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02/10/2019 10:14 PM 


A warrior made storyteller, wandering for a future.

Name: Viral

Age: 42

Birthday: Oct 19

Gender: male

Species: Beastman

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Amber

Skin Color: Light tan

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 182 lb

History: A former warrior for a king, who declared him a storyteller for his failures and crimes, the legends he was to tell for generations are no longer cared for.  He is the only one to have survived a war that ended that same tyrant, though he fell to despair long before his death caused by those he ruled. Created by that mans will and made to serve in war like all his brothers and sisters, Viral was left as one of the last of his kind after it all. A nomad and wanderer now, his future is uncertain but his past is far behind him. 

Personality: With his former purpose and bonds of loyalty lost he's become a patient and quiet soul, seeking out small bonds of friendship and bringing happiness when he can as he travels. This does not mean he is frail or slow, he's quite lively at certain times, his temper and fierce passion have been known to flare up for battle. While smiles and hope are brought out by forming bonds with others even if they do not last. Somehow a troubled soul but a calm one at different moments, his regrets are few and he's content with simply helping someone out and attempting to find a future for himself.

Appearance: He's close to a human in form but a few things are slightly off, the biggest difference of those being his hands. They're abnormally large and are a darker tone then the rest of his skin, with his nails replaced by claws essentailly making his hands large fleshy maces. His facial structure is no different but internally his teeth are almost all canines with some molars remaining in the back, giving him a shark toothed grin. The last major difference would be his amber eyes and vertical slit pupils similar to that of a snake or cat. Moving back to general human characteristics, his body is mesomorph in type and isn't bulky or thin.

Abilities: Other then an extended life span and nightvision he can't do much more then any average person.

Unique Biology: Inside, Viral has a few more organs then most. Sporting a second set of lungs and a second liver, these organs act as sort of backups. If the primary organs fail, the second ones kick into motion and start doing work so the damaged ones can heal up. Next being a beastman is odd, as they're simply artificially created beings. From what means it's unknown but they greatly resemble humans typically.

Notes: This character has been left purposefully vague in some areas. This is so he can easily be put into many different kinds of worlds, and different roleplays. Mainly fantasy to medieval. Some details can be changed for an individual role play and in the future their may be changes to this character. 

If you wish to see a picture of this character head over to my characters album, and please do leave a comment about what you think of him and any suggestions for improvement!

01/10/2019 08:48 PM 


A man born without an arm and a unique gift, limited electromagnetic control.

Name: william Victus Sturgeon

Age: 20

Birthday: Oct 19

Gender: male

Species: Homo Sapien

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Teal

Skin Color: Light Tan

Height: 5:9

Weight: 194 lb

William was born in a typical hospital, as an abnormal baby. Proceeding from infant to toddler, his unique ability surfaced as he was a young child. Granting him even more differences then others, but still he grew up relatively normal. Aside from all the difficulties that came along with only having one arm at birth as well. With only three limbs on him while others had four, it was a tough early life full of bullies and steps he had to climb in a fashion that was forced to include greater struggles. As time went on though he came to tear himself free from depression and the traps life had laid out for him. Developing more and relying on philosophy and the natural drive of the human spirit, he's earned his own spot in the world at a nice middle class ground with some respect and found his own identity he continuously works on.

His ability "Railgun" is the partial control of electromagnetic fields paired with growths of pockets filled with electrons spread all throught his remaining arm and hand. The electron pockets allow for stronger electromagnetic fields and his control of such fields allows for him to basically force small metal objects away at incredible velocites like that of a bullet. Of course repurcussions are abundant, as loud gunshot bangs are still produced, kickback is painful, excessive amounts of heat is generated, and the health of many body systems and senses can be jeapordized. Mainly hearing, vision, and breathing, along with the possible removal of his arm down to dismissable soreness for physical results of use. As such his ability is more dangerous then helpful if proper precautions are not taken to reduce damage to himself and others.

This character has been left purposefully vague in some areas like a definite backstory, dates and extended descriptions of some events and the world. This is so he can easily be put into many different kinds of worlds, and different roleplays. Mainly modern, sci-fi, and the superpowered genre.

Some details can be changed for an individual role play and in the future there may be changes to this character.

If you wish to see a picture of this character head over to my characters album, and please do leave a comment about what you think of him and any suggestions for improvement!

12/13/2018 09:21 PM 


While this isn't completely needed I still feel like it would be nice to just put it out there. 

I typically roleplay in third person and use quotation marks (")to signify speech, actions i leave as open words with no markings around them, none of these are used (* - _ ~ )

For out of roleplay speech i usually use Parenthesis (like this here) to signify words outside of a roleplay. If no roleplay has been started yet and I'm not in a roleplay currently I won't use them. 

12/12/2018 10:15 PM 


Theres a lot of them, and a whole lot of different ones. In preference to original characters over canon ones found in an already established or made universe, i prefer original ones. 

While canon characters in a universe are already familiar, an inspiration sometimes, a desire occasionally. I prefer to create my own to put in a universe, sometimes basing them off of canon characters. 

This doesn't mean I won't play canon characters though, even though I only usually play ones I really feel a connection with. If you really want I can attempt to play a canon character I'm not so familiar with or knowledgable about, whether they are an easy fit such as a blank slate game or anime character that any person can connect to and use as their own or a very defined one that takes time and knowledge to properly play.  I will try my absolute best with any canon character I play as, to be as accurate and appropiate as possible if desired. 

My own characters vary, and commonly are usually in my head if not written down somewhere. I fill every character with as much quality as possible, and give them understandable traits and stories as best I can. Some might share traits with others or more, this is unavoidable but I will try to make sure each one is a unique and a fun experience. Whether mostly original or partially based off of something else.

12/12/2018 09:59 PM 


When it comes to what kind of roleplays I prefer and do it ends up being a wide spectrum. So there's definitely a little something for everyone.

Major interests of mine are usually fantasy and science fiction, supernatural and adventure. Hard science fiction to science fantasy, high fantasy of a magical world to almost completely medieval. Adventure to action and suspense tocomedy.

With already built universes, like those of movies, games, books, and animation. I find them fun, especially so when things are changed up a bit or based off of pre existing universes from media. 

A fresh world of it's own just can't be beat sometimes. Loosely based off of something else or completely original, it's always nice to grow and shape a world or explore it for the first time..

When it comes past those I can do and enjoy other setting and genres, ideas and anything. Really I have no limit on what I will roleplay so don't be shy to suggest something, if I don't know of it I'll learn fast but chances are I'll have already done that.

Preperation, a preference, a must have, people like it differently. I'm no stranger to random starters and little prep when it comes to a roleplay, in fact if it's done well it can be super fun to wildly enter this new sudden world and event. 

I like it better when i have time to discuss it however, as that way I would feel much more comfortable in the world I was entering with my character. A better understanding and decent preperation makes it easier to go along with and enjoy in my experience, but if some details aren't needed then that's alright. Say for instance we're both familiar with the universe we'll use, or an aspect within it such as characters or mechanics. Then skipping over those would be fine, and who doesn't like to save time anyways?

12/12/2018 09:51 PM 


Like most people, I have a life at home and something to do, for me, work. Roleplaying is a major passion of mine but unfortunately I can't do it all the time, but I will check in at the very least once a week. Commonly I'll be on every day to every other day.

When it comes to roleplay partners it doesn't matter to me how often they log on that much, I'm patient and know people have things to do so as long as your mildly active it's okay with me. If your off for months at a time then I'll cut ties thpugh unless I know of a decent reason.

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