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"Meta Fighter" K

02/24/2017 08:29 PM 

Documented Fights

Ramlethal vs Kuro - 6th Fight


[P s ʏ ᴋ ᴇ ʀ]

02/24/2017 04:15 PM 

Psyker Abilities

+[CHAMELEON] Causes reality to blur around user, distorting image and allowing user to blend in with surroundings

+[COMPEL] Compel others do to oneís bidding or see what one desires others to see; works well on weak minds

=[DISTORT VISION] User disappears and userís image reappears in another space no more than 10 meters away

=[FLASH BANG] Create a bright flash of light and a deafening bang

+[FORCE BOLT/BARRAGE] Hurl a burst or bursts of tangible mental force at an opponent

+[INFLICT PAIN] Cause a person to be wracked with agony, filling their minds with unspeakable pain

--[PRECOGNITION] Can see briefly into the possible future

--[PRETERNATURAL AWARENESS] Cast oneís perception from the limited vessel of bodily senses, gaining an unnatural awareness of the world around

=[PSY-BLADE] Allows user to project will into a blade of psychic force; impossibly thin, can cut through most objects

--[PYROKENISIS] Manifest flames and fire through sheer will alone

=[SENSE PRESENCE] Reach out with oneís mind to get a vague inkling of other life forms

--[SOUL SIGHT] Read a personís shifting aura, emotions, habitual moods, addictions and/or madness

+[SPECTRAL HANDS] Create an invisible force that can manipulate any object to knock over things, push buttons, etc. as if physically handling them

+[TELEPATHY] Send oneís thoughts into the minds of others

=[TERRIFY] Dredge up a personís worst nightmare and project it directly into their mind

--[UNNATURAL AIM] Aim cuts through time and space to hit enemy without fail






+ (mentally/physically able to deter)

= (possible to deter)

-- (impossible to deter)

Ritardando is not very skilled when it comes to using his abilities. He treats it like he would reading a manual: he doesnít look at it and tries to figure out how to use whatever he has. Most of his abilities happen involuntarily. There will be situations where Ritardando will attempt to use his abilities on others. There are instances where they may not work depending on what I understand from your character (ex: canít Sense Presence when someoneís already dead, canít Compel when person is strong willed and stubborn, etc). There are other instances where your character can fight against it (ex: trying to read into your thoughts via telepathy).


[P s ʏ ᴋ ᴇ ʀ]

02/24/2017 03:27 PM 


letter a: first and foremost, this is an rp profile. i am here primarily to rp. i like rp. i also like to chit-chat, but rp is what i am here for.

letter b: i only do multi-para to novella. please do not send me one-liners. i have made exceptions for a few people, but no more. a reply is like a tree, if you do not give it water or sunlight, it will not produce fruit. the same with rp. if you do not give anything to work with (e.g. detail, actual progression, etc), how can the rp grow? 

letter c: to add on to letter b, my character is a psychic, which means i need as much detail as possible to work with him, hence i only do multi on up. ps: i know nothing about fortune telling, so no, i donít know what i am doing. i am doing my own thing.

letter d: no god-modding please. i am open to almost everything so there is no need for you to act all obnoxiously awesome or whatever

letter e: i do any kind of verse, just let me know what you like. 

letter f: if you add, you send starter/greeting. if i add, i send starter/greeting. please donít tell me to send a starter when you where the one who added me.

letter g: to add on from letter f, do not send me a random starter. i really donít like that. i like my rps to have some kind of form. i like to know what i am working with. i will not reply to a random starter. secret message is: rawr, rawr, rawr, sh*t a dinosaur! shoítie hand me my broadsword!

letter h: to add on to letter g, i know we all have lives, even me. i have work, school and a love life so i do have other priorities. please understand i may or may not be able to rp or reply all the time. 

letter i: messages are for rp, comments are for chit-chat. remember that.

letter j: eh....

letter k: i do pc4pc. rp preferred. 

letter l: occasional w4w

letter m: sometimes people add people just for numbers or whatever. thatís cool, but i do have to say that if it persists like that for a long time, i will go on a deleting spree. 

letter n: i'm not the best editor in the world. in fact, i suck and the only reason i suck is because i focus on my writing rather than my editing. that is what i look for in a person. not how awesome their pictures are. so no, don't ask for an edit. i may surprise you with one, though.

letter o: love? i'll do it, just don't rape my character or whatever. i can handle gore and blood and hurting and all those sadistic goodies, but please, don't rape my character unless i say it is ok. he is a virgin, after all. 

letter p: i suggest you become familiar with my character's psychic abilities (on profile). it will help us to better understand how my character works and whether or not you agree with what i am doing. so... go check it out.

letter q: this just came up. i feel like i must mention this: most folks i rp with are dudes. why? because dudes give me the chance to be awesome. i like adventure and action and all that jazz. females? they mostly like romance and/or sexing it up. i'm all for that, but i can't be awesome with just that. unless you're ready to be manipulated by the lil bastard. so yeah... warning.

letter r: to add to letter p, just because my character has psychic abilities does not mean he is over powered or anything. he's just got powers, which he can't totally control or really understand, so don't worry. 

letter z: more on the way!

now answer the following questions:

1)which is your favorite letter?

2)which is your least favorite?

3)what was the secret message?

 --sign with your name and something awesome your character would say.




ƳuȷɪƳuɱɪô 雲

02/24/2017 01:52 PM 

Coming soon.

Bio, character description, history, powers and abilities ALL coming soon.


ℙale ℛider ☠

02/24/2017 10:46 PM 

Chapter 2: Meeting Evil.

-Sirens, shouts, screaming, crying, panic, anger, and prayer. These were just a drop in the bucket compared with the assault on his dulled senses Vergil picked up on while lying unbeknownst to him in a hospital bed. Several days had passed since the fire which had nearly claimed his life and during that time the entire town had come to see the injured firefighter several times over. Such dedication and unity could be seen while recovery continued as a slow and painful process. All Vergil could remember was passing off the two women he'd found that were trapped inside, and then he woke up. Doctors and nurses came in constantly to check up and see how he was faring, which was a lot better than they expected considering his skull had nearly been caved in by that house. After a few hours his family and fire crew managed to hold back everyone else so they could sit down and have a few words with the local hero. Finally able to sit up without passing out, his face mostly covered with bandages and wrap, everyone in the room wanted to smack him by the time he finished his first question and laugh at the same time.-

" by bike okay? Who has my bike?"

-The next few weeks weren't pretty by any means for Vergil. The combination of drugs, therapy, and treatments were wearing on him harder than any fire he'd stood toe to toe with. Unfortunately for him, the sympathy was being poured on a little too thick as well. Yeah the accident was literal hell but he could still roll with the big boys. Not an ounce of strength or courage was lost in those weeks, even pushing and fighting to get back into the heat but between his friends and family, that wasn't happening. Getting up to piss was enough of a challenge for the bike riding trouble maker let alone trying to slip out and find a fire to fight/-

"Kid i'm tellin' you one more god damn time. I see you out of that bed and i'll smack you over the head with your own helmet."

-It didn't get much better even after he was fully released and his face was looking less like a scab with eyes. The left caught worse than the right, and even the good doctors said it may never heal over unless they did a little skin grafting. Despite the begging and pleading, Vergil said no to anyone that asked, saying it was a scar he was damn proud to wear for what he did and loved. Time and time again he told one person or another to shove off and let him go about his business, even a week following his release. He'd never admit it to anyone, but the attention was getting on his sour side. Sure he'd been hurt pretty damn bad and almost died, but it was in the past now and he was doing fine. Yet everyone still felt the need to baby him and remind him every damn day that the fire nearly took his life. Did they forget any fire could take his life? That the dozens of times he'd gone into burning buildings could have spelled sudden death? This time it only mattered because for the first time in years someone on the fire crew got hurt no the job. And of course, it had to be their most dedicated member, save for the Fire Chief. Made to feel more like he was made of glass now as opposed to the chrome and steel on his bike.-

-Like everyone that knew him suddenly forgot all the stupid sh*t he pulled on that very bike. Way more life threatening than any stroll into the heated abyss.  Nothing some cold beers and a smoke couldn't cure right? So that's exactly what he did for the next month. Thank god work was slow and the only fire was an accidental brush burn in someones backyard. His ride received a lot of TLC, upgrades and repairs being made that needed attention, he'd always felt terrible about neglecting even the tiniest ding or scratch when work called him away. Polished, cleaned, fixed, and roaring louder than ever, Vergil hopped on and took off for his first real ride in weeks. Practically skipping off the front porch and towards the driveway, a handful of local good looking ladies offered him hellos and cat-calls while the metal monster thundered to life. All too happy to return the favor, he offered them one hand waving and the other flying the bird high before peeling out on the back tire and disappearing up the road. Perfect timing too, his damn phone wouldn't stop ringing back home, his dear old mother calling every hour to check up on her big bad son.-

-Many things about this outweighed it's rather dark history, especially this time of year. Fall was on the way and that meant the trees were stripping down to show all they had to Jack Frost. Whipping in the wind of his tires and pipes, the brightly tinted leaves marked his path while he screamed down to the road towards the only place in town where he could hide from everyone and for five minutes not feel as if  he were back in pre-school with his mother fighting to leave her baby boy all alone to play with the others kids. Blacktop turned to dirt and thunder rolled in overhead, of course it was gonna rain today. Wouldn't stop him one bit though, his bike was treated and protected and ripping through the downpour only made the trip back home more exciting.  Further and further he pushed down that old legendary road, until the dirt came to a sudden stop and turned to bright green grass which hung around the oncoming treeline like a silk scarf. Thunder rolled once more as his kickstand came down and the chromed out beast went to sleep. Crunching underneath his well worn boots, the leaves didn't seem to mind his intrusion as he made his way over to an old stump that served itself to horny teens when they wanted some privacy.-

-In his hand rested his favorite beer, five more waiting to be cracked open on the pouch attached to his bike. Dark clouds started to make their way over the woods and soon enough that old dirt road, but the rain hadn't started quite yet. Weird he thought, no lighting flashes in the background even though all that cracking and booming was ringing overhead. Tossing the empty bottle across the road, it shattered against some old oaks by the time he'd gotten the second one open. Kicking up dust on the way back to his perch, Vergil tipped his head back to go for another swig and practically choked on the bottle neck when his eyes fell on one HELL of a surprise. Taking a second to steady himself and make damn sure his pain medication wasn't f***ing with his mind, a gruff older voice came from the stump. But not before a vicious and ear splitting thunderclap rang overhead and the lightning finally came along. 

"Hello Vergil, nice to see you AGAIN."



02/24/2017 08:41 PM 

I'm just bored
Current mood:  bored

Hello I'm currently really bored yah! 



02/24/2017 03:24 PM 

Marvel Character.

Coming soon.



02/24/2017 02:51 PM 


Character Name: Ryujin Jingim Sonozaki 

How did you come about into MERC: Work in league with the Lupus Dei. 

Abilities (Give me a summary.): 
  • Shadow Fist Technique: Mastery permits and forces its students to master their qi [ Bioelectromagnetic field/Energy. ] to safeguard them long before actually learning the technique. The technique is rather sacred considering it only is taught to guards of Chinese royalty.
  • Mystical Martial Arts: This allows Hyujin to tap into multidimensional energies to easily enhance himself physically, mentally, and spiritually. His mastery of nearly all earthly and unearthly martial arts makes him a rather formidable opponent.
  • Enhanced Stats: Strength, Speed, Mental Prowess, Spiritual, Reaction, Agility, Stamina, Endurance, etc, etc, are all enhanced inhumanly. 
  • Explosions:  This ability allows the Ryujin to excrete sweat similar to nitroglycerin from his palms and ignite it to create various explosions at will, especially for innovative uses such as propelling oneself. The more he focuses the stronger the attacks are, though it known that he can cause many explosions without using his sweat combining the fact he can utilize almost any energy depending on the 'mode' he is in.
  • Energy Manipulation / Absorption: He can manipulate certain form's of energy and, in one instance with the aid of his familiar, absorbed the essence and powers of his former teammates. His psionic powers [Which passively coat him to prevent the energy from killing him.] even allow him to control the psionic powers of others as he was able to control his mother's telepathy and prevent her from actually accessing her telekinesis or telepathy without his consent (though she later learned to prevent him from inhibiting her). He can also control more esoteric energies like for example Cyclops' optic force blasts and Adam Warlock's spells. He also appears able to absorb energies and adapt to energies from almost any source. [ See Energy Absorption. ]

    Invulnerability: Hyujin is impervious to most forms of damage and can take a tremendous amount of punishment without injury. He can survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space. He, for the most part, is bullet-proof and such attacks merely bounce off his skin on contact. More powerful attacks such as rockets, mortar shells, and bombs are only slightly more effectual, due to the fact that he can absorb their explosive energy. He is unfazed by blows delivered from opponents weaker than himself and can withstand blows even by those who are stronger, though continuous and repeated hits by opponents of such great strength can eventually wear him down. He is also impervious to most forms of energy attack, and in fact, such attacks can make him stronger (see Energy Absorption, below). 

    Energy Absorption: Hyujin has the ability to absorb a wide variety of energy and utilize it to further augment his own super-strength, speed, invulnerability, energy projection, and other powers. This ability was not present before gaining his familiar and seems to be only present when it is present on the battlefield and could be an after-effect of having once been connected to it. [ Unknown to him at the time since they stay around one another.] Extremely high-energy attacks may eventually overload Hyujin's absorbing ability, but he has shown that he can absorb and utilize energy up to the magnitude of a nuclear explosion and possibly more. [Depends on what kind of fight it happening.] He has also shown an ability to absorb magical/esoteric energy.

    Regeneration: In the event that Hyujin suffers an attack that is actually powerful enough to overload both his invulnerability and energy absorption abilities, he possesses a super-healing factor and is able to quickly regenerate from almost any injury. His healing rate is accelerated even further if he is able to absorb and utilize external energy to aid in the process. He has the ability to be fully recovered from a nuclear explosion and attacks of similar magnitude in a matter of hours.

    Danger Sense: One of his original powers was a precognitive sense, called his "seventh sense," which allowed him to subconsciously recognize danger before it occurred much like the spider sense. His seventh sense also allowed him to subconsciously predict an opponent's attacks before they made them, greatly enhancing him fighting and tactical prowess in battle. 

    Minor Molecular Control: He possesses a limited degree of molecular control, which he can use to transform regular clothing into protective armor and vice versa. This power works almost instantaneously and has the effect of changing his appearance much like Clark Kent turns into superman. 
  • Esoteric Awareness: With his familiar, He possesses an enhanced awareness. He can visually perceive all types of energy patterns and was instantly aware of any significant disruptions in space or time as well as on a dimensional level.


    Hyujin's mind generates a psionic field that is attuned to the same forces that maintain the apertures as well as form a barrier around his body. This field envelops his body, protecting him from his own power. Even the thin membranes of his eyelids are sufficient to block the emission of energy should he wish to shoot them from his eyes, allowing him to contain power by simply closing his eyes. The energy he can blast is controlled by his mind's psionic field. As he focuses, he can begin to control the flow of energy and the power of it as well.

Any weapons and armors you might want upgraded: None?

What are your contributing to MERC: My abilities? You already know me.

An IN CHARACTER pledge of loyalty: "Loyalty is all I shall forever know." 


Light & Dark Edits hiatus

02/23/2017 10:51 PM 

Renner Ministries Blog

Read So Far
Is It Time To Make a Change In Your Environment?
A Fight Always Follows Illumination
Is It Ever Right To Hate Something?
Staying Untangled From the World
How To Be A Spiritual Billionaire
You Are Never Alone!

Unread So Far



02/23/2017 09:55 PM 

Jazz's Pokemon

Pokemon: #424 Ambipom (Eteboth)

Name: Utah

Sex: Female

Type: Normal

Height: 4í0

Weight: 49.8lbs

Base Stat: 512

Weaknesses To: Ghost

Advantages To: Fighting

Equal To: Everything else, xD


1. Fury Swipes (Normal)

2. Astonish (Ghost)

3. Dual Chop (Dragon)

4. Screech (Normal)

5. Agility (Psychic)

6. Last Resort (Normal)

7. Bounce (Flying)

8. Slam (Normal)

9. Substitute (Normal)

10. Grass Knot (Grass)

11. Double Team (Normal)

12. Giga Impact (Normal)

13. Shadow Claw (Ghost)

14. Thunder (Electric)

Pokemon: #463 Lickilicky (Berobelt)

Name: Slobbermonster

Sex: Male

Type: Normal

Height: 6í0

Weight: 320lbs

Base Stat: 545

Weaknesses To: Ghost

Advantages To: Fighting

Equal To: Everything else, xD


1. Oblivious (Normal)

2. Own Tempo (Normal)

3. Cloud Nine (Normal)

4. Magnitude (Ground)

5. Amnesia (Psychic)

6. Body Slam (Normal)

7. Muddy Water (Water)

8. Hammer Arm (Fighting)

9. Wring Out (Normal)

10. Power Whip (Grass)

11. Lick (Ghost)

12. Gyro Ball (Steel)

13. Fire Blast (Fire)

14. Explosion (Normal)

15. Giga Impact (Normal)

16. Hyper Beam (Normal)



Pokemon: #115 Mega Kangaskhan (Garura)

Name: Elcee & Dash

Sex: Female + Male

Type: Normal

Weight: 221.0lbs/45.0lbs

Height: 7í4/3'0

Base Stat: 600

Weaknesses To: Ghost

Advantages To: Fighting

Equal To: Everything else, xD


1. Inner Focus (Normal)

2. Scrappy (Normal)

3. Tangled Feet (Normal)

4. Parent Bond (Normal)

5. Focus Energy (Normal)

6. Focus Punch (Fighting)

7. Stomp (Normal)

8. Uproar (Normal)

9. Crush Claw (Normal)

10. Outrage (Dragon)

11. Crunch (Dark)

12. Mega Punch (Normal)

13. Dizzy Punch (Normal)

14. Sucker Punch (Dark)

15. Comet Punch (Normal)

16. Reversal (Fighting)

17. Endure (Normal)

18. Rest (Normal)

19. Hail (Ice)

20. Earthquake (Ground)

21. Shadow Ball (Ghost)

22. Shadow Claw (Ghost)

23. Bulldoze (Ground)

24. Hyper Beam (Normal)

25. Giga Impact (Normal)

Pokemon: #295 Exploud (Bakuong)

Name: Chud

Sex: Male

Type: Normal

Height: 5í0

Weight: 195.2lbs

Base Stat: 520

Weaknesses To: Ghost

Advantages To: Fighting

Equal To: Everything else, xD


1. Scrappy (Normal)

2. Soundproof (Normal)

3. Hammer Arm (Fighting)

4. Extrasensory (Psychic)

5. Crunch (Dark)

6. Hyper Beam (Normal)

7. Boomburst (Normal)

8. Synchronoise (Psychic)

9. Hyper Voice (Normal)

10. Screech (Normal)

11. Howl (Normal)

12. Ice Fang (Ice)

13. Fire Fang (Fire)

14. Thunder Fang (Electric)

15. Echoed Voice (Normal)

16. Giga Impact (Normal)

17. Torment (Dark)

Pokemon: #128 Tauros (Kentauros)

Name: Elco

Sex: Male

Type: Normal

Height: 5í0

Weight: 200lbs

Base Stat: 520

Weaknesses To: Ghost

Advantages To: Fighting

Equal To: Everything else, xD


1. Sheer Force (Normal)

2. Intimidate (Normal)

3. Anger Point (Normal)

4. Scary Face (Normal)

5. Tail Whip (Normal)

6. Giga Impact (Normal)

7. Thrash (Normal)

8. Take Down (Normal)

9. Zen Headbutt (Psychic)

10. Payback (Dark)

11. Rage (Normal)

12. Earthquake (Ground)

13. Solar Beam (Grass)

14. Toxic (Poison)

15. Ice Beam (Ice)

16. Smart Strike (Steel)

17. Fire Blast (Fire)

18. Wild Charge (Electric)

19. Surf (Water)


Pokemon: #648 Meloetta

Name: Yael

Sex: Female

Type: Normal/Psychic

Height: 2í0

Weight: 15lbs

Base Stat: 645

Weaknesses To: Dark, Bug

Advantages To: Psychic

Immune To: Ghost

Equal To: Everything else, xD


1. Close Combat (Fighting)

2. Hyper Voice (Normal)

3. Psychic (Psychic)

4. Wake-up Slap (Fighting)

5. Psybeam (Psychic)

6. Acrobatics (Flying)

7. Confusion (Psychic)

8. Quick Attack (Normal)

9. Teeter Dance (Normal)

10. Sing (Normal)

11. Roleplay (Psychic)

12. Perish Song (Normal)

13. Focus Blast (Fighting)

14. Dream Eater (Psychic)

15. Energy Ball (Grass)

16. Dazzling Gleam (Psychic)

17. Shadow Ball (Ghost)

18. Hidden Power (Normal)

19. Low Sweep (Fighting)

20. Charge Beam (Electric)

21. Calm Mind (Psychic)

22. Wonder Room (Psychic)

23. Light Screen (Psychic)

24. Trick Room (Psychic)

25. Safeguard (Psychic)

26. Psywave (Psychic)

27. Future Sight (Psychic)

28. Meditate (Psychic)

29. Misty Terrain (Psychic)



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