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02/14/2023 02:18 PM 

MHA verse : HAVOC

// Feel free to comment to let me know if you actually read this or not //Name | Anno TadaoHero / Villain name | HavocAge | Teen - Young adultQuirk | Telekinesis- - -Ever since he was a child, Tadao had struggled living with a powerful quirk that he wished he never had: Telekinesis. One might think of this quirk as rather straight forward- the ability to interact and move any objects with ones mind, however it wasn't as simple as one would think. Whilst his ability is extremely powerful- able to move many heavy objects at once and crush metals with the squeeze of his Telekinesis, his real limit becomes his mind.Other than inducing great headaches, anxiety, loss of memory and many other such effects, Tadao can also completely lose control of his quirk whenever he enters a "cramped" state. A looping condition where if his head hurts too much during his usage of the quirk, he might start using too much power uncontrollably in his ability- which causes further headache, which, causes further loss of control. This loop continues to grow and cause mass destruction around him when it happens, and will continue up until he faints.Because of this, previous incidents caused by his quirk led to Tadao becoming an outcast from many groups, a freak of nature with power that he has no control over, some even see him as a potential villain. Tadao however was never interested neither in villains nor heroes, and most of the time wished he never had a quirk at all. As he grew up and moved away from the locals who knew him, Tadao began to try and create a new kind of identity to himself, by introducing himself as quirkless to anyone new he met, and tries to avoid the spotlight from the world of heroes and villains.To most who know him today, he is a rather kind albeit somewhat sad person, often dealing against his own migraines and avoids attention from others, making him appear rather lonesome. But he is a good friend to those who actually hang around with him. It does make him wonder though, will they still bother being his friend if they knew their quirkless buddy wasn't as defenceless as he seemed?

Sife ۞Atlantis King۞ Death Aspect

02/14/2023 11:41 PM 

Tournament of Ingenuity Opening Matches and start date

Keikei v DanteHellgates v SymotDrina v SetzoOmen v ZypherKo'Vin v GilgameshEvelynn v ElainMatches may begin 12/15 at 12am PST

Sife ۞Atlantis King۞ Death Aspect

02/14/2023 11:38 PM 

Tournament of Ingenuity Rules

Tournament Rules1: Deaths are allowed and encouraged. As this tournament is meant for all to showcase themselves. Participants will be revived upon Match End2: Due to various Constraints outside of RP for many, the time limit for replies will be two days. While I know many people have things outside of work, this is to help the tournament continue moving, while giving time to reply.3: Abilities and Magic of Aspects and Gods are allowed. As this tournament will be showcasing all of the skills of the participants and to test ingenuity.4: Tournament Matches will take place within Jotunheimr.

Ada (MCRP)

02/14/2023 09:31 PM 

The Triplets

Name: Ada, Mingen, CaydenAge: UnknownReligion: NoneSpecies: HybridOccupation: No jobsSexual Orientation: Ada - curious, Mingen - straight, Cayden - straightFamily:Mother: HoniahakaFather: Rikimaru KobayashiUncle: MaxUncle: BlazeAunt: Flare(None of them have children)Appearance:Skin color: pale (all three), though sometimes they tanHairstyle: ada - usually long, cayden - short, Mingen - shorthair color: Ada usually has black hair - when angry it goes greyish white, cayden and mingen's hair is greyish whiteEye color: ada - green, Mingen - multi colored, Cayden - blueHeight: all stand about 6'Weight: all average normal weightDress: comfortable - can will armor and weapons to their appearance thanks to their magical abilitiesOther: All are well fit, Cayden - has various scarsPersonality:Mingen is the shy triplet. Usually quiet and reserved - mostly observes his surroundings.Cayden is outgoing, brave, and true to himself and others. Ada is also outgoing, though has proper disgust to what happened to them as she tries to find her way. She sacrifieced most of her old self to keep her and her brothers alive.Weapons:They are experienced in magic thanks to their mother. They all know hand to hand combat and know how to use bladed weaponry from their father. It was taught to them at a young age.Abilities:Healing, speed, strength, can will themselves in and out of another plane of existance (like their father). They can use magic to attack and defend. - still working on various magical abilitiesHistory:Ada, Cayden, and Mingen were in their kingdom when it fell. Their mom went crazy and in a last ditch effort - having learned to teleport from Athena - Ada grabbed her brothers and vanished from the world they once knew. They then had to survive at a young age in another plane of existance. Ada did everything in her power - learning new spells and magic to get them back home. Cayden however did his best to protect the three of them with his strength and weapons he collected. Mingen did his best to aid both his brother and sister respectively. The three of them wanted nothing but to return to their world and escape the world they were now in. Ada sacrificed most of her energy to bring them home once she found a solution. Little did they know she lost parts of her sanity as well. The three of them returned to where their castle once stood and began making their way to find their father - Rikimaru.

Radiant Simplicity

02/13/2023 02:13 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

1. Above all else: Literacy is key. I understand a few mistakes here and there since we ARE all human no matter how much we want to ascend and DENY that all-consuming fact. But a little and a LOT of effort goes a LONG way; please do your BEST in writing your replies back to me and if you're having trouble ; just ask.2. Put some effort into the writing we're doing - please remember this is a collaboration of writing with two partners, not just one doing everything for others. I see this a lot and it really gets on my nerves when I know people can do better than they are out of laziness or tiredness.3. I understand this rule more than anyone; I have a life outside of roleplaying so please be patient and wait for my response I could just be busy and will get back to you as soon as I can - please just be a little patient and remember we all have schedules, lives, people and other things to do rather than sit down on the computer writing all day like we used to in school when chat rooms were a big thing.4. Do not ask me for my personal information such as home address, facebook, discord,email, passwords, home address, or phone numbers. None of these will be handed out freely. I would have had to either meet you in person or know you extremely well in person.5. My younger sister in real life is on and is a large influence in the Riverdale community over there. I have tried but it doesn't give the vibe that Ani gives for me so I just stick to Ani and try RP.ME sometimes to see if it changes. 6. I am a literate writer which means that I will be writing in 3rd person writing and which means that I will be writing in proper spelling , grammar, punctuation, and complete sentences. Please keep in mind that I am also not perfect and I also make mistakes too.7. I do not make layouts or edits for people unless we are close friends. We will have to have known each other for a good while before I feel comfortable enough to make something for money. 8.  Do not steal or jock any of the things you see on my profile (I have made it disabled on my page so others cannot take things that I have obviously edited and created on here).9. Do not rush me; I have a life outside of this site and I will not be available during this time. I am open to roleplays during the weekend and at some points during the day when I have a free moment in time.10. I do not mind reaching out to other roleplayers out of character. I do not mind making friends so long as it remains civil. If we have not gotten along in the past then please do not bother and keep from adding me; I do not want drama on my page.11. I don't care about how you message me. If you prefer messages for roleplaying and comments for discussion and bantering that is fine with me. However, I would like to add that I do not prefer banter on stream. I honestly think it's annoying unless I am going to be doing something else that day and I will let you know on data stream.12. I do not mind crossovers within reason and if it is not over the top weird and a bit crazy; I like a lot of other anime's as well like but not limited to : Inuyasha, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gravitation, Loveless, Sukishyo, Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Spirited Away, Juggo Romantica, Genshin Impact, Soul Calibur, etc.

Joachim Kant

02/13/2023 06:17 PM 

Class 920 - Active Writing
Current mood:  relaxed

Active Writing Writing something that engages the reader's interest is not just a matter of pandering to their interests - it's about the careful arrangement of words. To put a brief summary of it, the English language has fantastic utility in absorbing words from other languages because its grammar is almost entirely in syntax, without the grammatical particles common to other languages. The other side of that coin is that, if you're not careful with your word choice, you end up with Bland Soup, the story. What I'm saying is that there's a few ways to make your writing spicier, and they don't involve suddenly turning into Thomas Pynchon or something. Listen up. ~*~ PAST TENSE SUCKS I know it's everybody's favorite, but I'm going to be real with anyone reading this: unless you are very good at what you're doing, past tense drains action from your narrative. Things have already happened; the action potential has been drained. But more importantly, the past is a vast ocean of time that's already elapsed, and it's very easy to drift from one chronological line of events into another, and diverge into sidenotes and musings that have f*** all to do with what you're trying to write. I call this the Flashback Urge, where you invariably want to justify anything your character is doing with a paragraph or two saying why that's a thing. Do not. Resist the urge. Hint at it in the text and let the reader reconstruct the events themselves. In the words of your fifth grade English teachers, show, don't tell. Because past tense is tremendously flexible with chronology, it's very easy to fall into endless tellings. Past tense is also the home of the passive tense, which is not your friend. In English, you can't write a sentence in present tense and have it be passive. The syntax just doesn't function that way, because our passive tense is periphastic - a past participle conjugation with an auxiliary verb. (what the f*** does that mean) Alright fine, look. The paperwork was signed. Signed is conjugated as past participle, and we add 'to be' as an auxiliary verb so that the verb doesn't need a source. A signature appeared on the paperwork, but whodunit is an eternal mystery! Don't do this to your readers. ~*~ CONCRETE SENSATIONS You hold the attention of your readers by giving them concrete sensations. Don't get lost in long, winding roads in your brain; don't have three or four paragraphs of just dialogue and thoughts. Your readers can and will lose track of the physical world your writing is supposed to be dropped into. Describe calluses on knuckles, the feel of the wood grain in the table, the knots in your hair in the morning. Make it something in the reader's hand rather than an idea that floats away like a balloon as soon as their attention wanders. Let them hold onto your world with more than just their brains, and they'll really sink their teeth in. Metaphor's really useful for this. Instead of being #betterwriting, it's "ideas they can sink their teeth into". That's a physical sensation, it's something you, the reader, has done. You've bitten into a firm apple sometime in your life. You've touched concrete, you know how rough it is. You've dropped stones into ponds and gotten lost. I can use those shared memories. I can write you, the reader, pages you already remember in your skin. You've been there already. Write with the world you live in, folks. ~*~ THE ART OF MYSTERY Related to tense, a bit. Here's the thing: the number one failing of any writer that does speculative fiction (the term that envelops sci-fi, fantasy, all that smorgasboard) is that they spend five-ten-fifty pages at the start of their masterpiece explaining all the sh*t that no one else knows and no one else wants to know right off the bat. You know what sitting around for half an hour learning dry terminology is like? Class. Eject your lectures stage left, please. Instead, weave your knowledge into the narrative. Never explain; let the reader learn from context, rather than handfeed them all the cute bits of your universe you've spent months cooking up. You know you're creative. There's no rush to prove it to the audience. Even in regular fiction this paradigm holds. Don't explain everything that your characters do. There's probably a reason, but people don't stand around and tell you their life stories in the Real World. Don't do it in your writing either. Let them stand as idiosyncrasies rather than flinch away from having an odd character. You're tired of justifying your weird sh*t to anyone else by now, probably. Give the same respect to your characters.

Writing, 920


02/12/2023 09:13 PM 

Yo Dumbledore, no one reads harrypotter.
Current mood:  accomplished

The f***s with cats like these making serious allegations?You say people are here to write but all you do is ride nuts so hard (I know your char is gay, but get off mine lol) instead of shutting up and adding none-anime/harryfugs and just doing your thing.I'm not gonna pop out your ethernet cord and get you, the feds have actual work to do.You roleplay as an old man with nasty ass fingies and you're surrounded by kids.:|I'm calling you out. Now shut up. And write blogs because no one writes anything worthwhile with you.

dumbledore stupidity shooting the breeze


02/12/2023 08:24 PM 

Izumi’s forms

For those of you who are curious about my demon slayer oc's forms I have pasted them below she knows Flower breathing and Nature breathing:  List of forms for Izumi Kocho Flower breathing taught to her by Shinobu First form: Orchid Blossoming Second form: Honorable Shadow Plume  Third Form: Camellia Ascension Third Form improved: Chrysanthemum Fourth Form: Crimson Hangormo Fifth Form: Peonies of Futility Sixth form: Whirling Peach Seventh Form: Circle of Life Final form (most dangerous form): Equinoctial Vermilion Eye Nature Breathing self-taught First form: Thunderbird flash  Second Form: Phoenix Fire wave Third Form: Poisonous Petal Dance Fourth Form: Nature’s perishing voice Fifth Form: Ocean current crash Sixth Form: Sleep song Seventh Form: Star Assault Eighth Form: Swirling Doves Ninth Form: Flowing water Tenth form: Water Lilly dance Eleventh Form: Wolf Pack Twelfth Form: Solar Flash and Flash Final form (extremely dangerous): Nature’s fury


02/12/2023 08:15 PM 

About Me

1. Preferred length - I can write 2 to 6+ paragraphs.  I care more about quality over quantity.2. Erotica is out of the question unless there's actually chemistry and a place for it in the story. I'm not here to fulfill anyone's one dimensional fantasy3. I'm open to crossovers that make sense.4. I've been writing for over 10 years and I prefer to write with other adults

Calloused Hearts

02/12/2023 03:13 PM 


1. No rushing 2. Be kind 3. Be couterious


02/12/2023 01:05 PM 

Maekawa's info

G E N E R A L ⟾ Kanji ⟽ 麻壊蝦和 乾浪戸   ⟾ English ⟽ Maekawa Hiroko   ⟾ Name meaning ⟽ generous child   ⟾ Nicknames ⟽ Brace, Thunder   ⟾ Alias ⟽ Thunderstorm   ⟾ Gender ⟽ Female   ⟾ Age ⟽ Teenage years - 20's   ⟾ D.O.B ⟽ Friday 13th of November   ⟾ Nationality ⟽ Japanese   ⟾ Hometown ⟽ Fukuoka   ⟾ Seiyuu ⟽ Akari Kitō   ⟾ Voice Actor/Actress ⟽ Stephanie Sheh     Q U I R K ⟾ Quirk name ⟽ Thunder and Lightning   ⟾ Quirk type ⟽ Emitter   ⟾ Quirk range ⟽ Close and far ranged   ⟾ Quirk weaknesses ⟽ She can only use her quirk if she is aiming at a target(s).   ⟾ Quirk strengths ⟽ She can shoot multiple streams of lightning at once.   ⟾ Description of quirk ⟽ Maekawa's quirk is very simple to explain! She can make lightning from her hands and can slightly control the weather.   ⟾ Moves ⟽ Thunder rain Stormy River of lightning Shoots Blinding lightning   ⟾ Age of quirk manifestation ⟽ 3     S T A T I S T I C S ⟾ Power ⟽ 4/5   ⟾ Speed ⟽ 5/5   ⟾ Technique ⟽ 3/5   ⟾ Intelligence ⟽ 5/5   ⟾ Cooperativeness ⟽ 3/5     A P P E A R A N C E ⟾ Height ⟽ 6'2"   ⟾ Weight ⟽ 220Ibs   ⟾ Eye shape ⟽ Round   ⟾ Eye colour ⟽ Yellow   ⟾ Hair length ⟽ Short   ⟾ Hair colour ⟽ Brown   ⟾ Hairstyle ⟽ Low ponytail   ⟾ Skin texture ⟽ Normal   ⟾ Skin colour ⟽ Tan   ⟾ Body type ⟽ She has a muscular and lean body with 35D breasts   ⟾ Physical strengths ⟽ Trustworthiness, Enthusiasm, Honesty, Respectfulness, Determination, Patience   ⟾ Physical weaknesses ⟽ Workaholic, Critical, Paranoid, Reckless, Childish   ⟾ Distinctive features ⟽ Iconic gold braces     W A R D R O D E ⟾ Side job ⟽   ⟾ Home ⟽ ⟾ Casual 1 ⟽    ⟾ Casual 2 ⟽ ⟾ Training ⟽   ⟾ Formal ⟽   ⟾ Underwear ⟽   ⟾ Frequent Accessories ⟽ Tattoo of a lightning bolt on her chest     P E R S O N A L I T Y ⟾ Positive personality traits ⟽ Warm, Agreeable, Selfless, Practical, Cheerful, Daring, Forgiving, Mature, Fair, Humble, Tidy, Earnest, Patient, Friendly, Organized, Focused   ⟾ Negative personality traits ⟽ Obsessive, Pretentious, Claustrophobic, Spiteful, Slacker, Stubborn, Lustful, Flirtatious    ⟾ Likes ⟽ tree shaping, car spotting, playing dead, shirtlessness skittles, stone skipping, typography, dating (with or without the commitment; i.e might enjoy the aspect of dating, but not having a partner), wasting things, mac and cheese, thunderstorms, stars   ⟾ Dislikes ⟽ extravagant things, makeup, etc., free online classes, traveling, butterflies, and apocalypse films/books   ⟾ Fears ⟽ Claustrophobic   ⟾ Habits ⟽ Pacing when thinking   ⟾ Hobbies ⟽ Tree shaping   ⟾ Favorite food ⟽ Crepes, Potato Chips, Nachos   ⟾ Favorite season ⟽ Summer   ⟾ Favorite drink ⟽ Orange Juice   ⟾ Favorite color ⟽ Amethyst, Valhalla, My Pink, Regent St Blue   ⟾ Favorite Word ⟽ Nachos⟾ Favorite pastime ⟽ Working at her company, tree shaping     M I S C ⟾ Average No. of hours slept ⟽ 8-9 hours   ⟾ Average bath/shower length ⟽ 25 minutes or longer   ⟾ Average No. of meals a day ⟽ 4   ⟾ Medical illnesses ⟽ None   ⟾ Allergies ⟽ Garlic, Peaches   ⟾ Blood type ⟽ O-   ⟾ Scent ⟽ Burning wires or plastic   ⟾ Handedness ⟽ Left   ⟾ Horoscope ⟽ Scorpio   ⟾ Sexual orientation ⟽ polysexual   ⟾ Romantic orientation ⟽ heteroromantic   ⟾ Gender identity ⟽ Non-binary   ⟾ Prefered pronouns ⟽ They/Her   ⟾ Playlist ⟽     HERO/VILLAIN INFORMATION ⟾ Hero/Villain name ⟽ Thunderstorm   ⟾ Hero/Villain outfit ⟽ In one of her photos   ⟾ Support gear ⟽ Depends on the situation   ⟾ Fighting style ⟽ Infinite Dance, Eternal Paths, Petal Horizon     P E R S O N A L ⟾ Family ⟽ She has a large family and to her her parents and siblings are more important!   ⟾ Friends ⟽ She has many friends, mostly ones from when she was training to be a hero   ⟾ Acquaintances ⟽ Mostly the people she meets on the streets   ⟾ Rivals ⟽ Many, mostly the students from the school she went to, that turned into villains   ⟾ Enemies ⟽ Same as above   ⟾ Love interest ⟽ …   ⟾ Significant other ⟽ N/A   ⟾ Status ⟽ Single   ⟾ Work ⟽ She owns a company     Q U O T E S ✪ "Either you run the day, or the day runs you." - Jim Rohn ✪ "That's shocking." - Maekawa ✪ "Keep your cool, love!" - Maekawa

Joachim Kant

02/11/2023 03:36 PM 

Introduction and Example RP Posts.
Current mood:  eccentric

New site. It's always a pain in the ass to make this kind of transition, and taking risks on new people is never easy. So let me smooth the process and provide four examples of the kind of posts and roleplays that I've done in the past, and that I'm interested in doing in the future. These are from each completely different settings starring very different characters; just a glance into each of the places I've crafted.Each of these are the opening post of their setting, to provide grounding.~*~The Realm Atavistic(Monster Hunter 'verse, opening post)It takes a couple hours of sunlight for the chlorophyll to filter enough energy for the mountain to rise. But when it does -- low over the Ozarks, the rolling hills of mountain-bones ground down to nubs, to river valleys and forested dells, green slopes unending, cast down like jacks in disarray, covered with oak and kudzu, ash and maple. Through this jumble slides a hill in motion, drifting low between the rises, barely visible as just one more rise of green; until you get close enough to see that these trees stand on an island aloft, a wide mound of earth almost two hundred feet wide, studded with trees and flowering plants, the soil held in place by thick twining roots. Beneath the flying mountain is a mouth, a gaping orifice lined with tendrils as long as the trees they pluck branches and limbs from, feeding the fresh greenery into the maw - along with whatever birds, squirrels, and other wildlife might happen to be too close, ground down into a feeding-paste the beast swallows hungrily, endlessly. Its oblong body, like an oversized frilled bladder, floats low over the treetops as it grazes on the forest like a goat would blades of grass. It's difficult to glimpse, but in the early morning light, flickers of gleaming orange glisten against the morning light, reflective of tiny orbs set far back in that crusted, earthy skin.Yama Kurai: the Floating Peak Dragon, eldest of Elder Dragons, come to rest among the bones of its forebears.Between the trees on its back are strewn low structures, braced against scales so old the dirt between them has given bloom; a wide, low barn to the left, over a scar crossing long and high over the amorphous beast's maw where the dirt has dragged clean and the scales torn loose to bear slick flesh against the sunlight, only just starting to scab over with kudzu. A watchtower girds the right side, with a long loop of rope crossing under one feeding tendril and the beast's entire body, with a windmill set into the back, barrels set about the back to catch the rain from the clouds they ride through. A vegetable patch grows fitfully, no farmer's touch here but adequate for the purpose; and a smithy huffs smoke up and safely out of the dragon's way, where it won't irritate its delicate nose and cause it to buck the entire arrangement off.This morn, as the placid mountain feeds its ever-sharp hunger, its occupants are rousing; one, like nothing so much a draconic caterpillar, an orange-and-green morass of thorned scales, highlighted in toxic colors, slumbers in a passive lump towards the Yama's head, out on the fringe where no branches can block its loafing in the sunlight. It appears entirely content to ignore everything else going on. The other, a blue-scaled, winged variant with a craglike horn nearly a third of its own body length, brays annoyance as the saddle settles around its shoulders but holds still nonetheless, attuned to the needs of its herd - the Pyrenean, the Ram-Wyvern, guardian of its chosen flock, recessed, beady eyes flicking about as its deep nostrils huff the new scents of the area, sniffing for wyvern musk and finding none - this is no predator's range, yet.Below and beside, a salt-haired, tall fella tightens the saddle-straps, steps aside to check his gear - a bandoleer strap of various packs and pockets, gut-strip canteens of various liquids sealed tight, and a monster blade his own size and weight, gleaming and sharp, already mounted onto the Pyrenean's side; he hops onto its back with a grunt, and the wyvern honks in recognition, squaring its stance and flapping out its wings, ready to take off, raring to go."Let's see what's going on here, Tupe," he murmurs, whiskey-rough voice easy on his partner's ears, and with a shriek the partners throw themselves off the side of the floating mountain, off to investigate this new territory they've invaded.~*~Zohar III Exegesis (Original Sci-Fi, opening)The ISV Maolan Bui isn't going to make it.When the ship had reentered realspace, it had landed on top of a patch of floating hydrogen gas, being blown idly on the solar winds. Unfortunately, a sparking circuit had been exposed to space through an open panel knocked ajar by micrometeorites, and that spark crossed through the hydrogen and ignited it in a furious explosion that had ripped the port bay in half and nearly the entire ship itself. Storage and the garrison were lost immediately as they cracked off the main hull, separated from the fusion plant and doomed without functioning power for their escape pods, if they even survived the explosive decompression that emergency-close bulkheads couldn't save them from. Death came to them, still in cryosleep. That at least was gentle.Luckily, the fuel lines collected in the aft-side reservoir and had to do a changeover through the central torsion line - which meant that while the ship was still cracked in half, the explosion didn't chain its way all the way through the quarter-mile long ship, and instead halted just short of halfway up its length. Emergency bulkheads sealed off the lost sections and prevented the loss of more atmosphere, but it was a deathblow to the ship, no question. Not least because they'd lost the engines and were now drifting towards a nearby moon.Forward engineering is situated about three-quarters of the way up the length of the Maolan Bui, which is the only reason that Angstrom wakes up, probably. The explosion splatters him all over the inside of his tank, and he bubbles furiously in confusion for a moment before he deploys into his maintrig and pressurizes it. The bipedal frame stiffens and then begins its shuffling walk down the walkway from his tank. The environmental breach alarm is shrieking at the nearest engineering panel, and he wishes the rig could run so he could get to it faster.Of course, he doesn't have to be right next to it to see that the entire back half of the ship has faded red, and he froths in panic before he yanks the rig around to the right and heads for the torsion line, where the fuel is condensed and prepared for shipment to the main engine away from the converter. If it or the engines proper had gone off, they and everything within a half-parsec would have been free-floating radicals already. As it stands, the condensor is blaring alarms, and he hits the emergency vent as fast as he can get to the giant red switch, releasing all the concentrated fuel straight out into space with a bang that knocks the ship sideways with a groan of polymer. Angstrom's frame bounces off the wall hard with the jolt, and he trills in fury before setting the walker to trot up the hall towards the evac pods. Then he hears the crack and hiss of the environmental seals failing right before air starts sucking out of the compartment, and he has to blast loose his thruster pack to make it to the next compartment before he gets sucked out into vacuum.He's in the throat of the ship now, alarms screaming in every direction at the new breach - the bulkheads here don't hermetically seal, which means the entire area is on a time limit as it leaks atmosphere. He bumbles down the central shaft for the closest pod, the entire opposite row already deployed, and only two left on his side. He manages to slam into one and light the startup procedures as he tries to calm down, keurith vibrating frantically. This isn't how he wants to die, dammit. He's getting out of here before it all goes to hell.The ejection pod is cramped and it takes a moment to fit the walker into the depression there - the fit is tight and inflates to seal around the body, meant to hold the body safe against the jarring impact of reentry or cosmic collision. He taps the engine on and hesitates, glancing at the emergency feed. There's still a few crew signals on board, but they're pretty much f***ed, except for one heading his way at high speed.~*~Grain, Cast West (Quasi-Historical original, ~1183 timeframe in the Holy Roman Empire)His horse is soaked in sweat, and Jussain is little better. He dismounts when his ragged company of twenty reaches the last hill before the Magonides river. Beneath him, in this hidden little dell, is Auen, the small fief he'd been deeded for valorous efforts against the Hungarians, on the far east edge of the March of Carinthia. He takes a deep breath and lets his eyes roll over it.It's perhaps a half-hour's ride on horseback; a series of selions built over low, rolling hills, a double row of buildings that almost pass as a village; the river is partially diverted into a millpond with a trio of small, brick-and-mortar buildings that use the water to drive their mills. A building situated at the base of the hill, near the compost, is undoubtedly the butcher's; last, the manor itself rests near the headwaters of the river where the tributary breaks off; lastly, a small crowd of huts and thatches announcing the presence of servants and bondsmen.Servants. By God, Jussain still doesn't really believe it himself. The knighting ceremony had been a blur, blood still smeared on his brigandine from where he'd fought desperately with his men to prevent the Magyars from retreating across the river Lech. Near a third of his own men had been felled. The straggling handful behind him - twenty-two souls, all told - is what's left.Heavy breath precedes the trudge of his closest man - Leonard Kasphur, shield slung up over his shoulder besides his short, ugly blade; he'd won it gambling, some barbarian design heavily swept forward. "How many, do you think?" he asks, one hand raised to keep the evening sun out of his eyes.Jussain shrugs, the corner of his lips curled down. "Perhaps - five, six hundred? Say three to a selion, seems fair.""More n' half of those are owned by bigger families and rented out," Leonard says with a shake of his head. "Still, fair guess.""Too late to introduce ourselves," Jussain says with a shake of his head. "Let's head for the manor. We'll bivouac there until we know more. At the very least I've got a roof and food for all of you.""Sounds fine in my book," Virgo calls from somewhere in the middle of the back. He'd be singing something bawdy, normally, but it's been a long march. "Almost as good as sitting down."The low rumble of assent to that drives Jussain to a nod. "Food first," he says. "Head for the manor. I'll ride ahead and see what I can get rustled up."His heels touch on either side of his destrier, and it wearily speeds up to a canter as he makes for his new home. He draws some attention from the serfs, the children going from rough-and-tumble playing to getting yanked back into houses, out of sight - especially the daughters. His teeth click behind his pale lips. He can't blame them, not with the Magyars having driven a permanent fear of horse-riders into them. Instead of focusing on that, he squints at his new residence.It looks like a dining hall, a backroom that probably has bedrooms and storerooms, another large structure to the side he can't immediately identify, and then a chapel to the side. No walls, no towers, not even a motte; it has to be older than a century, before the horsemen rode west, then, and the recent patching on the ceiling proves that point - it'd been burnt down at least once before.How reassuring.Nevertheless, the alderman is already there, greying and smiling haplessly, almost pleading, as Jussain dismounts his destrier and leads it to the small fishpond near the entrance to the estate."Welcome home, mi'lord," he says, obsequious, and the newly-ordained man finds the taste of that hated title even less pleasant on the other end.~*~The Lamp at the Door (Modern Fantasy, original elements)It's Beaumont who figures out who they're bound to, usually, but Raim always gets the first tinge of their presence, like prickly cold sunshine on his back. He's always thought it's an effect like synesthesia, the brain attempting to interpret inputs that it doesn't have the wiring for. He's used to the sensation showing up periodically, but this time it's so immediate and intense that the hairs on the back of his neck and his forearms stand up. It's someone who wants to be, viscerally, face pressed to the other side of the glass. Raim cringes and leans against the push-bar of his grocery cart."You alright?" Beaumont says, carrying over a brief selection of fruit. It's expensive, especially at this grocery store - one of those earth food places that costs more than he's comfortable with, but the food is reliably of good quality, no bad bruises or ruined fruit, and less preservatives that give him headaches and a plastic aftertaste - so it's just a banana bunch, some grapes, and a batch of clementines. A twelve-year-old, boredly wandering down the aisle, starts and jumps back, staring at the fruit as his friend sets them down. "Look like a goose walked over your grave.""Somebody the next aisle over has a strong passenger," Raim replies with a twist of his lips. "Angry baby times are ahead.""Isn't that the wine aisle?" Beaumont inquires.There's a clatter of plastic as something rebounds off a shelf, propelled at uncomfortable speeds. The pinpricks of sunlight burn bright on his face for a second and Raim grimaces, ducking back from the phantom heat. "No, household goods. Though I'd understand if this drove somebody to drink."He rattles his fingers over the handlebar of the grocery cart for a moment, indecisive, and then starts pushing it down towards the end of the aisle. "I'm going to go see if I can calm it down. Shouldn't be a minute."Beaumont hums, noncommittal, but falls in behind Raim, grabbing a set of grapes off the misted display wall as he goes. The twelve-year-old creeps behind them, eyes fixed on the bunch as he sets it in the cart.Raim turns the corner and takes in the scene with a faint frown. There's dishsoap in a puddle about a third of the way down the aisle, and a woman standing with her cart looking upset. He takes in himself - blue jeans, flannel shirt, morning hair - but it's the grocery store and no one comes here with an excess of dignity, and it's not like this is at the office anyways. He rolls forward, head bent against the invisible brightness he can feel on his skin, and says, "Hey, take it easy."Not to the woman - to the presence attached to her, the prickling sunshine. It's not coherent enough to have a body or an identity, yet, but he can feel it concentrating, and he manages to catch a bottle of detergent before it can come off the shelf. There's an omnipresent rattle as movement surges down the aisle, unsettling the squeeze-bottles, though the heavier containers remain unmoved. The handle is warm like it's been left out in the sun, and Raim closes his eyes and lets his fingers curl around something that's not quite there, delicate and under his palm, like -- the fingers of a woman. No ring. Paint-splotched, callused from work with easel and brush."You'll see all the colors you want, soon," he assures, and the presence soothes a little to the sound of his voice. The uneasy stir in the air settles, like a long exhale on the back of his neck, and Raim grins a little at a curl of amusement that pokes at him, like a distant promise. He opens his eyes, and stares at the other woman in the aisle. Blinks, comes back to himself.He's still just standing in the aisle, awkward, and there's dishsoap soaking into his tennis sneakers. Too tall, brown haired and fresh out of long-limbed gangliness, glasses perched awkwardly on his nose in front of bright blues. There's something of a lemur in the way Raim walks - graceful in the way he moves around himself, effortless in the oddest positions and stretches. Comfortable in himself, but not with others."Sorry, you just looked like you were having trouble," he says, uneasily, and steps back out of the spreading puddle. His shoes slap wetly on the tile, drawing a grimace out of him. "Heard it from the next aisle over. She should behave for a little bit now."Beaumont, behind him, adds some paper towels and Gain to their cart. The kid that's been stalking them from behind gapes at the purple detergent as it soars over her head and parks itself in their cart. He chuckles at the awestruck look on the tyke's face, as she stares.

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She's Multiverse

Other universes are, but not limited to:•Modernverse•Superverse•Virtuaverse•Voyageverse•Retroverse

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Pantheon Basics

Eldritch Gods have interchangeable titles. "Outsider", "Great One", "Old One", etc. They exist beyond the conceptual plane, of, well, everything. They are interdimensional beings each representing a concept when mortals call upon, or run into them.

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[you need to read this] The Collection

You may have seen some unsavory profiles around on this website. Do not engage them. They are a well-known pedophile and social terrorist. They get off on all of this stuff and they are a piece of garbage on other websites as well. They probably think they are being funny but there is actually something wrong with their brain. After having so many personal conversations with them elsewhere, they are nothing short of a lost cause.I am supportive of the ero community that actually takes the time to structure out wonderful stories, but this person is NOT one of you. They are on here for nothing but bad intentions and they once celebrated that 9/11 happened. That tells you literally everything that you need to know about them.I advise Ani to seek federal help like they did for that guy that was on Roleplayer. If anyone knows this story well, there was a guy that joined Roleplayer to pick up little girls for 'favors' just like this sicko here seems to be doing. He got arrested and if you do some digging you can actually find a video about it. Be safe.More information,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The troll in question appears to have this pedophile profile here, a 17 year old, added to the majority of their accounts. Perhaps they are connected.[I was asked to remove the screenshot.]Also here is a list of the creepy pedos other profiles. Some of their friends and others like them will be placed here too! -- CTRL+F will help you find out if anyone you know is on this list. are only the profiles I felt like posting. I have literal pages of accounts connected to this rabbit hole. I just listed a few and I will continue to add accounts over time. I do have the trolls socials as well, but I will not be posting those.Remember to pass this blog around. Keep it alive by exposing it to fresh eyes. 

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