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"Greetings friends, I am Alexander Asmodeus. Please call me, Alex~"

[Brat of the Dread Domains]

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July 14 2024

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Characters: Alexander Asmodeus, Alex.
Verses: DnD, BG3, Fantasy, Modern, Mature.
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Open, Supernatural,
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About me:
Alexander "Alex" Asmodeus

Alex was once just another young Sorcerer, learning to master his inherited magic. This lead the boy to a frightening place. Upon learning more of his past, he found himself within the Demi-planes of Dread. A realm ruled by a mysterious force, simple known as The Mist. Pocketed next the Shadowfell.This place only empowered his shadow magic, but this place of great power would also be a prison to many. Alex attempting to ensure his escape, had bargained with The Mist. He pledged loyalty to it, and asked it to be his patron. He would do as it commands, and ensure those that were meant to be locked within this realm remained here. This deal came with a price though, cursing the boy as personal mark for the choice he had made. The Mist gave him a timeless soul, and body. He would remain within this a youthful teen for hundreds of years. As if this were not enough to remind him of his deal, The Mist had turned the human boy into a Tiefling. Angered by this Alex only wanted to show his resentment, but a deal was a deal. He would be free to leave, and enter the Mist as he desires.

Class & Feats

Class: Shadow Magic Sorcerer/Undead Warlock
Who I'd like to meet:

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