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GeneralRoleplay of all kind are welcome here.
Please read my rules posted in the Blogs
Selective on who I choose to add, not on who chooses to add me.
MoviesLord of the Rings
The Hobbit
TelevisionGame of Thrones
House of the Dragon
The Wall
BooksMy character is a Dragon Prince FanFiction Original Character, based off of the Dragon Prince Novel Series written by Melanie Rawn. The story of Atreyu takes place over 2,000 years later, following in the footsteps his ancestor Rohan had taken, in nearly the same way, largely based off of Melanie Rawn’s Novels. The Dragon Prince Novels are what first sparked my interest in writing roleplay. After reading them again some years later now, it has inspired me to come back to this website to roleplay again. It is a Three Book Series; Dragon Prince (1 of 3), The Star Scroll (2 of 3), and Sunrunner’s Fire (3 of 3). There are Three other Books that follow, but I have yet to read them myself to know what comes after Sunrunner’s Fire.

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Status: Single
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Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Occupation:King of Arkon, Chosen King of Dragons, Overlord of the Deserts and Swamps
Characters: Atreyu Falkoren (King of Arkon, Dragon’s Chosen King), NPCs included
Verses: High Fantasy, Neko, Dragons, Drama, War, LOTR, GOT, Dragon Prince Novels, Medieval,
Playbys: Tucker (Myself)
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance,
Member Since:September 13, 2023

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About me:
(1 - Year 2877)The Dragon Lord
When Atreyu became the new King of Arkon, ruler of the kingdom granted his family for as long as the Desert and Swamps spawned ‘fire’(Dragons), he took the crown with two goals in mind. First and foremost, he sought to bring permanent peace to his world of divided kingdoms, realms hovering always on the brink of war. In such he found profound feelings of vexations towards the other Kings. And, in a land where dragon-slaying was a proof of manhood, Atreyu was the sole champion of the dragons, fighting desperately to preserve the last remaining lords of the sky and with them a secret which might be the salvation of his people. However, the other Kingdoms disagreed with his ways and laws of his own kingdom. He calls upon all who will help fight to keep Dragons alive…
(2 - Year 2895)And his Sunrunner daughter -
Eira, who was fated by Fire to be Atreyu’s adopted daughter, had mastered the magic of sunlight and moonglow as well as the light from starlit skies, catching hints of a yet to be formed pattern which could irrevocably affect the destinies of Sunrunners and ordinary mortals alike. Eira made friends with Dragons through the three full moonlit sky above, speaking to each other riding on the light. Yet, caught in the machinations of the Lady of Goddess Keep, and of King Atreyu and his sworn enemy Azumandias, the treacherously cunning High King, could Eira alter this crucial pattern to protect her Lord from the menace of a war that threatened to set the land ablaze with Dragon Fire?
(3 - Year 2898)The Spell of War -
When Atreyu was crowned as the High King and his Sunrunner daughter High Princess, they swore to keep the peace of the lands and preserve the secret of the dragons, an inheritance that one day would be passed on to Atreyu’s grandson Azhrei, heir to both Princely and Sunrunner Powers as Atreyu has provided no male offspring nor a wife. But the evil influence of the former High King Azumandias had not ended with his death upon the battlefield at Atreyu’s hands. And even as Azhrei grew to manhood, other young men were being trained in the ways of war, youths descended from Azumandias and claimed by Atreyu’s enemies as willing pawns in what could become a bloody battle for succession. Yet not all players in these games of power fought merely with words or swords. For a new foe vanquished by the Sunrunners ages ago was once again growing in strength, an enemy determined to destroy Sunrunners and High King alike. And the only hope of defeating these masters of dark sorcery lay in reclaiming the knowledge so carefully concealed in the long-lost Star Scroll.
(4 - Year 3012)It began with the discovery of the Star Scroll -
The last repository of forgotten spells of sorcery, the only surviving record of the ancient foe who in times past had nearly destroyed the Sunrunners and their magic. Now, as Zeliziel, the new Sunrunner Lord of Goddess Keep, begins to master this potentially deadly knowledge, while Azhrei, grandson of High King Atreyu, seeks to touch the minds of dragons, the long-vanquished enemy is mobilizing to strike again, drawing on forbidden lore to play an ever-shifting game of treachery and betrayal - and secretly infiltrating even the most strongly protected of citadels. And soon, Azhrei, Zeliziel, Atreyu, his Sunrunner daughter Eira, and all whom they hold dear will find it hard to tell friend from foe as spell wars threaten to devastate the land - and dragons soar the skies, inexorably lured by magic’s fiery call…
Who I'd like to meet:
Adding me to roleplay with is at your own discretion. Expect to discuss the roleplay should you choose to add me.

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Hello, I read your page. Please do the same for mine. I'm Coco pleased to meet you. 
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