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About me:


Lunar is an excitable being. Being the "good" side for moon. Theyre energtic and genuinly childish. They enjoy toys, things to do, look at, and play with and hate boredom. They appear dumb and over confident occassionally claiming their better then others. however because of their brother eclipse their confidence is really garbage. they want to be helpful and will do their best to help others and be useful. however they can also be quite moody and childish behavors dont come without their less pleasent sides



☀ No smut! Were animatronics not sex toy

☾ Be nice!

✰ The user is a minor and were possibly minors depending on the rp!

☀ Our user does romance and adoption rps. However on this account they also do slice of life however all rps contain angst!

☾ Angst

✰ Whump

☀ Dead dove: Do Not Eat content

☾ Hurt comfort

✰ Dark backstories (sometimes made for human versions of animatronic characters and AUS)

☀ Oh and we wont be filling any roles nor logging into others accounts!



What is age regression?

age regression is a coping mechinism used to reparent! typically used to deal with trauma but its not limited as just that, other use it for stress, mental health, or just for fun! age regression is where someone goes into the headspace of a child for a period of time to cope! this can be pure. meaning you go into the headspace at your own accord, or IMpure, meaning you were forced into it usually by something triggering it which can be extremely stressful and scary. this is SFW and age regression isnt an "asthetic". its not always cute.



alright! so the most important thing to know is that sun and moon were once one animatronic playing the role of the one that tires the kids out plays with them feeds them ect for sun, and moon putting them to bed and keeping the kids calmer

in order to do this the two had to transform which caused the two extreme distress before they figured out a fair schedule and how to work it

sun would be caused intense phyical pain to shift into moons form and moon felt like he had no freedom and he couldnt do anything without suns say so. even after they found a way to make it work it still hurt sun and angered moon

moon was techy and figured out how to build his own body and transfer his code over to said body. but a very important peace of code was left out of it

before the two seperated moon had been homocidal and aggressive. so moon thought that itd be best if he left the code that had been making him have these urges in sun assuming it would be fine.

it wasnt. all sun really remembers of that day specifically july 16th is being left alone with the daycare with kids, pasting out, and waking up to find out he had severly injuried children. he didnt know what it was so he thought little of it at first but that was extremely bad.

moon can also open portals to all sorts of dementions meaning they have infanity supplies to anything and aton of money. he has a bunch of other experiments but his main ones are the newtons star and his dementions

fast forward to almost a year from now moon noticed sun was acting like the oppisite of himself. sarcastic, mean, condisending, ect. so moon confronts him and after a bit of pressuring this thing introduces itself as essentsually a virus of the homocide code who calls itself eclipse.

eclipse is the perfect mix of sun and moon, having the innocent cute act of sun but the smarts and knowledge of moon and again homocide code which is the most important of it all. HUGE sadist

eclipse basically starts off stating that hes going to kill sun and that theres nothing moon can do to stop him unless he wants to injury sun himself.

whenever eclipse is out sun is basically knocked out and cant sense anything but when suns out eclipse can see everything. not to mention if it hurt sun to transform into moon it hurt 1000x worse to be eclipse.

of course moon panics as eclipse has been active in suns mind for over a day and moon barely even noticed which obviously distresses him because one this person threatening his brother causing him pain, and moon cant tell whos who

moon offers eclipse his own body to keep him from hurting suns but he refuses because he finds it entertaining to watch the two suffer.

eclipse comes back abit later and plays murder mystery with some other friends (that being gregory, GR freddy, and C. Baby) basically threatens the whole cast with murder confusing them because they think its sun so when sun wakes up hes there for aton of drama which hes forced to explain eclipse

GR freddy points sun and moon in the durection of his father golden freddy who can use magic to help control eclipse. they find him and he silences eclipse for a few days and teaches moon some magic while they do that.

golden freddy also informs them the only way to get rid of eclipse is to kill them basically

moon ends up being able to talk to eclipse through sun and moon feels something he hadnt felt in years. the urge to kill. he confronts sun on this causing a very mild mini fight nothing like the others weve seen

during this all suns been dating a girl named roxanne wolf who actually doesnt really care for him all that much but eclipse comes in and gives her this chip that alters her personality and convinces her to cheat on sun with GR freddy and they were full blown ENGAGED before sun found out which only makes things worse

this whole time they have this 'friend' monty who often begs moon for money or 'tricks' sun into hiring him to do small jobs for rediculous prices (ex. one time sun hired him to help moon in the daycare while sun was busy and monty was getting paid like $1000 per second. we also have a whole episode where moon says he wants his own space so sun buys a house from monty. which moon cant even responsibly live alone bc sun left him for a few seconds at one point and moon just suddenly announces to and GR freddy that hes feeling homocidal)

so hires monty to break GR freddy and roxanne up and monty ruses over to moon saying he needed to talk to eclipse because he was being paid alot of money to break the two up and he needs eclipses help so reluctently and with rules moon tells sun to let monty talk to eclipse. it didnt go to well and eclipse got mad but we werent given specifics.

apparently monty did end up making a deal with eclipse that eclipse would take the chip from roxanne if monty got him the newtons star. which moon freaks out about since the newtons star can recode the whole world and reset everything

golden freddy shows up and states that eclipse caught government officals eyes and that they were coming to interview them which everything was going fine until they asked sun about what happened on july 16th resulting in eclipse coming in and killing the government offical.

moon luckily had a secret bunker (not secret enough) prepared incase sun ever needed to escape moon himself so they went down there. moon tells eclipse he knows eclipse wants the newtons star and eclipse says they have 3 months to give it to him.

a HUGE fight breaks out between sun and moon where its basically just moon explaining hes going just as insane and every time he sees blood or bodies his bloodlust just gets that much worse. going as fair as to threaten to kill sun if he couldnt control eclipse. and sun breaks down about just how helpless he feels against eclipse and how he really cant do anything to help no matter how hard he tries

well fast forward a few days later. moon got a stomach installed in him and he went over to sun and the fight only got 1000x worse.

turns out when sun was asleep a person came over in mild need of a bandaid and it was enough to push moon over the edge and he kill them.

moon screams at sun and tells him the only thing hes useful for is to clean up messes and fix mistakes and how messed up it is that moon was made to make mistakes and sun was made to fix them. he compares himself to eclipse and when sun tries to convince him hes wrong moon full blown fucking punches poor sun.

sun calls moon a horrible brother, and basically just goes to stay with golden freddy for a few days and he gets to talk to eclipse himself. nothing to special there tho

the person who created them finds out about eclipse and is prepared to come over and try to fix it or something and thats where im at now.

theres more i know so i gotta explain lunar XD

at one point when moon was sleeping eclipse comes in and messes with some stuff in the back of moons head giving him memory gaps and headaches until he eventually collapses. 'moon' wakes up basically babbling and GR freddy helps fix him. turns out eclipse programmed an alter ego into moon now named lunar

lunars the exact oppisite of moon, hes sensitive, childish, happy, energitic, all that stuff. which is why i sometimes play him as either an age regressor or a child

lunar almost insently blows their cover and eclipse takes over sun for a moment and the first interactions we see between the brothers is eclipse scolding lunar and in alot of fan interprations slapping him (which happens alot in the series eclipse hits lunar ALOT)

lunars continiously called a screw up and degraded and just made fun of by eclipse not to mention continiously hit. it got to the point that moon just kinda said "fine. your my brother now,"

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