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08/17/2017 03:58 PM 

Captain Harold Kingsley: Black Devil's bounty.

The Black Devils had a last minute chance to prove themselves on the world. It wasn't so often Harold got to see how the underlings were doing. And it was quite embarrassing - thirty fresh new mechs had just self destructed as a quarter of the grunts had either been stomped on or kidnapped. It was yet another surprise siege tactic made by yours truely, the Silver Angels. They were always a thorn in their innersphere side. Unlike other guilds who often simply had planetary wars for fun, both the devils and angels were constantly at each other's throat. One was convinced the other never knew how to properly operate, while the other claimed that they were no real guild, having defiled the code. To Harold, one was only true once. It was true the Silver Angels had a hippie for a captain which lead them to almost obliterating any resemblance of the code. The Black Devils was response to this. Eventually the Silver Angels had recovered from lost dignity, but the Black Devils weren't just going to absorb into their guild again. The Devils had become something of their own, and often merited their existence liked to the Crimson Keepers. Common advice would be to put aside their difference and end the hatred, but it was all too easy. The situation had bred years and years of incident after incident. One playing dirty just to get one up on another. Angels using false signals of stranded cradles just to end up answering to a nuke. Black Devils stealing Silver Angel mechs in the middle of the night by the thousands.
Harold was often told to try and reason with the Silver Angels, but he knew it was pointless. Contact with them was hardly civil and the stereotypes and become so interchangeable with actual truth that he saw no reason. After all, it was better for them to fight than p**syfoot around in court. To the guilds, trying to attain "peace" was hand in hand in what created the dead civilizations of man. So while their wars against each other were almost pointless, it was also a culture that kept them with purpose, instead of playfully joining the war efforts for no other reason than "it's fun".
The captain looked at the current landscape as he was trying to mop up the failure silently in his mech. He managed to take down three mechs before he saw another Black Devil eject. He would have to have a word with them all and find out how the hell they didn't see such a basic attack coming from seven miles away. They were new, but to have billions of credits flushed down the drain for greenhorn tank born was absolutely inexcusable. They had five years to get their training right. Five years in the advanced tatics of gurriella warfare, that mind you, the Black Devils were known for. If the results were so bad, someone would be stripped of rank. For a moment, after firing off a large laser, Harold heard a familiar voice on his intercom that made him even more annoyed. It was the captain of the Silver Angels.
"Like what 'cha see Harold? I'm here in my drop ship, just watching your losses stew. Tis been awhile since I've seen you play with the other grunts."
"Don't be so coy, Manning. You aren't the hot sh*t you act like. Step in a mech and come vaulting down. Been awhile since the Silver Asses have had their taste of real piloting."
"I'm no idiot Kingsley. Proof is in the pudding - I don't need to be involved to see your losses."
Harold then ignroed the intercom as he then began to fire off more laser rounds. It was until he stopped, seeing a few numbers on a very subtle mech. Zooming in with his UI, and the dash being completely visible, he could see someone infamous of the Silver Angels dominating. He then began to think about just how upset Manning would be to see his precious little achiever stolen right from him. With a sinister grin, and calling to retreat for his forces, he spoke on the intercom.
"Hey Manning. Remember what you said about us Black Devils being nothing more than cowardly pirates?"
There was a silence on the intercom before Manning spoke through the silence.
"It's true, you're retreating now."
And as he was saying that to Kingsley, the captain had used his jumpjets to maneuver around the lt. and shove the mech with a DFA. Death from above. It was a tactic not used so much for the potential of ruining a mech. However, the angel was stuck inside a light mech, so his assault made it crumble like tissue paper, as was unperturbed. Shoving the metal fist inside the cockpit of the mech, Harold ripped out the pilot seat with the angel still strapped to it.
"Look down Manning. Tell me if you like what you see."
Holding up the chair with his mech's fingers, from the dropship he could see exactly what happened. After a minute Harold then began retreating with the rest of the Black Devils, being beamed up in their respective extraction units.
"Goddamn it Harold! You just don't go and kidnap other officers like that! You won't get away with it! Do you hear me? We will find you-"
It was then the intercom cut off as he was back on a massive drop ship, being pulled light years away from the battlefield. Once in the ship, he maneuvered the captive on the ground, while slipping out of his mech. Young gruntly tank born gathered around the angel, whispering derogatory terms such as "fallen angel" and "infamous human". What Harold had done would be passed down from generation of tank born. It was not everyday a high ranking officer was captured. Most thought it would have been embarrassing, but the current captive was evasive. A human worth her marrow. The captain walked to the seat before lighting a cigar, soaking up the moment of pride. He didn't address concerning the captive just yet, but was chewing out the grunts.
"So, who was the idiot who decided that it was safe to not check radar? Who was on post?"
No one answered.
"Then all of you are issued forty days of disciplinary action. "
"What about the girl?" One of the tank born piped out.
"You don't worry about that." Harold said with a harsh tone. "It's my captive, it's my choice. Now get going."
The other tank born then wandered off as he began to confiscate the weapons off the angel first, before releasing her from the broken seatbelt which kept her in the harness.
"I've always wanted to speak to you on your congratulatory role as human being ranked." Harold spoke, but then ordered her to be handcuffed. An attempt, unless she fought back. "But it would be uncustomary, as you are an Angel."



08/17/2017 12:54 PM 


Not much is known about the young aspiring Hero. What is known is that 5 years ago she lost both of her parents in a villain up rise. That is also the day she learned about her most dangerous ability: The Energy Gun (Which turned her Right Arm Black). 

  • Hero Name is Color Burst
  • Hero Outfit: Silver and Black One piece with a Colorful Arm guard 
  • Her brother is also a retired hero. He went by the name Amnesia. His quirk allows him to focus (on no more than 2) and make you forget about your quirk. You won't even remember having it. He retired at 20 to care for her. But now at 25, he plans a come back.
  • Possible relation to Chizome Akaguro (Villain Stain). Mother used to speak of having a Brother whose Quirk dealt with Blood. If true, explains Geneva's Blood Quirk.
  • Quirk trait is Maternal
  • Is ranked Top of her Class (Academically).
  • Due to timid and shy behavior, does not give her all in Physical courses.



08/16/2017 11:44 PM 


  • Copycat: With this Quirk, Geneva is able to manifest one's Quirk simply by touching them. However, The effects are not permanent. Varies between one time use and lasting up to 2 minutes. 
  • Bender: With this Quirk, Geneva is able to bend Earth*, Wind and Blood*. (See bottom for more info).
** With her ability to manipulate Earth, Geneva is also able to manipulate any metal.
Blood : Geneva is able to take hold of and manipulate the various fluids (blood) in ones body. Thus she is able to ultimately control one's movements. She, however, thinks it's a dark method and refrains from using it.
She has also learned a way to heal with the Blood Method. She can induce rapid blood movement which in turn causes you to heal.

  • Energy: Under extreme circumstances, Geneva is able to manifest all of her energy into one final shot just by pointing her finger. (Dubbed the Energy Gun). It's at a cost though. As soon as the shot is fired, her body immediately drops sending her into shock. She will then remain in a coma from 4 days to a week.
Power: 4/5
Speed: 4/5
Technique: 3/5
Intelligence: 5/5
Cooperativeness: 3/5


⚡ ᴢᴀᴘ ⚡

08/16/2017 10:41 PM 

Rules & Info

Admin Info
Name: Beau
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Conditions: PTSD and Epilepsy (emotion-induced seizures)

Roleplay Info
Muse: Boruto Uzumaki
Style: Literate, para to novella. 
May do: Script and Crackpot. Mostly via status.
Will not do: One-liners or extreme illiteracy.
Themes I enjoy: Angst, Sparring, Death, Fluff, and Family Love.

Ⅰ. I refuse to roleplay any sort of adult-themed roleplays with minors. Since my character is a minor he will not be participating in any sort of sexual activity.

Ⅱ. Under no circumstances are you to stress me out via harassment, arguments, or pestering. I have serious conditions and being put under stress can easily lend me up in the hospital. Do not drag me into drama.

Ⅲ. I may have a tendency to post vent statuses, as I have mood swings and I am currently dealing with mental issues. If you do not like this content, or it gets troublesome, please unfriend me. I try my best to vent off-site on an app but sometimes my phone has issues connecting.

Ⅳ. My muse fluctuates depending on my mood and the conditions I am dealing with. If you are not patient for replies, both OOC and IC, then I am not the roleplay partner for you.

Ⅴ. I treat everyone how I want to be treated. Likewise, I expect you to do the same. You reap what you sow and I refuse to let people walk on me.

Ⅶ. Please do not share excessive gore / brutality, sexual assault, or political posts / videos. These stress me out and I WILL unfriend you. I'm here to roleplay, not to speak about controversial matters.

Ⅷ. None of my characters are ever played romantically with females unless it is asexual / devoid of sexual intentions. I don't feel comfortable with portraying dominant roles in these types of situations.

Ⅸ. I LOVE OC's! Please introduce them to me.

Ⅹ. I play my muses however I feel they should be portrayed, and sometimes they may not be accurately portrayed as the canon versions. I'm here to have fun, not be 100% accurate. If you have a problem with how accurate one plays their character, or keeping everything completely 100% canon to the storyline, then you may have some troubles with me.


Abidan PennDragon

08/16/2017 10:20 PM 

Being Human 7

Confined to my room for days, taking paid time off, and sick leave to manage a near week of avoiding work. Not only was I avoiding work, but I was also avoiding the one person in my life who made my life possible. I spent these days wondering and debating, as if I were some great philosopher going over the sensation or idea of something new, and never once touched before. 

I've never encountered this emotion, or feeling, ever in my life. I was fine with her stripping in front of weird guys, and being completely nude. I was fine with her dancing for them privately. The idea of contact, true, deep, penetrating contact is what bothered me. That was my domain, my prize, my honor. A gift from a goddess, such as herself. What if she was sharing that with others? What did that make me? Was this a question of pride? Had I ever felt pride in my entire life? 

The only moments I could recall, when pride had touched my life, were more so moments I was proud. Moments when she made me proud. To be who I was, to love her, and receive her love in return. The moments where I had succeeded in life, and remained (as she would like to say) humble. I never saw any greatness in my accomplishments, or things I had done. These are all things normal men, and women, must accomplish. She never let me not celebrate it, though. 

Each time I went over a thought, or a feeling, or a new revelation about myself, I continued to find her at the end of every good thing about me. Just as I had with pride and celebration of my accomplishments, even the small ones. Each time I came back to her. Her smile. The way her eyes would wrinkle when she did so. The way her nose wrinkled to discern whether she was happy, or proud of me. It didn't wrinkle when she was simply happy. It did when she found joy in my trials of being an adult, and existing. 

Those thoughts brought me to feel as though I was cowering away for nothing. I was allowing my demons to swallow me whole, and make me this shut-in. If I were ever to love her the way that I felt, I had to combat these on my own. I had to take arms, and fend for myself. If I couldn't do that, how could I ever expect to fend for the both of us, or even just her alone. She was my light in all things dark, even the moments when my attempts to trust were crushed beneath my own preconceived ideas, due to the actions of others. 

I needed to break the cycle that I had placed myself in. 

I was laying on my bed, as I did before her light graced my path. I rolled over to grab the phone I had let die a few days ago, and I plugged it in. I waited for the icon to come on, showing it was charging, and waited for it to allow me to turn it on. A few moments went by, and I placed my finger on the button, watching it light up with the company logo, and then that of the carrier. Setting it down, I came to a stand, and ran to the bathroom. 

Something in my clicked in the moment I realized that it was my control. A switch to become someone better, not just for her, but for myself. I was going to change course, step up, and communicate once again. I can't explain what hit me, or why it hit so hard on just an assumption. I had lost myself in reaction to something only possibly related, but not truthfully. At least, no evidence really supported that notion. 

I could've brushed it off, laughed with Moira as I told her about it. Explained to her that it wasn't truly any of my business, but something I didn't expect. We could have got over it by now, my worry lost in the words that she could express from her own lips to grace me with comfort. Comfort that I was the only one allowed to roam the lands of her flesh freely with my own. To love, and be loved. I was hers, and she was mine. All so simple. An all so simple thing, that I had let erupt into something, from the possibilities of its existence. 

These thoughts washed over me, just as the water did from my shower. I had shaved the stubble that had grown in my time of laziness, and sorrow. I had cleaned up, soon dressing myself in clothes that she enjoyed, and I grew to enjoy more and more. Never thought I'd see myself in dark blue jeans, with one of those fancy button-ups you see at a Buckle. This one was light blue, over a plain, white T-shirt. 

I adjusted the mess of hair on top of my head as best I could, and finally walked back into studio's main room. I plopped down onto the bed, looking down at all the missed calls and text messages over the last three days. The days my phone was off. In that time, my notifications went up the damn wall, and I had to slide quite a ways to search for any relevant ones. 

Then, there it was... Her name. 



08/16/2017 10:24 PM 

Other characters!

I do have other character who I do rp not by storyline or they are created. Commander Shepard(Mass Effect) Tali vas Normandy (Mass Effect) Robyn Hood(Grimm Fairytales) Red Riding Hood(Grimm Fairytales) Or just call her Red. She is not really rp by the comics. Sapphire DarkStar(Dragon) She is created Susan(Elemental Witch) Created and is flexible for rps. Some pictures like Susan are in profile pictures.


Kuro the Brawler

08/16/2017 10:04 PM 

Kuro's Character Profile

Name: Kuro Jackson
Age: 22
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 200-something pounds.
Race: "Human"
Ethnicity: Black
Birthplace: USA, Chicago
Position: Martial Hermit, Dimension Hopper, Traveler/Nomad
Personality: Stubborn, Amorous, Honorable, Grumpy, Confident and Reckless
Fighting Style: Physical Rushdown, Counter-Hitting
Weapons: A Special Baseball Bat [Can be broken in battle, but repairs itself over time], Seemingly Endless Supply of  Baseballs of varying sizes.
Strongest Physical Stats: Strength and Speed.
Weakest Physical Stats: Defense
Strongest Mental Stats: Willpower
Weakest Mental Stats: Intelligence
Kuro is a mastered martial artist, he has completely mastered the basics of three different combat styles, and is currently learning the basics of two others. These mastered styles are: Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kickboxing. The styles he is currently learning are: Taekwondo, and Fennu de quantou [Way of Inner Fire]
  • Kuro is also an expert in weapons combat, knowing one custom-made one using a baseball bat.
  • Kuro is known to possess a unique ability called "Universal Equalizer" which allows him to fight any foe on par with or below Multiversal (anything above this, and the ability cannot work), he can also touch ghosts (souls), conceptual entities, gods, etc. This ability also allows him to fight anywhere even in places with strange "rules", intense weather and/or temperature, a lack of oxygen, etc.
  • Kuro has effectively broken his natural limiter and thus far exceeds the athletic ability of human beings, yet still has a lack of durability compared to his supreme strength and speed.
  • Kuro also has an ability called auto-pilot, which can be activated or deactivated at any time, which lets his body move without thought, which gives him an edge in reactions, though can be defeated if the opponent understands how it works...
  • Kuro is a highly intelligent combatant and even teacher of the art of combat, yet has little book smarts.
Kuro has a certain ability to resist abilities that affect the soul due to his willpower. He can resist abilities that are affected by his willpower such as mind-based and spirit-based powers, but is not immune to them completely. However, a keen weakness of his is that alcohol (or anything like it) reduces his willpower further, making most of such resistances even less, however his soul cannot be manipulated even still.
  • He is also capable of resisting abilities that can affect time and space, meaning time stop cannot affect him completely. Nor can things like cutting "space" act as more than a sharp cut.
  • Kuro can still be affected by human things, such as poison, bleeding out, etc. He is not invincible, just crazy strong.
Kuro due to his escapades naturally defies the laws of logic. One of his most uncanny abilities, is the power to stand on thin-air without any help from powers, which allows him fairer fights against enemies who can fly. The air acts like the ground itself for him, despite their being nothing underfoot, or even invisible to the naked eye. He has a strong resistance to effects that serve to attack metaphysical aspects of himself, though is not completely immune to said effects.
  • Kuro can create space-time distortions by punching, he uses this method to travel between dimensions, universes and large distances when he wishes to. To use it, he has to have a clear picture of the place or its name in its mind. This technique can also be used defensively and offensively. The entrance to the distortion can appear wherever he wishes them to, so long as it's within his eyesight.
  • Kuro, by striking a foe can rewrite the logic of a person's ability. Kuro very rarely does this unless his foes have some powerfully OP ability in combat or wishes for him to use it against them. This only works on the opponents he fights, and can only be used to rewrite one law at a time, meaning if he uses the ability after using it beforehand, that ability would be overwritten instead of piling upon one another. 

    He cannot completely take away the use of an opponents abilities though, and can only take away certain traits of it. The user must strike the foe as well. Obviously the person must explain what they are modifying, and how they are modifying it. The rewritten ability is restored after the fight.

Punch Rush - A high-speed barrage of punches.
Kick Rush - A high-speed barrage of kicks.
Super Punch Rush - A high-speed barrage of punches thrown with greater force and quickness.
Super Kick Rush - A high-speed barrage of kicks thrown with greater force and quickness.
Super Knee Rush - Kuro does a barrage of high-speed knees towards the foes body, alternating with each.
Infinite Cross - Kuro closes in on his foe and does the Dempsey roll. Done in the Peekaboo Stance
Whiplash Rush - Kuro does high-speed whip-like punches at the foe to extend his range. done in the Hitman Stance.
Accel Dash - A short burst movement dash to close-in or get out of harms way.
Accel Footwork - Uses his high-speed footwork to catch the foe off-guard as well as set-up for attacks.
Super Whiplash Rush - Kuro does a high-speed whip-like punch that strikes the foe from countless angles  at a higher speed and extend his range. Done in the Hitman Stance.
Cyclone Smasher - Kuro performs a powerful roundhouse kick towards his foe.
Titan Smasher - Kuro vertically swings his bat with all his might.
Homerun Smasher - Kuro horizontally swings his bat with all his might.
Instant Stance Change - Not really a technique, but Kuro can almost instantly change in his stance in mid combat, and even mid-combo to chain his moves and techniques effectively. Can only do this for Boxing, Kickboxing and Thai Boxing for now.
Space Kick Attack - A one-shot technique Kuro used to attack Ramlethal. As the name states it was a kick from outer space.

Kuro -
Kuro w/ Hat -
Kuro as a girl -
Kuro [More Realistic, Courtesy of the World's Best Jam] -
Kuro [Fighter Edit thanks to Lilith and Ankoku]  -
Kuro [Grappler Edit thanks to Lilith and Ankoku] -
Kuro [Unshaven thanks to Lilith and Ankoku] -



08/16/2017 09:52 PM 

Tokyo ghoul OC

name: jade--- age:17---------- height: 6'1'' ------------ gender:male -------------- sexuality: bisexual-------------------- species: human------------ hair color:green----------- eye color: green------------- powers: hes just human sadly though he is good with his weapons------------ weapon(s): finger tip guantlets. (there circle pads that are placed on the top of each finger. they increase impact and do significent damage. to be used for close combat.-------------------------- birth town: tokyo---------------- history: Jade parents were killed by the ccg in result to them helping ghouls. Jade was told that his parents were killed and eaten by ghouls and he took it to heart. sense then he has trained to become a special investigator for the ccg. He to this day holds deep hatred for ghouls and can often be caught showing this by how he deals with, usally in a painful and disturbing way. 



08/16/2017 08:42 PM 

Lulu's profile

True name:??? 

Alias: Lulu 
Age: 21 
Race: goddess 
Status: cursed
Birthplace: mount Olympus 
Current location: earth 
Hair color: pink/golden blonde
Eye color: blue
Height: 5'5" 
Weight: 154lbs.

Likes; making friends and going on adventures
Dislikes; physical and mental abuse

Personality; Gullible, and naive but also headstrong and kindhearted   



08/16/2017 07:43 PM 

My hero academia OC 3

namee: simia--- age:17----------- height: 6'1'' ------------ gender:male -------------- sexuality: stright--------------------- species: human------------ hair color:black----------- eye color: green------------- powers/quirk:teleportation. description of quirk: he can teleport to anywhere he'd like just by seeing the place he wants to go or if he has been there before.------------ weapon(s): sometimes he uses daggers as he isnt very strong---------- birth town: tokyo-------------- history:simia had a loving family his whole life who accepted him for him. He would rarely go outside and play with other kids unless going to school wear he stayed to himself usally reading during recess. He disliked going anywhere and even did online school for a few years until highschool when he enrolled at UA high. He is extremely shy and hates interraction with others as he often feels stuiped and useless.


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