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Two loves โ™ฅ Two hearts

Lets get together and be family


Twin Sister: Suisei Wataku
Younger Brother: Katsumaru Wataku
Younger Sister: Taiyou Wataku


I hold no ill-will to the Soul Society or those who fight to protect it. They were only doing what they are supposed to do. Which is why I wander in obscurity to avoid unnecessary conflict. But if I am in the vicinity, I'll help if I can. However Aizen.... He is another story..
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Verses: Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, Samurai
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Souunkatsu Wataku

| Loyal |Compassionate | Friendly |Optimistic | Intelligent |Believer | Unique |

"Good Loses. Good Always Loses. Because good has to play fair. Evil doesn't!"



โ–ฒBasic Informationโ–ผ

Name: Souunkatsu Wataku
Species: Visored
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Snow White
Former Squads: 13, 10
Former Ranks: 4th Seat in Squad 13, Captain in Squad 10
Birthdate: October 10th. Libra
Zanpakuto:Ninbasutora (Nimbus Tiger)
Sealed: Sealed Zanpakuto is a Katana. The hilt and scabbard are both white with indigo stripes.
Release Command: Yลซchi (Attract)
Shikai:Ninbasutora Magunisesu (Magnesis Nimbus Tiger)
Shikai Appearance: When released it takes the form of a nagamaki.
Shikai Ability: It's ability is that it can attract reishi to the blade and then sling it back at his opponent in a high electric attack.
Ninbasu taigฤ sandฤ: Shikai ability when activated will create a ball of electrical energy and thrown at the opponent. The energy will then echo in thunder as it explodes in impact.
Bankai: Ninbasuhowaitotora (Nimbus White Tiger)
Bankai Appearance: The nagamaki gains a blade at the other end which Souunkatsu can twist appart to become a duo weapon. One of the Nagamaki repel while the other attracts.
Bankai Ability: The zanpakuto can Attract and Repel reishi, radiation, electricity and metal. When attracting it he can collect it and then throw it back in a much more powerful strike. He can also use the Repel ability to increase the velocity and power. The repel ability can also be used defensively against reishi attacks.
Howaitotaigฤshokku (White Tiger Shock) - When he collects enough energy. He clashes the blades together to send a shock of electricity in every which way around him. He also can do this to send very fast balls of electricity in a projectile attack.
Ninbasu jiki Howaitotaigฤ (Nimbus Magnetic White Tiger) - After collecting enough energy he creates a very large dark thundering cloud that takes a form of a tiger. This tiger is then commanded to attack the opponent. The connection of the attack ends in a loud thunder explosive blast enough to cause anyone nearby's hair stand on end.
Visored Mask: Mask is a white hannyo mask with black horns and indigo tiger stripes. When honed his zanpakuto abilities are enhanced. He fires ceros with ether his finger tip or by the tip of his zanpakuto.

"Yลซchi, they're true. Ninbasutora!"

"You're a
you can't...

Personality and Biography


Souunkatsu being born as an elder brother. He is naturally responsible and protective. He does have the tendency to be domineering and bossy. But he holds the honor of his family above all. Souunkatsu became more so after the death of the parents. He believe he should focus on his siblings rather then mourn for their loss. Souunkatsu also respects duty and law of the Soul Society. But his beliefs on how the Soul Society buries their past deem stupid and irresponsible. But none the less he upheld their law.
While in the World of the Living. He tries to keep his distance from Soul Reapers and kill hollows that get in his way. Since Urahara gave him a cloaking device, he utilize it heavily to remain undetected. He also has a lot of respect for Ichigo Kurosaki as he sees him as a fellow older sibling.


Souunkatsu Wataku was born in the 4th District of Rukongai. He is the eldest son and child of his Katsuhori Wataku and Hayashi Wataku. Both his parents were shinigami. Not only that he is the elder fraternal twin brother to Suisei Wataku. He was born with oculocutaneous albinism. All the hair on his body is white, his skin is pale and his eyes pale blue. Due to this trait. He is sensitive to sunlight.
When Souunkatsu came of age he and his twin sister was enrolled into the shino academy. His younger brother Katsumaru joined three years later. There he met Solekari and Atamiru. He was then grouped up with Kaien Shiba while his sister was grouped up with Solekari and Atamiru. While Kaien Shiba graduated early. He remained in the academy. Eventually he did graduate. He, Solekari and his twin sister were placed in Squad 13. He and his sister were then transferred to Squad 10 under the guidence of their father. Katsumaru who graduated later remained in Squad 13.
As time went on and Souunkatsu's power grew quicker as he was determined to train. Among his peers he was the first to achieve bankai. Three years later after the Hollowfication incident and Urahara being exiled. His parents also became unwilling test subjects and as a result both of them were killed as hollows. Making him the family head. Eventually he was made Captain of Squad 10 with Rangiku Matsumoto as the Lieutenant. He was Captain for five years until Aizen had made him another test subject. Instead of waiting for the shinigami to execute him. He left the Soul Society and ended up in the World of the Living.
While in the World of the Living he was found by Shinji Hirako while he was unconcious. During that time Souunkatsu was 80 percent hollowfied. Shinji brought him to Urahara whom used the hyougoku on him to stop the Soul Suicide process. With the visoreds he eventually learned to subdue and control the hollow within. After which he then left their good graces and began wandering alone. But before so, Urahara gave him a device which cloaks his spiritual pressure to stay out of radar of the Soul Society.
Souunkatsu although considered outcast of the Soul Society. He does not hold an ill-will to the shinigami and will help them if the need comes to it. Those who still remain close to him is his siblings and also close friends in the Seireitei.

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๐Ÿ‘น ๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฏ๐–Š๐–›๐–Ž๐–‘ ๐Ÿ‘น

Claude von Riegan




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