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Characters: Kimiko Kuran, Kamitsu Kuran, Masaru Tatsuya, Canon characters
Verses: Vampire Knight
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 14, 2023

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About me:

About me

Hello everyone ;D I'm MischieviousAdult a LGBTQ+ and Nationality friendly 33-year-old woman. I'm a mum to a feathered son Named Tarzan. I love to draw, write, read and play games.

I write in 3rd person and a Minimum of 2 sentences to around 3- 4 paragraphs. Sometimes I write more, it depends on what's going on in the rp , how many characters we're writing or what my partner gives me to work from.

I would prefer an RP Partner that allows adjustable length posts, but if you would like at least 3 or 4 every post for example, you're welcome to write with me too, Just let me know before we start. However, if you expect more than that in every post, I'm sorry I'm not the partner for you. To be clear, 2 sentences minimum is more for those peeps who struggle to write more than a paragraph.

Novella posts ( More than 6 paragraphs) I tend to get a bit overwhelmed with these so If you do them, I'd prefer that they're occasional. I have to have a lot of concentration to respond to them properly without making my partner feel I'm not putting in as much effort.

I have problems with concentration so details can get missed in them. Especially if my feather baby Tarzan or someone/something else distracts me.


Sometimes I will reply once a day, or multiple times a day and other times I'll reply as little as once a week. If I am going to be longer than a week before I reply, I will let you know. In the case of multiple posts in a day, sometimes I'll be fast, sometimes slow between replies.


Kimiko Kuran x Takuma Ichijo
Masaru Tatsuya x Zero Kiryu
Masaru Tatsuya x Fan character/ OC
Kaname Kuran x Fan character/ OC
Kaname Kuran x Zero Kiryu
Kaname Kuran x Ruka Souen
Zero Kiryu x Fan character/ OC
Takuma Ichijo x Fan character/ OC


A few things to keep in mind if you want to rp with me Please be at least 18 ooc: I'm not comfortable writing with minors

selective adds I will only be adding people who write vampire knight characters or people who have vampire knight in their list of verses.

Please keep ooc and Ic separate.

I can't stress this enough. I've had people take offence over stuff my characters have said/ done to theirs as if I'm doing it to them. I am not my character, nor am I responsible for their actions. I do not condone some of the things they do or say. My characters are their own person separate from me. I've also had people take rp to real life in explicit ways. Please don't do this.

Because of this, I don't allow self-inserts. No offence against people that self-insert and don't take rp to rl but I've had too many bad experiences and I rather not be uncomfortable giving people a chance for the sake of someone else that says they're different.

Please write in 3rd person First person makes me incredibly uncomfortable. So if you want to write with me and not get dropped instantly, please respect this.

Please approach me OOC for discussion before we start a rp Please don't approach me for discussion in character. This makes me super uncomfortable. This also means no sending me random starters without talking to me first.

Please let me know if you are done with the rp, struggling to come up with a reply or if you know you're going to be away for more than a week. I am not ghost friendly I would like at least one reply a week. Of course, things happen without intention, but what I mean is, please don't deliberately ghost me.

If you do ghost me, I won't cause drama over it, but it's nice not to be left wondering until it's obvious you're not going to respond. It isn't hard to tell me if you're not interested, if you're not going to respond for a while, or if I've broken one of your rules.

If you no longer have interest in our rp or I wrote something you're not comfortable with, or even if I missed an important detail you wrote in your reply, please do let me know. These are mostly things that can be fixed and even outright avoid misunderstandings. Communication is important.

Please give me at least one reply a week, unless otherwise discussed. I understand that some people have full-time jobs and are not semi-hermit crabs like me. If your schedule is unpredictable and you'll sometimes reply less than once a week, please inform me before we start a rp.

If you want to suddenly do a major plot twist please check with me first. if you're unsure about this, just ask and I'll give you some examples of what I mean.

If you are grammar police, please don't nitpick at every comma, full stop or whatever missed. I'm here to have fun not to stress about whether I put a comma in the right place, or if I spelt something wrong. That said, my Grammar isn't so bad that you can't understand it. In some circumstances, I use the UK English spelling for something since that is what we use here. No I am not from the UK.

Combat is not my strong suit, so please keep it to a minimum. If it comes up, it will not be written out in detail

Fan Characters/OC

Kimiko Kuran

<-- click here for char info )

Basic info

Name: Kimiko Kuran
Age: 6,000- 6,500 ( looks around 18)
Birthday: April 13 (Aries)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Pureblood Vampire
Occupation: Cross Academy student
Class: Night class
Height: 5'1
Weight: 55kg
Family: Kaname Kuran( Grand father), Hatsue (Hooded-woman) (Grandmother), Father, Kamitsu Kuran ( uncle), Mother, brother, Sister, Niece, Nephew, Rido Kuran(Great Nephew), Haruka Kuran (Great Nephew), Juri Kuran (Great Niece) Kaname kuran jr (Great,Great, Great Nephew), Yuki Cross/Kuran (Great, Great Great Niece), Senri shiki (Great, Great Great Nephew), Other possible unknown relatives.

Personality: Kind, playful, caring, loyal and protective. Sometimes very stubborn like her Grandfather Kaname. Can be temperamental and very sadistic if you get on the wrong side of her.
Hobbies: Singing, playing the piano,drawing,writing,painting,creating her own manga and much more.


Wine-red eyes, curvy slim body and shoulder length, messy,wavy, black hair.

Powers and abilities:

  • Telekinesis.
  • Erasing memories.
  • Creation of a familiar in any form she chooses; such as a bat which is able to convey messages, and a wolf from which she can receive information instantly.
  • Transformation of her body into a weapon.
  • Control of multiple vampires by her command, against their will.
  • Changing the physicality of her body (changing her body into an infant. )
  • Manipulate another Pureblood
  • Ability to turn a Pureblood vampire into a human.
  • Ability to control fire
  • Ability to control blood (E.g bloodwhip, blood field)
  • Ability to use Anti-vampire weapons like other female Kurans
  • TBA


    This is a work in progress of Kimiko's back story. I will be updating as I write more of it. TRIGGER WARNING: CONSUMPTION, MADNESS,BLOOD,DEATH AND MURDER

    After the great war ended, Kimiko was the 3rd born of the 3rd generation of the Kuran family. As soon as she was old enough to understand, her Mother told her stories about her Grandfather, and Grandmother.Kimiko wanted to meet Kaname. He was a hero to her, and she hoped he would some day awaken from his slumber. She found it too bad that she never got to meet him, for he sounded interesting.

    As kimiko grew up, and started showing signs that she was developing her powers, it became evident that she was becoming a handful.The first time her powers showed up, she screamed while throwing a tantrum because she couldn't get her way. She accidentally set fire to a few things, and shred some others to pieces with her mind. The only thing that warned anyone was the glowing of her eyes. It took some time for her to learn to control her powers, which made it difficult for her to find other children to play with, aside from her older siblings.

    Eventually, after teaching her brother and Sister to rule, her father decided to go to sleep, leaving them to rule. Kimiko moved out into her own estate, not wanting to be the third wheel living with them. Her siblings had her niece and nephew, who she helped to raise. She later joined them in helping to take down her brother, who had gone mad. He'd started wars by indiscriminately killing people. His beloved tried to stop him, but got killed in the process, making him slip further into madness. Kimiko was severely injured in the fight,which killed her brother; then went to sleep to heal, and prevent the trauma of losing her brother and Sister from making her go mad.

    Her Neice and Nephew promised to wake her up after 2000 years, but unfortunately, their oldest son Rido ate them, after snapping due to losing his chance at ruling. After a few thousand years of sleep, Kimiko was woken up by two Aristocrat vampire families fighting, the strong scent of blood having disturbed her. unknowing to the unsuspecting vampires, she was sleeping in a secret basement beneath the manor. Before the feuding Aristocrats could escape, she consumed them and their servants as well.

    Once sated and clear minded, Kimiko wondered how long it had been, and why she hadn't been awoken by her niece and nephew. She decided to clean herself up and head out to visit them, only to find their manor empty. Unsure of what happened, she set out to see if she can find other Kuran's.Not long after, Kaname received word of an unknown pureblood in the area, and went to check it out, finding Kimiko.

    Not wanting to leave kimiko on her own, he offered to have her attend Cross Academy, where she can learn about the current times, as long as she followed the rules and regulations.Having finally met the person she assumed to be her grandfather, since he looked exactly like the paintings of him she'd seen, she agreed. Shortly after, she became a student of the night class, where she met the others.

    Kamitsu Kuran

    <-- click here for char info )

    Basic Info

    Name: Kamitsu Kuran
    Age: 10,000+ (Depends on rp)
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual
    Race: Pureblood Vampire
    Occupation: Student
    Height: 6’0 (184 cm)
    Weight: 64 KG
    Appearance :
    Brown chest-length messy hair, lavender eyes, Tall, slender build.
    Personality: Loyal and Protective to his family and those deemed important to him. Sometimes blunt and can get Jealous, if someone important to him has their attention on someone else, especially if he deems the receiver of said attention unworthy. E.G Hanabusa. He does not like him.

    Otherwise, he is mostly quiet and keeps to himself outside times he is not with people he deems important. Sometimes he can be very stubborn or outspoken which can sometimes get him into trouble with Kaname.
    Can sometimes be a bit not all there.
    He often calls Zero Mother, believing he is the reincarnation of her because he looks like her and can use Bloody Rose an anti-vampire Gun.
    Family: Hatsue Kuran (Hooded woman (Mother) ) Kaname Kuran (Father), Twin Brother, Kimiko Kuran (Neice) , Juri Kuran ( Great Great Neice) Haruka Kuran (Great Great Nephew), Rido Kuran (Great Great Nephew), Yuuki Cross/Kuran (Great Great Great Neice), Senri Shiki (Great Great Great Nephew) , other relatives
    Hobbies: reading, Tba

    Powers and abilities

  • Telekinesis
  • Erasing memories
  • Creation of a familiar in any form he chooses; such as a bat which is able to convey messages, and a wolf from which he can receive information instantly.
  • Transformation of his body into a weapon.
  • Control of multiple vampires by his command, against their will.
  • Changing the physicality of his body (changing his body into an infant. )
  • Manipulate another Pureblood
  • Ability to turn a Pureblood vampire into a human
  • Ability to control Plants
  • Ability to create weapons
  • Ability to control blood (E.g bloodwhip, blood field)
  • TBA
  • Trigger warning: Death, Consumption, Murder, Attempted Murder.

    Kamitsu was the youngest twin born to Kaname Kuran and the Hooded Woman, raised by separate pureblood families from the time of the war and beyond. He was raised to be a back up King for his twin brother. However, after his twin became King and built a happy life with his first wife and kids, Kamistu became envious and felt he had no purpose anymore . Not knowing that his twin would soon lose them in a plot building behind the scenes and later take a second wife to continue the Kuran line, Kamitsu went into slumber.

    After sleeping for several thousands of years, Kamitsu’s slumber is disturbed by a vampire hunter killing a nest of level E vampires in the woods not far from the manor that is his resting place.
    The Aristocrat descendants of his foster family could not flee in time before Kamistu consumed them all in his thirst.

    Once he comes to himself, he leaves to check out what had disturbed him from his slumber. His presence interrupted the fight between vampire hunter Masaru Tatsuya and Level E’s before he consumed the remaining level E’s unknowingly saving Masaru from a setup that was meant to kill him.

    When questioned by the confused hunter, once he realised Kamitsu had no intention of eating him as well, Kamitsu states that he does not eat his mother’s creations even when they wake him up and warns him to be more careful in future, before disappearing and hiding his presence to watch the baffled the hunter and only leaves once he does, Returning to the Manor.

    Later, after hearing about an odd pureblood from Masaru and tracking him down and talking with him, Kaname did not want to leave Kamistu to his own devices. He could be targeted by manipulative Aristocrats such as the vampire council head if he were to learn of him. So he invited Kamitsu to come and attend Cross Academy, to help out with his goals to co-exist with humans and learn about the time he’d woken up in at the same time, making sure Kamitsu is aware there would be some rules he’d have to abide by.

    Wanting to be with his father and help with his goals, Kamitsu agreed and after doing the tests to allow him to attend, Kamitsu became an official member of the night class.
    However, he was introduced to the others except for Takuma and his Niece Kimiko as a Kuran ancestor rather than Kaname’s Son.

    Whenever he slipped up for the first time and called Kaname Father in front of the others, Kaname covered it up as he’s confused him with his father since he looked like him and had the same name.
    So wherever Kamitsu Occasionally slips up , although he doesn’t much anymore, no one takes any notice.

    To be continued…

    Masaru Tatsuya

    <-- click here for char info )

    Basic Info

    Name: Masaru Tatsuya
    Age: 16+ (Depends on rp)
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual
    Race: Vampire Hunter
    Occupation: Student & Vampire Hunter
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 68 Kg
    Appearance : Blond mid-back-length straight hair, Purple eyes, Tall, toned build and he typically wears one silver stud, two loops, and one curved rectangle earring in each ear.

    Personality: Although reserved, sometimes blunt, and tends to push away most that try getting too close to him, he is kind, helpful, and hardworking. He will answer class or homework questions if other day class students ask him. He secretly Respects Zero as a fellow hunter because of his dedication and willpower against the beast inside him.
    Family: Mother, Father, Step Mother, younger Brother Samuru Tatsuya.
    Hobbies: Studying, reading, training and others.
    Powers/ weapon: Hunter Magic, Enhanced senses, strength, Speed, Agility, and Stamina. His chosen weapon Is an anti-vampire sword but does use smaller weapons such as anti-vampire daggers as well.

    Back Story

    Trigger warning : Toxic Family, Adultery, corruption , attempted murder.

    Masaru grew up in a household where almost everyone hated him for being the son of his father’s mistress, who died giving birth to him.
    Wanting to make his family proud, and to love him, he worked hard in everything he did: chores, school, hunter training, you name it. He got top grades in school and became one of the top 5 hunters by age 16.

    When he heard about Cross Academy, he took the opportunity to transfer there, to get out of the toxic home he lived in. His parents were all too happy to get him out of their house, so they couldn’t agree and get the paperwork done fast enough.

    Far away from the toxic home and family, Masaru continued his efforts, hoping by the time he graduates, they would accept and love him. He became a part time member of the disciplinary committee with Yuuki cross and Zero Kiryu.

    Unfortunately, instead of becoming proud of Masaru, his family saw him as a threat. After all, being the 3rd best hunter opened up a lot of options; such as being a candidate for the next president of the Hunter Association.
    They did not want Masaru having any kind of power over them, afraid he would use it against them for how they treated him.
    They started paying corrupt hunters to kill him, when he goes on Solo missions. However, Masaru managed to come back alive every time, but not always unscathed.
    Several times he almost died. To most of his family’s disappointment, he made it through some very close calls.
    On top of this, his little brother, the only family member that doesn’t hate him, doesn’t know how to interact with him, because of their sour relationship growing up. He avoids interacting with Masaru when possible, to avoid giving Marasu a hard time out of habit. He only learned how wrong their family treated Masaru in his early teens, through seeing how other families interact.

    Despite this, Masaru doesn’t hold it against his little brother and doesn’t tell anyone.
    Afraid of his brother being stuck with the stigma of their family’s actions and making him hate him for getting their parents who do love him thrown in jail, Masaru refuses to report their family’s involvement with the corrupt hunters to the Hunter president. Therefore, only the corrupt hunters get reported.

    However, if innocents and people he cares about gets dragged into their schemes to kill him, he’ll be forced to make a decision about taking action. For now, no innocents or people he cares about are involved.

    To be continued…

    Canon Characters

    Kaname Kuran Yuuki Cross
    Zero Kiryu Takuma Ichijo
    Image Image
    Hanabusa Aido Ruka Souen
    Kaien Cross
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