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|Specifically for Boyfriend To Death Roleplays|
- I had this account previously, and first off I apologize to anyone I lost contact with/haven’t replied to - things had happened, and this account got deleted due to inactivity! Sorry again!
- This version of Ren is most likely going to be the 21 year old one from BTD2, only because it’s a bit easier to integrate him into a plot that way. But, if the 18 year old version works better for a story (pre-Strade murder) then that’s fine!
- Ships are fine!
- I can play other characters than just Ren, however, Ren is preferred to be my go to, or main character.
- AU’s and such are fine!
- As mentioned, Ren will preferably be my character of choice, however other characters I’m comfortable with playing are Strade or Lawrence.
- Headcanons are fine too!!
- To be continued? Maybe?? :00

|Personal Roleplay Preferences|
- 18 years old.
- OC's and AU's are fine, as sort of mentioned!
- Good grammar is preferred and appreciated! (But, as long as it's readable then I don't really mind!)
- Semi lit to advanced literate, meaning around a half a paragraph to four plus, give or take. I like to write a lot, oops.
- Despite what I just said, I like to match the length of what my partner writes, anyways! As long as it's not one word or a one liner, then I'm fine with it.
- Personally, I prefer to use canon characters and use them in third person (but, if my partner wishes to be an OC that's fine, however I do prefer both using canon characters, but it's really not that big of a deal!)
- Crossovers are also fine!
- Violence, gore, dark themes (like torture or such), swearing, triggering topics, etc is perfectly fine and even encouraged (depending on the situation, obviously!)
- Angst!!! Cute, fluffy stuff!!! Yes please??? Either or, it keeps me alive-
- Anything NSFW can be discussed privately, though it's something preferred to be used with limits. Meaning, it's not the main focus of the roleplay and rather used just for elements here and there if it seems appropriate for the situation at hand. (I’m talking about anything explicit, not violence-)
- Discord and Instagram are available if you wish to talk there! I have a few other platforms but I don't consistently use them as often as those two.
- Uhhh....that's about it! I'd be more than happy to help come up with stuff for the plot if you didn't have anything in mind, creating a story together is better anyways! Also, I'll say it here before anything else, I really, really apologize if I don't reply! I've either gotten busy, forgotten, or physically couldn't bring myself to due to issues with lack of motivation- please don't be offended if I don't reply, I hope you can understand β™₯ But I'd love to talk and make new friends, please don't be shy to message me!!


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