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About me:
Heroine Name: Red Angel

Real Name: Keila Stone

Age: 19

Species: Human/Angel

Height: 6'2"

Orientation: Pansexual (Leans towards females.)

Bio: Keila was born and raised as a human, living an ordinary life until she grew of age. She found out that she was part angel, after she encountered a monstrous demon who was after her for her particular scent. And yet even when the greatest warriors of her village challenged it and lost, when she swung at it, it was killed instantly! From that day forward she decided to be a hero for not only her people but for anyone that needed her help. To better herself and to potentially save more people she travels the world. Despite Keila's massive strength she has one obvious weakness! She has trouble resisting dominant or cruel women...and even a weaker female could easily defeat her without much difficulty with just their words alone... making evil women the most difficult for her to deal with.

Powers: Keila is part angel and from one of the highest classes, giving her strength that ranges within the 10000000+ ton range on average. However during great levels of stress she can reach even higher levels of strength depending on her mental state (Generally I will make her stronger than anyone's who includes super strength as a basic ability). She has amazing control over her strength, being as strong as a regular human to having crushing strength in an instant. She has enhanced agility,as well as enhanced endurance. She was even blessed with a healing factor...albeit it is slow, and not instant in the least. Her golden eyes are highly advanced, allowing her to see most targets as if they were moving in slow motion if she concentrates. She can also see in the dark. Keila is immune to spells or outside forces that would attempt to corrupt her mind in any form or fashion.
Who I'd like to meet:

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