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23 years old

United States

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July 16 2024

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Characters: Jasmine Noir
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Horror, Romance,
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About me:
Physical Stats
Age: 24
Race: Human
Class: Assassin Princess
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Bodytype: Slender/ lithe
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125
Complexion: Fair with undertones of olive
Hair: Ebony
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Jasmine Noir possesses an alluring beauty that defies description. With her slender yet toned physique, she moves with the grace of a dancer, each movement a mesmerizing blend of elegance and power. Her ebony locks cascade down her back in a waterfall of darkness, framing a face of ethereal beauty. Piercing sapphire eyes, hold a hypnotic allure, drawing others into their depths with an irresistible magnetism.
Clad in sleek black leather armor that hugs her curves, Jasmine exudes an air of lethal grace and confidence. Her attire accentuates her figure while allowing for freedom of movement, a subtle yet potent reminder of her deadly skills as an Assassin Princess. Every inch of her exudes an aura of darkness and danger, a seductive combination that leaves all who behold her entranced.
Despite her allure, there is a primal sensuality to Jasmine that cannot be ignored. Her presence commands attention, her every movement imbued with a raw, untamed energy that sets her apart from mere mortals. She is a creature of the night, a queen of shadows whose beauty is as captivating as it is lethal.
Shadowstep: Jasmine has the ability to momentarily meld into the shadows, allowing her to move swiftly and silently across short distances, bypassing obstacles and evading detection.
Dagger Mastery: As a master assassin, Jasmine wields two black daggers with deadly precision and finesse. Her expertise with these weapons allows her to strike swiftly and lethally, exploiting weaknesses in her enemies' defenses with every strike.
Shadow Cloak: Jasmine can shroud herself in an ethereal cloak of darkness, rendering her invisible to the naked eye and granting her enhanced stealth and evasion capabilities. This shadowy veil conceals her movements and allows her to move undetected through the darkness.
Night Vision: Jasmine possesses the ability to see clearly in low-light conditions, allowing her to navigate dark environments with ease and precision. This heightened awareness gives her a significant advantage in nighttime reconnaissance and stealth operations.
Shadowmeld: By merging her essence with the shadows, Jasmine can temporarily become one with the darkness, rendering her incorporeal and immune to physical harm. This ability allows her to pass through solid objects and evade attacks with ease, making her a formidable opponent in combat.
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