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06/02/2020 11:39 PM 


1. Treat others how you would like to be treated. This is meant to be a safe place to be creative and fun.2. Mind your character’s actions and other character’s reactions. Don’t take things personally.3. Please keep OOC drama out of the server.4. Do not use the venting channel to attack another person.5. Please bare in mind where you’re posting. Keep OOC content in OOC channels, keep IC content in Roleplaying channels.6. Please keep in mind the location you are in. If you move locations, please move to that location.7. Please don’t disrespect the mods and admins.8. If you have major issues with the server or something going on in the server, please PM Spades. I will try to resolve the issue.9. Please try to keep sexual content and smut in your DMs. We appreciate your development and are proud - we don’t need to see the details.10. OOC Drama, transphobia, racism, sexism will result in warnings and eventual banning.Each category is mostly organized. For Enoch and the White Bat - The channel is there to provide a visual and written aid to help describe the scene each player is walking their character through. These channels are free posting, anyone posting as much and as fast as they would like for IC banters and chatter. For a more traditional RP - please contact the Admins and we more than happy would love to create a channel for you and your partner. This includes fights and groups. The group is active on the Ani Forums as well if you wish to not be limited by the word count of discord. It is advised that players make their flashy and as over the top as they want introduction into Sentinel! So everyone can comment on the intro reactions.It is advised you follow both  the Ani Forum and the Discord group. But you don't have to.


06/02/2020 10:55 PM 

The rules!

- I'm only adding/accepting men because i'm more comfortable, if you don't like it, don't add me,i am open to a lot of males characters, if you try to make me change and push me to make Lupin straight, keep dreaming about it.the main pairing is Lupin and Zenigata, the other have to be male x male only, not male x female.i'm not straight, that's why.-if you start drama or try to get in a fight with me or someone else, expect a block from me,plain and simple.-Patience is required, do not spam me with messages, status comments.-there is no limits of lenghts here, as long as it's good, quality over quantity.-do not add me if you are also a faint of heart, there will be violence, Lupin the third is very well known for 'excessive violence'.-No MCRPs either, or i can accept, but have a character already.i'm keeping the rules short, follow them wisely. 

𝐞𝐝𝐠𝐲 𝐛***𝐡

06/02/2020 03:05 PM 

Jan's crappy bio

Surprisingly enough, January Everett isn’t an angry person. Not angsty, or mean, or really emotional. Despite his music taste and choice of dress, he’s really just a down to earth guy who uses the aesthetic as a sort of vent. If all your negative emotions are turned positive by a punk lifestyle, then what do you have to be upset about?He isn’t your main character, or your antagonist. Not even the knight in shining armor. He’s the mellow guy next door, someone to chat with and maybe share a smoke. Being supportive just comes with the personality, and he's a walking care package. If anything, he does seem a little scary at first, being covered in piercings and having red contacts, but his talkative demeanor while most likely break right through the ice.Now, you must be wondering, how is he so nice? Doesn’t he have his own problems? Surely, if he were a normal person, he would have struggles of his own, right? Well, you’re partially right. He does have his own problems, though they aren’t brought to light that often. Jan chooses to hide the things he mulls over in order to deal with them on his own. In particular, he's dealing with some internalized homophobia, something he’s grown up with that caused him to hide his sexuality. Very rarely will you hear him talk about this, though. Even if he’s friendly, he isn’t one to trust easily.Jan came from a normal lower-middle class family, not spoiled and privileged, but also having enough to eat and a safe household. His parents weren’t the best at what they did, but they tried, and January still loves and respects them for their effort. Of course, he has his small traumas like everyone, but nothing major enough to affect his everyday life. That is, until highschool. In his junior year Jan found himself in a somewhat abusive relationship with an older man that he’d met online. He isn't weak minded, nor is he weak physically, so he was able to get out of the situation after a few weeks. The time he spent under the man still affected his way of viewing people, so he tends to not take his relationships as seriously as he should, hurting his partners in the process.This brings us to the present, where Jan has begun his adult life as an engineering major at some small town college. He’s a flirt, frequents parties, and is pretty ambiguous about his sexuality. It’s obvious that he prefers men, though. After completing puberty, (finally), he still finds himself a bit short, standing at 5 foot 6 inches. A fresh dye job of dark purple hair, a few piercings, a hidden tattoo or two, and you have yourself a punk brat who’s not going to stop annoying you till you get off the bathroom floor of some frat house and join him in his dorm. His hobbies aren’t many, but he plays some video games, does some painting, and (oooh, surprise) plays the flute. Weird, right? Blame the geeky band kid phase that he learned the lamest and most high pitched instrument. He has a skateboard and guitar, though he doesn’t have the slightest amount of knowledge on how to use them. And, of course, he has a beat up PT Cruiser in tribute to Micheal Mell and his ever growing love of musical theater. Forget being a petty PA kid, though. January lives the life of your generic e-boy wannabe with a nic addiction and too many jean jackets.   

No Justice x No Peace

06/02/2020 02:27 PM 

Damn!!! I suck. :P
Current mood:  anxious

Hello Again!  Welcome back to yet again another one of my ludicrous blog posts Y'all! Woot woot!Dear friends, I am well aware of my lack of replies and my total disregard of consideration towards you all as my role play partners, I'll be roleplaying a lot more now that I have edited my profile and have a few pictures of my character already.   To do list: Reply to all the homies Find/Edit a picture of my OC with his friends (y'all) Further customizing my profile / styling the f*** out of my blog. Thanks for your patience, and hope to roleplay soon. xoxo.  


06/02/2020 03:37 PM 

Cammy White

Height: 5'1" (155 cm)Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)Eye color: TurquoiseHair color: BlondeBlood type: BMeasurements: B86/W57/H88PersonalBirthdate: January 6/1974Birthplace: United Kingdom United KingdomFighting style: Shadaloo fighting techniques (Shadaloo), Special Forces training (Delta Red)Likes: Cats, cake, collecting fighting data, Chun-Li, her sisters (the Shadaloo dolls), Sakura, Delta Red, Guile, RyuDislikes: Everything when she's in a bad mood, sympathy towards her, soupsOccupation:Shadaloo Assassin Or MI6 Delta Red Operative Affiliation(Can rock either side)Shadaloo Delta RedSkills: Knife-throwingAlignment: Neutral Good/Evil depending on the version of Cammy


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