord? Less than likely.

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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

NO QUIRK, ALL BRAINS “I put my armor on, show you how strong I am.”

NAME: Melissa Shield
NICKNAMES: Mels... “Give me some...?”
ALIASES: Steel Maiden (AU (can be a Vigilante or a Quirkless Pro))
DOB/ AGE: October 1/ 15-16 (AU), 17 (Two Heroes), 18 (currently), 18+ (AU)
BIRTHSTONE: Pink Tourmaline or Opal
GENDER: Female
CURRENT RESIDENCE: I-Island (could change upon discussion)
HAIR/ EYE COLOR: Blonde/ Aqua
HEIGHT/ WEIGHT: 169 cm (5’6.5”)/ N/A
PARENTS: David Shield (father, alive), Unnamed Mother (status unknown)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: “Single, but gave up looking a long while ago. Focused on becoming a great inventor now.”
CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): “Gave up on love. It's just papa, Uncle Might, and the UA students of Class 1-A.”
OCCUPATION: Student at I-Island Academy, Support Gear inventor (AU can be a Vigilante or a Quirkless Pro relying solely on Support Gear)
QUIRK: Quirkless
HOBBIES: Studying, Creating new types of support gear, Making time to spend with her father and her friends
POWERS/ SKILLS: High Intellect, Skilled Inventor, Programming, Keen Eye
GOAL(S): “Someday, the support items I make... will help a Hero like Uncle Might. Yes, someday... I’ll be someone’s Hero!”
PERSONALITY (SHORT VER.): Observant, Kindhearted, Hardworking (“I do need to remember to relax though.”), Brave, Generous, Outgoing, Curious (“Hopefully, curiosity doesn’t kill the inventor.”), Humble, Calm, Messy (“Only in my lab.”)
MISCELLANEOUS: She refers to All Might as “Uncle Might” due to the close friendship between him and her father. She’s given up on becoming a hero, at least on the battlefield due to being Quirkless; instead, she decides to be like her father by saving people indirectly through her inventions. She won first prize in the GSSA competition and received a trophy in the Australian Schools Science Competition (ASSC). Her first name (Melissa) is a Greek name, which means “honey bee”.

HISTORY: Like others in the minority, when Melissa had not yet developed a Quirk, she was taken to the doctor to be examined after turning five. Sure enough, she and her father both were given the news that she would never develop a Quirk. It devastated Melissa, until one day, she met All Might, a dear friend of her father’s. Through All Might, she heard that her father was his hero thanks to the costumes he designed for him. Her father would tell Melissa soon after that, despite not being a hero himself, he could use his support inventions to save others. From then on, Melissa strove and still continues to strive to become just like her father by following in his footsteps. ((What happens afterward, we can either go the canon route or the AU route. Questions? Ask away!))

APPEARANCE: Melissa is a shapely and attractive pale-skinned young woman of slightly above average height with quite a round face. She has wavy blonde hair which reaches halfway down her back, two shorter pieces she leaves over her shoulders, side-swept bangs that frame her face, aqua-blue eyes with notable upper eyelashes, some slightly longer ones extending on each side, and pronounced lower eyelashes.

She normally wears a white short-sleeved (long-sleeved in MHA manga) dress shirt with plaid cuffs, a large bow of the same design at her neck, and a dark raspberry pink waistcoat. Accompanying these are pale gray Capri pants, under which are a pair of plaid pink socks as well as a pair of heeled brown boots. She also wears a wristwatch and oval-framed glasses.

Her formal look is her hair up in a high ponytail that is tied with a large black bow with bangs swept back underneath a red headband, while her face-framing is left loose. She has golden earrings which hang from her earlobes and she doesn’t wear her glasses. She wears a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. The upper half of the dress is a deep blue, while the skirt is a pale powder blue. Separating the two segments is a black cloth belt with a large white rose that sits slightly to her left, covering where the material is tied. The belt matches the black ruffles underneath her knee-length skirt. On her feet, she wears white heels with straps and an open toe. Her toenails have painted a shade of coral pink, the same as her fingernails and lips.

Guidelines “I am my father’s daughter, after all…for better and for worse.”

Alright, Einsteins! I don’t always like rules or guidelines myself, but alas lines must be drawn, and some boundaries set! Let’s get to it then!

Canons, AUs, OCs, and crossovers are welcome!

Just a fair warning. You probably recall that Melissa got up close when she examined Deku’s costume. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, please let me know immediately upon discussion because she might do it.

Don’t “spice”/ lewd the genius, geeky cinnamon roll. That being said, I’m no prude and love jokes, especially blonde ones. Meme away, Einsteins! In short, stories > lewd.

I welcome and don’t mind nitty gritty RPs (violence, blood, gore, etc).

So far, I’ve only watched the anime, and I’ve only gotten started on the manga (I know, kind of late to the party). I don’t mind spoilers at all, so knock yourselves out.

Drama in RP is fine, but I’m not cool with outside drama. Leave your hate at the gate, and keep RP and RL separated, please?

Speaking of real life, unfortunately, that comes first. RPing is just a hobby for me. I will try to get to everything in a timely fashion nonetheless.

I’ve had some bad experiences on Discord about less than a year ago. Once I feel comfortable enough, I’ll be more than happy to give it to you. Discord group? Less than likely, but we'll see.

I prefer to ship based on chemistry and story build-up, so the romance is NOT going to be instantaneous. This Einstein isn’t in any hurry to get shipped any time soon.

Whatever happens in our RP, stays in our RP.

I’ll be interpreting Melissa the canon way as well as the AU version of her. Just think of her as a younger female Iron Man, but still friendly and sweet. Questions? Ask away!

My preferred length is five sentences (minimum) and over. I haven’t done novella ever since MySpace, so please don’t expect that from me.’s tolerable.

I would like to discuss RPs first before diving in (preferably), but I welcome random RPS. Keep them "clean", please? Banter is welcome as well.

I don't own the character, profile layout, images used, and profile music! Everything belongs to their rightful, respectful owners!

This is my first time RPing as a canon from MHA/ BNHA, so please bear with me. If I’m missing something or you wish to give me suggestions/ feedback, I don’t mind, but be mature about it, pretty please? We’re all adults here (well, I’m guessing most of us are anyway).

I might add more if any come to mind, so this is it, for now! Are you Einsteins ready to RP? I know I am!

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No Quirk, All Brains's Friends Comments
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Aug 15th 2023 - 6:14 PM


 |ooc| Thanks for being so kind enough to sending me an add or even accepting my friend request! :D
If you're familiar with Stranger Things, that's great! I'm up for anything really, discussions , random starters, or just bantering. You name it! :)

Apr 18th 2023 - 4:02 PM

That opens up a lot of chances for interaction, I think! With how many quirkless folk make up the Freebooters, it's gonna either create some tension as it just makes people think they're all about money, or it's going to be a cause for celebration amongst others since their equipment lets them keep up through teamwork.

I can think of I-Island hosting a competition between Heroes and Freebooters, whether it's just an overall "festival" like what U.A does or even an investigation that calls in both sides to find evidence.

Apr 6th 2023 - 6:06 AM

Hah, hey I'm glad to hear that. Now- I do have plenty of info up for Rook if you'd like to peruse that before we get started! Much of what I have can mesh with the world of MHA rather well truth be told.

Apr 5th 2023 - 6:02 PM

Hello; a mutual friend of ours pretty much set up the meeting, but thank you for accepting nonetheless. I'd love to get something going with ya whenever you're up for it! Until then, hope the day's going well.

Apr 2nd 2023 - 6:08 PM

"Hello new friend! You have candy to offer to Shiro?! Please give me candy!" 

** thank you thank you thank you 
for becoming my new friend. :) 

I'm looking forward to writing and interacting together.
Hҽ'ʂ α Pԋαɳƚσɱ

Apr 1st 2023 - 10:52 PM

Hello there, I'm getting ready with moving stuff and dealing with sleeping problems, but I'm fine otherwise, oh also need to work on my money habits. You're welcome. It's a possibility yeah, I'm very chill and lenient with replies and stuff because IRL is always more important. Greetings don't necessarily have to be fancy just straightforward for me. It's plausible although I haven't much of MHA tbh and the last mainstream anime I recall watching was Sword Art Online in 2013. Messages are my preferred way of communication cause having to approve comments can be a little tiresome might have to turn on auto approve actually.

For sure yeah, I've written for the character before he's my most popular muse by far. People just go wild when they see me attempting the character again it feels kinda cathartic like people when they see Spider-Man swinging around with his webs. I bet yeah I mean I'm in my early 20s and still have nostalgia for this show. Sounds good but my knowledge of MHA is about as existent as uh well nothing actually.

Mar 31st 2023 - 2:36 PM

Ainz Ooal Gown greets you as friend!
Your genius is something to behold,
And if you would permit such,
I would like to see it in a story.
I look forward to such a discussion.
Until then!

Grαvιty Gιrl.

Mar 29th 2023 - 12:47 PM

Image result for ochaco uraraka smile gif
Hi there! Thank you for accepting me as your friend.
I'm Ochaco Uraraka as you already know.
Care to discuss a storyline or connection together?
Analytical Nerd

Mar 2nd 2023 - 1:06 AM

Hello there, 
  it's nice to meet you! I'm Izuku Midoriya. I came here with All Might, but he seems to have disappeared. Um...I was wondering if you'd like to discuss a storyline when you're free and able. Thanks!

Feb 12th 2023 - 11:11 AM

{ Greetings, and the new year has been very good to me so far. What about for yourself? Currently, I'd have to read more of your profile to get a feel for any ideas, but feel free to send them my way through comments or messages, as you can see I don't mind where the discussion starts either. Though here would be better since we've started talkin'.  }
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