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06/01/2020 05:05 PM 

The Will of The First, Zodiark’s Command

The youthful Elezen laid silently, staring up at the endless sky above. The sun beat down on his battered and soiled body. His grimoire in shreds.. his garbs, tattered.. the breeze began to blow gently over his still figure. A brief smile cracking upon his fatigued lips “Grandsire.. pray.... guide my soul... ascend me... to... sanctuary....” his hues welled up as his consciousness began to fade out “My Scions.... someday..... forgive me....” he utters out as his vision grows dark, the world around him muting as his figure itself showed little life.   It would take a miracle for Alphinaud to be saved from his fate, he had no one else around. With his grimoire torn, none of his Carbuncles could be summoned. Time was running out for the young Elezen, as the land too began shifting to correct its natural Aether. Soon enough, the Aether of the land began to attach itself to Alphinaud’s still figure... in which.. the very soul of the Archon himself began to use his own Aetherical presense, protecting Alphinaud from the realm claiming him “Exarch.... time is nigh... the land will claim my grandson, ere long!”

FFXIV, Final Fantasy XIV, Alphinaud, RP, RolePlay


06/01/2020 02:37 PM 

les regles de vanitas
Current mood:  bouncy

Para/multipara roleplays Don't add me unless you actually intend to roleplay I'm not a sparring/tournament account Admin is shy, and terrible at small talk. I have a discord but only give it to people I trust I'm also very private, so you will likely never hear about my life.  OOC drama is a no go. IC drama, though? I'm okay with that I enjoy small amounts of conflict in my roleplays and to mix genres I am not here to ship, I will not change my characer for you, nor will I ever get involved in smut Some maturity is requested. This character lives off confrontation and the curing of curses( outside of his own). There may be violence, crass language, or dark themes. This character's story is very lore heavy. But its his history and birthplace that often give rise to terms that might not make sense unless explained. Things like 'chaussers' and 'malnomen'. I have a list of these terms readily available and am constantly updating it

𝘐𝘰𝘳𝘪 𝘠𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘮𝘪

06/01/2020 01:06 PM 

Rules aka Common Sense 101
Current mood:  indifferent

I. The sh*t that wont fly with me.001. Racisim? - I dont give a f*** if your White , Black , Latino or Asian. We're all equals in this business if you have a problem with the color of someones skin then obviously you aint the right fit for me. 002. Character Assassins? - I dont give a f*** what your 100 year old grudge is with someone who probaly dosent give a damn that you exist. Do yourself a favor and learn how to let that sh*t go. Being angry over someone elses f*** ups is like drinking poison expecting that person to die as a result of it, pointless.003. Mirrors / Alt Replacement - I know exactly how people roll around this sh*t hole. I'm not having any of that trash on my friends list. You want to get to know me? Like the old saying goes. "Be your own legend".II. The sh*t I'm open to write with instead.001. All Roleplays Welcomed [ Action , Adventure , Romance , Slice Of Life Preffered. ] 

Guidelines,Who gives a shit really

Vine, The Dollmaker

06/01/2020 11:46 PM 


ust something I thought to write.1. Though Vine is 19 in my writings, his mental age is usually that of a twelve-year-old, except for how he talks. He talks very sophisticatedly for his age, but his mental age is much lower than his real age. This is thanks to the trauma he endured at such a young age. He was deprived of his childhood, so his mental state suffered and became that of a child, almost as if to make up for the childhood he never really got.2. Vine, though a sweetheart, is still ruthless when killing. Jason, who has observed Vine killing before, often describes it as he becomes an entirely different person. His personality completely flips from his normal sweet self to a cold-hearted killer. Though they all kill without mercy, it still freaks them out how different Vine can turn in a matter of seconds.3. Vine is a fairly messy killer. Though his method of murder, turning people into dolls, would generally produce no blood, they always struggled, so when he's stitching smiles into their faces or taking their eyes out he can get covered in blood. He also has a tendency when he's angry to just chop a person into pieces to let out his anger. It scares the others sometimes, and he is subsequently one of the worst in the mansion to get angry.4. Vine doesn't really talk about his trauma unless forced to. Slenderman knows because he Slenderman, he knows everything about all of them. He's briefly explained a small portion of it to Jason, though it was enough to make Jason understand how Vine ended up in the state he has.5. Though Vine takes good care of his hair, it always seems to be a tangled mess, no matter what he does. He can't get his hair any better, though he can easily help the others with their hair. Vine often does Sally's hair for things like tea parties.6. Vine actually enjoys wearing skirts and dresses and wears them around the mansion from time to time. It makes sense given his normal personality is fairly girly. The others don't really question it as it makes him happy and they know it can be hard to get him hin a happy state sometimes.7. Though almost all of them don't know what he's been through, they do understand he suffers from a lot of mental problems. He's had more than a few breakdowns or psychotic episodes in front of them before. They've learned how to avoid most of these episodes, though sometimes they come at complete random.8. They are all also aware of his eating problems. They try to get him to eat more but are often unsuccessful. In the years he's been there they've barely gotten him to eat more food than when they arrived. They hate seeing him as skinny as he is, but they can't seem to do anything about it. 

𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓣𝓻𝓪𝓿

06/01/2020 10:23 PM 

Clockwatch Log 01
Current mood:  annoyed

Falling from the skies doesn't feel as great, at times. Though, it can be fun, if I were to fall voluntarily on my own instead of being pushed or rushed through the Portal Ward! Just as I forgotten my notebook on my table at my Office, falling without able to pull out a parachute to save myself.I had to struggle in air without making myself completely dizzy. I should be used to this by now, from all of my travels. My bag slipped from my hand and I couldn't catch it! Damn it, it might fall far from where I land. I'll have to find it afterwards.I might crash elsewhere hopefully, I don't wish to land on anything too hard or even anyone.

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