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"To be remembered.. That is my dream. One that only I know."

25 years old

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March 29 2023

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Characters: Mura Wasurenaide
Verses: To exist and not to (Open to other genres)
Playbys: Custom OC
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Mystery, Psychological, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Video Game,
Member Since:March 14, 2023

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About me:
Mura took a few steps forward towards the crowd of people all walking towards their destinations at peak hours. He looked at the camera and pointed at it with his finger giving it a playful 'bang!' before continuing on heading towards a nearby residential neighborhood where he would observe how todays life was going. It feels like so long ago that he felt a part of something. Something he thought would last forever but now.. But now all he can do is observe for he has a curse.

No matter what he does, everyone seems to simply forget his existence often chalking it up to some weird dream if they did at least remember the encounter. He's not a ghost, he's just not very noticeable or able to be remembered. He could rob a store today and then tomorrow some unrelated person is being interrogated about what they did with the money and complimented about how their disguise almost had them fooled.

He could rent a book and then when it's due, somehow it's wiped from the servers so no one would come back for it. As for his home? To his family he is dead because they cannot remember him. Even if he's in his room by the time they come check, they'd think they are seeing a ghost of their child even when he says otherwise. Pinky has a life and yet at the same time simply has nothing.

He does not know why things are the way they are. It makes him wonder if in a past life he did something so bad to deserve this? To be so lonely. On a good day he gets to feel like he isn't a ghost only for tomorrow to roll around and everything be undone as everyone forgotten. So what does he do to keep himself from going insane? Well being forgotten has his benefits like allowing him to take a luxury trip or gamble at casinos without fear of what happens to him.

Of course he does take some caution to make sure he doesn't get into a spot where he's locked away. Should someone forget doing that.... Well it's best not to think on something that hasn't happened. For now Pinky will continue to walk this road for as long as he can. The face people see in their dreams yet cannot remember.
Who I'd like to meet:
My prime reason of making this account is because I want to see how various characters would react to Pinky's situation. Whether or not they become friends, just to know when the moon falls everything will be forgotten about him. To be in a world where no one can remember him.

I'm not against characters that are beyond those effects and wouldn't forget him because of their powers and what not. I kind of had the idea from certain points of comics, cartoons, and anime where characters had this crisis for whatever reason and got curious to see how it would be to rp someone actually suffering from it.

We don't have to go with Mura's story if you rather something less sad. I'm open to discussing something else! If you are here to rp then let's skip the small talk and get right to discussing. Or you can greet Pinky in character. As long as it makes sense then I'll respond.

I won't be upset at small talk, but I'd rather not be answer how I am every time someone greets me. Also I'm not that great at ooc chatter.

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