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18 years old

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August 27 2023

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Orientation: Lesbian
Hometown:New Provenance
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Su-Rin, Rin, RinRin
Verses: Earth, Alt-Earth, Interdimensional
Playbys: Ordinary girl for one crazy town
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Comic, Open, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:June 10, 2023

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About me:
Su-Rin is an ordinary girl: Smart, popular, and kindhearted - a total overachiever - but still very down-to-earth and normal, when her hair-trigger temper isn't getting her into hot water. Her friends think she's great, her enemies think she's stuck-up, but nobody would call her anything out of the ordinary. But then again, this is New Provenance.

In the year 20XX, a research expedition discovered the ruins of Atlantis, and less than four hours later, made contact with an extraterrestrial species - followed by a visit from a host of demons, and a tense conversation with a man who claimed to be a wizard from the days of Atlantis. A few short years later, an artificial landmass had been constructed in that place, with a full, modern city built on top - New Provenance. Something of a peninsula from the mundane world of Earth into a confluence of fantastical other worlds, New Provenance became an interdimensional nexus where the impossible became routine.

Su-Rin was born and raised here, and as a second-generation inhabitant of the city, developed abilities that were unheard of on Earth outside of fiction and mythology: Superhuman physical prowess, an innate ability to see and speak with the paranormal, and an uncanny 'luck' that regularly lands her in the middle of the kind of situation that used to only exist in the movies. Which would be great, except she's got homework due on Tuesday, student council meetings every afternoon, and she needs to babysit part-time to afford replacements for all the clothes that get torn up fighting aliens...
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