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Cultivation lies within one's own spirit. True strength is not found through power alone.

115 years old
Shizuishan, Ningxia

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January 17 2021

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The Beginning.

Legal Information
NICKNAMES:White Phoenix/ White Lotus/ Grandmaster Rose
ALIASES:White Phoenix
DATE OF BIRTH:1197 Year of the Phoenix, Day 13
PLACE OF BIRTH:Koneian District 10

Physical Details

Family Ties
Other Family:Those whom are close.


Addictions:Rose Petal Tea
Dislikes:War/Impetous people.

โœ˜ Fundamentals Within oneself

Cultivation Self Perseverance.

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Groups: The White Phoenix Dojo,

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Body type:No Answer
Characters: Rosaria
Verses: Custom
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:June 13, 2014

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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

Criencent Rosaria Grandmaster.
Verses Martial Arts ๏ฟฝ Feudal ๏ฟฝ Celestial

We all strive to be stronger. The modesty to know and understand your own weakness. Leads to greater growth of one's own spirit.
Time of awakening

It was a bright and sunny morning. The fresh breath of summer causing the many tree's to bloom their flowers and allowing the Sakura tree's to begin their own budding. Though they wont show fully until the end of fall they were beginning to grow the flowers on the branches. The sound of children at play in the open area of the rather small and barely on the map Dojo. The name of it was the "White Lotus." Originally a place of worship for Buddha and a temple for the monks. It was turned into a Dojo still keeping the ancient traditions alive and the actions as they were.

Sitting on a small chair and watching a teacher. She listened and listened some more. Growing rather bored of his lecture. She was a young and vibrant little girl. Able to roll with the punches of the other men who trained in their various different styles. She had secretly been sitting in on the teachings of Yin and Yang. Life and death as what many seemed to let it be. But to her she saw it as an art. An art of Martial Arts that spans over many different styles forming them into a set of different for each stance. Whether it be Yin or Yang. Of course she knew that that itself was a foolish assumption as she was shot down several times for stating her opinion in something like this.

The masters dismissing her of foolishness as to the seeing of Yin and Yang as a type of true martial art. Though she felt in her heart and soul that it was truly an art form that had yet to really be truly searched. A slap on the desk from the ruler broke her day dream as she looks up at her teacher." SLeeping on the lesson again. Extra homework for you." He tells her this causing her to groan out in frustration. She had planned on sitting in on some martial art practices.

The teacher walks away as she sticks her tongue at him as the lesson for the day was over. She gets up and goes over to the desk. Getting her extra homework she rushed into her room that was at the far back of the entire Dojo and temple itself. She sits on her bed and goes about doing her homework. The extra homework took her a grueling two more hours. After finally finishing it she puts it away and gets up dashing out of her room. Running past the kitchen grabbing several pieces of bread and cheese. Grabbing a small container full of water.

The container was made of wood and could be closed to keep water from spilling out of it simply be a small little cork that was usually long. Stopping the water from flowing out altogether. She jumps into the bushes and sits watching the masters teaching the other disciples their art. The one odd thing about her she could easily watch an art and understand the motions as if she was actually doing it. She had yet to be recognized as a genius in Martial Arts.

As she ate in silence she listened to the adults talk about war and how many of the disciples were being called away to go to war in an effort to defend China against Japan. She had heard many bad things about the Japanese. Yet she had not really met one and could not just outrigh say she hated them. She did not know the side of the story from them. With her mother and father long since dead she was left to be raised by the monks here at the temple. Though upon such things she was also learning their art herself. Shaolin Fist.

She had taken to the style fairly swiftly having already accelled at many of the styles that goes with it. Yet they still did not recognize her as a genius yet. After the meal she moves into her room and begins writing down things in a journal she kept hidden. Something that she kept dear. All her thoughts and memories washed into one book she hid from all. The lone light in her room the only one on as she continues to write in her own journal. After another hour she turns the light out and lays down getting some much needed sleep.

Unaware however, Japan had broken the boarder into Hong Kong. As if it was a swift moment in a few split seconds. The sounds of people screaming and the master rushing out of the rooms and buildings heading towards the entrance. The entrance opens and a large fight breaks out. Though she was yanked up and carted away from the place. Taken away in a secret passage that was collapsed as they entered it. She was knocked out and calmly taken as far from the Dojo and anywhere else known.

When she finally came to she sits up in a bed looking around. The area was peaceful and everything was silent. The sounds of birds chirping filled her room. She gets up and goes about exploring the place. It was a rather small house she ended up in. Though upon walking outside she noticed a man who seemed rather young with white hair calmly keeping a fire going and some food cooking. He looks over at her as she approached." Well it seems your doing well now. Come over here and join me for some food.....Rosaria."The man says as she blinks.

She had never told anyone what her true name was. She narrowed her eyes and walked over sitting down. She keeps a constant look at him." Well what do you expect? You know my name and yet I have never told a living soul it. I always gave a false name..How do you know my name?"She asks him as the man merely chuckles watching her calmly for the moment." How and why are answers that you need not concern yourself with. I will teach you what you desire to learn. The dojo was not the place for you. I took you away from there. I realized the true potential you hold. I am going to hone it." He says making her scoff.

I don't have potential. I am just able to learn fast...But if you are willing to try then by all means. Give it a good go."She says as the man chuckles handing her some of the meat on the stick as she goes about eating it in silence. Little did she know that this was the one who would make her realize her true potential as a martial artist. In time she would come to understand just what life and death was and that would blossom into the art she would become a grandmaster in.

Not one is more superior to another. We are all equal. Our Dignity Shows. That we can learn and understand. Our own weakness. The Cultivation of the Spirit Within. Bares True Knowlege.

In the waning years of the feudal era. China was settling into the modern future. Technology continued to arise. From the simplicity of gun powder to the devastation of the cannon. Yet in remote areas away from the loud sounds of the city and the constant increase in technology. There the chinese spirit. The cultivation of days gone by. When the world changed to the sorry state it became to now. One still teaches the ways of cultivation.

Through combat we learn. Our own flaws and our greatest strength.

Martial arts continues to be the foundation. The foundation of what our own beliefs and our own warrior spirit may grow. Inner peace can bring peace to others. Honor to know when to surrender in a fight, and when to continue on. Honor is an important aspect of a warrior. It defines not just the way they carry themselves, but how the world as a whole see's them. Self preservation can bring about self cultivation. To truly grow is to face the weakness of one's own soul. To best and bring out the potential and better oneself in their art. Strength lies not in power, but in spirit.


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If you want to chit-chat or get an RP or both, let me know. Some people like one or the other. I usually have a creative mind so I can give idea's. I rarely send random starters because they mostly get ignored unless you want me to send one. I do appreciate if you do look over my page and bio for my character if you haven't already. I can't stress this enough, please do not be intimidated by my character appearance or power or the amount of info on my page. I'm here to make stories. My character changes upon the story we do so any powers he has normally won't carry over to our story unless the story is in the realm of his character. Will look forward in hearing back from you.

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