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A favor to he who gave ample food to Uxlra while laying low.
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Characters: Uxlra
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Open, Supernatural,
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About me:

Titles from other creatures(unaware they're referring to him)

  1. paladin eater
  2. witch eater
  3. Devouring tempest
  4. strongest witch eater

Titles from fellow slimes

  1. cursed slime
  2. savage slime
  3. Glutton
  4. Infiltration slime
Witch Eater eradication attempt
The trait was believed to be successfully eradicated when all slimes who lived in the area were assumed to have the trait and were hunted and destroyed after the loss of over fifty mages, sixty witches, and 100 paladins within three months time. The slime responsible believed to have been among those killed during the emergency culling in the surrounding areas caused by the sharp rise in deaths inside the village.

Just in Time
Uxlra escaped the culling by hitching a ride under a carriage three days before the order was issued. When the carriage arrived at their destination, the slime listened to the talk of those waiting for their own transport. Mentions of a slime culling being needed and the pay was outrageous. None surrounding the carriage believed the eaten by slimes story, but knew the client was good for the money offered. Jokes of the client suddenly being scared of slimes as a result for the culling. Stuck under the carriage until night time, Uxlra annoyed hearing the typical lines adventurers said about slimes. It wasn't a surprise, many slimes didn't capture prey and preferred to eat livestock, specifically chickens and pigs since they were much easier prey to go for than most other prey items. Uxlra went an opportunistic predator/scavenger, but also sometimes made deals with travelers as the half-slime Uxlra for meat products for assistance through the area. Witches, mages, paladins... anyone with good magical aptitude seemed to vanish often in the past it was attributed to some of the more dangerous creatures in the area that weren't catalogued or migratory ones.

Author's Notes
  • No Town name because that will be a roleplay to roleplay basis for the time being
  • Uxlra is extremely unlikely to reveal the truth about the witch eater stuff
  • Uxlra is a glutton
  • Has a very clear heavy lean to protein from creatures, living or dead.
  • Uxlra can be a bit of a shit if nonstandard penetrations was to happen in the eye, may scream and act like it's painful just for a reaction
  • Can shift to another color
  • Can fake being other races
  • Can create perfect copies of the consumed out of slime who behave and act like the real deal and don't realize they are slimes
  • Possesses both level and energy drain
  • possesses Skill steal
  • Can gain knowledge by absorbing books/scrolls and beings
  • gains the memories, skills, and powers of the consumed
  • quite large, but compresses size

  • Blindsight: the natural ability of certain creatures to perceive their surroundings as well as a sighted creature yet without using visual senses. also means Immune to gaze based abilities
  • Corrosive: Any nonmagical weapon made of metal that hits Uxlra corrodes each strike, completely dissolving on strike 5. 10 strikes for nonmagical armor. exception: projectile weapons
  • Spider climb: can climb and travel on vertical surfaces or even traverse ceilings as well as a spider does.
  • Slimy Thoughts: can establish telepathic contact with one creature within 30 feet, but thought processes are so alien they register on humanoid minds as a psychic assault
  • Treated as mindless for mind affecting abilities/techniques
  • slimy
  • sticky

  • slashing Electricity activates split
  • splits recombine when possible
  • effectively immortal

  • Sleep
  • Acid
  • cold
  • instant death
  • electricity
  • paralysis
  • slashing
  • charm
  • Fear
  • slash
  • sneak/flanks
  • poison

Working on backing up stuff for Uxlra in case things happen.

Other because Uxlra swaps between genders depending on the situation and goals... and how the bastard feels like appearing.... mostly that.

nonstandard penetration example: doesn't actually hurt Uxlra

Only an idiot brags about their accomplishments, garbage will try to take credit for what others accomplish while minimizing the efforts of others, Pretenders do the same, but act like they did everything on their own.

Can you name a hero who is trulyVirtuous? No, no you can't. They don't exist outside of fairytales told to children. All "heroes" do it for gain of some kind, but some are scum.
Who I'd like to meet:

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