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31 years old

United States

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July 17 2024

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    David's Interests
GeneralGames, anime, manga, and just keeping up with friends and family.
MusicI can listen to anything, but my love goes to Dubstep. Whether it be powerstep, deathstep, deathcore, or thrashcore, I love all things Step!
BooksFantasy, light novels, Mangas, and others that may catch my interest!

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Status: Single
Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Education:Some college
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Any, Fantasy, Open, Romance,
Member Since:March 21, 2024

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About me:
Name: David Age: 21 (can go higher or lower for roleplaying purposes HeightWeight: 6'3265lb HairEye color: BrownHazel Personality: Helpful to a fault, loves to make things with his hands, enjoys a good meal, but also a bit of a loner. More or less blends into the crowd, but when engaging with friends and loved ones, he acts more friendly. Modern verse: Orphaned at a young age due to his parent's death, David life was...rough. He was taken in by his grandparents, but they were too old to take care of him. This resulted in him leaving the house often, and eventually he found a man who owned a tinkering shop for cars. Seeing the cars being worked on fascinated him, and the old man, upon seeing him one day, invited him in to show him around. Even at the age of eight, David took to the craft. He tore into parts, saw how they worked, and put them together, making them better! And it didn't stop at that. Computers, tools, guns, etc. he found them all fascinating! So much so, he decided to look into trade school and seeing what he could learn! By 16, he had graduated school, and by eighteen, he already a degree or two in fields of trade. By the time he turned nineteen, he had heard his grandparents had passed. He was sad, but it did come with good news. Turns out, his parents and grandparents left for him a large sum of money and land. What did this mean for him? A place to live, and a place to put up shop! Now, at the age of 21, he owned his own shop, which was on the land he owned, and he helped the neighbors with any tech or mechanical problems they had, while building his own cars, computers, and guns to sell! But...he was lonely. He didn't really know how to make friends and the neighbors were really there for business. Still...maybe it's time to get out and see who he can meet! Who knows...maybe he might find someone to settle down with! (subjected to be slightly changed or altered for rp purposes.)
Who I'd like to meet:

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