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the basics

legal name:
keigo takami.

hero name:
wing hero: hawks.

big red (dove), spoonbill (bakugo), brat (endeavor).

hero rank:
number two.

28/12 (23).

fukuoka, kyushu.

current home:
fukuoka, kyushu.


ash blonde.

golden, bird like.

5 ft 8.

pro hero, spy (formerly).

hero public safety commission (formerly), paranormal liberation front (formerly).

Early Life

Keigo's parents lived in extreme poverty, with his father turning to robbery while his wife Tomie used her eyeball detachment Quirk to scan for any guards. When his father was caught killing someone in a mugging attempt, his mother harbored him and Keigo ended up being accidentally born.

Keigo's father abused him physically and verbally, wishing the boy had never been born, but Keigo always shrugged the abuse off as he believed that his parents were broken inside. Keigo distracted himself by watching Pro Heroes like Endeavor and All Might on TV. Tomie snuck Keigo out of the house to buy an Endeavor doll and wanted him to grow up to be like the Flame Hero. Keigo grew attached to the doll, and started to idolize Endeavor due to the doll being his first real possession.

His father was eventually arrested after Endeavor caught him, and Keigo began to believe that heroes (especially his idol) really were real. However, the other two Takamis had to flee the house for harboring a fugitive, and they were unable to survive due to having no money and Tomie's severe mental illnesses. One day, Keigo ended up saving several people using his feathers in a car accident, causing the Hero Public Safety Commission to approach him. They promised to give Keigo and Tomie a chance to start over, removing the name Takami due to being tied with a criminal now, and Keigo was recruited into the HPSC and given training unorthodox to the methods of traditional heroes.

pro hero

It was stated that the commission drilled interpersonal skills into him from a young age, so he could master the art of deception and infiltration. The commission forced him to abandon his real name and made him undergo years of hard training, which he accepted in order to be a hero like his idol, Endeavor. Keigo soon started his own hero agency around the age of 18. By the second half of that same year, he managed to reach Japan's Top 10 Pro Hero rankings before the age of 20, making him the first to be in the Top 10 at a young age.

Three years later, Keigo reached the No. 3 Pro Hero rank, only behind All Might and Endeavor, without even trying. Unlike many heroes, Keigo was never really interested in being the strongest or being like All Might; instead, he admired Endeavor.

During the rise of the League of Villains, Keigo took on Fumikage Tokoyami as an intern at his office. Keigo wanted to gain more information about the villain group, and so decided to pick Fumikage because he placed third at the U.A. Sports Festival and because they're both bird-like humanoids. However, during his internship, Keigo fought crime too fast for Fumikage to keep up with, and, when talking to him, only showed interest in information about the League. After the attack in Kamino, Yokohama, the HPSC approached Keigo with the command that he had to become a double agent to infiltrate the League of Villains. Keigo had no choice but to accept the order.

Fumikage returned to Keigo's side for his Hero Work-Study. This time, Fumikage tried again to keep up with Keigo using new techniques, and, impressed, Keigo took his protégé for a flight over the city as a reward. He commended Fumikage for compensating for his weakness but advised him to improve on his strengths as well. Keigo believed that Fumikage had wings and didn't need to be confined to the ground. Keigo's "Be free like a bird" tutelage allowed Fumikage to develop his Black Fallen Angel Ultimate Move.

rest can be found on wiki if needed.


Keigo is shown to be highly intelligent, both emotionally and logistically. He promotes a carefree and jovial attitude, while his constant vigilance often hides under layers of serenity and equanimity. Keigo acts laid-back while being on constant alert, usually speaking his mind and coming off as quite rude at times.

Keigo follows the orders of the Hero Public Safety Commission without hesitation, but with subliminal cynicism. Nevertheless, Keigo dislikes formalities, often acting unpredictably while being cocky and taunting. He acts nonchalant and jokingly submissive since he does not care about social status or recognition. Keigo uses a lot of sarcasm such as when he agrees serenely when Katsuki Bakugo claims to have been faster, and he reacts with ironic adaptation when someone claims him to be lesser.

Keigo believes that popular approval is the most important metric a Pro Hero should be judged for since it is the task of a hero to put the citizens at ease - something that he claims he's unable to do. Keigo shows a preference for the lower hero ranks as it would allow him more freedom and avoid the burdens of being a top hero. He states his wish is to patrol in a free, leisurely fashion and "take it easy."

Still, Keigo is said to be ferocious in regards to his Pro Hero duties, understanding the importance of a leader figure among all heroes after All Might's retirement. When around others he likes, Keigo is very talkative and can have a prolonged one-sided conversation casually while helping dozens of civilians simultaneously in his area of influence. He also claims that he will always strive for what he longs for.

Fierce Wings

Keigo's Quirk granted him a pair of large, bright red, feathery wings on his back. These wings allowed him to fly, and he could telekinetically control the movement and nature of each individual feather with ease, enabling him to harden them into a blade-like state and/or shoot them as projectiles, as well as control their speed and trajectory.


feather blades:
Keigo plucks out two primary feathers from each of his wings, manipulates their nature, and uses them as swords to cut through his target. They are sharp enough to slice through two white Nomu summoned by High-End. It is also shown that he threatens Dabi with a single feather blade after the attack.

enhanced sight:
Keigo has a very acute sense of sight. From the top of a skyscraper, Keigo was able to spot Endeavor between hundreds of citizens, which implies he has incredibly sharp vision.

enhanced speed:
By his own admission, Keigo's strong side isn't muscle strength but his extraordinary speed. He was able to reach Endeavor's attackers from the top of a skyscraper effortlessly in the blink of an eye, which implies that he can reach much higher speeds. Keigo solves most fights so quickly that his sidekicks can't keep up with him, so he usually just leaves the aftermaths of his battles to them while he rushes to the next case.

vocal espionage:
Keigo is able to use individual feathers to distinguish sounds from the second it changes in the air, allowing him to decode conversations and vocal information by sensing the vibrations. Especially after leaving the room or increasing the distance, this technique makes him a dangerous spy.


His feathers are vulnerable to being burned and/or destroyed, making Hawks weak against enemies with fire abilities.

Despite using them as part as his abilities, they aren't unlimited. Taking time to grow back once fully used - around two days fully. The more feathers that Hawks uses, the more his flying abilities are impaired.

love life.

Status: ---
Whom: display name.
Official: 00/00/00
Engaged: 00/00/00
Married: 00/00/00
Children: None.

Love Notes: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris quis enim viverra, pulvinar elit non, tristique velit. Morbi eu felis nec ante molestie feugiat at at augue. Phasellus vel finibus nisl. Sed tincidunt ex vitae eleifend imperdiet. Curabitur vel justo ullamcorper turpis tristique lobortis in a justo. Sed neque turpis, facilisis a condimentum ac, varius a ipsum. Etiam et lorem aliquet, aliquam metus et, elementum lectus. Nam mollis lacus risus, vitae mattis ex dapibus in.

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