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May 20th, 2019

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May 16, 2019


05/16/2019 02:01 PM 

How to Join Comfort.

If you are interested in joining the Discord server, either for RPing or just hanging around to chat,
please send a PM saying so. This will be used as a sort of safety filter to check up on who is
wanting to enter.

This is a returning account, meaning we've been through this before and have had this server
before, but because we did not take safety precautions before, we got bombarded with toxic and
careless users. Obviously your comfort is what we strive for and is our priority, so we are
trying to eliminate any risk of that happening again! Slip-ups may occur, but we have
a decent system in the server itself too to keep negativity out.

We do not use this precaution as a way to discriminate, we just want to be safe and make sure
people are aware and conscious of what they're getting into as well!
Once you've PMed us with your interest (you may also ask for extra information on the lore
+ server, if you want), we will reply with a link to the server.

Thank you!


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