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04/13/2019 05:14 PM 

Character Survey

First name? "Lyla."
Surname? "Bardot."
Nicknames? "Well my father calls me Ly. Some have taken to Sleeping Beauty..."
Date of birth? "November 19th."
Age? "I'm 25 years old."

Height? "I'm 5'5"."
Weight? "A little rude to ask but if you must know i'm 132lbs..."
Hair colour? "It's snow white."
Hair style? "Well it's naturally wavy I suppose?"
Eye colour? "An icy blue."
Which facial feature is most prominent? "I guess my eyes."
Other distinguishing features? "The dark circles under my eyes sometimes, I have atrocious sleeping habits."
Skin? "VERY Porcelain."
Scars? "I have several from my upbringing."
Birthmarks? "I have two facial beauty marks, One under my left eye and on the left side of my chin."
Type of clothes? "I tend to go for comfortable styles though i'll be brave now and again."
Mannerisms? "Well I tend to smoke when i'm feeling overwhelmed."
Are they in good health? "With my issues i'm always below average but for the most part yes."

What words or phrases do they overuse? "I suppose I use a great deal of positive reinforcement phrases."
Do they have a catchphrase? "Does encouragement count as a catchphrase?"
Are they more optimistic or pessimistic? "I like to think i'm mostly optimistic."
Are they introverted or extroverted? "I'm very introverted except with people I care about."
What bad habits do they have? "My smoking and self-deprecation."
What is their greatest fear? "...Losing control of myself."
What are their biggest secrets? "Wouldn't be a secret if I told you would it?"
What will they stand up for? "Friends, family, the weak, and the hopeless."
What quality do they most value in a friend? "Trustworthiness."
What are their pet peeves? "Having my personal space invaded and being touched by strangers."

Is their family big or small? "Biologically it's VERY small."
Do they have siblings? Older or younger? "I am an only child."
Describe their best friend. "He's an honest man who truly has a heart of gold and an unbeatable resolve."
Ideal best friend? "I just did."
Do they have any pets? "Ugo and Peach, They're lovable goofballs."

Do they believe in love at first sight? "No, It's just not realistic."
Are they in a relationship? "F-For the millionth time no!"
How do they behave in a relationship? "Never been in one so how should I know?"
Has your character ever been in love? "...N-No."
Have they ever had their heart broken? "Not in a romantic sense but yes."

How do they respond to a threat? "By assessing the situation and acting accordingly."
Are they most likely to fight with their fists or their tongue? "I'd want things to end without violence if possible."
What is your character’s kryptonite? "Myself and those I hold close."
How do they perceive strangers? "Someone else to be cautious of."
What are their phobias? "You don't need to know that..."
What is their choice of weapon? "Depends on the enemy."

What is their current job? Artist, Photographer (Hunter, Gang-Star)
What do they think about their current job? "It has its moments, Same as any."
What are some of their past jobs? "I was a waitress for a short time when I first moved to NY. Never again."
What are their hobbies? "Arts, Crafts, Photography, Gardening, Music, I like to try different things out."
Educational background? "I was 'home' schooled by my father."
Intelligence level? "Ummm.. average I guess?"
Do they have any specialist training? ".....Maybe."
Do they have a natural talent for something? "I've got quite the eye for detail."
Do they play a sport? Are they any good? "Playing sports was NEVER in my cards."
What is their socioeconomic status? "I suppose middle class."

What is their favourite animal(s)? "I adore artic foxes and canines the most but I love all animals really."
Which animal do they dislike the most? "There's none I dislike."
What place would they most like to visit? "Maybe Alaska? I'd love to see the Aurora Borealis."
What is the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen? "I find beauty in many things, It's kind of my job."
What is their favourite colour? Powder Blue
Favourite food? "Call me simple but i'm a sucker for a good pizza or anything red velvet."
What is their favourite day of the week? "Sunday, I normally take it off to unwind from a busy week."

Who or what is your character’s guardian angel? "My father for sure but i'd have to include Bruno as well."
Do they believe in the afterlife? "Absolutely."
Are they superstitious? "Extremely."
How would they like to die? "On my own terms."
What is your character’s spirit animal? "A Fox."
What is their zodiac sign? "I am a Scorpio."

What is their character archetype? "I'd say I fall under the caregiver."
Who is their hero? "My father and Bruno."
What or who would your character dress up as for Halloween? "Either a noir songbird or a mermaid."
Are they comfortable with technology? "I'm somewhat accustomed to it yes."
Where do they see themselves in ten years? "Hopefully not dead."
What is their greatest regret? ".....No comment."
What is their favourite fairytale? "Beauty and the Beast."
If they could have a superpower, what would they choose? "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"


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