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09/10/2022 09:14 PM 


IntroductionFirst Name: Ezra Last Name: StevensNickname: Mommy, Mama, EzzieGender: FemaleAge: 33Species: HumanSexual Orientation: StraightAbout herPersonality: Cheerful, Dependable, Flexible, Good-Natured, Mature, Caring, Peaceful, Playful, Passionate, Skillful, TimidLike(s): younger men and boys, flashing lights, shirtlessness, social events, planes, darts, cake decorating, soft blankets, documentaries, pet adoption, mountains, stuffed animals, Dislike(s): long fingernails, American football, vinyl records, washing clothes, smokeHobbies: Sewing, Drawing, Painting, CookingAllergies: DustFear(s): AichmophobiaExtraAccessories: NoneMakeup: Lipstick/gloss, eyelinerScars: NoneTattoo(es): NoneJewelry: Necklace, earringsPiercing(s): NoneFavoritesTheme Song: Boss Bitch - Doja CatFavorite Food(s): Fried Chicken, Sushi, Peaches, French Toast, BlueberriesFavorite Drink(s): Wild Cherry PepsiFavorite Color(s): Gimblet, Bright Turquoise, Pelorous, Blossom, ChestnutFavorite Animal(s): Butterfly, AlpacaFavorite Season(s): Summer, WinterFavorite Holiday(s): ChristmasFavorite Time of Day: Evening  

Nutter Butter® Maxii Moon

09/10/2022 10:30 PM 

RL Info; Some Rules
Current mood:  breezy

1] I am autistic and can only reply when I want/ can.2] Bulling me into replying is not going to help your case.3] Impatience will get you nowhere with me.4] I'll go as fast/ slow as I can when it comes to replying.5] I love new friends. ^w^6] Ask me questions if you want.7] I won't change my character for someone I don't know, Don't bother asking and be blocked.8] I'm not special so please don't harass me, I really dislike blocking people. I can't reply to a billion people I'm sorry.9] Peace.


09/10/2022 04:36 PM 

Should I be a ghost?

Red stood in the second-floor bedroom window and watched with dismay as the realtor led the newcomer into the house for their first showing. She was there when the for sale sign was removed from the front lawn, and she was there when the moving truck arrived, and its contents were unloaded into the living room downstairs. She hovered nearby as this stranger claimed her room as his and tapped her foot in annoyance as he unpacked his belongings in her space.Sure, it had been well over a decade since she was murdered in that very bedroom, but that didn't make the house any less hers. Growing up poor, Red's parents dragged her back and forth all over the country in pursuit of cheaper rent and higher wages. This led to her having a clear goal from a very young age. She wanted a place of her own, her dream house, and she worked her finger to the bone to ensure she got it. When she turned 18, with the help of her high school sweetheart, they took the nearly condemned building and turned it into the shining jewel it is today. Together, they installed the stained glass windows that turned each bedroom into a colorful, whimsical wonderland every morning when the sun hit them just right. They personally restored the hardwood flooring and commissioned custom newel posts from a carpenter with their initials subtly hidden in the design. She had personally chosen the clawfoot tub in the master bath because it looked just like something she had seen in a magazine when she was little. But weeks after their renovations were complete, her fiance decided he wanted to sell the house, to flip it for an enormous profit, but Red refused. They had spent their life savings and poured their blood, sweat, and tears into making this house their own. She wanted to grow old and die in this house. Little did she know half her wish would come true. Under pressure to come up with a large sum of money to pay off gambling debts, her sweetheart, the love of her life, took an axe from their backyard and murdered Red in her sleep. With her out of the way, he could collect her life insurance policy and sell the house. It was a win-win for him. Little did he or anyone else expect that Red would regain consciousness. Only she no longer had a body to call her her own. Pissed at the strange turn of events, she managed to summon the energy necessary to shove her beloved out the second-story window where he died, having smashed his head on a rock. Red contemplated doing the same to this stranger as she glared at him from across the room. Since waking in the house dead as a doornail, she realized no one could see her in this new ghastly form. It was rather liberating being able to do what she wanted without fear of judgment, but it wasn't enough. She needed this person out. In a fit of rage, she shoved a pile of boxes over, stormed across the room, and leaned in close to them, whispering in their ear, "Get out..."


09/10/2022 04:22 PM 


I hereby claim thiss blog sspace in the name of my Masster and Longan Palace.


𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔇𝔢𝔳𝔦𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝔱

09/09/2022 02:22 PM 

Just some basic information

Not much I really need to place here, just a basic once over for the profile to maybe answer a few questions. With the concept for the character/verse I have it quite open for all verses since it begins with pulling young men from their own worlds. Traveling through times and worlds is possible and I’ll keep that’s logic. Romance isn’t a high target for roleplays strictly due to the concept and overall esthetic of the character himself. That doesn’t mean once trust is earned that he won’t find a nice match. However I don’t focus on “relationships” as a whole account, it’s per roleplay and even if they develop. I will honestly add most people, if your profile seems welcoming or if I can even view it I’ll likely send a request your way! Can’t make friends by being shy and rutting around viewing but not adding. You are welcome to deny any request or rightfully unfriend if you aren’t comfortable, that’s a given right for everyone! For now this is about everything, I’ll add to it if I feel the need. Basic wiki information is on the profile to save people from looking it up, only change is the sexually because I believe in loving everyone~!

Jacob ❆A Forsaken Incarnate❆

09/09/2022 11:29 PM 

Silent's rebirth

Jacob is the vessel for a Forsaken being known only to the world as Silent, a being so dreadful not only was he banished from the realms of Heaven and Hell so to were his siblings. Silent was thought to be long dead however a Forsaken never dies as their punishment is "True Immortality", their bodies may fade, rot, burn and die but their souls are forever attached to the mortal plains of Earth. Deep within the Forest of Snowfall lays Winterhime Estate where the rest of his siblings live. Silent however could never live in one place for to long, he wandered the world often leaving home for centuries at a time, he one day vanished leaving not a body behind nor did his soul return to a vessel that laid wait for it in the basement of their Estate. His siblings believed he had found a way to truely die, a goal for the Winterhime family.Truth was his body went under a transformation this caused severe memory loss leaving Silent as Jacob, a second chance at life or so we thought. The reality is that this isn't a second chance, it's just as it seems. Silent living on as a False being where his memory is absent and in it's place memories of a nobody grow and take root within his mind. What could this mean for the nobody known as Jacob? If Silent should wake will he fade back into nothingness? Will the body now reject Silent to the point were their soul will tear leaving Jacob his own being and Silent returning to the vessel waiting for him with his family's Estate? A curious question indeed as Jacob shows no signs of Silent's powers just yet though a Vial in his house labeled "Silent" remains in his house on a shelf. What could this vial of liquid be?The timer is counting down slowly, each tick of the clock's hand passes quicker and quicker with each wave. Only time will tell what will become of these two beings when their world's and lives collide.


09/09/2022 12:25 PM 

It's made! The website is built!

The website has been finalized, but will grow it as I grow my oc here.


Tira ~The Bird of Death~

09/08/2022 07:57 PM 

Tira's Bio (New Timeline)

Biography Soulcalibur VI Europe is home to a group of assassins called the Flyway Falcons, who operate in the shadows. One of its members was Tira, who was raised from a baby in the art of murder. Not many could match her skill. However, when the Evil Seed event occurred while she was on a mission, the group’s leader was driven insane, which led to the disbanding of the Falcons.As a result, Tira was left without anywhere to go, and lacking direction. Though she was taken in by a family, her “normal” life did not last long—such mundanity could never have been enough for her. Tira flew into a rage over a trivial matter, killing every last one of her new family, and then set off on a journey to claim as many lives as she could.Tira had always been emotionally unstable, but the incident with her adoptive family had pushed her over the edge. As her journey continued, she exhibited increasingly strong signs of mania, which eventually led to her personality splitting in two. Her more jubilant side became known as Jolly; her moodier side, Gloomy.One day, she happened upon the aftereffects of Nightmare’s cruelty. Despite thinking she had grown numb towards death, the level of his atrocities took even Tira aback. Bewitched by the Azure Knight’s handiwork, she set out to locate him. However, when she arrived at Ostrheinsburg, he was nowhere to be found. According to a man who carried a great scythe, Nightmare was nothing more than a puppet to the cursed sword Soul Edge. If that was the case, she decided, then she would set her sights on finding the blade itself. By now she was convinced beyond doubt they were fated to meet.Libra of Soul Tira came across the Conduit as she was being hunted down by the Bird of Passage. When she was seemingly kidnapped, she left a trail of crumbs from the bread she received from the Conduit to have them follow her trail. Upon arriving at the assassin headquarters, Tira massacred the members of the Bird of Passage and attacked the Conduit when they arrived. She had them cornered but then accidentally threw her weapon at a worn wall. As it crumbled, Tira was dragged down with the debris, and the Conduit could not tell if she was dead or alive.


09/07/2022 11:46 PM 

New Here!
Current mood:  excited

Howdy! I'm new here and literally have not clue how to use sites like these. I came from the hell hole that is Quotev roleplaying. Please help me.Aside from that, I only really joined for one purpose. I had the sudden urge to rp Fairy Tail for whatever godforsaken reason. Anyone interested? Message me! I have a story based rp idea I really wanna do that takes place in teh seven year time skip. 

new, fairy tail

Corrupted Nun

09/07/2022 10:29 PM 

Current mood:  animated

1. Main rule, during plots or stories especially more 18+ do NOT sent photos or links to photos along with the stories. I can't stress this'd enough. I've lost previous accounts and hate it when this rule is ignored. 2. I'm always open for ideas and plots. I usually do more dark ero type stories. But don't hesitate of asking of mixing plots or any new ideas.3. third person view is the way I write, for me it's easier to plot as well as figure out the story unfolding. Multi para and up is perfered no one liners. After saying this multiple times if it's continued I won't hesitate to delete. There's no plot with one liners. 4. usually Kiara is dominate and packing for girls. But if asked I'm always happy to be sub especially for men to change things up or anything that's asked we can always discuss. 5. I try to be on often and reply as much as I can. But do tend to get busy and understand if those want to unfriend me with having trouble waiting or if I forget give me a little nudge. No hard feelings if I'm deleted.


09/07/2022 05:27 PM 


𝙝𝙤𝙨𝙩.You can see it in her eyes. Something inside her. Something she can’t resist.  Since being discharged from the hospital, she’s different – a shadow of her former self. A charming young woman and model student, turned reclusive and self-destructive. On paper? These worrying behaviors appear to be the result of her grief and deteriorating mental state. Following the life-saving surgery, Aiko was clinically diagnosed with an extreme case of trauma induced agnosia. In truth? Life-laden shadows dance at the corner of her eye. Her eardrums echo with the blasphemous whispers of undead scholars. Black passion seizes her. She wants to – no, needs to know: what is it she feels inside her, scrabbling in her veins and molding her dreams?     Outside of occult circles, Aiko tries to mimic normalcy. A poor reproduction, but most are too polite or too busy to notice.  She’s teetering on the edge of the abyss – and  barely hanging on. 


10/07/2022 04:16 PM 

New here.

I have been a writer for many years, but looking for people to write with. I have a detailed BIO combed into a website soon to release. Please stay tuned or not, I don't know what to gain through here since it is my first time. To give a bit of info on my character is that he hunts demons and unwarranted deities down and suppresses them back to their origins from overlaying balance out of bounds. The only thing worth telling is he has a very irritable nature towards those that intentionally thwart off balance which conveys chaos.


09/07/2022 11:06 PM 

Long ass backstory

How long had it been? No one could remember anymore. Not even Rena herself could remember how long it's been since she was free. Centuries ago, the word seemed so much calmer as a young kit. Her troubles were non-existent in those days before she had been exposed to humans. Her mother and father had warned her to be wary of them. They were weak but violent and stupid, a volatile combination. Back then, she was free to wander the forests, swim the rivers, and sleep under the stars. It was such a simple existence, one she missed dearly. It all changed the day a child wandered into her midst. It was the first human she had ever seen, and the only two words that came to mind were fat and bald. Sure it looked stupid, but not at all like the beast her parents warned her about. Rena summoned a will-o'-the-wisp to lure it deeper into the woods where she could get a better look at it. It was rather small. When it finally dawned on Rena that it was just an adolescent, she came out of her hiding place in the bushes and sniffed the strange creature in front of her. He immediately latched onto her pink fur and stroked her head much to her delight. Rena was undeniably soft, and the boy's chubby fingers felt wonderful. As it became apparent that he wasn't dangerous and as she got more comfortable with this child, they even began to play. But when the sun sank below the horizon, the torches in the village beyond the forest were lit, and voices were raised. They were looking for the missing boy, but when they found him, both boy and kit were curled up together asleep. When the adult humans approached, Rena was able to wake before they could reach her and ran, but not before those very adults had fully taken in the scene before them.  Rena had protected and even guarded the boy against predators, and the humans were... Grateful. They began leaving offerings at the edge of the forest for her, and while Rena was hesitant at first, she began accepting them. They didn't seem to mean her any harm. The boy returned to her in the forest every chance he could sneak away, and Rena began venturing into the village late at night. These humans seemed peaceful enough, and Rena began using her shapeshifting abilities to walk among them. The boy's parents gave her clothes and helped her perfect her human illusion, how to hide her tail and ears and pass as human. In return, she used her abilities to help the villagers. She had a sixth sense for danger and would provide a warning to the village before every major catastrophe, weather bandits, wildfires...But as those around her grew older, Rena stayed the same. Sure, she aged, but a full generation passed before she sprouted a second tail, and time left her features untouched. Much to everyone's surprise, the boy stopped growing older when he reached adulthood as well. He was the human with whom she spent the most time, and over the years, they grew closer and closer until the night came when he asked her to marry him. She had learned that among the humans, this was a rather significant exchanging of vows, binding two people together in love. He gave her a ring, and she gave him her heart...  In the form of a small pink gem that he promised to guard with his life.They had decades of marital bliss. For Rena, it was true heaven on earth, but it all came crashing down around her. One oppressively hot summer, Rena could sense imminent danger approaching for weeks, but she couldn't figure out what was coming. She had served the village faithfully for years and never suspected the danger would come from within her own family. Her first taste of betrayal would come at the hands of her brother-in-law. While her husband had stopped aging, his younger brother had become old and feeble. Throughout his adult life, he had coveted Rena and her beauty, but as he grew older, he began to covet her power. While she tried her best, healing magic was not Rena's forte, but the old timer realized that there was some attribute to her affections that kept her brother from aging, something she only gave to him and no one else in the village. One night during a new moon, when Rena's powers were at their weakest, the brother came and slew her husband in their sleep. When Rena awoke to find her husband's throat slit beside her, it sent her into a rage. Her third tail sprouted, and in her anger, she began to engulf their house in flames, fully expecting to burn the village and all its inhabitants to the ground. It wasn't until the brother commanded her to stop that she learned the hard way that which is given cannot be taken back. Against her will, the magic fueling the flames died, and the fire with it. Upon her husband's death, his next of kin, his little brother, inherited the gem containing her heart. While they lived together, her husband had never asked anything of Rena that she wasn't prepared to give willingly, but his brother was quite different. When it became clear he had absolute control over Rena, the very first thing he tried to do was command her to reverse his aging and then stop it completely. She did try her hardest, but when it became clear it was an impossible task, even for her, he turned her on his enemies. The brother commanded her to slaughter anyone who had slighted him in his lifetime. With her power, he became a force to be reckoned with, but her physical proximity and even possession of her heart didn't stop time from affecting him. He died of old age, and Rena's heart was passed down once again to his son. Unfortunately for her, the son was just as conniving as his father though he didn't like to rely on brute force. He taught Rena to use her mastery of illusion to deceive and infiltrate. Under his cruel tutelage, she became quite the assassin, torturing her heart until the first imperfection began to appear in the once clear gem. Eventually, he took her as a mistress, and when he died, her heart was passed on once more. On and on it went, her heart being passed down, sold, stolen, tainted.Eventually, she was forced to leave the village with her new master. The land changed. In place of great ancient forests, skyscrapers were erected. Plains were paved, mountains were leveled, and digital currency became king.Once during a great depression, she had come so close to seducing a bachelor that had come into possession of the little pink gem into gifting it back to her... Until he met the love of his life. Instead, he kept her on as a slave. Occasionally he would send her to seduce his business rivals and blackmail them with the evidence she either discovered or planted. Sometimes she would be commanded to kill them outright or burn their business to the ground. It was annoying, to say the least. Today, she sits at a bar in a beautiful black cocktail dress, staring at the bottom of her glass, contemplating what she might do with the few weeks of freedom she had left while her previous master's will was being contested by his spoiled offspring. It was a miserable existence she led, and alcohol managed to make it ever so slightly bearable. How long had it been since she was able to freely galavant in the woods as a free fox? The forest she used to roam didn't even exist anymore. Perhaps it was the wine or the rain that left her feeling nostalgic while her eyes were fixated out the window, not really watching anything in particular. 


09/07/2022 12:45 PM 

| 𝘙𝘶𝘭𝘦𝘴 |

1. I'm not new to roleplay or the verse, but this is my first time roleplaying as Ephemer, so please go easy on me with my portrayal. I'm going to be mainly writing him after the events of KHUX, but I can most definitely write within that particular storyline if requested.2. I do mostly multi-para+, can do para and short novella, but I will never do one liners unless we happen to have some IC banter going on in status comments.You don't have to match my lengths, but I do ask that you write at least a paragraph at minimum.3. I'll write almost any genre besides super extreme heavy gore, (I have some exceptions to excessive gore, like plots that happen to take in the worlds of Drifters or Mortal Kombat, for example), but I can still write gore. Romance is not my main priority, even though I'm a sucker for shipping. I prefer Ephemer with Skuld but he can be paired with basically anyone. For a relationship to happen though, there needs to be chemistry between our two characters, even if they're already acquainted with each other. Finally, I can write mature themes but won't write smut!4. OCs, AUs, and crossovers are encouraged and loved! I'm also MCRP friendly so don't be afraid to add if you're an MCRPer.5. Real life is important; It's everyone's number one priority. If you don't or haven't responded in a certain amount of time, I won't delete you, just to let you know. My patience is unlimited, so you better go take all the time you need to take care of yourself first! To add, I'll also be slow on some days-- unless it happens to turn into procrastination, and ask for your patience in return.6. I roleplay in messages but if we happen to start more than one roleplay, we can roleplay in comments or maybe blogs; I don't mind. I can also write in Discord, if that's better than here.7. I suck at thinking of plot ideas, so bare with me!8. God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it.9. Drama shall never be tolerated UNLESS it’s roleplay wise.


09/06/2022 11:44 PM 


MOURNING Iron rusts and fades to dust. The strongest chains were those forged in the mind. Strong enough to imprison not just one person, but their children, and their children's children as well. An  alloy of the soul, tempered by an enflamed heart. No, not some curse, but trauma. The Yamada family was not statuesque, no, rather it was a mosaic of broken pieces from broken places. A union of two black sheep. A tenacious couple who strove to make a home of their own. A home without chains.  At their worst, they'd only been a bit too pushy in their encouragement of their daughter; an innocent  hope for their child's success. That she would not have to struggle as they had. That they would only need to pour their hearts until she overflowed with love.  And, now, Aiko was empty.  Like she had been scraped out, leaving but a person shaped shell.  It didn't seem impossible – that  whatever had scrambled her mind  could've  eaten her heart as well. It made enough sense at this point; why else could she not even mourn the memory of her dear mother and father? Who, or *what*, had she become?  Days turned to weeks, and not a single tear shed; they deserved better, and she loathed herself for that.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------  MEMORY Trying to remember, it’s uncomfortable, like someone’s groping inside her skull. How did this tragedy begin?   It begins with the sound of breaking glass. Limp as a ragdoll, choking on burning rubber and oil smoke. Clutching onto her consciousness takes everything she’s got. Nearby, her mother screams and screams and screams. And stops. Abruptly.  Sick revulsion, Aiko’s throat fills with bloody brine. Something sharp, like broken teeth, crawls under her skin.  It invades her blood like raging lava. Muscles contract and thrash.The pain is too immense to scream.  Everything goes dark, a distant blur as she recedes into it.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------   MED-27SJ-YAMADA Encased between two durable plastic sheets is a bluish card with lines of information – and watermark in the shape of the street grid of her university’s locale.      

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