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About me:
I was lost but now I'm found...
Riot was found as a newborn pup in the woods by a couple of hikers, Thomas and Mary Steele, as they traveled up a mountain pass, lead by his hungry cries. They were astonished to discover this half wolf and half man child, distinguishable by his ears and tail, but out of a sense of love could not bring themselves to get rid of the child when he quickly latched onto them, shivering,

They brought him home and raised him like their own son.

At school, however, the child was ill received by the children of his age, and was the constant target of bullies, however he was not a fighter and did not wish to hurt any of his fellow human beings, for his parents had raised him to love peace and others.

But when he turned 16, his Sophomore year in high school, he was plunged into a situation where he could not escape defending himself. Unaware of his own strength, he accidentally killed the other boy who he had attacked him.

He ran home, and knowing that their son could not do such a thing in cold blood, they hid him as the authorities came to their home demanding him. But things were more then they appeared to be, for those that came to the house were not police...but military. And a government official named, Landon.

Both of his parents were taken into custody, and being a good son, he followed the words of his mother and ran out the back into the woods where he alluded capture for 6 years until the present date.

At 21, Riot knew very little of these events or why the government was seeking him, other then his parents were now dead, unable to give up his whereabouts and he was a wanted criminal who could not live freely. And as of now this time, his goal was to perhaps discover his true origin.

In hopes of figuring out the question of where he came from and why he exists, at the age of 30. Riot has traveled long and far.

But this peaceful existence would be short lived. For not soon after Landen and his team discovered Riot as he traveled throughout the city in which he was living. He escaped...seeking the lonely protection of the wood again.

Appearance and Other Things

Riot resembles a human being by outward appearance, except for his wolfish ears and tail. Inwardly, emotionally, personally, and thought wise, he is like a human as well, but seems to be overcome by his canine urges, though his intellect and uniqueness is on par with a humans. He, however, ages slowly than humans, with a mental age about half that of his real age.

More to Come....
Who I'd like to meet:

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