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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Education:High school
Occupation:Special Fire Force Company 8
Characters: Devil, Akuma, Devil's Footprints, Akuma no Ashiato, Hero, Hīrō, Shinrabanshō-Man,
Verses: Fire Force, My Hero Academia, Bleach, DBZ, Black Clover, mature, crossovers are welcome
Playbys: Shinra Kusakabe
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:June 04, 2023

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About me:
In Year 186, Shinra was five years old and lived with his mother and younger brother, Shō. As a young child, Shinra was passionate about heroism, dressing up as a superhero, mimicking heroic actions from television and aspiring to become a hero that could protect his supportive family. At one point during his childhood, his mother told him to clean up his toys, but Shinra wanted to finish the book he was reading. His mother reminded him of the urban legend that naughty little children get snatched away and taken to the Netherworld. This convinced Shinra to start putting his toys away. Another time, while his mother was preparing dinner, Shinra went to check on Shō and heard the baby crying. When Shinra got to Shō's room, he saw that a newspaper had blown over from a nearby pile due to the window being left open. The newspaper landed on Shō's head and the baby was afraid of the dark, so Shinra came over an lifted the paper away. Shinra told Shō not to worry because his big brother would always protect him.

One evening, Shinra unexpectedly woke up to discover that his house was ablaze. In the chaos, he sees some kind of Demon standing among the flames. Shinra believed the Demon was responsible for the fire, but in reality, the Demon was actually his mother turned into an Infernal. She cried out to him, telling him to run, but in all the chaos, Shinra could barely think straight. Shō's Adolla Burst influenced Shinra and triggered his Third Generation powers, causing him to fly backwards and into a wall, knocking him out. Shinra was soon saved by Leonard Burns from Special Fire Force Company 1. After the incident, his mother was stated to be dead, and none of Shō's remains were found, so it was assumed that he was also killed.

The ordeal and shock of his mother's death caused him to develop a case of nervous laughter, causing the muscles in his face to tighten whenever he feels nervous, resulting in his teeth being exposed and his mouth stretching into a smile. After the incident, Shinra's ominous-looking devil-like grin caused people to think that he was a villain who intentionally killed his own family just for the fun of it and smiled his villainous smile as he did so. This caused him to be shunned by others, as they thought of him as a devil. His grandmother refused to let him live with her out of fear and disgust for what he had supposedly done.

As Shinra couldn't control his Ignition Ability, he stayed at Haijima Industries, where they fitted him with liquid nitrogen boots to suppress his ability. During his residence there, he and the other children received no freedom, as well as zero comforts whatsoever, and the scientists only saw them as test subjects. The Skill Developing Facility did tests on him, but they were unable to confirm if Shinra had the Adolla Burst. When he turned thirteen, he moved out and joined the Special Fire Force Training Academy with the hope that he could figure out the truth behind the fire incident that took his family, and to save other people from the despair of the flames. At the academy, he was still viewed as a devil due to his past. He learned the risks of Third Generations Overheating, and also met Arthur, with whom he often bickered and fought while their mutual friend Ogun judged.During his studies, Shinra assumed he would join Special Fire Force Company 4 upon graduating. However, he was instead assigned to Special Fire Force Company 8.

Who I'd like to meet:

Immense Durability: Shinra possesses superhuman-level Durability. He was capable of enduring multiple relentless attacks from His brother during their fight, and was still capable of fighting with remarkable efficiency, despite experiencing severe blood loss, internal bleeding, and several stab wounds and blunt force trauma. He still managed to display the same level or persistence and endurance while fighting Charon, while his opponent had the ability to absorb and transform kinetic energy into thermal energy, practically making him invulnerable. This impressive level of durability also allowed him to withstand attacks from the incredibly powerful Benimaru Shinmon, for several hours until collapsing from overheating. He was capable of tanking blows from Leonard Burns at maximum voltage, and even attacks and slashes from the incredibly powerful Yūichirō Kurono.

Enhanced Eyesight: Shinra possesses exceptional eyesight, having been able to spot things that other members haven't been able to see at long distances. This was shown when Shinra identified the two White Robes that were sniping from multiple buildings away, as well as when he zoomed his vision in 2x more than normal to clearly spot an insect from far away. He could also Spot Charon from several hundred miles in the air while flying.

Indomitable Will: Stemming from his innate heroism and bravery, as well as his traumatic past and promise to his Mother, Shinra has always refused to give up in all confrontations. He entered the Special Fire Academy as well as Special Fire Company 8 to uphold his promise that he would be a hero for mankind. He pursued the goal of finding his younger brother and mother for his entire life, even when such task seemed impossible at times. He relentlessly sought information about his family even from members from the white clad. Even when fighting Charon and being outmatched, he never stopped trying to protect and secure the Fifth pillar. Despite being taken by surprise and savagely beaten, he still managed to get up, not willing Charon and the white clad get away again. Upon meeting his Brother he relentlessly tried to turn him over to his side and share his brotherly love, likening their fight to playing tag. He continuously got up every time he was knocked down and outmatched by his superiorly skilled brother and still managed to sway him over to his side. Shinra's complete inability to give up and his devotion towards his family and friends makes him one of the greatest fighters in Fire Force. However, even after protecting the public from a titanic infernal he was still recognized as a Devil, not a hero. Despite this, he was still willing to protect humanity at all costs, waking up from his slumber in Adolla to avenge Arthur and uphold his legacy.

Pyrokinesis: As a child, Shinra awakened the ability of a Third Generation and gained the ability to ignite, control, and utilize flames from his feet. While doing so, he leaves ashes on the floor in the shape of feet, which are known as the "Devil's Footprints" As a Third Generation, he has shown to have resistance against external flames.Using his ability in conjunction with his fighting style, Shinra has enough force in his kick to sever a limb or destroy an Infernal's core. With his kicks, he can cause an explosion on contact to lift an object as heavy as a car high into the air. With his ignited feet, he can change the trajectory of his kicks in mid-air, allowing him to rush in with a flurry of kicks one after another repeatedly.Shinra is noted to have an excelled proficiency in his mobility while fighting, as his Ignition Ability allows him to use the fire jets from his feet to fly through the air, glide across the floor rapidly, and jump continuously from platforms to outmaneuver an opponent before they can react. He controls his trajectory with his toes and he will fly out of control if he scrunches them up.

Immense Speed: Shinra’s ignition ability grants him massively increased mobility and speed, making him the fastest character in Fire Force. He can fly at speeds faster than a jet plane and break the sound barrier with his kicks, as well as generate tremendous amounts of force to enhance his (at the time) mediocre strength. His agility is also heightened, allowing him to outmaneuver even the most powerful enemies and escape their grasp. After training with Benimaru Shinmon, he learned to control the flow of his life force with Rapid, which allows him to increase his speed tenfold while reducing the amount of power he uses. The speed boost he receives is massive enough to empower him to effortlessly fly through and react to Nataku’s laser barrage, instantly overwhelm weaker pyrokinetics, fight on par with and briefly overpower a Level 2 Leonard Burns, and eventually grow powerful enough to cross immensely long distances in seconds. Since Shinra is the Pillar of Rage, his corresponding emotion can give him a boost in speed and power, depending on the stake of the situation and the amount of anger he feels. It is first showcased when he, in a fit of rage and disbelief at his brother’s catatonic state, moved fast enough to instantly overwhelm a transformed Giovanni. Another example was when he was enraged during his fight against Leonard Burns for his siding with the White Clad, approached the speed of light without his Fourth Generation abilities. During his final fight against Haumea, Shinra showcases his greatest rage feat yet, managing to briefly surpass her nigh-invincible abilities. During his fight with Burns in Fuchū Prison, Shinra's footprints evolved further with bladed talons at the edges of his feet (the anime makes it appear that his footprints have talons from the beginning).

Hand Signs/Seals: Shinra was taught by Captain Benimaru how to utilize hand signs/seals in order to redirect and concentrate the energy in his body. This allows him to manipulate the characteristics of the flames he produces from his Ignition Ability. With Tora Hishigi, he can compress his flames into a focused jet, as opposed to how his flames normally spread out in every useless direction. This allows Shinra to use Rapid, giving him an exponential boost in speed and allowing him to fly farther and faster while using up less of his fire. Using Corna, Shinra's flames manifest in an explosive nature, allowing him to attack with a lot more force.

Hysterical Strength: Shinra has the ability to use Hysterical Strength, an ability that gives him 100% usage of his Ignition Ability, whereas only 30% is usually used. Shinra achieves Hysterical Strength by experiencing the "Pressure of Death", a death-like sensation brought about by significant stress, triggering his survival instincts. When Hysterical Strength is active, his flames turn blue due to their intensity and higher temperature. His flames also form a more controlled claw-shape. With this ability, Shinra was able to knock Captain Leonard Burns back with only single kick, an exceptional accomplishment considering Burns is well known for his super-human strength, and possesses an incredibly powerful Ignition Ability that enhances his physical abilities. After his initial fight with Leonard Burns and after breaking out of Adolla, Shinra learned how to permanently use Hysterical Strength, massively enhancing his speed and power.

Immense Strength: While using Hysterical Strength, Shinra’s strength drastically increases, allowing him to force Leonard Burns on the defensive despite his ignition ability being at its maximum limit. Even without using hysterical strength, Shinra has a high caliber level of strength for a person his age. He was capable of very potent and powerful kicks as well as impressive arm strength, showcased when he broke his way out of the Pillar holding him in Adolla, and lift several people and carry them. He was capable of sending a car several meters into the air and completely shatter solid concrete when fighting Rekka Hoshimiya. After tearing his way out of Adolla, and entering an enraged state in an effort to protect humanity, Shinra received an incredible power boost, to the point of being able to instantly travel from Adolla to the surface of Japan and kick the Moon itself right back into its orbit and even managed to break Faerie’s control over its gravitational field. (Considering the distance between the Earth and Moon at the time of the event, which was about 2.5 miles, as well as the gravitational force being amplified by Faerie, the force required to move the Moon at this stage would have been tremendous. The only way to move the moon away from the earth is to continuously apply 16 million Newtons of force for 67 years straight. By measuring the mass of the Satellite; 18 sextillion tons, and the force required over that period of time, we can conclude that the amount of force Shinra is putting out is over 10 trillion megatons of TNT. 9,999,999,999,950 megatons greater than the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. To add to the insanity of such a feat, this was all achieved without using Light-speed, which grants the user infinite force generation.)

Adolla Burst: Shinra can be temporarily empowered with the Adolla Grace through an Adolla Link to a person who originates from Adolla, or someone who is already graced. The connection with his Adolla Burst is strengthened according to the intensity of his desire. Under Grace, Shinra can enter a state of light speed, causing his body to split into subatomic particles in the process. The particles then surpass the speed of light, allowing them to go a few seconds back in time to the point before Shinra's body broke apart. As a result, Shinra's body is re-materialized. Doing so enables him to circumvent the laws of physics and allow him to travel at relativistic speeds without ending up dead. Under such state, Shinra could enter Shō's Severed Universe, see images of Tempe's past in his head, and accumulate enough strength to defeat the Demon Infernal in only one second.

Intelligence: Even more than his ignition ability, Shinra relies on his quick thinking and intelligence. Though he gives the appearance of someone who is rough and hot headed, he in fact remains calm, collected and intelligent in battle, often thinking through his actions and tactics instead of relying on instinct like Arthur. This carries over to his duties as a special fire force officer where he uses deductive reasoning to investigate the Evangelist and everything that goes on inside the fire force and the Holy Sol temple. He was also capable of deducing what type of generation Charon is based off of advice given to him by Maki Oze and Takehisa Hinawa, as well as figuring out the true nature of the Great Cataclysm.

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Jun 18th 2023 - 8:37 AM

Do you have any fun plans? It’s the afternoon for me but it’s been relaxing lol We can discuss a story or wing it if you like.


Jun 18th 2023 - 8:47 AM

It's afternoon where you are? Glad it's been relaxing though. :) My plans are to take it easy and relax, maybe do my laundry. Yes, we can discuss. Or wing it. Which do you prefer? Add Reply

Jun 18th 2023 - 8:50 AM

I yeah different time zone lol It’s always good to relax on a Sunday. Either way is good for me :)

Jun 18th 2023 - 8:58 AM

You must live in a different country then the US. That's cool. Yes, it is good to get to relax on any day. Alright. Well if you have a starter feel free to send it. If you have any ideas for story you want to discuss instead I'm willing to discuss them. :)

Jun 18th 2023 - 1:50 PM

I do. I’m in England :) I think I might have a starter written up if you want that or we could discuss something to make it flow better

Jun 18th 2023 - 8:31 AM

Hello :) I did see your reply comment but I didn’t get chance to reply. My day is going well, hope yours is too :)


Jun 18th 2023 - 8:33 AM

My day is just starting. Thank you. Oh, not rushing you. Just wanted to wish you a good day 😀

Jun 17th 2023 - 1:08 PM

Thanks for accepting. I’m Nessie, hope we can become good friends and rp soon :) I’m sweet as pie when I have coffee, just so you know. Talk soon sweetie. XOXO


Jun 17th 2023 - 4:13 PM

Hello Nessie, I'm Shinra. A great pleasure to meet you. 😀 I'd love to start rping very soon. I'm as kind as a kitten after I've had my coffee, so I know what you mean. Look forward to speaking with you. xoxo
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