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Original Madison Renee Salvatore- Character inspiration is based off of rl personality traits; Created 1/29/2023

31 years old
Noneyabeeswax, Kentucky
United States

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May 28 2023

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Here for:Friends,
Body type:Average
Occupation:Momma bear
Status: Married
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Name:Madison Renee Salvatore
Nicknames:Brat,Madi,Give me more?
Species:Demon Wolf
Age: Looks to be late 20s-Technically Unknown
Weight:140 lbs

Color Sheet

Personality:Madison is a very friendly type of being. She tends to get along with most and has a tendency to blend in easily. Madi is your typical city born, country souled type of girl. She's always in the woods fishing or hunting at times even. The best breaks she gives herself are when she's running through the woods, paws in the soil...just letting her soul breathe....

"Oh!Well hello there." The little demon wolf smiled brightly at the being before her."My name?Ohh...I'm Madison Renee Salvatore, most just call me Madi though. I'm the daughter of Damiar and Edeen Salvatore, two of the most known beings in our small world. I have a huggggeeee family though.Like, lots of sisters and limited brothers. I also have a twin sister, her name is Rune. We are alike in many ways though, like she knows alottttt about the mental issues I have within my demonic little mind. My Mom, she's like a princess, kind and sweet to most....but my father? He's protective....a savage if he has to be. My family pretty much sticks together.....we run side by side like a wolf pack....each and every one of us different in our own special way but we'll be there until the end if any of us call out to the pack. We are the creatures of the night that your parents used to tell you was lurking in the shadows of the woods.... we are your nightmares."
By Who:Destin Jones
Began Dating: 2/23/2022
Got Engaged:/ /
Got Married: / /

Ok I suppose I'll start this off by saying that the man I'm about to tell ya'll all about is not roleplay at all. He is the man that swept me off of my feet after I chose to be alone for a few years due to some stupid shit in my past. Anyways, Alastor and I met at work awhile back but at the time we were simply friends....somewhat. Really I just had a huge crush on him and was simply hoping that he didn't notice if I'm being truthful. Well after awhile we ended up working on the same shift, which in turn gave us more time to be around each other. The sad part is, I knew I was fucked when I was looking forward to going to work on the days that he would be there. I ended up teasing him about another girl crushing on him at work and ended up getting called out. That's the day that I learned he was a complete smartass but from then on him and I were nonstop talking to each other trying to be around one another. Eventually, he moved in with him and my girls got to really know him. And now he's become a permanent part of my family. He's the only one that seems to listen whenever I'm about to break and keeps me falling in love with him more and more every day. The way I feel about this man I can say I haven't felt about with anybody else. I've never been with someone that I could completely trust and say I know he wont hurt me, but with him I can say that with 100 percent belief. He told me from day one he was different and has yet to fail to show me that in many ways every day. It's kind of crazy to say but I've gotten used to everyday life without him that I couldn't imagine going back to living without him. I sound like a love struck puppy I know, but it's true....he's got me hooked in a way I never thought I'd be,but for him I'd do anything. I love you baby. Forever and always I'll be by your side <3
Family First

Edeen Salvatore-Mother
Damiar Salvatore-Father
Daniel Salvatore-Uncle
Rune Salvatore-Sister
Suri Salvatore-Sister

Friends Until The End

In No Specific Order

Who I'd like to meet:

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I will become.



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