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November 12th, 2019

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June 29, 2018


11/06/2019 12:48 PM 

A King Puts His People Before Himself
Category: Stories

Lightning cracked across the sky, as the rain poured down in a deluge. Parts of Angelgard were scarred and broken, yet the island itself remained whole. A battle had taken place, carnage and debris would give any wandering eye a surprise. In the midst of it all? the chosen King laid, beaten and battered from the battle that waged upon this island. 

His garbs.. stained and soiled, many of his Arms embedded in the ground around him. Ashore across the way in Galdin Quay and even across Altissia, many citizens were watching in worry and awe. What had happened? a clash between the chosen King and the Lord of Astrals; Bahamut. He never told his retainers he was going to take on Bahamut himself, he felt that he should be the one to put a stop to the cycle. Yet, no one knew if Noctis had survived this fight, his retainers watched on with utter worry.


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