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The Lumas will always come First.

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Hello Friends. I am a Multi-Para to Novella Writer. My favorite Genre is Historical/Fantasy Drama with some Adventure on the side. You can check to see who I owe by hovering over rpdues. Hovering over this summery will show my friends!
Yes, All new life carries the essence of stars that includes you!
Name: Rosalina
Alas: Rose
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Origin: Celestial Kingdom
Spouse: King Boo
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Personality: Rosalina is a very Kind Queen, However, She will allow bad thing to happen if it meant protecting the people she loves. This also goes for the people, the lumas, of her Kingdom as they will always come first. She's Brave and isn't afraid of confrontation. If she believes in something fully she'll speak up and fight for it.
Physical Appearance: Rosalina has long beautiful Platinum Golden Locks of hair with Blue eyes. She is seen mostly sporting pastel blue gowns with matching heels and a Silver and Gold Star Broach in the center. She wears a silver crown embeded with Red and blue Jewels upon her head and star shaped earings on her ears.
Goal: Protect the Lumas at all Cost.
Children(s): Lumas
Rosalina was an Orphaned girl with special and powerful abilities. Her Parents died when she was a young child but was soon founded by a Luma who took on a human form. Luma explained that they were looking for a new Ruler for Celestial Kingdom and how their people choose their rulers by how powerful a persons abilities were and that Rosalina was perfect for the crown. He explained to Rosalina that she was an Oracle as one of her ablities was capable of seeing into the future which was perfect for keeping everyone in their kingdom safe from danger. Rosalina explained to the Luma that she couldn't control when she had visions in which he responded with how he would teach her and help figure out everything that involved her abilities as well as how to become a proper Ruler. With no where else to go Rosalina agreed to become their queen and thus the training began.

Rosalina studied and trained keeping the Kingdom Neutral, a decision made hundreds of years ago, as to continue to not make any enemies. However this only caused people to believe that Rosalina was just as "evil" as the past Rulers for not helping in their time of need as well as fearing Rosalina's own powers. The only Kingdom that kept in contact was the Mushroom Kingdom due to their agreed trades for Celestial Kingdoms Star shards. Wanting to meet the Celestial Kingdoms new Queen, the king and queen of the Mushroom Kingdom invited Rosalina to their Castle. It was there that she met Prince Boo and his newly born brother Prince Bowser. Boo and Rosalina became great friends instantly.

As years passed, Rosalina and Boo had become very close. Though it was never said the two loved each other. Boo's Mother whom could see their love was not okay with this and she made it clear every chance she got to Boo that she only allowed her to be around due to the arrangement for trading star shards. Rosalina wasn't real Royalty as the Lumas would put any commoner on the throne if they had the same gifts. This did not deter his feelings for Rosalina of course but it also didn't stop his mother from trying to get him to marry other eligable Princess's in which he declined each time. Luckily for his mother Rosalina would soon be leaving Mushroom Kingdom for Years due to a Security breech in Celestial Kingdom.

What the Queen didn't know was that it wasn't a security breech for why Rosalina had left. Instead Rosalina saw visions of a Plague, one that would kill millions. Rosalina was left with a huge decision. She could warn everyone about the plague or... she could keep it a secret. In her vision, she saw Boo's Parents die from this disease while Prince Boo and Prince Bowser lived on. They had always been Horrible Parents to Prince Boo, cruel even. His Mother only cared for Prince Bowser claiming his monstrous looks were due to a curse in order to hide the affair the Queen had. Wanting nothing more then to see Boo free of their abuse she chose to keep it a secret. Boo and Rosalina wrote each other when they could even after the plague but as a New king, and Rosalina also needing to tend to her kingdom, the Letters became less and less though the two hoped to see each other again soon.

Years had passed and Rosalina was now a powerful Queen. King Boo had yet to accept a Queen of his own, though she had heard the stories of the notorious parties he would throw to fool around. No one understood why he hadn't taken a Queen but did not question it as Boo had to become mean towards others in order to gain their respect as they did not believe he would be a good King when being crowned at a young age. He became known as the Tyrant King. Prince Bowser on the other hand had been Wed to Princess Peach. Worried for King Boo, Rosalina planned on finally seeing him again soon but before she could make those plans a special guest had arrived to her kingdom. Princess Peach.

Surprised to hear Peach was there she allowed her to come through and meet her. Peach at first did not believe Rosalina had the sight and had decided to see for herself if Rosalina's abilities were true. After her first reading she was convinced and had returned once again for another insight to her future. Rosalina accepted already knowing just exactly the kind of person Princess Peach was but what she saw was to come was horrible. Peach would be King Boo's end. Peach seeing Rosalina's panick she asked for her to tell her what she saw. Unable to tell her the truth Rosalina lied and told her that she saw Bowser killing King Boo. Peach seemed frightened, Rosalina knew why but said nothing. After Peach had left Rosalina did her best to find Boo before it was too late but sadly she didn't make it. Peach had succefully killed King Boo and had found a way to pinn it on Bowser. In her Grief, Rosalina Kept to her Kingdom Isolating herself from the world and focused her time to protection the Luma's from harm.

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I hope, life treats you kind, and I hope you have all you've dreamed of. I wish you joy and happiness but above all this I wish you Love. Darling, I love you, I'll alwways love you.
King Boo was the King of Mushroom Kingdom up until he was Murdered. Boo grew up in a family of 4 being the Eldest brother to the "cursed" Prince Bowser. Sadly Boo did not have an easy life. His parents were cruel towards him and only wanted him to continue their bloodline on the throne. Boo's only friend was Rosalina whom over time gained feelings for. His love for her was unspoken as his Mother constantly made it clear of her distaste in Rosalina due to her not being Royalty by blood. To her she was simply a commoner who had the gift.

At the age of 18 Boo was Crowned King of Mushroom Kingdom after his parent's had died from the Plague and he had became well enough to Rule. However it was clear the nobles within his court wanted power and continued to try and put in a Kings Regent until Boo was ready to Rule. Boo's Uncle Count Bleck in particular tried his best to seize power claiminghe would become regent but Boo knew having a Regent would have long lasting negative effects on his authority. With the Plague still on going, Boo grew tired of His Uncle constantly underminding his autority and decided to make an example of his uncle by executing him for treason. He realized that in order to gain respect he would have to be mean. From that point on he was known as the Tyrant King.

Unable to see Rosalina due to her training to use her gifts among other things, Boo constantly threw parties to hook up with other woman in order to fill in the void. Though he kept in contact it wasn't enough. At some point he decided to have his brother Prince Boswer join whom hated leaving his room due to his monstrous looks causing no one to speak to him. Despite Bowser only being his half brother he still wanted the best for him and convinced him to go which ended up working out as Princess Peach who had also gone had taken an interest in Bowser. Boo watched and found it suspicious for Peach to be so kind and it didn't take long for him to see she what her true intentions were. Boswer had fallen head over heals for Peach and eventually asked Peach to stay with him in which she said yes.

During her stay Peach did her best to try and Woo King Boo Despite courting Bowser hoping he would take her considering his hookup reputation. Angry, King Boo made it very clear he would never Marry Peach and called her out for having no shame and how she only wanted him for his throne to save her poor and desperate kingdom. She would never be queen so to just mary Prince Bowser which she then accepted. Happy with her decision he let his brother know and the two were married soon after.

Despite their marriage Boo couldn't help but to still be suspicious of Peach. Overtime it was clear Peach still was trying to get become Boo's wife. Boo saw right through her intentions and continued to deny her but said nothing to Bowser knowing it would only hurt him. What he didn't know was that the two were plotting against him or at least at first they were. Bowser had decided against it but Peach wanting the throne took it upon her self to poison King Boo. She didn't put in enough however and in a panic strangled King Boo until his last breath. His Vengeful spirit Haunted Peach until she Hired an what she thought was an Exorcist, name Luigi, to dispose of him. King Boo instead Fled and waited for his chance to get revenge on Peach as well as anyone who tried to help her Including the Mario Brothers.
Prince Bowser [insert character info here]
Princess Peach
Luigi luigi luigi

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