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- Ōzaru (Prevented: Tail cut off once reaching adult years.)

- Sūpā Saiya-jin [Unlocked, Perfected]

 - Sūpā Saiya-jin ll [Unlocked, Perfected]

 - Sūpā Saiya-jin lll [Unlocked, Perfected]

 - Dragon Kai Form [Unlocked, Perfected: Just higher than power level of Sūpā Saiya-jin III]
- Sacred Pyro-jin Form [Unlocked, Underway to perfection: Close or equal to Super Saiyan God Form]

Flight - The ability to maneuver and levitate in the air through the use of Ki.
Ki - An energy of epic proportions, it is the typical weapon used in battle.
Saiya-jin Bloodline (Zenkai Boost):After each battle that a Saiya-jin emerges from; win or lose, they will heal remarkably after. Their bodies will heal back to fighting condition within mere days, even gaining more strength then they had before. At the end of their recovery, the Saiya-jin will be nearly twice as strong as they once was.
Pyro-jin Bloodline: The race of the Pyro-jin has always lived upon the planet of Inferna, which has made there race adaptable to the harsh and hot living conditions that it has. This has allows him to withstand higher heats much easier than others who dont have the the blood of the Pyro-jin. Not only is he able to withstand heat, but the blood that runs through his veins is actually higher temperature than that of a normal human as well, making him able to withstand cold climates as well. Also similar to the Saiya-jin race, they are much more capable to battle and are fast learners in combat.
Pyro-Ki-Nesis: An ability taught to him from his long lost father Infernox, it is the ability that runs in the Inferna bloodline. The ability of the user makes him capable of altering and manipulating any fire or flame at his disposal. Allowing the user to condense or expand any flame, also changing the density of which the flame burned changing its temperature and intensity. Also with adding Ki, combining the two energies into one of vast power. Later on in his adult years upon becoming the Dragon Kai he received an unexpected blessing as he underwent the change. Once his essence had fused with the Dragon Kai completely, he gained much more knowledge on harnessing the flames through its teachings.

Strength: 8/10
Speed: 10/10
Endurance: 9/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Reflexes: 8.7/10
Energy: 9/10
Stamina: 9/10
Agility: 10/10
Self-Control: 8/10
Ki-Control: 8/10
Pyro-Ki-Nesis Control: 9.7/10

Immaculas Wave - Krivoxs signature move, the attacks consists of the Ki and pure energy from within. Collecting a measurable amount of Ki, Krivox collects the Ki & pure energy within the palms of his hands with both arms raised in a perpendicular fashion, then thrusting forward both arms the attack is unleashed.
Immaculas Inferno - Very similar to that of the �Final Explosion� & �Spirit Bomb� The attack that originated from the Inferna race is one of epic proportions. The user collects Ki from all beings that surround him and the planet itself, along with the full capacity of his well being. Being of pure energy, the attack takes the fragrance of life to using it as a defensive weapon. Combing both into one; the user lets out a ferocious inferno that engulfs the area around him burning everything; setting it to obliteration. The attack is very costly, nearly taking the life of the user if used right. Though the amount of energy input to this attack may differ, making it useable as a regular attack.
Immaculas Inferna Barrage - An attack of incredulous strength. Learned through the transcending to his Sacred Inferna form. Ki is collected within his palms with his hands with his hands held above his head. The collection of pure and Infernic energy then is shot forward in waves of ki from his palms. Shooting in large waves of ki at least twenty feet wide, they fire one after another several times containing the energy collected, exploding on impact.
After Image Technique [Zanzoken] - In this attack the user moves so fast, they leave an image of themselves behind. Thus, it looks like the user is in several places at once, or has made copies of himself/herself.
Big Bang Attack - Signature move of Vegeta, Krivox learned the move while training with Vegeta being upon Planet Vegeta.
Final Shine Attack - Putting his hand to his side and forming a green energy sphere, then he brings his hand forward and fires a large green energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage. This move was also taught to him by Vegeta later on down the road, meeting him once again in his adult years.
Dynamite Kick - It looks like a normal kick, except after the kick hits the enemy, he says "Detonate" - An explosion then follows.
Energy Barrier - With this technique, the user can create a shield around themselves which can withstand many attacks as long as the person has enough Ki to supply. An example of when this was used is when Gohan creates one to protect himself, Piccolo and Krillin from getting sucked into the Dead Zone.
Instantaneous Movement- A technique perfected by the Kais, Krivox learned this move while undergoing the training of the Dragon Kai. He can go anywhere regardless of if there is a Ki target there.
Kakusandan - The ability to fire two blasts, then merge them together and split them so you have multiple Ki bolts raining down on your opponents.
Kikouha - This is just a simple energy blast. They are very often weak, and are mainly used to deflect larger beams or to distract. But can be effective against lesser opponents.
Renzoku Energy Dan - A machine gun KI attack, used by pretty much anyone who knows how to form balls or beams of energy. It is fairly powerful, especially if the defender is caught off guard, as many beams can be fired home, and the ones that hit have more power than the last. It is good as a distraction tactic too, firing a few of them before charging up a really big attack to finish it off. The disadvantage is that this attack can take its toll on the attacker, due to the large energy drain.

Activity: Not Active
Current Roleplays: Spar with Mirc (Pending) // Training with Raika ---->
To Do List: Find a new way to come about things. Join saga, make interactions with new saiyans of this age.

Battle Record:
Win: 17 Lose: 3 Draw: 2

D e d i c a t i o n;

There is many that have been in the game longer than me, there is some that hasn't been in for that long at all. Regardless I want to make my respect for the roleplaying community known. Back in the days of Myspace I met some phenomenal people, and it is these people that influenced Krivox to become who he is today. I know that the time is near, but until then I will keep fighting in the name of those people who had put so much effort into it. These are the names, I will never forget...
- Kratos Zavier
- Gosek Darkwolf
- Masurao Vexus
- Nabuka Darkwolf
- Drench Spears
- Damion Inferna
- Katsuo Darkwolf
- Son Gosank/Sohan
- Saint Arch Avian Sacred
- Infernox Abbadon
- Siren Real
- Zeth Luciferious
- Xion Sacred
- Warzone Sacred
- Gokujin Darkwolf
- Nova Sacred
- Drakon Ashakara
- Conan Kanbara [Rest In Peace Che; you are dearly missed.]

All original storylines to Dragon Ball Z belong to the master creator, Akira Toriyama. He is the legend that brought this beloved series to life, he has my thanks. It has taught me many morals and lessons of life itself. These I still live by today, and will until I die.
-Krivox Inferna


Out of Character;

Roleplaying is a hobby I love to do, Dragonball Z has always been my passion.. as I tell many people its not only something I like, but simply a lifestyle. A few other hobbies I have is video games, music, boxing/mma. If you have Xbox One, let's play?
Games I mostly play are Gears of War 4, Halo 5, Ghost Recon Wildlands, ESO.
Favorite T.v. Shows: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Black Lightning, Altered Carbon. (As you can see I love DC & Marvel :] Haha.)
Favorite Animes: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, Akira, Ghost In The Shell, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Code Geass, Death Note, Sword Art Online, Inu-Yasha, Samurai Jack, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, and many others.

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Verses: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime,
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About me:
Name: Krivox Saradomion Infernum (Exiled Inferna)
Age: 52 Years Old
Aliases: The Infernic Dragon // The Immaculate Saiya-jin
Alignment: Conflicted.
Race: Hybrid. Half-Blooded Saiya-jin (サイヤ人) // Half-Blooded Pyro-Jin
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 184 lbs.
Physique: Definition & tone in muscles, slender & athletic
Eye Color: Blood Red
Hair Color: Azure Blue//Metallic Shine
Attire/Appearance: Custom Designed Saiya-jin Armour.
Occupation: Mercenary, Exiled Emperor of Planet Inferna, Dragon Kai, Protector of Earth
Birth Place: District 93, Planet Inferna (Pyro). (Thought to be: Sector 247 ZkD, Planet Vegeta)
Universe: Resident to 2nd Universe
Personality: Calm l Assertive l Trusting l Complacent
Fighting Style: Orthodox - Mixed Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Judo, Ju-Jitsu l Energy Use (Ki) l
Elemental Use: Fire, Wind (Pyro-Ki-Nesis)
Fighting Traits: Tactician l Speed Fighter l Close Combat l Offensive l Defensive l Hand-to-Hand l Calm l Collective
Character voice: Vegeta (Bejita) - Dragonball Z
Allies: Kasin Vertrox, Saint Arch Avian Sacred, Selary
Enemies: Zagan Yakashima, Crow Democrast, The Scourge
Significant Other: None
- Gouken Inferna
- Infernox Inferna
- Eyzrah Inferna - Mother
Any other family members are already deceased, or whereabouts are unknown.
I. Do not steal my stuff. I've put so much work and effort for its for originality, I will not tolerate it being for nothing.
II. Krivox is my pride and work, so don't disrespect for who he is and what he stands for.. I demand respect. I've been around since 2007 of the Myspace days, I've seen a lot and have had my share of the bullsh*t.
III. I prefer to Multi-Para, T1 and Novella on occasion. Spelling and grammar is all I ask for, I'm not picky
IV. I'm not picky on whatever way you want to contact me, message or comment.. doesn't matter to me. I do have a Skype, ask for it.... but everyone uses discord now. xD
V. I do this because its something I enjoy and I'm sure it is the same for you, so don't go doing anything that would ruin the fun.. & lets roleplay!!

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Battle of the Infernas

The Tale;

Long ago, there was one out of the many planets that withheld a race of superior beings, all very ruthless but both very strong and smart in the aspect of battle. It was by the name of Planet Vegeta, being ruled by the powerful fist of King Vegeta himself, the planet in time had been taken over by an evil, treacherous tyrant named Freiza. Two years before the invasion upon the planet by the tyrant, under the care of a Luitenenet in combat and nurse of the medical field in the saiyajin army controlled by Freiza had given birth to a baby boy, being named Krivox Inferna.


His power level exceeded everyone in his family but his father, in his years as an adolescent he was in the higher ranks of all of his classes. Having both the power and book smart he was a an over-achiever in his classes as he grew reaching the graduation of his academy. Though throughout everything, he wasn't satisfied with the neglected attention he had at home, his self esteem was always put down, feeling alone. A night of a outrageous storm, Krivox looked out the large glass window of his room into the sky. Something had told him to chase what he really wanted, when he gazed into the sky as the lightning bolts thrashed lighting the sky. He had a purpose, there was a reason for him having excelled all his class mates, and was always told he had the great heart. It was time for him to embark on his own path, his own journey.
Leaving his room in the middle of the night at the peak of the storm, it raged with fury being very loud and strong that took out the electricity of the sector of town where the higher people of status he was a resident of. He knew that the radar systems for detecting for ships had to be out of commission for the time being, regardless it had to be hard to detect anything with the way the climate was. Sneaking into their garage he climbed aboard the small travel shuttle his dad used for his trips to other planets for his independent work, he opened the garage doors and flew out into the storm barely making it out of the atmosphere of the planet leaving his ship damaged some what. He ventured across space passing numerous planets hearing the information about the oxygen levels and climate to see how if he'd be able to survive. It was then he finally came across a planet that he would be able to sustain the living conditions, its name was Earth. Setting the coordinates for his landing he dazed off into a slumber to rest, awaiting his arrival at his newfound home.
Once landing on the planet, his intentions were clear, to hone his skills and potential that he knew he had. A couple years passed, in this time Krivox trained on a daily basis no matter the circumstance, constructed his own home deep into woods located near West City. it was his sole purpose to become the strongest he could. With the life he had chosen he knwe that it would be up to him to overcome any feat that was set before him. It was without a doubt he needed to make use of what the planet had to offer, and the first thing he knew would aid him in his training was technology. Over a number of weeks he did his best in tracking down the owners of the most profound technology in West City. Come to find out it was owned by a large corporation called Capsule Corps. There he found a device that allowed the gravity of the planet to be increased, along with combat exercises. Upon a deal with the owner, he was allowed to use this machine. Day in, day out he trained.

Making it a part of his daily routine, the training inside of the machine gave him a place of solitude for him to collect his thoughts, experiment different ways building his strength he was not aware of. The training inside the machine definitely helped his power excell, to say the least.
One day whist walking back to his home after a training session, he was encountered by a being wearing strange garments, it was as if they were some sort of magical Gi and a peculiar hairstyle that his eyes never laid on before. The foe attacked Krivox without hesitation, as the two battled he was overwhelmed by the unknown power of the foe that eventually knocked him unconscious. Once he awoke he was in a place that had properties of that of a fantasy scenery. The sky was illuminated with a cosmic tone, waterfalls surrounded them pouring fresh sparkling water into lakes. Large rock structures reached high, with very few trees in the area at all. Nearby the same foe stood in the distance, Krivox knew that he could not beat him so he asked him what he wanted with him. The foe further explained he was the Dragon Kai of his time, and he was watching Krivox for some time now, sensing the power that he had deep within his saiyajin blood. The Kai agreed to help him awake the power, and in doing so he first started with cutting his tail off, for the Oozaru blocked the real power.
Krivox spent months with the Kai, he underwent rigorous and obscure training learning many secret techniques and different forms of fighting styles. The Kai had told him the very reason he came to him in the first place was to pass down the power he had once awaking the power that Krivox has in the first place, to put together the energy allowing him to control an immense power that he had deserved. Thought the Kai knew that his time was near, and that was also why he sought out an independent warrior like himself to continue the legacy of his power, and use it for the right things.
Almost a year in time had passed while the two trained on the planet out in the farther galaxies, the Kai knew that the time had come when Krivox started to tap into ancient super saiyajin form during a spar. Later on that evening they engaged in another deep conversation, he informed Krivox it was time to preform the transfer and for them to join together. The night sky had engulfed above them, with a chant a great channel of power gathered in the hands of the Dragon Kai, he was instructed to tap into the super saiyajin form once again, in doing so the moment of his transformation the Kai took the form of a spirit and trawled through the gathered energies into Krivox.
It was then a new warrior was born, a radiant glow slowly dimmed around the exterior around Krivox, on his ears appeared portara ear rings. On his body came tattoos of ancient Chinese and Japanese dragons, they moved with life as they fused into his skin covering the majority of his canvas. Slowly opening his eyes, the black pupils turned to a rose red shade and every muscle within his body became more toned and strengthened. The power that fueled through him was both that of his Inferna blood and of the Dragon Kai, everything about him was entirely changed though he was still Krivox, but both the Dragon Kai and Krivox at heart. Everything of his original power was increased tenfold, both his reactions and combat skills enhanced. The energy of his Ki was much more powerful than it first was, even after the training he endured. A voice from the Dragon Kai spoke to him in his mind informing that they two had fused, and that he had bestowed his power within him choosing him to continue the legacy of the Dragon Kai. Looking up into the cosmic sky gazing upon the stars and moons, a faint smile appeared whispering to aloud.

"...I am the Infenic Dragon..."

A New Era;
Time again has passed, many trees have grown from their roots; branching out tall with leaves that have ever so developed and fallen to the ground. Seasons have passed, as the Earth has spun with in beatitude.. safe. Things were different in this age of time now. With time comes change, every fragment of time withholds a grave part of any memory.. withholds significance. It had been nearly a decade since the time of ascension for Krivox into the form of the Dragon Kai. Once he obtained these powers, he had sworn to his old brothers Gosek and Kratos he would forever remain a protector of the Planet Earth after their death. This was something he would never allow himself to go back on, nor would he ever allow his brothers death to be in vain. Within this decade, he dealt with numerous threats that came into his path of defending the planet of Earth. It had seemed there was much more power in the universe than he or anyone he knew could have expected of wielding. Powers excelling to what can be considered as "godly ki" being reached, if harnessed in the right way. There were few times that he came across enemies that had energies of this power, and it was these enemies that overcame him leaving him battered and broken. One of which being the god of destruction, who goes by the title of Lord Beerus. Upon his arrival to Earth, Krivox and the many other of the planets defenders quickly went to deal with the matter. Though, being one of the first easily defeated, Krivox was ashamed of such a feat that had become before him. Even fusing with the Dragon Kai wasn't enough if he were to carry out his duties as the Saiya-jin warrior he was. Luckily the Earths most renown savior Goku, was able to fend of Lord Beerus once had reached the power of Super Saiyan God. With his event, Krivox knew he needed to achieve a greater power. It was time to go back to his roots, and he felt deep down inside that Planet Inferna was calling him home, his blood felt it. It was time to face the many nightmares and dreams of his lost and forgotten memories, it was time to see what was left of his family and one true home and figure out the truth of his life.
Going back to his space pod in the forest near his home that he kept from his journey to planet Earth, he set the coordinates back to the further depths of the universe, to where his heart felt normal. He crawled inside the space pod, shutting the door behind him he started to set in the launch codes to leave Earths atmosphere. After finishing doing so, he rested back in attempts to slumber before his arrival to his destination. Being born on Planet Vegeta along with all the other Saiya-jins, it was the very fact that he was a mix of races he always felt like an outcast. Being condemned to the categories of "hybrid" and "half breed" it made the fact he was of the Saiya-jin blood not even exist, even despite the fact his whole life from birth upon Planet Vegeta. From what he knew at least. In these frequent dreams and nightmares, he saw war followed by the war cries of many warriors. Explosions from the Ki blasts as they hit the buildings, loud ricochets of bullets from the firing of weaponry, and outrageous crackles from the fires that burned. Weeps and cries for help from the women and children, as the havoc raged with the war around them. It was this every time Krivox would awake from in his sleep with his heart racing and pounding, sweat trickling from all pores in his face. Was he really never upon Planet Inferna like his father had told him? It seemed to be all a lie with the continuous premonitions and flashbacks the Infernic Dragon kept experiencing. Though he was told of many stories by his father about his home Planet Inferna, of his family he had still there on his mothers side of the family; but they came to his fathers planet of the Saiya-jins for a better stable home. It was considered to be more safe because of the more discipline and structure of government they had there, with King Vegeta being their ruler with the power of the ruthless Saiya-jin race, it was sure for their race to prosper. With this, he never got to go back to his actual home. Due to the lack of a structured government on Planet Inferna, atrocities would occur left and right. Crime was in the air like pollution which made almost any area not a safe place to be. Planet Inferna withheld a powerful race of their own, allowing all of the Infernic blood to harness the power of Pyro-Ki-Nesis, meaning handling the elements of fire and wind through Ki energy. The power is what also caused the Inferna race to come to a downfall from since many centuries ago, fueling the ego and pride of the warriors the point they neglected companionship's, love, and simply working together. It left the race of the Infernas to live in the wasteland of the planet to eventually die out if a solution never came to be. With the knowledge of the stories his mother told him of the Inferna and what his journey has taught him thus far, he knew there was a chance of his races rebirth if the planet still in fact existed.
Despite the fact he felt the energies of his race from the depths of the black blanket of the universe, he needed some sort of direction if he ever hoped of actually finding it. To avoid the chase, he decided just to go back to Planet Vegeta. In his long absence, he was aware there could even be much change on Planet Vegeta, with this he stayed weary and prepared for what was to come.
Reaching the planets atmosphere there were three space fighter ships that came and circled his space pod and escorted him into the docking bay where he landed his ship. Once he started to get out of his pod, the Saiya-jin warriors of the space ships aimed their weapons, yelling at Krivox to halt his movement. They ordered he came with them to see the Lord Freiza, and he did not refuse with this order to respect the rules of once called home. Being brought to the throne room of the Lords palace, he demanded Krivox to state what his purpose was of why he left, and for why he returned. It was usual protocol for the Lord to do so himself, to inspect if the Saiya-jin met to his standards. Though it was not to the Lords knowledge of the power that Krivox obtained in his long time away. Krivox was honest still, for the matter of respect, telling Freiza the truth of his time away. Being blinded by his democracy, the Lord tried to eliminate Krivox hastily after the news that disappointed him by shooting his signature death beam straight for his heart. Right before the beam had impact on the Infernas body, he quickly accumulated his energies through pyrokenesis and Super Saiya-jin energies, transforming into the Super Saiya-jin 2 form. The energy of his transformation canceled out the Lords beam. Without hesitation Krivox threw forward his hand, gazing upon the trembling look upon the Lords face through his index and middle finger. It was no longer the Saiya-jin race would be ran by such a monster. Gathering Ki quickly to his palm of the hand held up, he fired a Ki blast of great power at the Lord only being mere feet away. Casting the Lord into oblivion the warriors of his army quickly tried to jumped on Krivox to take him out, but the Inferna was much stronger than any of the soldiers of his army. Eventually after eliminating the vast majority of them, the remaining fled while others begged for their lives. Just to live upon the planet back as a regular resident, pleading they wouldn't cause anymore harm. Sparing them all from the kindness that throw enthralled his heart, Krivox quickly went to find his parents.
The Inferna went back to his old home, once he got there he arrived with a smirk emerged on his face. The exact same outside ornaments and decorations, still hung from his door that he made all together with his family. Memories started to lash in his mind, it was time to put them to an ease.
As he ran to the door with excitement, it was dark from inside; though a faint light flickered in the back corner of the house. His hand touched the door, cob-webs covered its surface with ice cold touch. The door knob creaked with the turn of his wrist, upon its open dust that collected from the cracks fell onto his head as the Inferna entered his old home. Odd all of this was to him, he knew of his family being active throughout the day so none of this made any sense to him. Darkness covered most of his home, he walked towards the faint light from down the hallway in the back of the house, where his parents room had been. With a slow walk he observed his surroundings, things were knocked over and broken, glass covered the ground with all the family pictures resting outside their frames; torn and crumpled. It was a horrific sight, it only troubled the Infernic Saiya-jin. It looked like a rampage had taken place, it left him speechless and at a loss of breath. Hearing a slight movement from the room of which the light shined, instantly a flame ignited and started to revolved around his fists. This was his home, if there was any one of which he considered to be not welcomed, he would only annihilate them. With haste his body lifted into the air, dashing down the hall way he entered his parents room with utmost emotions running though him. Expecting an enemy to be before him, he came to an immediate stop to find his mother lying in the bed startled by his arrival. Left quit and speechless again, he came to the sight of his father barely breathing yelling at him "Who is it?! Who is there?! I Demand you tell me!!" His father laid in the bed struggling for air, with both eyes missing from their sockets with a frightened. None of this was what he wanted to see, tears started to slowly collect in the tear ducts of his optics. With a faint tone, he replied "Father... it's me... it's me..."
A couple hours passed, the Inferna nursed his beloved father to a state of which his words came out with a better passing of his vocals. The two were together again engaging with many tears, laughter, and conversation. As he started to ask him the more important matters at hand, involving the whereabouts of the rest of the family, though again it hadn't been the news he wanted to hear. The evil Tyrant on one of his unleashings of rage upon the residents of the home world resulted in the kidnapping of his brother and sister. His mother fled in he rampage, and was suppose to make her way back to her home world, Planet Inferna. The ruthlessness of the tyrant blinded his power, using it always for selfish acts and anything of his please. The death Krivox exacted upon Freiza was only justice, as he told his father of this it made his father smile. He tried to cry, though only small fluids poured from the sockets of his eyes. He warned Krivox that his health wasn't well, his death was to come soon and the Infernic warrior knew this was true. Krivox swore he wouldn't leave his side until this happened, and that is exactly what he did.
Mere months passed until his fathers death came, with his soul going on to the afterlife in his slumber it did not trouble Krivox as much as he thought it would. Maybe, later on time the feelings would hit his heart but for now his heart remained just. In the time he spent with his father in his last moments in this life, Krivox was told of the old memories in his past he longed to acquire. In these truths, he found out that the true reason they left Planet Inferna at the time was because it was in fact a horrible place and it wasn't a suitable living home. Also because the power his mother wielding was a power not of anyone of the Inferna race owned. To his surprise he found out that it was in fact his home place of birth as well, that he was truly not born upon the Saiya-jin planet of Planet Vegeta. His mother was a part of an ancient bloodline that once walked the surface of Planet Inferna, allowing her to weld the power of the pyrokinesis much better than that of anyone but a select few, that still lived. Those who were in higher power, including the other select few, banded together and formulated a so-called government of their own at the time just before his mothers departure to Planet Vegeta. This group was aware of her power, and wanted it for their own. Countless attempts to recruit her and her Saiya=jin husband left a bounty placed upon her head, with a death sentence if she was ever brought to them for her defiant acts. It left the rest of his closest family on his mothers side slaughtered for their loyalty; on never exposing the location of his family, as they moved across the planet fleeing from the rebellious group. It seemed there was no other choice but to make a new place for them to reside and call home. This was why they went to Planet Vegeta when he was in his younger years, so they would have a better place to call home. This explained his nightmares and dreams he always had, and why he felt as if maybe there was something that was being hid from him, it saddened him he could never meet his family, but he knew this was nothing new to him and he would only fight for the Inferna with even more pride. With a old galaxy map his father had kept in his old space fighter, along with his other battle items, he was ready. The Inferna made his way to his space pod, and entered the coordinates for his true home planet, Planet Inferna.
The time of a week a half as spent in his travel from the Saiya-jin planet to his true home world, Planet Inferna. Entering the atmosphere, his blood started to stir. With all of the events that have recently happened to him, he was indeed prepared, but also curious to what was to come next. With his coordinates set to the far side of a part of the wasteland, his space pod crashed into the crust of the planet leaving a small crater. Emerging from the pod, he took a breath of the fresh air of the planet with a gaze into the sky. It was now time for him to find his mother and save his home. Traveling to the most populated district, he sensed this place to be where the most strongest energy levels on the planet to be. The fact they were all together in one spot, verified the existence of this rebel group to be, and the chance of his mom to still be alive. There was no time to be waisted, as he traveled to the city, upon his arrival to the city he was looked at by constantly by whomever he walked by, he stuck out as a sore thumb. A group of what it looked like as guards walked up to Krivox, stating he'd need to identify himself or he would be arrested. The warrior made clear he was of the home race, but the guards wouldn't believe him because of the Saiya-jin armor. Things escalated in the guards eyes, while he tried to explain himself, ending in them attacking Krivox. Quickly, he subdued the guards but not with a legal action. Knocking them all out, he was aware he has already caused too much attention and more would be to his location. Focusing, he channeled out the strongest power levels, atop the palace of the district. Flying to the the very top he blasted his way through the main glass window that overlooked the district. Many in the room were startled, as the guards of the superiors in the room attacked. Again, Krivox made quick work of the guards without legal manor. The superiors and Krivox conversated, though the ways of the superiors were not right. They wanted the Infernic Dragon to only work for their government, they were aware of who he was because of the words of mouth. They knew of his powers and his triumphs, and they knew he would come back to the planet eventually. With this knowledge, they put his mother in a cell the moment she crashed after she fled from Planet Vegeta. They knew it was all a matter of waiting for the warrior to return, with them torturing his mother in the time it took him, interrogating her for his location. Anger started to fill the Infernas heart, they knew she didn't know where he was. It was for their simple pleasure for causing them pain, and they weren't planning on taking no for an answer. The Inferna blood started to stir, as the Dragon within finally snapped. With a roar, energies of epic proportions unleashed around him with a flame aura.


With another emphasis to his battle cry; energy beams shot out in all different directions. These beams of energies shot down all of the superior rebels and guards in the room, as his battle cry echoed. Slowly he levitated into the air, the Infernas flames whipped around him viciously as his hair fluttered to the azure blue shine, as his eyes glistened blood red. The blood flowed within his veins rapidly, he would not take the sorrow he saw before him anymore.
With already taking out the ones before him, the rage he entered left his mind with only one priority: obliterate all of those with an evil heart, and reform order upon this planet. The transformed Inferna flew to his mothers aid down the dungeon beneath the district of where the the rebel leader said was located. After finding her bruised with a few broken bones, he released her her chains wrapping her in a blanket he had taken from one of the superiors rooms. Being unconscious when he found her, he did not try to wake her from her sleep. Knowing she was only resting from the battle she had been fighting of her own, he rushed back to the area of where he lived on the planet, District 93.
Making his way there, during the flight his mom barely awoke. Happiness shortly filled his heart hearing her voice once again. Assuring her of her safety, he eased her back into a slumber as he arrived to the district. Finding some of his old friends alive, he kept his mother their to be safe, as they agreed to watch her for newfound savior of the planet. They informed him that words spread quick of the events that already taken place, it had seemed Krivox already taken out the the highest in command of the government they had there, though there was still forces that fought in the belief of the rebels. The friend of Krivox helped and spread word of the Infernic Dragons intentions upon his arrival of his home, informing the Inferna race on the reason why he chose to fight against the rebels. In time the people believed in these intentions. It was then standing together, they once again started to proposer. Any rebellious force was shot down or thrown into custody of the new structured government. Krivoxs mother reached her healthy state again, and being of the ancient bloodline it seemed most fitting for her to lead, as she was up to the challenge any way. With this, the Infernic Dragon was gifted the title of Emperor of the planet. As time went on an army was formed. Krivox played the role of leading the army, teaching the warriors of the race how to use the powers that was gifted in their blood. Through the obstacles served to the Inferna, he only over came them. Krivox was now the Emperor of Planet Inferna. It was a new era...

T h e Two Emperors Flames

Some tales cease to have an ending, these tales tell the roles of individuals that live extravagant life's that take upon a journey. This journey withholds many feats and obstacles that the individual will have to overcome, being triumphant and bold throughout all of the struggles that will come before them. Some have the will and strength to survive, others do not.
Over the past century things were calm in the life of the Infernic Emperor. Living life upon the planet of his race was something he thought would have never happened again in his tale, but it was something that he made happen once was given the chance. Sometimes life is put into a situation of chance, though it isn't always something that we have control of. With this things will good things and bad things will happen and it is always up to the person to choose how to react to this situation, and that is the one thing we Do always have control of. In the recent events that was sent before the Inferna he was put against some of the most difficult things that he thought he would have never experienced, making him only stronger and prone to an expecting journey. Or so he thought... It was just a day like any other, venturing in the far depths of space, leading the army of which was rightfully bestowed in His command. Making his way far to the eastern section of the universe towards the planet of Klamaath, he was going there to search For some of the planets natural resources because the planet held some of the richest oils and waters that the universe had to offer. About mid point of the way to Klamaath the Emperor was alerted by one of his deckhands that they were contacted by the scouts upon the Planet of Earth, his other true home. The message was brought to his concern immediately, being alerted that cities were being blown to bits, and chaos was being wreaked upon Earth. The most startling part about the message was the man that was being blamed for these Crimes had to be none other than him, the Infernic Dragon. Regardless to what was told, it was obvious it wasn't him. This wasn't something that could be fled out to anywhere else in the universe or he would surely be portrayed as at a threat, and the only thing that mattered was figuring out exactly what was happening, the first thing would be tracking down the impostor who claimed to be him.
It was then the coordinates for his destination changed to the location of Earth. The Emperor directed them to use the light speed option in their ship, reaching the planet of Earth just within a matter of minutes. Breaking the atmospheres outer layer he felt an incredible power that was coming from the direction of where the chaos was. Seconds upon his ship landing he could feel the power level start to make its way towards him, telling his troops to prepare he knew that this battle was to not come easy. Leaving the ships deck and walking down the hall towards the exit, the power level skyrocketed in its speed towards him. Quickly he sensed a ki energy and he covered himself putting his guard up. A hole blew through just about twenty feet in front of him as the ki blast that caused it ruptured destroying a great proportion of his ship. Without hesitation he prepared himself for what was to come, he knew the power he sensed just outside was not one to underestimate, unleashing his dragon ki form from the start he wanted to end this thing Quickly. Dashing out through the smoke he came to a halt as he lost his breath to what his eyes saw, and it was true what he heard Before. It was someone that looked just like him, though his hair was of a gray hue with the same elegant look that his families was Gifted with due to the sacred Inferna blood lineage. The mimics Infernics flames flourished with black and purple energies, something Krivox had never thought to see. A sneering look was upon the imposter's face as a ki started to fluctuate in his palm, quickly the Infernic Dragon shouted at him, "Who are you, and why do you appear to look just as me?! This doesn't make a damn bit of sense!!!" Readying himself the mimics face intensified with anger as he shot again another blast at him. Being prepared this time the Dragon simply knocked the blast to the side and repeated his words. It didn't seem to matter to the impostor, as a volley of ki blasts was sent at Krivox again. Channeling his ki he quickly shouted the words, "Immaculas Wave!!!" His arms raised above him as his flames swirled around him, then throwing his arms in front of him a great wave of ki shot from his own palms colliding against the volley, canceling it out with an explosion. With haste he teleported into the air above him as he stared down the foe. The mimic started to slowly levitate to his altitude chuckling uncontrollably. It was then the foe spoke, "The reason I look just like you... the reason I move like you... the reason I have the same power as you, is because I am you! Just not from this universe, you fool!" After being told this it left him in confusion, how could it be him? What other universe is there to exist? The foe disappeared and with doing so hid his Ki, the Infernic Dragon looked around him drastically trying to locate where he went but he couldn't spot him. The aura of flames bursted around him as he flew even higher into the air looking in all ways around him still trying to locate the mimic. "I'm here fool!" the enemy shouted as a fist collided against his face from his right side, hurdling him through the air at a great speed. The blow left him in an excruciating pain, with its perfect precision and velocity of the hit it was as if the foe was moving much faster then he was capable of detecting. A bit worried he shouted as the flames around him halting his movement, realigning his posture in the air he started at the foe from afar, "Enough! What do you mean you are me from a 'different' universe?!" The foes maniacal look never left his face, while the flames of his own stirred around him vigorously. The look gave of a vibe of intent, that intent was his death. Krivox started to grow impatient as the two stared at each other, he wanted answers. A drop of sweat ran down the side of his face, while the foe slowly started to make way toward him in the air. It was clear he wouldn't get any answers just by shouting at him, it was time for action. His aura moved rapidly around his exterior, following with a serious expression. "If you won't tell me, guess I'll have to make you tell me." Lunging forth the two clashed fists, and from there went blow for blow. Both moving at incredible speeds, his earlier observation from the blow that was landed on him was verified after going toe to toe. with each movement he would make, the mimic moved at a greater speed having the upper hand in all the attacks that were transferred between the two. Knowing this, he knew that he would lose if he didn't do something to change the odds of the fight. The land of which they fought on was already left in rubble from the battle thus far, and this wasn't something Krivox intended for Earth. Much destruction was already done, and it was supposedly because of him. The anger slowly built within as he was bested in the blows up close, being sent i to the rubble of the ground from a devastating elbow. Slowly getting up, battered and bruised the mimic still manically laughed. "Is this all you have to offer me?! I am so disgusted the almighty Krivox of the second universe is this weak. Serves you right to be ridded of this life, I'll take your spot and stand as the true and most powerful Infernic Dragon of this and every universe!!!" It then slowly started to make sense to him. If everything this evil impostor has said so far was in fact true, it wouldn't be to his surprise his intentions were to kill him and try to be the only Krivox. But what didn't make sense to him was why would he want to do so in the first place, to interfere with another universe to simply be the only one to hold this identity. Spitting at the ground, he wiped the blood that ran from his busted lip as he stared up at the mimic with a smile. Slowly his feet left the ground as he levitated into the air, again unleashing his aura around him. Whatever the reason was, he knew this was so far his greatest challenge and he enjoyed the battle so far, but it was time for him to end it. An uprising in his own strength occurred as he started to yell, both his arms were put at his sides with his fists clenched. The flames revolved around him and whipped ferociously. Everything he had so far was nothing to compare, he knew that he needed to do something drastic, he would use his greatest move that he has only had to use a couple times. The clouds in the sky slowly started to move across the sky, as the rubble beneath them in the battlefield all around them started to rise into the air. The mimics expression changed as he observed Krivox's power rise to these limits. The energy around Krivox crackled as lighting infused with his flames revolving around him in his aura. Directing his sights on the mimic who seemed to be a bit uneasy at this point, he smirked and said aloud. "Now witness the power of a true Inferna my friend, and I'll put you back to from where you came so you can not wreak havoc here anymore....Immaculas Inferno!!!" The aura that surrounded him turned into an energy barrier as energy shot from all around him with vast levels of ki taking the form of flames as it engulfed the area around him setting ablaze the land and air around him, covering a mile radius around him. After the flames covered the area the ki within the attack triggered causing an enormous explosion. Smoke covered the area for miles as a mushroom cloud shot into the sky from the blast, rubble and pieces of the land slowly fell from the sky. In the sky Krivox stood as the energy barrier around his dissipated. Left gasping for breath, he exacted all of the energy he had left into the attack with sureness he would finish off the foe. But as the smoke started to leave the area, his optics saw a silhouette in the remaining smoke from afar. Eyes widening and left even more breathless, he couldn't comprehend the fact of his most powerful attack not finishing him off. Then a opposing shout was returned as black and purple energies shot from all around the dark figure in the smoke, canceling out the smoke that still stood. the maniacal smile was the first thing Krivox set gaze upon, it was exactly what he didn't want to believe. Left only scratched, the attack he dished out left the foe nearly unharmed. "My my.... and I was worried for a minute. Looks like this universe is only big enough for one Krivox, and is me. You need to get more in touch with the dark, need not to worry. Once you see what has happened back home, you might reach the darkness I have..." Before Krivox could even say anything, the mimic teleported behind him and landed a devastating blow to the back of his neck, throwing him into the ground below. Laying in the rubble he started to fade in and out of consciousness, seeing the dark Krivox come toward him in his last moments of being awake.
Regaining consciousness barely he looked around him slowly. Darkness filled the room he was in, feeling a coldness around his wrists and ankles he tried to move, only seeing the coldness was from the chains that held him tight to the brick wall behind him. Left utmost weak from the battle he had from this dark Krivox, he could barely move to even try to make an attempt to free himself from the simple chains that latched him to the wall. His mind perplexed from how this could even happen, he was mad at himself for having such a defeat. Though he knew he couldn't let it get to him, he started to think what the intentions the dark Krivox keeping him alive for. Observing his surroundings and sensing the ki around him he felt many energies all around him but of different proportions, he could tell he was upon a ship that was venturing through space. Now the only thought that he could think of is where they could be going, moments after the doors to the room slowly creaked open as the dark Krivox entered the room. "Ah... I see you have awoke. Now there isn't much time, we will be arriving to planet Inferna shortly. I'm sure you are wondering about a few things and want answers so I'm just going to sum it all up for you. I bested you in battle by far because you do not wield the true power of the Inferna. Think about that...true power. Yes, by that I mean the flame of the Inferna legacy. In my universe, i felt it was time for order within my face, so I gladly took the flame to myself. Once I did I was able to rule nearly the whole universe. It was then brought to my intention with my prior meetings with a person from a different universe I would be able to maybe obtain this power again. My thoughts were accurate, and after I get the flame in this universe I will have just 7 more universes to travel to and do the same. In doing so I would be able to transcend my power a total of nine times with this flame, and I will be the most powerful being in all of the universes. So you see, this is my goal. I've only kept you around cause I want you to see the pain I've felt in my universe, you will see your loved ones die all right before you, and the same with every other Krivox of every universe, so you all feel the pain I have had to deal with for many years. My army should have dealt with yours in our time away, how I love dominance!" With bloodlust in his eyes, the dark Krivox slowly walked up to him and slapped him back and forth across the face numerous times. With a daring stare he chuckled as he left the room. Krivox felt the ki of his mother once he searched, and it was closing in fast. It would only be a couple minutes before they reached planet Inferna. Still left without any ki his body was damaged because of his last attack he used in the battle.
Once they arrived on planet Inferna the soldiers of the dark Infernas army transferred him to a holding cell in his own castle. While he was being moved there from the ship he saw that the darkness had now spread to his other home. Fires burned from all different areas of the capital city, as the enemy army pillaged the community and exacted their own order upon them. Bodies of his own army aid in piles on the streets, as citizens were put into slavery doing feeble commands of the dark Inferna. Anger filled his soul, as well as sorrow. It hurt his pride that he couldn't save his own people and this devastation was all because of his poor decision on trying to take on such a foe by himself, though he wasn't aware of what was to come before him. Either way he felt as if he lost, and he was losing hope.
Once put into of the the holding cells in the lower dungeons of his own castle, he laid there in the quiet darkness while he fell into a deep sleep. Falling into this slumber, he began to dream. Flash backs of his old fights leading to where he stood today. The hardships that he faced, the many tribulations that was set before him. All of these he was able to overcome though, with the help of hope in himself and the help of his friends. His closest friends faces flashed before him, as well as his family. "Mom.... Dad... Damion." He muttered to himself in his sleep. The fights that he learned to channel his new found powers then flashed before him, then all his defeats right after, ending with the one with the dark Krivox. Muscles in his body started to tense in his sleep, with his teeth grinding against each other with him beginning to sweat. The thought was starting to get to him, but then a calming peace filled his body through the dream. Brought to an open field, he saw a small flame in the distance. Beginning to run toward the flame it got bigger and brighter as he could start to feel its warmth. Slowly he could feel an energy grow in his body in the dream, as if it was real. Unleashing his aura of flames once able, he began to run faster as the warmth intensified from the gained ground. Getting feet within the flame he reached his hand out, upon touching it he awoke from the sleep sitting upright quickly as his aura emerged. A small portion of his power revitalized somehow, allowing him to move again. Wanting to move quickly he knew he would only lose if he were to try to bust out of his imprisonment. Depleting his aura he stood still as he closed his eyes, searching the planet for his mothers ki he saw that she was still alive, and somewhere also in the castle. He also felt evil ki of the mimic very close as well but a couple meters from the castle. It was then he felt two strong levels of ki closing in on his location. Once the ki levels got close he could hear commotion from outside the walls. Sounds of loud explosions from ki blasts blows from the combat echoed through the halls of the prison as the ground shook. A light brightened the hallway with a sound of explosion after. Rocks and rubble shot across the room with small dust clouds of smoke. Hearing footsteps come his way he felt the two strong ki power levels get closer, it was them. Getting into his battle stance and channeled what ki he had left. Knowing that he wouldn't last long he had to try to be ready for what was to come, it may be very well his last battle. Though coming into sight, relief only filled his body as a smile arose. " Selary?!.. But how....?!" After releasing him from his cage, they urged him they got to a safe area for they didn't have much time.
Making way to their nearby ship Selary used to travel to the planet on, they filled him in on what their intentions were. It seemed from nearly the start an of friend of his by the name of Gosek Darkwolf watched everything that happened. Gosek reached out to Selary, informing her of what happened with Krivox. The reason he didn't try to stop any of it on his own is cause he couldn't take out the dark Krivox by himself, but before he could get to him to alert him of what was at hand the two had crossed paths. In that time it was then Selary and Gosek traveled to planet Inferna to save him and aid in t he battle to reclaim the planet, but everything was moving faster then they anticipated so a new plan arose. In the midst of trying to save Selary came across an injured warrior, by the name of Kasin Vertrox who himself had a burden to deal with pertaining to the dark Krivox, so she nursed Kasin back to health he agreed to help with executing the plan and dealing with the situation. At the current time Gosek was busy acting as one of the army in this universe leading the dark Krivox to the whereabouts of the sacred Inferna flame. In this time, upon the ship Selary used was a regeneration machine, Krivox used this to restore back his energy before they went to confront the dark Inferna once again. Once back to his full power, he contemplated the prior events that led up to this point in time. Everything that happened only made him aware of the fact that they would be surely to lose if they tried to take him on again, maybe put up a slight chance if they all four fought, but there defeat was inevitable. However there was one thing that could ensure their victory, and that was Krivox himself taking a hold of the prophecy and merging with the sacred Inferna flame. Then he informed him of this thought, and knowing the task wouldn't be easy to achieve, his friend and his newfound comrade agreed.
Time was of the essence, as they all prepared themselves for battle. Taking what remaining battle forces they could round up that were still loyal to the true Inferna of this universe, they made there way to the outskirts of the capital city to where Gosek had led the dark Krivox and a the scouting regiment they had at their sides. Within moments of reaching a close distance from them, the dark Krivox lashed out in anger being aware that he was maybe being mislead. Ordering the soldiers he had his side to attack them, Krivox ordered the soldiers he he had at his side to fight against them. At that time Kasin and Selary quickly charged the dark Krivox to keep him busy. The plan was simple, to do whatever it takes to get to the stone before the dark Krivox could. Gosek saw what was going on and quickly helped the other two against the dark Krivox while the one of the light made his way to the flame. While he made his way to the sacred Inferna temple, he blasted his way in knowing time was short. Moving with haste he stood before the Infernic alter, a stone stood still in the air with a flame surrounding its exterior, glowing ever so bright. This was it, it was time. A serious expression took ahold of his face, channeling energy to his right hand he jumped toward the stone thrusting his fist into the stone. Upon impact a radiating light illuminated entirety of the temple and area of which the temple stood blinding him for seconds. Upon his vision returning he found himself surrounding by intensifying flames of pure and familiar energy.


Looking around him he saw the souls of many old ancestors travel through the flames, he could feel their power and strength, he could feel their thoughts and emotions. All of a heroic stature he felt himself start to become one with all of them. A calming sensation overcame his body as the flames that surround him started to engulf him whole. Once he felt the energies within sync, he yelled as an incredulous energy surged through his body and shot out from inside. An aura of incandescent flames shined around him, feeling the most pure at heart he had ever felt. Now his bloodline of the sacred Infernas flowed through his veins truthfully, and he was ready to fend his race from the evil that contaminated his lands.
Shooting from the temple grounds he flew throughout the sky with grace leaving a trail of flames behind him as he made his way towards the battle at hand. Seeing his allies barely fending off the dark Krivox, he jumped right into the action catching a fist that was just about to make contact aganist the comrade Kasin. Startling the dark Krivox, he tried to again to throw a punch, but this time at the pure Inferna, but with the newfound power he possessed he easily saw the movements of his enemy. Dodging and catching the next series of blows that was thrown at him, a sense of uneasiness started to emit from the dark Krivox. With a swift kick to the rib, the strength behind the blow sent the foe through the air back toward Kasin. Quickly he shouted aloud to his ally, "Lets get him!" Initiating the two to work together, the two used there combat skills they both had and used it in a teamwork fashing. Their close quarter combatives and their long range skill of ki proved a worthy match in their efforts, easily excelling against the moves of dark Krivox, leaving him to be damaged and his body hurt, the dark Krivoxs army started to wipe out the majority of the pure Inferna. Thinking quickly of a smart choice, Krivox changed his attention to his ally and pleaded for him to assist Selary and Gosek with the other enemies while he dealt with the rest of the battle. Kasin then gave him a nod of acknowledgement and headed way to the others to assist, as true emperor of the Infernas once again engaged the dark Krivox in battle. The two clashed, both throwing devastating blows at one another. But this time around, it seemed that Krivox had an upper hand against his evil mimic. It was then they locked palms as the two entered a fierce stare down. It was obvious the dark one was upset with what happened and was starting to panic with how the tides turned. Time was still a factor, and this was another given point where chance can take its course anyway it wanted, so he knew he needed to end it once and for all. "Well.. I will say this, you were the most challenging foe I have fought yet. Kind of ironic it is myself, but I give it to you. I never thought I'd have to be the one to obtain this sacred power of the Inferna, but I will use it with pure intentions unlike you. With it, I will show you what it takes to be the true Emperor of the Inferna race!!!" Once the words left his mouth the flames that surrounded him erupted and glistened with its light throughout the nearby lands. Grabbing a firm grip upon the enemies hands he pulled the dark one with a haste movement towards himself as he raised his knee, landing a calamitous blow to the stomach of the enemy. In doing so he let go of the hands, as it sent the foe flying into the air. Holding his hands above his head he channeled his ki with the power of the Infernic flame, accumulating a tremendous amount of ki infused with the pure energy of the sacred power he just was bestowed with. Once completely focused, he stared at the enemy that flew through the air. With a small smirk he then shouted, "Immaculas Inferna Barrage!!!" Large waves of ki then shot from his hand in a consecutive pattern, one after another several times. The attack shined so bright it lit up the whole sky, and once finished tore through blanket of clouds above making its way into space. Easing his tense body, a sign of relief came once the ki of the dark Krivox was completely gone. It was finally over. After things had settled down, the warriors all stood together and talked over the calm in the air. Shortly after they all said there goodbyes after Krivox made his thanks, for they had their own duties to return to. After the darkness was purged from this land the Inferna warrior constructed a plan for the reconstruction of the damage done to both planet Earth and planet Inferna. Making sure everything was made up for that was lost, he was happy to what the outcome was. Feeling a new sense of purpose he felt the Inferna legacy travel through his very own veins, and knew his destiny was another step to being fulfilled.

A New Journey;

Miscellaneous Information;

Planet Inferna

Mass - 0.073 km
Diameter - 3475 kg
Density - 3340 kg/m3
Gravity - 43.1 (Earth: 9.8) m/s2
Rotation Period - 35.5 Hours
Length of Day - 24.7 Hours
Distance from Sun - 108.2 (106) km
Orbtial period - 687.0 Days
Orbital velocity - 9.7 km/s
Number of moons - 2
Temperature - 273 (C)
Home to the Pyro-jin race. The planets humidity is ten times that of Earth, being a planet prone to its own blood, it would be hard for outsiders to maintain a regular body heat upon its surface. Rivers of lava and fiery wastelands cover the majority of the planet.

Saiya-jin Armor

The set of armor that was gifted to him by his mother once he obtained the rank as Emperor upon Planet Inferna. Once belonging to his dad back in the days he served in the old Saiya-jin army, it was reconstructed with the present days technology. Though being customly designed by Eyzrah herself knowing it would one day be handed down to Krivox, she made the chest plate of the strongest rock material to be found in the universe, along with the stomach plate and straps made of the strongest metal, katchin. Also infused with properties and minerals of Planet Inferna, it amplifies his Pyro-Ki-Nesis capabilities of power. Though exiled, he remains to to wear the armor in honor of his mothers love.

The 7 Dragonballs

They are orange, crystalline spheres bless upon Planet Earth, with the ability to call forth the Eternal Dragon Shenron. A great and mythical dragon, who wields a great power that many could not imagine of even existing. He and porunga, the dragon that emerges from the dragon balls on Namek, both possess the power granting wishes. Though the powers are different to an extent.
Shenron can grant a total of 3 wishes to anyone who gathers all seven of them. Though if a wish uses enough power, it can take up to two wishes for a sing one. After all the wishes are used, they are again scattered across planet Earth.

The Dragon Radar

The portable Dragon Radar was designed, and built by Bulma Briefs to help locate Dragon Balls. Bulma is not the one who developed the concept of a Dragon Radar, as Emperor Pilaf, as well as the Red Ribbon Army, possess Global Dragon Radars that are implied to have been invented before Goku and Bulma met each other. Dragon Balls emit a faint electromagnetic pulse, which Dragon Radars can specifically detect. The Dragon Radar developed by the great Bulma Briefs of Capsule Corps. points arrows in the directions of nearby Dragon Balls. Pressing the button on the top can cause the view to zoom out and show a more detailed map of the area, to easier locate the Dragon Ball.

Senzu Beans

Senzu Beans are grown by Korin in Korin Tower. When eaten, the consumer's energy and physical health are restored to their fullest; the effects are typically almost instantaneous for the recipient, making these beans a great asset both in and out of battle. Their texture is said to be a cross between an uncooked (or under ripe) bean and a celery stalk. One bean can keep a person full for ten days, though its rumored some who have eaten the beans have become hungry sooner, due to their naturally larger appetite (Namely, Saiya-jins). It has been seen that eating too many Senzu Beans at a time is dangerous as well.

Ties & Connections;

Who I'd like to meet:

    More Roleplayers
Mischievous Neko


⌈ inferno! ⌋

Don't Fear the Reaper.

𝕄𝕠𝕟𝕜𝕖𝕪 𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘

ѕωor∂ o נuѕιce

ᴄʀɪᴍꜱᴏɴ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀꜰʟʏ


death ⚖ sentence.


❣️Queen of Hearts ❣️


𝔅𝔯𝔞𝔱 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤

Time Travelling Peace Keeper






ᴀʀᴀ ᴀʀᴀ ɴᴏɪꜱᴇꜱ


Platinum the Trinity




The Superior One

Macedonian Prince


Dr.Glenn Litbeit

F̶r̶a̶n̶t̶i̶c̶ 𝖱𝗈𝗆𝖺𝗇𝗍ic



Riley nara


𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖔𝖋 𝕸𝖆𝖓


kiηg f ħєลяŧ$

Raaze Crematorium



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Jan 3rd 2022 - 6:11 PM

~*Saiyan Butterfly*~
Hello to new and old friends!!
I feel I must explain what has been going on and why in the coming weeks I will be slow.
First off, yes this is a copy and paste. It hurts no one and I don't have time for much else.
That said, In December, I was admitted to the hospital with Covid. I spent 16 days in the hospital, 6 of those were in a medical induced coma to save my life. So, now I am home but still recovering. I tire out easy and still need to rebuild my strength.
All I ask for is patience. It will take me time to get back to full strength. 
Even so, I would LOVE to start discussing storylines with everyone. 
I have a discord if its easier to discuss a storyline on there! Lunar🌙Butterfly#7337

With that said, let’s get something going!
~*Selentis Moon*~
:: Planet Crasher ::

Feb 6th 2019 - 11:15 PM


The other one got deleted.
♕ 𝐅aisal 𝐂onstantine

Jan 2nd 2019 - 8:01 PM

Busy, super busy. What about you? What you been into. I tried to find Drakon Ashakra too a while ago, didn't have any luck.
✘Saiyan Deviant

Sep 24th 2018 - 8:00 PM

Queen Ɠ.#9068

✘Saiyan Deviant

Sep 21st 2018 - 9:58 AM

Been taking classes n sh*t. Trying to get my life together. Lol.

You still on discord? Message meh. I can't find ya.
✘Saiyan Deviant

Sep 21st 2018 - 9:56 AM

What's up????!

Sep 1st 2018 - 1:18 AM

~*Sayain Butterfly*~
Hi there! 
I am hoping to get something started!!
So, how about we talk storyline?
Wanna know about my character? The info can be found on my page!!
I hope to hear from you soon!
~*Selentis Moon*~

Jan 20th 2018 - 5:04 PM

Whether I have just added you or you have been on my list for a while, I must apologize for being mia so long.
I have just returned now that I have internet and a computer. I would love to get something going. Please visit my page to read up on my character to see where we can start from.
No, I will not send a summary, I spent the time writing it so I would appriciate if it is read. Granted, there are updates needing to be made. If you have any questions, please ask.
Until the, lets get something going or just chit chat. I do have a discord but I don't just willing give it out. It has to be earned. So let get things going!!
~*Selentis Moon*~
♕ 𝐅aisal 𝐂onstantine

May 18th 2017 - 1:57 AM

Emperor's Sermon Invitation.
The Artist Formerly Known as Raijin Constantine

"Kings and Queens, leaders of men and women...all of you are cordially invited to the Republic Building for a challenge. I issue this challenge to each of you. Not a call to arms, but a pursuit of truth, unlike anything you've experienced in this world or the next. I'm asking you to help me find an answer to the ideal state. What qualities are instilled in the ideal state? What makes your philosophy greater than another? What is the ideal state at its core? You may ask why do I hold such an event? I'll explain briefly in this letter.

The truth is self-proclaimed wise men and women surround me. Leaders are wise. I cannot claim to be a wise man myself, so I must gather information from wise leaders like you. Each of you I invited for a reason. I seek all aspects of knowledge including your own. If you are willing to accept my challenge, I invite you to show up at this congregation. I can only hope to reach enlightenment through this endeavor.

A messenger will come to your residence with a portal that leads directly to the Republic building. You will need a specific map and scroll to open the mountain peak and enter. The messenger will hold this for you in the meantime until you accept the invitation. The defenses will not be lowered; thus, my messenger will give you right of passage. You can bring a guest to accompany you if you desire. I urge each of you to accept my request. The festivities will start on May 20th, 2017. I hope to see you there. Late acceptance of invitations is allowed. Thank you for taking the time to read this."

Event: Emperor's Sermon

Group: https://www.aniroleplay.com/view_group.php?group_id=6369

Topic: https://www.aniroleplay.com/view_forum_topic.php?topic_id=30041&group_id=6369

Start Date: 5/20/17


Apr 3rd 2017 - 3:06 AM

So sorry for the absence. RL has been kicking my arse.
I will warn you now, I am sick often and work has my attention most of the time.
Please, be patient with me as I tend to be slow.
Otherwise, take a glance at my profile and lets discuss a storyline.

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