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Characters: Noctis Lucis Caelum
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// History lesson: No art is original, everything is borrowed, adapted or inspired. Original paintings from Michaelangelo were forged from the Romans, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was hated before the modern day made it famous. Star Wars has borrowed materials from a film with lasers long before SW existed.

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About me:
Admin F • Canon/Headcanon • MultiMuse • Non-Yaoi • Crossover • Non-biased • AU Selective • RP experience 14 years



•I do not accept any type of sexual content or theme, unless I give consent. I wish to keep everything within General Audience if possible

•Please respect me and my muse, as we are not the same person, my portrayal of a character does not equal who I am as a person

•I do accept crossovers

•I am rather OC friendly since I do have some of my own making, but my perspective of yours will be determined by how much you’ve worked on them

•I try to be as accurate as possible with my muse so don’t expect any altering or editing of Noctis

•I am accepting of headcanons as long as they note they would fit within the original creation of the character

•I ask that you do NOT force Noctis into a relationship, I do not care if it is part of your fanfic or OC development, this is canon not an agreement

•Please, if you have any questions, simply ask me



I may sometimes be late or inactive due to medical needs and/or busy with other RPs


Outside of RP- I do a lot of artwork on my pc tablet and laptop. I work with both a wireless mouse and a drawing tablet. I am in a wheelchair as I was born with a rare physical disability, in which it also contributes to my health. I am also a gamer, been playing since 1996 with the Gameboy Color and SNES.


Keep In Mind- I wish to be as close to canon as I can, with my muses. There are times where I do adhere headcanon or AU, but I try to be sure it is within the lines of originality. Below is a list of my headcanons for Noctis, yes, I did include a Kingdom Hearts crossover.

•Thalassa Seashell: Noctis had a dream one night of being on the Destiny Islands and meeting Sora and Riku, in which he found a Thalassa Seashell washed up on the beach. The next day, he awoke with the real seashell in his pocket. When he concentrates on it, it puts his body into sleep and transports his being to cross the realm into Kingdom Hearts, at the very Island he met the boys.

•Armory possession: The Kings of the past are able to possess Noctis via the ancient armory he uses. When he is at his limit, his power will increase and his body will illuminate in a frail cyan aura as his eyes themselves glow white. He is aware of the possession, but has no recollection of it once it’s over, but can feel the difference in his power between himself and the ancients.

•The Plague of Nightmares: These nightmares happen quite often. Unable to escape the trauma of losing his home town, and his father, Noctis had been plagued with nearly endless nightmares about the Empire. Some of them are so powerful, he is known to spend a range of 3-10 days asleep. Waking up from these nightmares is quite a chore, as they have some gruesome effects on his well being, soul heart and even his Will.

•Origins: Based off the original version of Noctis in FFXIII Versus. His eyes become a crimson red and his Armiger become a barrage of an onslaught of each of his Arms of The Lucis. Though the display itself leaves him drained from his energy being spent.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Feb 13th 2019 21:26

Hello Noctis~
You already know me which makes
this introduction really easy. But
my name is Viveka in case you never
caught it. Pleasure to meet you, bud.
I have Discord if you'd like quicker 
replies. Hope to hear from you soon
and chat~

Feb 10th 2019 23:00

❝ To express my fondness for one's acquaintance is debatable, yet I made no such a word to spare the opportunity of gaining new allies and feasibly building establishments I am just as half-minded to endure this preference. I needn't introduction to those of familiar company, however for whom I freshly address my recognition to I am Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt of Niflheim and leading monarch of the Imperial forces. In control of an entire infantry of magiteknological armaments at my behest, my lineage and I mount an aggressive campaign of territorial expansion. As the only living and surviving member of the Aldercapt dynasty, I seek to recreate the glory of the obsolete and ancient civilization of Solheim. Reaching to substantial heights to possess these requirements and sacrificing precious lives I have acquired the least of three nations out of four residing on Eos. The Crown City is my final pursuit! Join me in the battle against Lucis, gain victory over your competition, and rule all domain of Eos or join them and you can fall together. First initiative, let us discuss and innovate a scene, sl, or preferably converse inside character if one favors. I await your arrival with anticipation.❞

~ Aldercapt

//I'm delighted for the add and or acceptance regarding my request and welcome you wholeheartedly. I'm open and compliant to rules and restrictions respectfully if the writer is mutual vise-versa. My lengths are semi-para, para, and one-liners if one chooses just to talk inside character. I am active and patient, however I DO NOT keep mutes or posties on my list therefore a week will be given to all writers who recieved my introduction. If you fail or neglect to respond to the given comment, I will remove you from my list. I will mainly be conversing through this elected character and apologize before hand should you become offended by he/she's performance which should scarcely if not at all transpire because it's a fictional world and on any matter, shape or form SHOULD NOT be taken seriously. Keep RL drama out of the material world, if you have a issues or questions concerning the fictional topic of discussion I will attempt to resolve the situation and be as convenient as I can. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy your stay!//

Feb 5th 2019 23:42

Heya Noct!
Nice to finally actually say something to ya.
If you ever wanna plot something out or talk. lemme know.~
Take care now!

Jan 22nd 2019 23:11

Image result for Aqua Kingdom hearts gif

Hello there, my name is Master Aqua. And it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m aware the normal is let’s roleplay or chat but I actual am coming to you for something else.

I’d actually like to get to know you and become friends, may it be through roleplay or talking.

If you don’t desire this it’s perfectly fine, we can simply write and speak once in awhile.

Thanks for a small bit of your time.

● ʙʀᴀᴠᴇʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ─

Jan 20th 2019 14:15

& ʙ ʀ ᴀ ᴠ ᴇ ʜ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴛ - -;
"Well I can't use t h i s  anymore, might as well leave it here in case the o t h e r  me needs it."

Thank you for the acceptance. I look forward to us weaving together lasting m e m o r i e s and partaking on adventures that we will remember f o r e v e r.

dιaмond dυѕт

Jan 7th 2019 13:08

behind the diamond dust/arcticicedragoon I will skip the boring stuff and get straight to the point.

You + Me = Epic Storyline. Yes?

I hope to become good friends with you and establish a bond through a story--if that doesn't strike the fancy, chatting is always cool until you are all ready.

I'm Arctic Sapphire, it's nice to meet you. I hope to hear from you sometime. Even if it isn't in relevance to a story, a hello here and there is fine by me. If you have any questions about my character, feel free to ask me, and I will tell you about her.

I hope to hear from you sometime and thank you for your time. I hope you're having a marvelous day! 
crαftч wítch★

Jan 5th 2019 20:44

crαftч wítch★ out of character

Hello new friend! ♥ THANK YOU very much for accepting my request!! I'm secretly in love with Noctis shhh lolol xD I do hope you and I can come up with some kind of cross over story line. I kinda just requested you out of the whim since I was excited to see you heh. :D 

Maybe to start off Noctis could somehow stumble upon Castle Oblivion and Namine has to help him return back to his realm? Sorry if that idea sounds so horrible just throwing an idea out there lol. I hope to hear back from you and it is a pleasure to meet you! ♥


Jan 5th 2019 17:46

"I'm sorry, but I never caught your name earlier! Should I stick with calling you 'Your Highness', new friend?"

Dec 26th 2018 13:25

"It can't be..." Caius whispered as he noticed the young man from a distance.
"Etro, have you really damned me so?"

It had appeared that this young man is traveling with three of his friends. After being brought in to this new world, it seemed that death didn't want to take him. Everything has seem to have shifted into a different realm.

// Hello there! Thanks for requesting! I look forward to hearing back from you! You can just ignore that little mini-dialogue I was just trying to set the setting. xD
⚔ Erika Auditore ⚔

Dec 18th 2018 02:22


Good Morning/Evening/Night 
Thank you for adding/ accepting 
I do hope we can get something started soon.
Can't wait to hear from you. 

Image result for Assassins Creed logo gif
⚔ Erika Auditore ⚔

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