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About me:
Ponies. Dragons. Two entirely different species who were never on the best of terms. They were never to the point they were at war but never on the best of terms. However, two, one of each species, came together with mutual feelings for one another. Love. At the time, the king of the dragons and a mere pegasus came together with the lord of dragons saving the life of a species that could easily have been his lunch. But, something about the pony prevented him from doing it and even to his very last breath, he never knew the answer to that one question. He just chalked it up to fate. The two were fated to meet and fall in love.

Their story started Twenty years before Nightmare Moon came back from her banishment. The king of the dragons was brought a pony, what looked to be a homeless pony mare. Peasus, if he was judging right by her wings. She had been caught in their lands, with her stating she was only looking for a place to stay. Something about this mare caused the king to hesitate before giving the order to take her to the guest room, giving her anything and everything she needed or asked for. As the guards took her to her new room, the king noticed, she looked to have been beaten by all the old scars and even the new gashes and cuts on her body.

As the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months, the king, who the pony came to know as Tezoth while the pegasus mare was soon known as Autumn Sun, soon found themselves getting closer to one another. Those feelings soon bloomed into full blown love and it was Tezoth, ironically who came to notice first what it was. They soon came to a neutral ground so they may talk, which they did and confessed their feelings for one another. However, it wasn't that simple though. Dragons and ponies were forbidden to to be together by an ancient law set place thousands of years ago. But, they didn't care and begun their relationship.

Months flew by and the pegasus found she was pregnant by the dragon, which surprised them both. Logically speaking, their DNA shouldn't have been able to mix but it did, allowing the mare to give birth to a beautiful white dragon pony hybrid. Her fur was a mix of scales and fur while her mane was a shiny blonde shade. Her eyes were an enchanting sapphire blue and while her wings were that of a pegasus, she had a long dragon tail and her ears were that of a dragon's as well. The two did their best to hide their relationship from prying eyes of both pony and dragon. Now it was even harder given the fact they now had a filly hybrid to deal with.

However, their best was not enough. Two long years later, they were found out which turned out terrible for both the king and his family. A Young, yet strong dragon male led a group of other dragons to the king's chamber where the king and his mate was. The king already knew this was going to happen, so he made sure to take action. Action to save his daughter. Autumn already found peace in what was to come and was ready for it. The two had hid their child in a safe haven, untouchable by the other dragons. The group stormed the chamber, slaughtering the king and his pegasus mate. The leader of this group, he had taken the crown soon after as King Render, the lord of dragons.

Now, twenty years later, the dragon pony hybrid had found herself traveling from place to place, hoping to find a place to settle down but to no avail. A few years ago, she had ran into a group of dragons and because of her looks, which were that of divinity combined with the fact she was a hybrid, the group attacked her. Hoping to do some terrible things to her before they killed her. That's when the hybrid learned of her power. Because she was part pony, she was faster than any pegasus could ever hope to move and because she was part dragon, she was stronger than any dragon. The pony magic in her blood mixing with her dragon blood strengthened her odd DNA mix, making her a very deadly foe to have on one's bad side.

Her body erupted, quite literally, transforming her body into what looked to be the literal manifestation of molten lava. She attacked them, killing one but then her anger piqued and her body exploded with intense heat equal to a solar flare from the sun, incinerating the group instantly. Soon after, she came to her senses, realizing what happened, she went into hiding to keep from doing that ever again but after a few years of training her emotions, she came out with a lot better control. Now, it takes a lot to make her anger take over but woes to the one who pressed those buttons and by Faust have mercy on their soul.
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The ill Omen

Oct 2nd 2019 01:06

As am I unfortunately 
The ill Omen

Oct 2nd 2019 01:06

As am I unfortunately 
The ill Omen

Oct 1st 2019 14:54

I am rather well, and yourself?
The ill Omen

Oct 1st 2019 14:06

Oh I’m sorry to hear that, looks like I’m lucky then to catch you on a day your not hiding :3
The ill Omen

Sep 21st 2019 16:33

Hello there :P 
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