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semi-para/para/lit — let's go on adventure!

33 years old

United States

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November 17 2023

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     ʋɨƈȶօʀɨǟ ռʏȶɛ's Details
Orientation: No Answer
Body type:Average
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Victoria, Ria, Vicky, Tifa
Verses: Anime, Manga, Video Games
Playbys: Victoria
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Drama, Manga, Psychological, Romance,
Member Since:September 15, 2023

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   ʋɨƈȶօʀɨǟ ռʏȶɛ's Blurbs
About me:

ʋɨƈȶօʀɨǟ ռʏȶɛ

Hair Color • Jet black hair with a hint of blue in certain lighting.
Eye Color • Grey blue eyes (glows; deadly serious/harnessing her power)
Likes/Dislikesto avoid accidental 'auto-knowledge', i am keeping this information only to be known within the RP
Weightthat's so rude to ask a lady!
Height • 5 ' 2 "

Personality • Victoria is among the three sisters of the Nyte royal bloodline. The purity in her lineage has no doubt been questioned, but the sheer difference between her and her sisters is reflected in the domains they individually reign in both their prowess and demeanor. Her behavior varies with those that she meets. Depending on the mutual respect and mannerisms shared, she is at times unable to speak her mind clearly regarding her true feelings but she manages to express them eventually if not with her actions primarily. There are times her cocky and sometimes haughty behavior gets the best of her, she's an honest and secretly a timid type of woman who cares for her peers and subjects she keeps under her wing.


ooc [..,] notes to know

I have been quite eager to RP as of late. I’m new to this site so please be kind. I'm not new to RP in general but not new to how people on this site would like to do things. Other than that, it's been odd number of years since I've RP-d for so long. My main objective in RP is not primarily stay in smut/mature themes ... as depending on the RP partner, it cae and will bore me quite easily. I take pride in my RP prose varying in lengths of semi, para, and/or lit depending how I’m feeling. I'm a little too lazy to set up my profile pretty with images and div settings tbh. Please take OC as is. The set up for my profile is not for romantic ventures or pairings for the site. I'm not trying to ping her out. *insert eye roll here*. More details to Victoria Nyte to come. Will debate on adding the rest of the sister to RP at a later time.
Who I'd like to meet:

desiring to meet :
fun, dedicated, and creative to rp • those that write in semi/para prose
depending on the RP goes, might be lit • spontaneous versatility
willing to be in adventurous and built RPs together.

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