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116 years old
A small village,
United States

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September 22 2021

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Hometown:A small village
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*I DO NOT discuss, rather just jump into the RP then talk for hours or in some cases days only for the person to never reply to the starter we setup.
*I will not accept one-liner replies, there is literally nothing that can be done with them.
*If you have no back story, character info, or verse displayed I may not add you. Just need something to go off of.
*I prefer to not do romantic RPs. They just end up causing issues or get boring, i may make an exception if that is your characters style but highly unlikely. And there will be NO SEX in the RP. This isn't a porn site, keep it in your pants.
*NO DISCORD! I came to this site to RP, not to promote a different one.

Name: Vorx

Race: Human

Sword mastery
Heightened senses
Berserker mode

Vorx had a normal up bring, his family was a simple shopkeeper family with no special status or abilities to speak of. The days were calm, peaceful, and simple. Vorx hated this.
From a young age Vorx took to the sword as a way of refusal to follow in his family's boring traditions. He didn't wanna stand behind a shop counter for his whole life, he wanted more, something, anything. Day and night he trained with his blade. And after a few years Vorx had become as good as any knight in the kingdom he lived.
However Vorx's hate didn't fad after this, his hate grew from just the boring life to hating people themselves. He watch the people who came through his family's shop, how they acted, what they did, and it fueled his hate more by the day. This eventually led Vorx to leave his home even before his eighteenth birthday.

For the next few years Vorx took up the job of a mercenary, he went where ever the money lead. Did things that people couldn't even speak out loud. All this hardened the young swordsman. His feelings slowly fading away day by day. Love, kindness, mercy, were all the first to go. It got to the point Vorx didn't even feel human anymore. All he knew how to do now was work, and kill.
To this day the young swordsman travels around taking any kind or job that he feels pays enough, a shell of a human. Hollow, dark, and dangerous.

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σƒ ωιη∂ αη∂ ѕησω

Aug 15th 2021 - 8:35 PM

Dang, okay. Thank you! Etta, for context, is 20, which is very close to adult for Earthborne in this region. Their life span is much shorter at ~100 years. That being said, Etta is a rare subrace known as Sunborne, and their life spans are infinitely longer, she is completely unaware of this trait for the time being.
σƒ ωιη∂ αη∂ ѕησω

Aug 15th 2021 - 5:57 PM

Okie dokie then, good to know! Would you mind giving me a quick rundown of vorxs height and appearance? Earthborne are quite tall; Etta herself is 6’3” in her boots. With that in mind his height could be an important factor.
σƒ ωιη∂ αη∂ ѕησω

Aug 15th 2021 - 8:37 AM

Weird the rest of my comment didn\'t send. Oh well! Expect my reply shortly, I\'ve just the character~
σƒ ωιη∂ αη∂ ѕησω

Aug 15th 2021 - 8:36 AM

I appreciate that so much
σƒ ωιη∂ αη∂ ѕησω

Aug 15th 2021 - 4:50 AM

Hey there~ Sorry it\'s taken me this long to reply to you, I\'ve had a busy week! Before I reply to you I just wanted to ask which of my characters you wanted to RP with. I have 4 to pick from. If you are unsure or don\'t have a preference I will roll a die and go from there! Thank you for your time and consideration. -Kayori
σƒ ωιη∂ αη∂ ѕησω

Aug 8th 2021 - 6:25 PM

{Out of Character} Thank you for the add! Feel free to chat with me anytime. Oh, and we could discuss an RP if you like, of course. :3 -Kayori P.S. If you prefer messages you can reply there instead
C r e m i a.

Aug 2nd 2021 - 6:34 PM

HEY YOU. How are things? I should get back into the groove of roleplay this week!
C r e m i a.

Jul 20th 2021 - 9:42 PM

Although I\\\'ve been taking a break from roleplay, I plan to make it an official small hiatus. I plan to return once I\\\'m done with this summer course then I will have a 2 week break. I just wanted to personally let you know. Please don\\\'t give up on me. I do appreciate your patience
C r e m i a.

Jul 12th 2021 - 7:28 PM

You are the best!
C r e m i a.

Jul 12th 2021 - 9:26 AM

That\'s good. I\'m still around, but just not as much. I\'m so sorry for the delay on our roleplay.
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