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๐ƒ๐‘๐Ž๐Ž๐‹๐˜ ๐‚๐Ž๐Ž๐‹๐˜

06/27/2020 04:20 PM 

Drooling Dominatrix

SAMPLEdrooling Dominatrix. Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...It droned and droned, a deafening noise that played a sad song for a single dancing line. Up and down its rhythms went. A steady pace, a foreign harmony against the madness raging around her. Blinding green bouncing against an inky blackness. /That wasn’t her father./ It couldn’t be.She wanted to feel sick, or sad, or angry, but it was all absent. A cold numbness that not even her quirk could rival. Breaths shallow and painful, as if she'd run a mile instead of standing still looking across the room, eyes fixated on the simple, drolling machine. She couldn’t look right at him. That made it too real, too real to see him under a white sheet, clear mask attached to his face, fogging seldomly with breath. His tan skin paler than she’d ever seen him and his form, typically mountainous, dwarfed between the raised arms of the bed. The world was muted, hushed, muffled sounds behind her, vacant stare forward at at the only hero she ever really had.Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...Something was broken. Something deep within her felt like it had shattered now the little pieces of what was left were stabbing her insides, little pangs of pain rippling softly against the numb devoid she felt. Vision started to blur with rolling, hot tears. Slowly, they flooded her eyes and began to pour, painting her face in streaks of heartache. Reality a merciless joke.Not only had she failed her provisional, a blow enough on it’s own, but here her father laid, in Japan, clinging to life with a bullet wound to his chest. Even comparing the two made her feel guilty, that her personal failure had any compared to what was before her now. As if reeling in regret for her dreams being kicked again deserved some form of punishment and this was it. None of this was possible, she couldn't be here right now. She couldn't. How could something so real feel so unbelievable? He had been in Japan? For how long? Why was he here? How did this happen? How had a bullet taken his quirk? Why hadn’t he called her? Whys and hows choking her, nausea filling her throat and threatening to spill out. Chest beginning to heave, and she wanted everything to stop, to pause. Give her a moment to comprehend what was before her.“Chiaki, I’m so sorry, w-we did everything we could, we tried to help him.”The heavy German accent cracked her thoughts, gulping down the sickness that burned her throat. Feeling was returning and the world seemed now to tint in red. “E v e r y t h i n g?” Malice oozed in her repeated word, sounding in a venomous spat. Her head turning to look at the source of the voice. He’d been talking to her somber, sobbing mother, an attempt to console. His hands /already/ on her. Rough palms cupping her delicate, slender shoulders. Seeing him touch her father’s ex-wife, her mother, only stoked the flames. “Is that suppose to make us feel better!?”“Tatsuo!” Her mother's voice piped in a sob, her head lifting from her hands, immaculate face twisted with sorrow and tears. It was a plea that Tatsuo ignored. Body quaking now, a raging tremble that rattled her form.“Were you shot?” She turned fully now, hate in her words, a totally alien bitterness in her voice, something that even took her mother aback. “Were you injured? Did you lose your mutant quirk? Are you even hurt?”“T-Tatsuo, he ran ahead we tried to follo-”“There you go t r y i n g again. Is TRYING going to help save his life? Is TRYING going to bring his quirk back? Did TRYING HELP HIM NOT GET SHOT? HOW DARE YOU. HOW DARE YOU STAND THERE AND SAY YOU TRIED LIKE IT F***ING MATTERS. YOU DON’T GET AN EFFORT RIBBON.” Near roaring the words she stepped towards Germany’s number two, her godfather, and one of the people who benefited most from her father lay dying in a hospital bed. His lips parted and hands lifted from Tatsuo’s mother’s shoulder to raise in front of himself defenselevely as she approached.“Listen, listen, you don’t under-”“NO, DON’T F***ING PATRONIZZZE. SSSSTANDING OUT HERE,” a hiss beginning, “CUDDLING MY MOTHER ASSS MY DAD’SSS IN A HOSSPITAL BED. IF YOU WANTED MY PRAISSSSE FOR YOUR EFFORTSSS, YOU’D BOTH BE IN THERE.”“T-Tatsuo, he ran ahea-” He stumbled, starting to repeat himself, clearly baffled by this shift, this unbridled anger from the little, cheerful girl he’d watch grow up.“SSSSHUT IT. YOU’RE JUST GOING TO LET THEM HIDE THISSSS!? SSSSWEEP HIM UNDER THE RUG LIKE HE DOESSSN’T MATTER!?” Her ‘s’ sounds turning to a near fully hiss as her slit tongue numbed from the ever increasing potency of her mouth cocktail, only adding to the hostility in her words and frustrating her more.“T-Tatsuo, bitte, there’s nothing we can do. It’ll cause panic if--”“I DON’T GIVE A F*** ABOUT PANIC. I THOUGHT YOU WERE A HERO.”She hadn’t even noticed that the rest of the German Pro-hero team that had apparently accompanied her father here for some top secret mission had entered the room, alongside some very distressed looking hospital staff. Shoulders rising and falling, panting softly as tears and saliva poured from her, both out of her control. Heart hammering hard against her chest, lightheadedness made her feel like she could faint. The air silent all but for her feral panting and--Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...That horribly comforting sound, the electronic mimicry of her father’s still strong heartbeat. A heart that longs to be a hero more than it had to be her father, a heart that was now shattered with the loss of his quirk. Where had been his hero? His best friend? U s e l e s s.“F*** it.” Shaking her head, she spun on her heel. The most graceful any of them would see her. In a fluid motion, snapping her bag off the floor and into her taloned digits, storming out of the room and beelining for the elevator down the hallway. Dodging patients, staff, and equipment as she did. It was all too much and she was thankful to be the only person that burst through the metallic doors of the elevator. Her raging composure starting to crack, starting to give way to the deep seeded anguish and confusion.There was so much about this that made no sense. Her father in Japan, a bullet taking his quirk, the authorities informing them to keep this ‘hush, hush,’ especially his quirk bit. None of it made sense. Like some nightmare made real. Memories, like cruel jabs, taunted her.”You know, I heard there’s some foreign pro getting his nose where it don’t belong.”“Ya’ might wanna be careful, I hear there’s some nasty sh*t on the streets lately. Quirk altering sh*t. Scary.”Her heart sank. Why hadn’t she paid more attention to the rumors? Isn’t that the reason she stopped turning in all of the thugs and nerdowells that she ran into? The foreign pro must have been either her father or one of his team, but probably her father with his boisterous, nosey ways. And the drugs.... Altering didn’t mean destroying though, but if it was some drug, then couldn’t there be a cure? Heart and mind flooded with grief, still trembling.Elevator doors slowly slid open greeting her with her reflection in the darkened windows of the hospital's long since closed cafeteria. The realization of why she hadn’t done more with the information gained during her vigilante moonlightings slowly settling in as she stared at herself.She was alone.No team backing her up.No one but herself. Good ol’ me, myself, and I.Chasing after drugs on the streets would be a solo mission and she wasn’t prepped for something like that. Not alone, but how could she sit around and do nothing? It was readily apparent, even in the first few hours of this that nothing was going to be done, “he was in good hands” at the hospital. Everyone "did there very best." Good hands and college effort weren’t going to fix his quirk, that much she was sure, all those good hands were baffled at his condition, despite stabilizing him to the best of their abilities. Not to mention, he, much like her, was a mutant. What would happen if his quirk fully dissipated. Right now he still had his horn, and looked somewhat the same, though weak and feeble, especially hooked to machines and in a hospital bed.Walking from the elevator, down sterile but uncannily welcoming hallways, like a facade of home and comfort and finally into the night air outside the main entrance. The cooler air was inviting on her heated cheeks, lungs swelling as she breathed it in deeply. A rush she hoped would push everything else out, but all it did was raise her chest before leaving in a drawn breath. Her feelings baffled, a tingling sensation of reality settling on her skin, mind still buzzing with thoughts,clawing for answers. No, not answers, solutions.It didn’t take long for the adrenaline from her fit of anger to subside and she collapsed on a bench. She was tired. This had been too long of a day. Aimless walking making her legs ache and her face feeling puffy from sobbing and getting the bacteria her quirk produced so angry. Sighing, she opened her bag and rummaged for something to eat or drink, poking her thick skin on something sharp, a small exclamation of pain chirping as she pulled free her assailant, a black, wooden mask.“Ugh, you’re the last thing I wanna see right now.” About ready to tuck her vigilante, Puk, mask back into the abyssal depths of her bag, when she noticed something falling from inside the curve of her mask, it drifted gracefully to the ground. A small card. Curiosity piqued, she gently snagged it and pulled it into view.Twice.And a number.Blinking, absent eyes stared at the sloppy writing. Realization hitting her with a small gasp, eyes widening.Today was a total sick joke and she wasn’t laughing. He’d seen her kick around a few thugs that had been harassing her, and a local convenience store owner, a few weeks ago and was really impressed with her, or at least he seemed to be. He was strange, but oddly likable. Mentioning he had a group of ‘like minded’ friends that would love to meet her and how she’d fit right in. He’d been pretty insistent, which was flattering, and finally relented with giving her his contact. The number of a supposed member of the league of villains. This was either a sign from the cosmos or the cosmos bullying the sh*t out of her.This was a bad idea. She shouldn’t do it. But what choice did she have?She pulled her phone from her bag.This was a bad idea. She’s a hero in training and in a deep enough hole having failed her provisional.Talon tip pressing against the specialized glass that would register nail instead of finger pad.This was a bad idea. Heartbeat racing. But, who else was going to do something?Bead tipped talon gently pressed the phone icon, slowly punched in the numbers from the scrap of paper, hovering over the green phone icon that glared at her. She pinched her eyes shut.This was a bad idea. But, her father needed a hero.She pressed it.Riiiiiiiing.The sound far away at first, she quickly smushed the phone into her cheek. Riiiiiiiing. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing. Gulp. Riiiiiiiiiiiiing.“He gave me a fake.” Nervous laugh following the mutter made to herself. Was her happy or disappointed by that possibility? She didn’t have long to mull on that obscurity.“Hiya hiya. WHO THE HELL’S THIS?”“AH. I-I UH. H-Hi, is this...uhhh…. T-Twice? This is P-Puk, we met a few days ago--” She was pleased her ‘s’ had mostly returned to normal, just a small, nearly negligible, like a tiny sibilant on the sound rather than a full blown snake hiss.“That drooling dominatrix girl!?”“I-uhm.” She paused a moment, at first embarrassed, but if the shoe fit. “Y-Yeah, the drooling dominatrix.” That certainly didn’t sound flattering, accurate, but not flattering. Puk, The Drooling Dominatrix Vigilante. That was even more questionable than The Voracious Hero, Deathgrip.The conversation was brief, but productive. In three hours, she was meeting at least one of the members of the League of join them. She stared down in disbelief at her now darkened phone, her stupid ass didn’t even block her number. A deep sigh rolled past her lips as she mulled over exactly what she was doing. A talon gently rapped at the back of her phone, this was a bad idea and she knew it. She was going to end up dead, maybe even tonight yet, but she couldn’t do it alone and she sure as hell couldn’t turn to heroes to help her save her father, they didn’t help him in the first place. Her classmates weren’t very close with her, a cheerful distance between her and just about everyone she knew, and besides, she couldn’t drag them into this. A deep, chilling loneliness set in, eyes still locked on darkness. Who else was there?

ๆ‚ช้ญ” ็Šฌ

06/27/2020 02:26 PM 

Basic Guidelines

1.) Don't bother me for responses. I'll block you.2.) I don't use Discord, Skype, etc. Simply because I have no intentions of getting that familiar with any of you. Less drama that way.3.) If I add you and it appears as though you're a sh*t writer, I'll delete you.4.) I can discuss plot or jump straight into it. Makes no difference to me as long as we give each something to work with.5.) You want to smut? That's perfectly fine with me, though be forewarned, I have no human form nor do I have any intentions on creating one. Make of that what you will.

Destiny's Crossroads

06/27/2020 10:41 PM 

Sector 5 Slums: Church

(Under co.)Time of day: NightParticipants: Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth


06/27/2020 09:09 PM 

rules too, electric boogaloo.

i ) My depiction of Death the Kid is SLIGHTLY DIVERGENT of canon with headcanons sprinkled in. Please don't be a twat just because I'm not 1000% accurate. I'm trying my best, lmao.ii   ) I'm selective with giving out my DISCORD, especially if you aren't in the verse. Don't take this personally.iii ) I PRIORITISE different things on different days. Sometimes I focus more on messages, and sometimes I focus on comments. There are even days I will just do statuses but I will try to get to everything within a week [ depending on rl activity. ]iv ) I love IC BANTER and RANDOM STARTERS, so throw me at them if that's more your thing, or just ask me to send something.v  ) I'm not that SELECTIVE when it comes to interacting with writers. If you ain't toxic or impatient then we gucci, regardless of your verse or if you're an  ) Don't RUSH me for replies. No, I've not forgotten about you. My activity is constantly spontaneous due to various factors, usually due to laziness, a sh*t sleeping routine and RL duties. Sometimes I do forget about greetings though.vii ) I don't care about your FEUDS WITH FELLOW WRITERS, just keep it out of my sight. If I wanted to watch OOC bickering then I'll be surfing facebook.viii  ) ROMANCE isn't something I look for actively, though I'm not against it if there's at least some chemistry. Good luck getting with a guy that freaks out over symmetry and balance if you wanna do that. I hold erotic in the same regard, with Kid's age automatically being 18 if anything sexual occurs, no exceptions.

โ˜† โ€• ๐™๐™๐™€๐™”๐™…๐˜ผ ,

06/27/2020 05:58 PM 

โ˜† โ€• ๐™€๐™“๐™๐™๐˜ผ ๐™„๐™‰๐™๐™Š ,

homeland.  mainly a land of greenery and sea to split the lands, freyja's original home was one abundant in vegetation and life.  animals claimed the forests, and villages remained small in numbers.  technology did not exist within the world she came from, advancements instead coming with the use of magic.  there were no cell phones, no cooking on an electric stovetop, or illumination by lightbulbs.  the world was a humble place, the gods and goddesses beloved by their pious people.  to say it was a perfect place, however, would be a lie.  with people come opinions and with opinions, war and bloodshed.  whether over territories or otherwise, wars were commonplace not only among humans but gods and goddesses alike.  when a war would rage among the gods, it wasn't odd for damage to be dealt to the world and its people.  when that was the case, the blame would fall upon the pseudo-gods and pseudo-goddesses : beings crafted by the gods and goddesses as scapegoats and lesser beings to help take some of the load of their work for them.  when blamed for the mistakes of their creators, the pseudo gods & goddesses would be banished from their world and their existance erased from their world.  they would be sent to another world and promptly replaced by another.     romance.  as a pseudo-goddess, monogamy is a foreign concept to freyja.  living among the gods and goddesses, it is very common for them all to take on multiple wives and / or husbands as they see fit.  being inhuman, their views and ideals of love just as freyja's, are somewhat shallow in nature and often only happen for perks, or advantages.  freyja was married to a god prior to being banished from her home world yet accepted others into her bed should she have been in the mood and find something interesting or attractive about them.  it wasn't cheating as with the gods and goddesses, it was a common thing to happen.  whether freyja can truly love someone in a human-like way has yet to be seen as while she admired her husband, her marriage was less of a loving affair and more out of her own admiration of him.  it should be noted, however, that as a former pseudo goddess of romance and intimacy, freyja knows what the love between humans is but has never experienced the intense feelings herself.     abilities.  after being sent to another world, it can be said that freyja's magical abilities and ties to her former home were cut out at the root.  no longer does it seem possible for her to perform a lot of the abilities she once knew, but what does remain with her is certain aspects of herself that are tied to only her rather than her home world specifically.  one such thing is the strange aroma that surrounds her, a subtle and welcoming scent of cinnamon that pervades the senses of those who come nearest to her.  just as citrus scents are meant to liven up and energize & jasmine relax and calm the senses, freyja's own scent has a peculiar mood that it creates akin to attraction and romance.  this is not for herself but for others that might hold romantic feelings for each other or otherwise.  it's almost like freyja's very own cupid's arrow.     biology.  while freyja has the natural appearance of a woman, there are certain aspects that make her different from such.  one of these is the fact that time does not touch her and she will never age.  created as she was, she will always look the same until her death.  all the same, while she can engage in intimate acts and pleasure, freyja is not able to bare children and cannot fall ill or become diseased.  food nor sleep is necessary but she still enjoys both.  sometimes too often if anyone were to be asked.    


06/27/2020 02:31 PM 


1: I live a life, you live a life, throughout this time I expect you to give me the courtisy of living it. That means you need to have patience. If you don't have that and get fed up with how long it takes me to do things, don't let the door hit you on the way out. 2: I am willing to dive into most topics. I don't do beastiality or zoophilia of any kind, water sports, feet but most everything else is on the table. This does not mean you will be allowed any topic you want so make sure you clear it with me before just diving head first into something. \3: Shipping. Yes I may be a multi-shipper but it doesn't mean I'll ship anything. Dabi is canonically around the age of 25, which means minors are not a place to be. He may be a villain but there are just some ages and pairings I will not do. Unless of course some how they build chemistry. 4: No I don't have a discord, I'm stuck here, if you want to take it somewhere else sure I will try and make an exception but you have to give me time to work it out. 5: I play Dabi a plethera of different ways. I love AU's. Hero Dabi, younger Dabi, wizard, dragon, mafia, you name it I'm willing to try it. This does also mean I will follow the headcanon of Touya Dabi (Which is practically confirmed just not there yet. 6: Smut is something that can be here but it willl not be the venter of something. If you can't hold a story with me, we won't be getting to smut of any kind. You don't get a reward without the work. 7: Jealousy; If you easily get jealous of anything I will forcibly remove you from this profile I am not here for drama of ANY KIND, and that ALWAYS seems to be where it starts. 8: Multi-paragraph, that is what I expect in roleplays. Sure I will accept a paragraph in banter in messages, and one liners in the feed but if we're doing something serious you bet your sweet ass I won't go easy on you. 9: God mod; Don't you F***ING DARE do this. Yes Dabi is a villain I don't expect him to win at everything but if you expect to control my character you are sorley mistaken and I'll give you a dose of your own medecine so fast you won't see it coming. 10: Personal info will not be givin out, I am a private person and I don't like to just open up to people. I've been screwed over too many times in the past. 11: Sexual orientation, sure Dabi is bisexual but we all have our prefrences, don't get offended by it. It's just how I play him. If I don't want a ship, respect it. || I'll make more rules if f***ing needed but I hope you know how to not cause trouble. ||


06/27/2020 12:47 PM 

Bumblebee's Profile:

Full name: BumblebeeAlias: Bee, Bumblebee, BeeBee, Big YellowAge: Unknown, but they mentioned to be over millions of years oldEarthrealm Birthday: March 10th, making him a playful PiscesAffiliation: Autobot / Team PrimeHeight: 21 feetGender: Male+++Primary color: YellowSecondary color: BlackTertiary color: Silver/GreyEquipment: BlastersRank: WarriorRelationship Status: Not Interested in anyone right nowHuman Partner / Guardian of: Rafael Esquivel (but it can also be your OC or another canon character)+++Personality: Bumblebee is a quiet and a very playful Autobot. He seems to never bother his teammates at all and even the human friends look up to him. Despite his nice demeanour, Bumblebee holds a burden in him, due to Megatron ripping out his voice box during his time back on Cybertron. Bumblebee doesn't realize that he doesn't have to prove anything to his teammates and that they all see him as a valuable member of the Autobots. He seems to posses some irresponsibility problems as he jumped on the chance to engage in illegal street racing and disobey some of Optimus's orders.Despite his long history with the Autobots, Bumblebee wanted to take the ultimate step and gain the courage to be bold. He didn't realize however, that he had already become bold on his own and was looked at highly by the other Autobots.Bumblebee's biggest challenge is convincing himself that he is the only one that sees him unfit to carry out tasks in the Autobots' missions. Despite being a soldier, Bumblebee is still young by Cybertronian standards and has the mind set of 12-16-year-old child. It has been implied by Arcee that Bumblebee watches Earth cartoons on Saturdays. However, when the situation calls for it Bumblebee can become very serious. It is implied that Bumblebee is very ashamed of not being able to speak and did not tell Raf how he lost his voice box.Powers and Abilities: Bumblebee is an excellent scout, due to his speed and small size. He is able to hold his own in battle facing off opponents such as Breakdown. He possesses leadership qualities which is shown in "Predacons Rising", as he lead the Autobots in the fight against Unicron. He is armed with two Energon blasters in his arms, he is also armed with an energy shield along with a plasma cannon. Interesting, he does not use his Energon blasters in the sequel most likely due to him being a cop.After Cybertron's restoration Bumblebee grew into a veteran warrior, which he has proven to be an adept fighter as he can easily engage numerous Decepticons twice his size, even going toe-to-toe with Steeljaw. Interestingly, he appears to have inherited many of his former allies abilities including Arcee's dexterity as he can perform many amazing feats of high jump attacks and close-quarter combat, Bulkhead's strength which he uses to face off against challenging opponents, Ratchet's strategic mind and technological skills and Optimus's leadership qualities which ultimately make Bumblebee one of the strongest Autobots on-line.+++Background / Biography:// Beware Spoilers for Transformers Prime! //I warned you!Bumblebee was born as one of the last generation to be created from the Well of Allsparks after it had ceased producing life. During 'The Great War', Bumblebee joined the Autobots where he fought alongside Optimus Prime and several other comrades during the centuries-old skirmish.At an unknown point, Bumblebee took part in an operation to track down Overload, a Decepticon spy whom had managed to destroy a selection of Autobot installations. Bumblebee attempted to apprehend him, tragically however he was brutally overpowered by the physically-superior Decepticon; however, Overload was eventually captured by his leader, Optimus and placed into stasis.At some point during the war, Bumblebee was captured by Decepticon forces at Tyger Pax, upon where he was brutally interrogated by Megatron though the young scout valiantly refused to reveal any information which ultimately resulted in the Decepticon leader destroying his voice box and was subsequently left to die. However Bumblebee was later discovered by Autobot troops and was evacuated to a triage facility where he was stabilized by a field medic Ratchet where he was able to communicate (via beeps and tones), though was unable to repair his voice box and thus was rendered mute.After Arcee had been captured and interrogated by Arachnid, immediately after the death of Tailgate, Bumblebee, alongside Cliffjumper, managed to invade her personal lair and managed to save Arcee and escort her to safety.After the near conclusion of the war which had ultimately reduced Cybertron to become uninhabitable, Bumblebee personally joined Team Prime alongside Optimus, Ratchet (and presumably where he met Bulkhead) and thus evacuated the planet via The Ark. Together they travelled across the galaxy for thousands of years until they eventually reached Earth.

๐‘ป๐‘ฏ๐‘ฌ ๐‘พ๐‘ฐ๐‘ต๐‘ฎ ๐‘ฏ๐‘ฌ๐‘น๐‘ถ

06/27/2020 12:29 PM 


hero / 21+ / he/him hawks is a strong muse for me and i enjoy writing him, so i like exploring different sides of him. down for aus, crossovers, ocs, whatever. hit me up. cool with duplicates/mirrors. the more bird love the better, plus i'm always up for plotting twin aus or whatever.i am brand new and shiny to aniroleplay, so completely unfamiliar for the way this sh*t works. please hit me up on your own, otherwise i might forget to be social. im down to give out my discord after some chatting here probably. i do most of my rp on discord.down to rp pretty much whatever. bnha covers some dark, dark themes, and writing gore / fights / etc are my specialty, so be aware that these themes might show up in my writing.hawks is bisexual. shipping isn't my main thing here, but it's not off the table. hawks IS a flirt and a f***boy, so chances are he'll probably come on strong, but that doesn't mean i'm trying to force you or your muse into anything.i will not ship or write nsfw scenarios of hawks with anyone under the age of 18.i play hawks as a post-op trans man. my specifics on this are that he is now fully biologically male, but went through various surgeries and procedures (assisted by quirks because its a fantasy world lmao) and he's pretty publicly open about his transition. don't come here with transphobic / homophobic comments i'll block your ass.i work from home but it's a full time job, so while i'll be online all the time it doesn't mean i'm actually here. be patient and if you push me i'll get annoyed lmao.i'll add more rules as i see fit. don't involve me in drama or whatever, i'm just here for a good time.


06/26/2020 11:16 PM 


× Dark themes will apply and some may be triggering. This includes things like: death, suicide/suicide assistance, gore, violence, suggestive material, and religious undertones about death and reincarnation. If you're worried or wish to avoid something in particular, let me know BEFORE we start a roleplay. Understand that while I can make exceptions, I will not roleplay rainbows and sunshine for you. Oninaki is quite a dark and, as some would put it, depressing or bleak type of game. Of course it won't be doom and gloom all the time, but realize said themes will appear at given times.× I'm not here for pure ero or smut. Go elsewhere if that's all you're after.× RL drama, (passive) aggressive behavior, stiring up trouble publicly -- all of these things will get you instantly blocked. I have enough stress to deal with outside of this site and I have no patience to deal with immature people.× RL and RP will always and should always be kept separate.×  Do not ask for discord. I tried it in the past and didn't care for it. I'm not interested in it. You need to talk, discuss, and roleplay? We do it on this site.× I can play Kagachi in other time periods, especially since the idea of reincarnation is a thing in his game, but unless we've discussed it beforehand, I will automatically write him in his world, a medieval or a feudal era setting. I'm also open to doing AU's, but again, this must be discussed beforehand.× I perfer discussing to some extent before roleplaying. It works better in the long run of things.× Do not rush me and I won't rush you. I have a job and a life outside this site. If you're a person who always needs responses within a few days, we should part ways here and now.× Those I delete without warning include: mutes, number collectors, people who excessively clog up the stream, and drama starters/contributors.


06/26/2020 03:41 PM 

Roleplay Rules!

1. No necrophilia or pedophilia, please.2. Romance is allowed between characters, but you can’t force it, it must happen naturally.3. Let me know ahead of time if you aren’t comfortable with things such as gore, cursing, etc…4. Please, no godmodding, Mary Sues, and Garry Stus.5. Privacy is very important. I will not be sharing any serious private information with you, so don’t ask and I won’t ask for yours. If you wish to share yours, I can’t stop you, but make sure that it is not very private information such as where you live. I want to keep the role-play as a safe environment so please keep anything that is really private to yourself :)6. I do Multishipping and Multiple Storyline Characters.7. Multi-Paragraphs are preferred, but there can be exceptions.8. If you have anything special in mind that is fairly reasonable, just let me know!Add and message me if you're interested!

ghost myself,

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โ™ก guidelines & faq's.

Short and sweet, maybe. 001. Admin is over the age of eighteen and from the UK.Can't be on all the time as life for me is going back to somewhat normality.That and I have other accounts I manage; also run an editing discord.Be patient when waiting for stuff. 002. Character is a mix between Alice Dee from DC Comics and a non canon / oc from Gotham.She can be played in any which way; citizen, villain or vigilante.Alyson was the Wonderland Gang's 'Alice' up until Arkham.After No Mans Land (Gotham), she formed a vigilante group called the White Rabbits due to her theme.(Yes, she wears a variety of 'Alice' outfits, especially the typical dress)003. I shouldn't have to say this but sometimes on the site there's drama.I ain't here for it. I will delete those that cause me drama.I have enough outside of my hobby that I love.It's just a hobby, it isn't to be taken seriously. 004.Crossovers are welcome and highly encouraged.005.Just a heads up, there might be triggering themes in her backstory so just be aware and take caution.If you're not okay with abuse or child loss; I don't write it into the storylines unless asked.I don't write smut to be honest unless it happens in the storyline or with a potential partner.006.When it comes to writing, I prefer to write paragraphs to multi paragraphs.I'm adaptable unless it's novella cause I can't write that length unless for a drabble or myself.I don't respond to random starters, I prefer to plot first.I can sometimes take a few days to a week to respond, if I'm busy I'll post a status. 

Growing Shadows

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The Dream Eater

Full Name | AlaricPronunciation | Ah-la-ricNicknames | None yet, He’s more for giving them then getting themAge | UnknownGender | MaleSpecies | Alp DemonCurrent Residence | Anywhere he desiresPHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 6’6”Weight | 200lbs (Muscular Build)Skin | paleEyes | yellow with black slits (snake eye)Hair | Purple fading to black, Long shoulder lengthPiercings | 6 on chest: 2 in center, 2 under each collarbone, Septum, 6 on face: 3 along each cheek, 2 on either side of belly buttonBody Art | N/A (yet)Extras | Ram like horns on his headAttire | Jeans, T-shirt, boots, leather jackets, anything leather or metal, chainsPERSONALITYTraits | Sadistic, Malicious, Manipulative, Demanding, Destructive, Dominant, Alpha, Hot-headed and StoicHabits | Entering people’s dreams, manipulating one’s thoughts through dreams.Likes | Being in control, cigarettes, Being in people’s nightmaresDislikes | sweet, happy dreams.Powers/Abilities | Alaric is an Alp Demon, so he feeds off dreams. With being an Alpha comes feeding off nightmares as well. The more intense the dream the more satisfying the result is for the demon. Dream Walking: Ability to enter, manipulate, influence people’s dreams. Entice them to death, sex or any other deed he desires. Can Induce sleep through direct control or through enticing or power of suggestion that one may be tired. Speed, Abnormal strength, Energy Sapping (lethargy inducing from the sleep), Illusions in the form of daydreams.Full Demon Form: Increased strength, speed and agility. Shadow manipulation. Ability to warp and distort reality to a dream like state.RELATIONSHIPOrientation | GayMarital Status | SinglePosition | SemeTurn-Ons | Using ones fears and nightmares against them, anything bondage related, the more sadistic the better for him.Turn Offs | Anything vanilla, softcore, ‘lovemaking’, someone trying to dominate him.Fetishes | Bondage, choking, chains, whips, toys, you name it he’s into it.BACK STORYAlaric was born to a tribe of demons in the underworld. A species known as the Alp demons, which feed off of and manipulate people through their dreams. While most tribes kept to themselves and only fed when needed, Alaric’s tribe was different. Unlike most of the Alp tribes, Alaric’s used their powers to feed off peoples dreams and, in the process, helped soothe their fears and worries. Alaric was different though. From a young age he was looked down on by the tribe, he harbored a darkness, a hunger for the nightmares. The young Alp took enjoyment off of the fear and worries of others, slipping away into the human world on a nightly basis to consume the nightmares all while making him stronger. His parents, the leaders of the tribe, attempted to curb this over the years and steer their son away from the darkness but the demons appetite for fear was too great and over the years he started too resent and hate his parents. They were soft, weak in his eyes. Finally, when Alaric was older it all came to a head. His parents banned him from entering the human world and in a rage he slaughtered his father, taking the tribe for himself… or so he thought. With his father gone his mother took over and when she realized her son was too far lost she made the toughest decision a mother could make. She banished him, along with some of the tribe members that sided with Alaric, to the human world. Never to be seen or heard of again. So, Alaric left, fled to the human world to become stronger, take back his tribe from his mother… become the alpha.Now in the human world the demon has found a place to call home. The demon and the group he took with him have taken up refuge in New York City, full of people, hustle and bustle, and an endless supply of nightmares, stress, anxiety, and fears. His group and him work at the states maximum security prison now, the place where only the worse of the worse go to ride out the rest of their sad lives. Alaric… well he works as the therapist at the prison, working with the prisoners on their fears and indiscretions, all the while feeding off of them, keeping them stuck in a perpetual loop of nightmares, Slowly he will regain all of his strength and power and return to take back what is his… 


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The fractured soul, Ardbert. know. A wiki link. This will explain him better than I can. Plus. I am lazy about profiles.


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All rules are mandatory and non-negotiableโ˜… You add? You talk! Mutes get the boot after 3 daysโ˜… No racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ectโ˜… Discussion is required, do not send me random startersโ˜… No erotica, period.โ˜… OC friendly! I love them, so don't be shy!โ˜… I can do MCRP within storyline, plus multi-shippingโ˜… This is RP, not real life. I'm not your girlfriend, even if we ship our characters.โ˜… More will be added as need be

โ–ธ ๊ฎ‹๊ญบ๊ญฒ ๊ญฒ๊ญฑ๊ฎ–๊ฎฏ๊ฎถ.

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โ™  โ”€ guidelines.

Short and simple guidelines plus details how I portray my Tetch.AdminI won't say very much about myself cause who really bothers right?Anyway, I'm over the age of eighteen and from the UK.Please keep in mind I can't come on everyday; obligations, health and family come first. CharacterAs said in my roleplay details, I'm writing as Jervis Tetch the Mad Hatter from DC Comics.I prefer his Gotham backstory so that's what I'll be using to roleplay from, mostly.Jervis is not into children (unlike the comic backstory) or his sister so don't worry. I will never write him like that, ever.He won't go round hypnotising people unless it's asked for in a storyline / discussion either.Character is pretty dark and gruesome so please keep that in mind please. CrossoversBring them all here, I'd love to write with everyone, especially the Marvel / MCU verse.I think it would be such a cool crossover to have Jervis in there to be honest.DramaShouldn't have to say it but let's all be mature adults yes?If you cause me drama outside of a storyline or take it to real life, I won't hesitate to let you go.I'm here for writing and friends, not to be involved in people's business. Love Interest(s)Don't have a set one or ones in place.If it happens it happens, has to be through storylines unless I like you.I do have a few ships in mind for Jervis but if it happens it happens.Main ConnectionsMain connections, especially those in the rogue gallery would be amazing.I haven't really found alot of them to write with in the past so it would be nice to get writing with other rogues.Same goes for DC Comics characters or others in the same boat.Mature / NSFW ContentDue to the nature of the character, there might be trigging themes ahead.Not that I intentially do it on purpose, it's just Jervis's backstory and nature of him to do some horrible things.Replies / StartersI usually take about a few days to a week to reply.That is not to say it won't come faster but do bare with me.I prefer to make sure that I love something I write before I send it out.I don't respond to random starters. Writing StyleMy writing style can vary although it's usually no more than a paragraph to multi paragraphs.I can adapt to other people's styles if need be; one liner etc.I just can't write novella unless for myself or a drabble.I don't care much for people's spelling mistakes etc, as long as you can keep the story going, that's perfectly fine with me.- Jer's writer.  

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