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Here to enjoy a nice adventure and to relax. ^^ (Account being remade. I let it die for too long. Haha.)

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Characters: Faina Undine
Verses: Original World
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, Video Game,
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Faina who once started out as a normal school girl who attended the elemental academy of fine arts which at the time she was actually poor. She lived in a far away neighborhood that held other poor people like her and her family. They wasn't bad people they were just very unlucky in life. Their only luck was having the home they had which a family friend let them have for low when they was kicked out of their previous home. Moving on one day while resting up after doing a few chores while her parents were out there was a knock on the door and when Faina answered it, to her shock no one was there but what she did find was something different... Something that would change things forever.

What Faina found was a application, but not just any application this one was special. It was from the elemental academy inviting her to try and pass a simple test. Faina didn't read too much details for she didn't know what it was really about. All she saw was that by passing and getting enrolled could give her a nice place to stay by the school which in turn could be a new place for her mom and dad. Keeping only that in mind she took the application inside and without hesitation filling it out before sending it off. Within a few weeks she had received mail from the school asking her to come in for a interview. Excited she finished everything she was doing at the time and hurried to put on her best outfit and looks before encountering an fatal error.

Faina's hair was strange looking and she found herself unable to change it. Her once natural brown hair was now turning blue at the tips and she didn't know why. She tried and tried to get it back normal but nothing worked. The blue tip was here to stay and there was nothing she could do about it. Her only hope was to hope that no one would judge her too harshly on it, it was just a interview right?

Faina made her way to the academy unsure what to expect, upon arriving she seen a ton of people bearing weapons of all kinds and dressed in rather fancy clothes and armor, her mind being as it is took it as for some sort of secret cosplaying thing. Upon entering she found the spot for the interview and patiently awaited her turn until she was called. What seemed like hours of questioning, her interview was finally done and she could go back home, it was only then she realized this was more than just a normal school, now she was rethinking giving up her previous for this but it was too late now.

As time passed things remained quiet for the family until about a week later mail finally showed up about Faina's new place. She was approved and directed to show up to the academy within next week of receiving this mail. After spending a few days packing what she needed and fighting with her hair Faina ends up going and once settled in her life began as those around her knew it. She just got there and struggled greatly as she wasn't the fighting type, her training felt brutal and she had to take classes for both magic and base defenses, and they would continue on with her bond weapon and she didn't understand anything. Sadly Faina was a failing student in pretty much everything other than basic knowledge which can be obtained in normal schools. She had no idea what she just got herself into.

Now stressed over multiple things including what should happen should she be kicked for poor performance it seems things just couldn't get any worse but it did as one day at her new home while everything was settling her new home had burst into flames with no explanation as her parents were inside. She quickly goes to save them or at least help in someway but when she got there she was confronted by two shadows that tried to attack her, they attacked with intent to kill but Faina wasn't like the others, when things happened the last thing you'd see her doing is standing there in shock and fear. She dodge and evade as she tried to outrun the shadows but it was of no use as they eventually caught up to her.

When things seem like they were coming to an end out of nowhere a few teachers came to her aid, including one that had just arrived at the school just a few days ago. They fought off the attacks and escorted Faina back to the school where she spent weeks alone and depressed. It would be a long time before she was well once more. By the time she came out her hair was full blue and much longer than it was however she did not care anymore, at least it stuck to one color.

Things seem at an ease until Faina found out something that explains why everything happened. (Found out through rps mostly only.) Now when Faina sets out, she is often watched by others of various conditions. Whether it be friends, or teachers, or those hired by teachers to watch her, or even other things.. However she isn't totally the same as she was back then, during the time she has finally got her bond weapon, a special sword that carries a deep legend and she is now able to control the waters to an extent.

Faina has a growing love to become a merchant and plans to act on it someday soon when she is finished with the academy. Faina for the most part is normally a happy girl who doesn't dwell on the past, however she is cautious of being touched and seems to be in a struggle of some kind that she has yet to tell others of.

For the most part people would get from Faina in battle to be a rather slow and not so skilled battler but in reality Faina is just heavily suppressed and burden as she is often carrying things and the weight of her soul weapon isn't very helpful. Her water magic is still in progress, should all the burdens come off, Faina is quite agile and very capable of fending for herself should danger come her way.

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Coming soon: https://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=

Coming soon: https://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=
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