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тнє ѕℓιєит νιρєяѕ

09/10/2021 04:52 PM 

The Blue Angel

Full Name: Emilia "Emi" Sapphira Blaze VelocityPronunciation: (Self explanatory)Alias: The Blue Angel, The Darkness DragonNickname: Give her someMeaning: Emilia (to rival, excel, or emulate) Sapphira (sapphire) Velocity ()Origin:Title: Miss, Ms, LtID Number: 837Signature: Curvy and BoldGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineOrientation: PansexualReal Age: UnknownAge Appearance: Late 20'sBirthdate: October 31stBirthstone(s): Opal & TourmalineDeathday: --Birthplace: UnknownAstrological Sign: WaterZodiac Sign: ScorpioSpecies: Pure Blood DragonOccupation: Trainer/SpyEthnicity: WhiteBlood Type: --Preferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: HeartEye Color: Jade GreenHair Color: Crystal BlueHairstyle: VariesSkin Tone: PaleComplexion: WhiteMakeup: Light gloss, Ligh BlushBody Type: MesomorphBuild: Slim/PetiteHeight: 5'3Weight: UnknownCup Size: 44 DDShoe Size: 6Birthmarks/scars</strong> None/NoneDistinguishing Features: Black Horns, CheekbonesHealth: 100Energy: 50/100Memory: Very WellSenses: Better then mostAllergies: PollenHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: Small PlacesAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: NoneBrief Bio: She was born to dragons who had an older daughter who was there when she hatched. She used to follow her big sister around while she learned how to walk and then flew until her sister was taken from her. She left the nest to go looking for her big sister who she could sense is still living. She was very young in the dragon years when she was adopted by Kalahari. She stayed with her adopted mother until she was old enough to not be young in the human years. Emi has been looking for her sister for years while she fell in love with a male named kade who she has given him four children. She loved him a lot until she couldn't find him again. She rised their children who she taught everything to them so they know. She has finally found her sister who she is very protective over and will kill to protect her. She always made sure her sister knew about her children. (more to come)=====================Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Kalahari Blaze (Adopted)Father: Input infoSister(s): Apocalypse Velocity (Blood Dragon Sibling)Brother(s): Input infoDaughter(s): PersephoneSon(s): Steven (Older), Jack (Middle), Kade Jr. (Baby)Aunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cousin(s): Input infoMale Cousin(s): Input infoNiece(s): Input infoNephew(s): Input infoGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalities: Input infoBest Friend(s): Input infoFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Input info===================Relationship Status: SingleWhom: <a href="/">Name</a><br>Since: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s): Kade (Missing him)

тнє ѕℓιєит νιρєяѕ

09/10/2021 04:52 PM 

The Vampire Assassin

Full Name: Amaris "Roxy" Serenity Maria StarsPronunciation: (Self explanatory)Alias: The Vampire AssassinNickname: Roxy, Give her someMeaning: Amaris (promised by God) Serenity (being calm, peaceful) Maria (star of the sea) Stars (Star)Origin: Her dead parentsTitle: Lady, Miss, Ms, SgtID Number: 837Signature: BoldGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineOrientation: PansexualReal Age: --Age Appearance: Early 20'sBirthday: May 13thBirthstone(s):Deathday: ??Birthplace: UnknownAstrological Sign: EarthZodiac Sign: TaurusSpecies: Pure Blood VampireOccupation: Hunter/TrainerEthnicity: BritishBlood Type: O NegativePreferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: HeartEye Color: Crystal BlueHair Color: Lavender Purple fade to SilverHairstyle: Crystal BlueSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairMakeup: NoneBody Type: MesomorphBuild: SlimHeight: 5'1Weight: 180 lbsCup Size: 25 DShoe Size: 6Birthmarks/scars None/NoneDistinguishing Features: Lips, CheeksHealth: Very HealthyEnergy: 50/100Memory: Very WellSenses: NormalAllergies: PollenHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: HeightsAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: NoneBrief Bio: She was born to two unknown vampires who left her with humans to be raised normal. She grew up thinking she was only human until she came to the age of 16 years old when the death of the humans parents set off everything. She has done everything for her human parents as well as making sure nothing it taken. She was named by her human parents who though Amaris was a cute name but she has been called Roxy as a nickname. She had fallen for another female named Kalahari who she had given her heart. She was given her heart back not that long after with a it clipped. She traveled the world while making sure to feed when she could. She was adopted by Angel Ann who she thinks of as her older sister. Amaris will kill to keep her sister safe which means taking any hits and giving it out more. She has two pistols named Silver Siren that has special bullets for different species. (More to come.)=====================Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Input infoFather: Input infoSister(s): Angel Anne (Adopted Older Sister)Brother(s): Input infoDaughter(s): Input infoSon(s): Input infoAunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cousin(s): Input infoMale Cousin(s): Input infoNiece(s): Input infoNephew(s): Input infoGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalities: Input infoBest Friend(s): Input infoFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Kai (Male Bombay Cat), Luna (Female Manx Cat)===================Relationship Status: SingleWhom: <a href="/">Name</a><br>Since: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s): Kalahari Blaze

Goddess Neptune

09/10/2021 02:04 PM 

☆ terms and regulations ☆
Current mood:  animated

☆ terms and regulations ☆ 1. Please do not steal anything from this page. Everything you see here has been edited, manipulated, and changed to my liking; if you want something you simply have to ask.2. I don't mind how you write to me as long as I can understand what you are writing to me. I don't mind a few mistakes, but try not to make a habit of it. I do understand mistakes.3. I do not mind talking out of character. If you are wanting to become friends, that's fine. I will not, however, be giving out personal information such as; personal email addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses.4. I do not mind how you contact me - simply contact me however you like. If you like comments for discussions and messages for roleplaying is completely fine with me.5. I am a paragraph / multiple paragraph writer and will be writing in 3rd person format. If you write in a different way let me know and we can work something out.6. No bullying, harassment, or otherwise cyber corruption allowed. If I see this happen both parties will be removed from my page.7. No drama. Period. I will not tolerate it - Look, what's happened on this site over the last 20-or so years is behind us. Let's start fresh and create a new atmosphere where we can live in harmony with one another instead of this air of cliques and back-stabbing and putting each other down.8. I would like to think we've all got the basic knowledge about the English language, but I do know that mistakes happen, but as long as I can understand what you're writing to me, you're fine in my book.9. Reminder: Roleplaying is a hobby. It is not a job or a requirement to keep up with messages and comments quickly. Give me some time to reply to them. Sometimes it takes longer depending on what is going on in real life.10. Because I have a life with a schedule outside of the computer and cyber world, I will be here when I can be. I wil, however, not be available 24/7 but when that happens I will usually inform you all if I will be away from my laptop. If I'm going somewhere I usually take my laptop with me so I can answer emails and messages when I have the time. However, don't expect replies right away if this happens.

Liz the Pink

09/10/2021 12:10 PM 

Friendly reminder

Friendly reminder To not take things said in character as out of character actions or statements against you.  That this includes those of you with rude, edgy, etc characters, but especially you "always in character" people. Some of y'all get your panties in such a massive twist ooc when you get hit back with the same thing you dish out so, do remember in character stuff and ooc stuff are to be kept seperate, but if you feel personally ooc attacked due to in character stuff do these things Take a deep breath count to seven or ten understand rp is rp and no one with sense is having a go at you ooc over how your character talks to others remove your own rl personality from your oc if you based it off yourself.  Especially if you're the type to be upset over someone having a go at your character over how they act. Separate the two and things'll be much more enjoyable  Realize that not every character is not ugu nicu, nicu, diabetes inducing sweet Villains can behave like villains and douchers A hero wailing on a villain or vice versa due to the dynamic is okay Sadistic/masochistic characters are okay mentally warped/ unhinged characters are okay morally grey, good, or amoral characters are fine remember that some people do not really care if you get upset by how their character retaliates to yours or call yours especially if YOU are the one who started it in character. Blockings an option, but I say use it ONLY if they come at you ooc quite viciously, otherwise do something from the above. don't block someone if their character hits yours back and you as in you the person writing the character who got hit with their own medicine cannot handle what their character says despite you being the initiator of the issue. EX: Your character call someone's character a bitch who then calls yours a p**sy and you block them for calling your oc a p**sy even though you are the one who instigated with the person.  Simply put, don't dish out what you can't take and remember, the character isn't the person writing even if you've decided to just roleplay some super powered alternate version of yourself lol


09/09/2021 11:33 PM 


Lightem'upFeaturing Ambrose Synépeia "TEXT GIES GERE"   template credit.

Lady Yonoka

09/09/2021 07:34 PM 

a new world order.
Current mood:  accomplished

Yonoka is a kunoichi that resides in Otogakure no Sato. Her loyalty lies with Lord Orochimaru and his dream to know every jutsu and have every kind of power that there is known to shinobi. On his quest however he seemed to have lost his way, but he did not give up, and this impressed Yonoka for whatever reason and she continued to follow him no matter what happened. She was easily someone he could use as a puppet such as someone to use as a way to escape a sticky situation. Yonoka is someone who does not take friendship or loyalty lightly. She is very self-aware, and can sometimes feel the energy of another person. She can tell if they will be good or not and decide for herself if she wants to have them in her life.She was failing to see the problem that who was benefiting the village she was from. The village she sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears for the loyalty that she would hope to have a home to belong to. A breakdown had to happen before she could accept the kind of person she was becoming. She didn't feel she had any power to show others that she had no control over which situation would provide an answer. An antidote to the situation, and Yonoka was willing to work through a healing process and detoxify but her body was fragile; she suffered illness, and the system that she surrounded herself within was constant sickness and decay within her head-space. There were forces that were feeling the healing crisis and that which people were here to recognize the problems and solve them before they become worse. They would become harder and worse than becoming easier and better than before. It was such a simple answer, but a difficult question that would happen to be something one would have to find within themselves. They would argue that it was a series of events leading us down the path of destruction and or destress. The lack of sympathy for the world was Yonoka's worry that would often cause her panic and worry that the power she had to be a part of the solution. She wanted to become the answer to the problems that the world is facing.The alignment with the natural world was something Yonoka was studying in her laboratory with Orochimaru, with something she was hoping to find a cure; a solution for the problem, and something she can still do to help the issue. If she recognized she would resolve her problems. She couldn't control the person or problem, but she could control the way she reacted and felt about - she had control over apart the system and took total responsibility for this situation and problem which is selfish destruction of the world and use of technology to destroy it.The harsh reality was she was powerless to control her life and in the world, she lived in. She could not change the world without changing herself. She had to make changes within her own life to make larger changes in the world at large. Sometimes the people who were cruel to the world around them would get their karma thrown at them, but for the reality of the situation; it was not going to be the case. The denial that people are off in this situation, Yonoka was worried that it would result in human extinction. Generations ago people barely knew the world around them, and knowing not much about it and exploring the world around them became the normal thing to do - to create things like modern technology from the wheel to the computer processor. Yonoka has seen the changes in the world become problems for people, but there didn't seem to be a solution for any of it. This was her dilemma; she wanted nothing more than to help the atmosphere because she knew being part of the world was her responsibility and still had the potential to be helped. So what was going on and to see what was going on with clear eyes, and things that were dangerous and toxic were things that Yonoka was slowly starting to understand. She hoped that she could cure the system someday or at least be a vague part of its revival. She was sure that was part of Lord Orochimaru's brilliant plan in bringing the new world order together rather than simply having 5 great shinobi nations and working with the 7th Hokage with situations that needed to be worked on and solved. Either way, Yonoka's journey was far from over as she reached the large wooden entrance of Konohagakure where she would be meeting with the 7th Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki.  

Lady Yonoka

09/09/2021 07:28 PM 

holiday ; basic information
Current mood:  talkative

name: Yunoka Takeshidadate of birth; October 10age: 23gender: female.current residence: otogakure no Satohome village: kirigakure no Satooccupation: kunoichirank: chunin. expertise: ninjutsu and taijutsu, target practice, medical ninjutsu, mind techniques. special jutsu or kekkei genkai: ash release.elements: earth and fire.nationality: Asian.ethnicity: Japanese-American.tattoos / scars / piercings: none / left shoulder / two piercings on her right lip as an adult.drinking / smoking / drugs; yes / yes / no.other body modifications; snake tattoo on her left arm.

Lady Yonoka

09/09/2021 06:44 PM 

Rules ~
Current mood:  animated

1. Do not steal the content on this page. Everything you see here is either edited, manipulated, or changed by me. If you want something simply just ask for it and depending on what I can do I will make it happen.2. I would like to think we've all got the basic knowledge about the English language, but I do know that mistakes happen, but as long as I can understand what you're writing to me, you're fine in my book.3. No drama. Period. I will not tolerate it - Look, what's happened on this site over the last 20-or so years is behind us. Let's start fresh and create a new atmosphere where we can live in harmony with one another instead of this air of cliques and back-stabbing and putting each other down.4. No bullying, harassment, or otherwise cyber corruption allowed. If I see this happen both parties will be removed from my page. 5. You add, you talk. I will give you one week to either reach out to me or send me a message/greeting and I will allow you to remain on my list. If you do not, you will be deleted. If you show you want to remain on my list for further roleplays in the future, you may stay as well.6. As far as out of character goes, I do not mind getting to know people. I am a good listener, and many people enjoy my company. I do not mind being someone's shoulder to lean on or confide in. However, I cross the line at getting email addresses, phone numbers, or personal home addresses.7. Out-of-character chatting is for comments, and messages are for roleplaying. Please let me know if you prefer a different way of roleplaying such as discord or other messenger roleplays. 8. I am a paragraph/multiple paragraph writer, and I use proper punctuation, complete sentences, and grammar but I don't expect perfection as it does not exist in my eyes. Please be mindful of what you are trying to say or write to one another.9. Please be respectful of one another. Its such a hateful world- why add sticks to the fire?10. HAVE FUN!!! This isn't a job so don't make it one! I am looking forward to getting back into the groove of things and writing with amazing people. --- GIVE ME YOUR FAVORITE BAND OR COLOR SO I KNOW YOU READ THIS FAR. THANKS - YOU MADE IT TO THE END. ---  


09/09/2021 02:36 PM 


GUIDELINES Please read the information and sign below if you wish to continue using our content. disclaimer. We are a TVD|TO|Legacies based rpg, and we do not associate with anyone from the show or CW. Please keep in mind any au storylines or ideas belong to us, the staff! Also please make sure you follow the rules very carefully! one. We are trying to keep it old school and have that authentic old school writing we all miss on Myspace etc... We want to try and keep things simple and understanding, this rpg will be a safe place and a family to all, we accept all kinds of race, we are LGBTQ+ friendly, no bullying, no sexism, no political talk, no racism to anyone. Please be respectful and kind to one another, we have been through a lot over the year with Covid and disasters, etc…we just want to have peace and write. Keep the drama for your mama.We will give out a warning if we see anything going on, that goes for site or outside of RP and on discord, please do not start an argument in the chat, the chat is for everyone and for members, if you have something that is a question or concern, please set us aside in private for us to solve it! two. We get this is an rpg, with that being said activity is a must! We do monthly drabbles and prompts, we will also hold spirit week and special events for everyone to have fun, but you gotta put in the effort to do writing and discussions with members. We understand we don’t have the same schedule as you and you don’t with everyone else, we are patient with everyone if you let us know that you are running slow on your discussions or writing. Please keep in mind activity checks will be held once a month at the end of the month, if you are new or on hiatus, you don’t need to do one. Please keep in mind if we see a lack of activity, we will put you on probation to catch up. We don’t want to kick you out if you haven’t done any work. Once we see you do your work and catch up, we will take you off probation.There will be bi-weekly activity checks instead of points, we understand points are too much to keep track of, so please make sure you do the bi-weekly check Hope will give out to you. It will keep track of your activity, also we would need a owes list as well. three. We will be doing one account for each person, we would like to give everyone a chance to be their favorite character if it’s not taken, we expect for you to use the face given for the tv shows if you are a minor, or an oc, you are allowed to use your own face that you want to use. Cannon faces will remain the same. We are not accepting any book or genderbents at the moment we will accept original characters, you may not be another sibling or lost relative unless it’s named, if you wish to be Stefanie Salvatore for example you’d have to talk to the existing Elena and Damon that’s in our rpg to see if you wish to be their child. Original characters are not allowed to use cannon faces, please try to branch out on faces if you need help there are face claim directory’s for you to use to find a face. That goes for minor roles too. four. Please note that we ask you to have a page done once you get in, if you audition, you have 48 hours to get set up and become active, if you don’t have a layout up that is fine, we don’t care about the layout, we just want to have the page ready and set to go, if you don’t respond to your acceptance message with your link and discord, you will be reopened and we will move on. The audition process will be a form and you must sign the rules correctly if you are mobile just put the name of the role you’re auditioning for. We will do special promotions for most wanted roles and other roles as well. Please look for the correct verdict dates on statuses. five.  This roleplay group is multi para etc…au and freewriting, we do not want people to god mode anyone, please do not steal other people’s work, do not use texting writing like u or ur keep your work neat and original. Grammar is important to writing, we get no one is perfect, but we can help. six.  We are not going to do the thing where people sign up for rpgs to find love, this is not a dating site, you’re able to have a relationship, but please do not go overboard and do multi relationships, it’s not fair for the members or staff, we don’t want any relationship drama to cause a downfall of our rpg, also please keep sexual, etc writing in private and out of the member’s chats, etc…if you decide to go beyond the rpg and roleplay, it is not our responsibility, we do not want any part of it. Please keep it PG! You’re allowed to date outside of the rpg as well. seven. We expect people to have discord we will not be anywhere else for the group chat, we ask if you be active on discord as well, we have announcements extra writing areas prompts and writing groups in the discord server. If you don’t like discord, maybe it’s not a place for you, we get some people don’t like discord a lot, but it is an easier way to get things done and writing, we have additional rules for discord, and please try to keep the peace in the discord chats, we hope that you’ll do more writing and activity on-site though at least if you feel discord is better for you, that is fine too, we just want people to be active on discord if you can. We would also like to keep in mind a lot of our announcements and events will be on discord too as well. eight. We understand real life comes first, please let us know that you have things to do and such, we will need for you to sign the hiatus spot in discord or let us know that you’ll be gone, all you need to do is let us know the start and finish date and if you need extra time. You won’t be put on probation or anything unless we don’t hear from you. If we don’t hear from you, we will try to contact you on-site and discord, if we don’t hear from you within a week, you’ll be put on probation, if we don’t hear from you at all we will remove you, and your spot will be open. nine. Please make sure that if you are auditioning for the rpg that the page you are auditioning on is not with other rpgs, if you auditioned for another rpg and want to audition for here, you’d have to wait till after you get your verdict back for the other rpg if you want, you can make another page for the other rpg or for this rpg, it’s not fair to the other members that you are in two rpgs with the same page, so if you want your spot? Make sure you are for this rpg only and not any other, we encourage everyone to audition, we do not care if you have other pages. Just make sure that this rpg is your only page for here.Also please be sure to share out the rpg and have proof that you’ve shared us out, also please let us know if you have been recruiting active people to join us! You’ll get presents if you share and recruit! ten. Now that you’ve read all the rules, please make sure you sign them with a gif and quote for the role you are auditioning for, if you are mobile just the name and a quote for the role you are auditioning for! Thank you for your interest in Blood In Ruin rpg!-Hosie PS: Rules and other blogs are subject to change at any time! Please be aware of that.

𝔄𝔲𝔯𝔞𝔩 ℜ𝔢𝔳𝔬𝔩𝔳𝔢

09/09/2021 06:36 PM 


I wasn't really planning on doing these, however it seems to be necessary given the climate. So here we go.1. I am a multi para to novella length rper. I'm willing to settle for para so long as the quality of the rp is good. Otherwise,There is a high chance that I won't be able to continue our roleplay together.  2. Contrary to my previous rule, I do appreciate quality over quantity. While I boast a hefty word length in my rps usually, so long as the story is good and every thing is legible, you'll get no complaints out of me. 3. Don't god-mod, control my character, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill.  4. I kinda prefer to stay in character 95% of the time, even when spoken to in ooc. If you really want to speak out of character, then you may add my discord(at the bottom), and we can work something out... I suppose.5. I have a lot of sh*t that I do, so please be patient with me on replies and I will gladly do the same for you. Thank you. 6. I don't really like MCRP accounts, but I will attempt to be more lenient as it seems rather popular.7. Not really into any of that naughty rp stuff unless it is deeply story driven. So don't come out the gate with any of that nonsense. 8. Have a good time. If you have any comments, complaints, or praise for anything that I'm doing, please feel free to speak to me about it and I will do the same. We're all here to have fun and constantly improve, so lets make the most of this obscure hobby.  9. You add me, say something. If I add you, you'll definitely be hearing from me at some point afterwards. If I send you something specific and not some generic greeting, that is a tell that I'm genuinely interested in your character and want to rp.Here's my discord. AdamantDragon64#9066 feel free to add me if you would rather chat/discuss there.

💕Sweet millie💕18+ the mute

09/08/2021 11:59 PM 


Name millie Age unknown her memory is gone Hair brown Eyes brown Height 5 5 Lbs 120 Status single Sexuality unknown Rules 1 no grammar or pucuation police I wont use it or waste my data to please you since I'm limited on data internet


09/08/2021 10:23 AM 

Peer on Prey (Sample Writing.)

    Peer On Prey Peer down, grin with glee and savor the prey, Voracious Visitor. Up high, beyond where the air is terrifyingly thin, It plays the part of a silent spectator. Eyes on the prize: mouth-watering flesh-bearers by the billions, below and above ground, even sailing the seas or dipped under. Unaware, too tangled in their tiny troubles, they are juicy bits to Its cosmic appetite.Beyond aching desire, by darkest destiny, it is forged and tempered in a loathsome lifetime long predating this petri dish of existence. An unholy aberration, known with the most ill-mused slight of defying and defiling sane logic, it takes devious delight, ever so eager to indulge on so many. An adept enraptured predator over a field of prey.Those building blocks within countless life-forms are not what It is after alone. Their wills as well. Alluring abstract capable of pushing one to and past the limits, even attain godhood and flaunt great power. Free-will to produce causality of infinitesimal and astronomical scale is excruciatingly delicious to this divinely different demon from decayed dimensions.It is not divine. It is not damned. Yet, it is awfully apt to fashion feverishly fantastic feats that would make Men go evergreen in envy. An Old Power though not a native of this vast yard embellished by everlasting embers and emptiness.The fearsome filth ominously smiles at Fate for giving It appalling easement to ignore the grueling gravity that came with the downfall of bygone Creation. Such a colossal cluster of archaic existence was laid to rest by countless superpowers to finally cease egregious elder wars—treacherous transcendent tribunals that daringly doomed stars and souls.Alas, this heavenly horror lived through such indescribable condemnation. It is the worst kind of guest to have in this metacosmic museum, this latest iteration of the Grandest Cosmos. An astral enslaver of freedom and comfort from long-abandoned lifetimes ago; pernicious pasts that should only be recreated not an iota more than vague, fleeting, pale memories. Perhaps even as mere recollections, they are vivacious and vicious, worthy of worry should they resume in perverting reality.To make a festive banquet over these squirming spots and striding stripes of sentience is ecstasy, to say the least. If need be, this cosmic cretin will bide Its time, a quite eternal one, maybe truly so but a migraine to even lightly comprehend, until opportunity allows none to challenge Its ungodly authority. They can try, oh yes, but they shall all drown in deepest dread and left overly encumbered by the abhorrent anchor of fervent futility not long after daring to act with defiance. But defiance can make wills even more delicious.  Have Its way.Have Its prey.Come, dear night.Smile, sweet day.Eyes delight,Want dares stay.All-Bane of Wills,Pray It goes away.    


09/08/2021 02:24 PM 


The basics:✨No God Mods✨No Drama✨No Gossip✨No Children✨ No Insects✨ Multi Para to Novella onlyThe Obvious:✨ I am Low Activity ✨ I ship with chemistry  and yes, said ship does in fact cross over into other RP's.✨I reply when I want to and at my own pace, don't like it? Don't add me as i am a busy lady and happen to have a life outside of RP where I play video games and work out as well as go to doctors appointments because once again, I have a life.✨ I am a RP Veteran and do expect others to respect me for me to respect them in return.I Do:✨Write Novella✨Respond✨Roleplay✨ Take My timeI Do Not:✨Tolerate Drama/Gossip✨Tolerate Hate of any kind ✨ Write nsfw or lewd 


09/07/2021 04:57 PM 

Greedy Bat

Powers: Because of his belonging to the Seven Sins, Jester houses powers far stronger than most demons within their realm. He breathes his element, with some assuming his body is constructed of the fire from their realm and can control dark energy—a cursed variation of Spiritual energy. His kind is not known for their weapons, but more so their raw physical stats. He houses powerful transformations which contain a unique ability linked to himself. Due to his mutation, he has a horn that only becomes visible when excited. He can corrupt other beings with his flames, through prolonged exposure. Because of his element, he is highly resistant to the element of fire but can be still harmed by Holy and Demon weaponry. Solomon not only has supernatural physical stats, outclassing humans by a large margin but is also boosted by anger and unholy/darkness/sin empowerment. Jester's powers can be enhanced by using his horns to absorb surrounding light and heat. The more he absorbs the more powerful he becomes. He can also use up the energy in his horns to survive attacks that would normally kill him by hastening his regeneration. Jester can transform into a pseudo-transformation that has his horns grow slightly and bat-like wings emerge from his back. These wings hold the same ability as his horns to absorb light and heat to greatly boost his abilities, but unlike his horns, he cannot offer them for faster regeneration. In his true transformation, the giant bat-like wings become made of fire and his nails become longer like claws. Fire leaks from the corner of his mouth, and his light and heat absorption is so strong that if he is close enough to a star he can forcibly take it away to bring his frame to new heights. Element: Fire Sin: Greed Transformation: Bat-like wings and horns, once fully transformed the wings become flames, with fire leaking from his mouth, his nails grow into claws, and horns grow longer. Unique ability: Absorption of light and heat through his horns and wings. Sin ability: It can burn nothingness to ash. It gives his fire the power to bur anything completely. All flames produced by Solomon have an inordinate or insatiable longing to devour. The flames are best described as a bottomless pit that will exhaust itself in an endless effort to satisfy the need to burn without ever reaching satisfaction.


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Rules 💋

The basics:💋No God Mods💋No Drama💋No Gossip💋No Children💋 No Insects💋 Multi Para to Novella onlyThe Obvious:💋 I am Low Activity 💋 I ship with Dante, Be it Reboot or OG I ship with Dante and yes, said ship does in fact cross over into other RP's.💋I reply when I want to and at my own pace, don't like it? Don't add me as i am a busy lady and happen to have a life outside of RP where I play video games and work out as well as go to doctors appointments because once again, I have a life.💋 I am a RP Veteran and do expect others to respect me for me to respect them in return.I Do:💋Write Novella💋Respond💋Roleplay💋 Take My timeI Do Not:💋Tolerate Drama/Gossip💋Tolerate Hate of any kind 💋Write NSFW, if you want my Bayonetta to be complete Bayonetta (fights all that lovely jazz) in rp, it's gotta be SFW. 

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