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August 18th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 24
Country: Russia

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August 01, 2019


08/11/2019 01:50 PM 

Royce, the 4th character
Current mood:  electric

Royce is a male in his early to mid 20's typically 24.

Hes a more personified version of my rl, so he takes after a lot of my rl personality and characteristics, not just what i fantasize like other characters. 

I wont add a lot of detail, so youll have to messege me for a rp for him to get to know him better :) 

No erotica, and if i happen to be taken with one of my characters, im more than likely taking the others off the list x.x i wouldnt be able to focus on multiple people at the same time, i can barely keep my rl together haha. I can only keep intimate relationship with one person at a time, sorry :/

He's smart, tries to be witty, can come off as a prick due to his type of humor but always means the best towards people. Hes honest and very open about his opinions and ideas. 


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