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About me:
The hyper-sleep pod deactivated. Its hydraulically sealed silicon doors bursting open, sending out a torrent of viscous green fluid that passed through the grated floor below. Out popped a man, naked and covered in dozens of tubes, wires, and complex harnesses designed to keep it all attached to his body. He was young, no more than twenty years old. As he kneeled there on the cold metal floor, consciousness began to return to him. He coughed and sputtered, shaky but frantic hands reaching up to rip out the nutrient tubes sticking down his throat and in every part of his sinuses. He took in deep breaths, his blue eyes scanning the room in bewilderment, as if not recognizing where he was. Then, like a switch, everything clicked. Recognition dawned on his face as he realized where he was, and what his mission is. Standing up on wobbly legs, he tore out the variety of apparatuses adorning his body, freeing himself from their mechanical constriction. He hated hyper-sleep, a memory that permeated his mind as he tore out the last wire sticking in his forearm. It always left you dizzy and confused, like a brief bout of amnesia that quickly dispersed within moments. Not only that, but having every part of your body violated by machinery for the sake of effectiveness wasn’t a pleasant experience. It didn’t take long to reach his locker, pulling out the D-33X exo-suit he was so accustomed to wearing. It allowed him to operate in nearly any conditions, from scorching temperatures to subzero climates. The only real downside was how long it took to put on. Once he took a shower, ate some ration bars, and finally suited up, he walked into the cockpit to check his status. The holographic display was intuitive and easy to use, providing many useful diagnostics of the ship, among other things. But something was off, not with the ship itself but with the star charts. He didn’t recognize anything. No stars, no nebulas, no planets. Even the galaxy he was currently in was completely foreign. Where was he? How did he get here? The mission was to fly to the Andromeda galaxy and await further instructions. A mission that required years of hyper-sleep to accomplish. They already had the entire galaxy all mapped out. From every star, to every planet, to every celestial body in a 200,000 light year radius. So why couldn’t he recognize anything? That’s when he realized something. Something that shook him to his very core. The quantum clock was no longer working. It was designed to calculate time dilation and convert it into a uniform stream of data, speeding up or slowing down depending on how strong the time dilation is. The only time it would stop working is if a powerful spatial displacement happened. A phenomenon that could only happen If…. He wasn’t in his own universe anymore…
Who I'd like to meet:
People who enjoy writing long term stories and world building. Story and character interaction takes precedence above all else.

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