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21+RP-Allowed (Story is Priority) "Imagination is the only weapon, in the war against reality."

36 years old
South Carolina
United States

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December 10 2023

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I am a straight, chill, mellow guy who likes bright colors, is a furry, a dork, and has major high functioning Autism. I mainly do Semi Feral RP but can easily do Anthro. I take my RP to heart and can get very attached to some RP/characters. I may not do RP perfect or lay it out like you want, hence typos. But good luck finding another guy that acts like me xD lol


If you don't like the fantasy aspect of my character. I can gladly rp as a normal semi feral wolf or normal anthro. Can also play and control background characters Just let me know. My RP replies are normally very large and I love to cuddle and boop. Also please no one liners unless its OOC. I do 21+ blood, violence or smut. I will ignore you if smut/ero is the first thing you jump to. Boundaries people. Make a story and connection first! Random starters are loved.

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Body type:Average
Characters: Dynamic
Verses: Balto, All dogs, Oliver and Company, Wolf, Feral, Helluva Boss, Open, Lion king, Disney, Paw patrol
Playbys: Me
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Romance, Spar/Fighting, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:September 02, 2023

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About me:

๐Ÿบ Feral wolf Me ๐Ÿบ

(Anthro is identical logic)

(all info below)

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Hi Names Dynamic and I'm a arctic white wolf, Bloodhound hybrid. My mother, majestic white wolf that she was. Fell in love with a stray rare colored black and gray blood hound. Though he ran off before I was born.
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Mom always had a purple crystal around her neck, though she never explained it too me and she said my father never question it during their brief relationship. Three years after my birth and she finally not only told me about it but she gave it to me. She sat me down one night in one of the many makeshift dens we would stay in. She told me the reason she had not died do to an illness a year ago, was because of the necklace she wore. Suddenly a ghost of a larger wolf appeared. Mom introduced me and told me it was her father. who had passed long ago after removing the necklace. The ghost spoke and told me the necklace had been with them for generations and held Eternal life magic. Enough for 2 people to live forever. Removing the necklace allows its owner to finally pass and only the owner can remove or harm it. The ghost looked over at my mom and asked if she had told me yet. She spoke up and told me how very proud she was of me and how handsome and special I was. She told me the time had come for her to remove the necklace and be with our ancestors. She told me the necklace would renew and if I should ever wear it I would live until it was removed. It would heal any wounds I got, including sickness.
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The ghost said that the necklace came to his father's father, when a strange wolf stepped through a hole in reality and left it behind on purpose. He was crazed Saying that people where he was from should never have its power. The strange wolf went back through the hole and was never seen again. But the portal hole had appeared once for his father and him. They both decided to not go through it. The ghost said he thinks other versions of our world lie beyond the holes, or other worlds completely but if they are good or bad. He did not know. If I ever put the necklace on and find myself in that position. It would be purely my will and choice to go through it and find out. With the necklaces power, nothing would harm me. But if the hole closed after walking through, there would be no telling if I could ever go back or how long I would be stuck. After what seemed like hours of conversation with mom and the spirit of her father. We said our final goodbyes. Mom removed the necklace and handed it to me. She smiled and 10 seconds later closed her eyes and passed away peacefully. The Ghost of my moms father told me as she passed that he was only here to bring her to the spirit realm with him. Meeting me in the process was a bonus. I watched as moms body faded before me and a white spirit of her appeared beside her father. This was when her father told me one last thing.
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They both took turns speaking and proceeded to tell me that the one main power to this magic was discovered by our ancestors and was dubbed "THE ETERNAL ONE" I was told. It would interact with me through wisp like magic and could be nice and helpful or completely evil. Depends on situation. should I ever take fatal levels of damage, or should my mental/emotional state get to bad. The necklace would overload me with magic to keep me alive, safe, calm and heal me. But in doing so I would glow and be put in a trance like state where my mind was present but my actions and words, would not be my own. Also if the holder of the necklace should ever remove it they will finally pass away. Only the holder of the necklace can decided to remove it. No other being or object will do nor harm it.. Mom told me she thinks its the remains of a lost spirit, that gives the necklace a mind of it's own like it appears to have and it could have possibly been linked to the original owner, whoever they may have been. She said to take what I had learned and to go forth and continue our legacy. If I should so choose... "Live long and prosper my son, We shall not meet again unless you choose to not wear it or you remove the necklace..." With those final words they vanished into thin air... It was about 5 months later, after some unpleasant events and I decided late one night to put on the necklace. The magic within it swirled around me in a sparkly purple display and the glow within the necklaces dimmed. Shortly after doing this one of those portal holes appeared. I was currently on a mountain range on a huge rock peak. The necklace pulsed and glowed as the portal showed itself. Almost as if it knew it had another owner and was trying to give me a fresh start. So with nothing else to really lose. I walked through and stepped from a midnight mountain range into a field of beautiful flowers in a rain storm mid afternoon. I was suddenly hit by lightning and the necklace completely overloaded. Exploding around my neck and purging the spirit within. The spirit appearing as a bright red wolf and exclaiming how happy it was to be free and told me. As the spirit faded into the afterlife. I watch as it transfers all its magic into me, causing me to glow before I pass out.. I damn near died as I woke of hours later, no longer glowing and realized I had a completely different appearance, a red one.. I eventually learned how to shift between my normal look and the drastic red one on cue and that the portals could be brought up on cue but where they lead is always random.. I also somehow became infused with the lightning that almost killed me, most likely all thanks to the spirit. Now having control and power over lightning somehow and being much stronger then I once was.. After a day of wandering a forest. I find a small town of humans. I had been transported to an alternate timeline of earth... So now I wander place to place, adventure to adventure, world to world, timeline to timeline, friend to friend... As I said before. My names Dynamic, I've been infused with lightning and a spirit from a magical necklace.. So, Welcome to my journey.. (wolf form is Semi realistic with some human/anthro actions. Such as hugging, kissing or holding and using stuff)
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โœจ Paw Patrol, Mighty Pup โœจ

โœจ Separate character โœจ

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Born to a white husky mom and black Blood hound dad. His odd mixture of makings and large ears dubbed him the runt and undesirable of the liter and his first year of life was spent in the pound until he escaped one night and never looked back. Another year spent living as a stray in the town and outskirts of Foggy Bottom. One night in the woods of Foggy Bottom he finds a strange glowing rock. It splits to his touch and a bright crystal inside magnetizes to his neck a forms a thin black rope necklace. A few days later this necklace and crystal. Attracts a lightning strike during a storm. He is struck but not killed as the crystal absorbs it and infuses him with the lightning. Over time he discovers that he had control over Electrical currents, electronics and lightning. Can teleport and can be his own light source in the dark of the night. He hears about others called the Paw Patrol. Who also got powers like his. But he knew not how to find them or were to look...
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โœจ Helluva Boss Anthro โœจ

โœจ Separate character โœจ

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Anthro white wolf and black bloodhound hybrid. Mostly good heart and spiritual rogue angel that has fallen in-between. Resides in heaven but will descend into hell or to earth out of boredom and annoyance of the Cherubs bothering him. Can morph into a Thunder Lycan when threatened or needs to fight. With heighten physical strength and electric and lightning manipulation powers. Will often hang with the cherubs until they annoy him and only respects Deerie. The others trying to transform him into a cherub. Can also often be found in a specific coffee shop in hell, that has hot cocoa he likes. Kind, dorky, protective, loner with no friends, only acquaintances..
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