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06/19/2021 03:14 PM 

My Guidelines
Current mood:  mellow

1) Please do not worry about telling me you're bored it's totally cool, I'd rather us both write something fun we can both get behind instead of being miserable and unable to really click that's a waste of both of our time2) Demand for fast replies is a quick way to disengage my whole vibe with a story, I'm sorry I take time to respond because I wanna write something I'm satisfied with and unfortunately I am busy most of the time during the week. If you need a writing partner that can be on daily for extended amounts of times id recommend someone else to befriend.That's all I got just chill, and if these guidelines are acceptable let's start discussing a story to begin.


06/19/2021 10:59 PM 


F*** THIS!!!

๐๐ฅ๐š๐œ๐ค ๐Œ๐š๐ ๐ข๐œ

06/19/2021 05:09 AM 

Rules. Please read.
Current mood:  tired

1) Please do not ask for discord. I've had many issues, and I don't even have it downloaded.2) RP and IRL are entirely SEPERATE! Do not mix the two. At. All.3) Never, ever rush me. This is a hobby. I take care of elderly family as well as WORK.4) I will not respond to random one liners asking to "RP". What am I gonna do with that?5) Very friendly mun. Crazy ass muse!6) I write only multi para+ (Sometimes Para is okay.)7) No MCRP accounts. Sorry, they confuse me too much.8) Comments for discussions/ OOC chat, messages for RP. Unless you have reasons for just speaking privately.9) I multi-ship; Meaning if our characters behave romantically, we aren't exclusive on my entire account. If I wanted that drama, I'd be dating IRL. To clarify, anything that happens in OUR RP, stays there.10) Grammar is a must. I understand language issues or typos; We're only human!However if I cannot understand you... I am sorry, but idk how'd I even RP with you?11) Please no random smut. Possible discussions, etc, plot driven only if it even happens.12) I am not limited to DBZ, DBS, etc. I adore AU's and X-Overs, etc. So come at me with any idea you have.Thanks for reading!  

๐“ข๐”€๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐“ฝ ๐““๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐“ถ๐“ผ

06/18/2021 12:22 PM 

Victorian Fantasy

Hello all~ Here is an rp idea that I have if anybody would be up for it ♥ If interested message me! (No one liners please.)(Inspired by Carnival Row)Genre: Victorian FantasySetting: This roleplay would be based off in a world where race tensions are extremly high between mythical creatures and humans, set mainly within a town called Ashmere. Currently, several immigrant mythicals (mainly fae and fauns) are being pushed out of their homes from their lands being invaded by man. Because of this, thousands of mythics are left homeless with nowhere to go, so they flee on ships as stowaways towards Ashmere in hopes of survial. Upon arrival, things are not easy for them what so ever.As their population is increasing very rapidly within the city, they have to deal with an exceeding amount of harsh discrimination and racisim from all of humans and are forced to work lowly jobs if they want to get by (such as maids, butlers, stall workers, protitutes, ect..). To make it worse, there is currently an unhuman serial killer within the town that is murdering off every last mythic until their is not a single one left..If you really like this verse and want to give it a go please let me know if you have any ideas and I will be up for hearing them! I would prefer that we come up with something on our own based on our characters because this place is just beeemmming with all sorts of potential for different stories, but if you can't think of anything that we could use to go within the world, I have one down below but I am currently in the proccess of getting more out!1. (Inspired by the show Carnival Row)A human detective and a fae have met past back before she was torn from her homeland. At the time, he was a soilder, who traveled overseas to help and see if the fae folk were a threat to man and she was a couragous faerie warrior, tasked with keeping an eye out on the curious soilder who had starting poking his nose into things where it should have not been. They eventually fell in love and began a secret relationship, the only one knowing of this being the fae woman's best friend in order to cover for her when they both wanted to meet. The soilders eventually got caught up in some trouble with Marroks (wolf morphing creatures), who didn't approve of the soilders being there and in order to protect the fae he fell in love with from the Marroks learning of their relationship, he told the fae woman's friend to tell her that he had been killed.The story would begin years after this event, the fae woman was being forced out of her homeland as soilders began killing them off. She manages to land an escape for her and some of the ones who were still left alive on a ship that would take them straight to Ashmere. Along the way the ship unfortuatley recked, leaving everyone aboard except her and a few humans, dead. She is taken in and processed through the city, the police, immidiately blamed her for the reckage, placing her in care with the owner of the ship who made her a maid for him and his sister at their mansion until she could pay off the damages for the ship. Eventually finding out that her long lost lover was still alive and well, living within that same city working as a detective who works towards protecting all mythics when the rest of the justice system seems to fail to do so, but who is also on the brink of discovering who or more specifically what, exactly has been behind the string of murders upon them. 

๐”…๐”ž๐”ฏ ๐”๐”ž๐”ฆ๐”ก

06/18/2021 09:27 PM 

Mina's Tavern -- Expectations

Tavern Rules Mina reserves the right to kick anyone from her Tavern for any reason for any length of time. Disrespect her or her patrons and you can take yer sorry arses out, or be guided out at lance-point. Don't touch anyone who does not consent to being touched -- keep yer damn hand to yer damn selves ya filthy vermin Take your fights outside. Absolutely no fighting in Mina's Tavern, ever. If you are gettin handsy with your partners, either go home or get a room to hash it out upstairs. No one wants to see ya gettin down and dirty. All members of the human race are permitted for entry unless the owner states otherwise, regardless of country or origin, role in the knighthood, preference of intimate partners, or the pigment of their skin. Refer to rule 1 for issues following this final rule.   Personal Rules It's a pretty common theme in medieval / fantasy verses for men to be able to over power women pretty easily in my experience. If you are looking for a damsel in distress situation, search somewhere else. Mina does not need your help, she's not weak, and she'll kick your ass in for even suggesting such a thing. Do. Not. Be over powering. Mina is strong, yes, but she has her weaknesses and isn't invincible. I expect the same from your character. If you plan to have muscle-man Chad come in and be absolutely invincible and flex his power over Mina and make her feel small and helpless, again, find someone else to write with. Romance is welcome from all colors of the rainbow, but pointless erotica is pointless and stale and will be denied. Erotica with a purpose, however, will be considered. Have fun~ I know it's a bit harsh above, but I'm just trying to narrow out the idiots who are immature and fueled by power complexes. I have no qualms with strong characters or even someone who is stronger than Mina, but it's just tiring having every other message suggesting she's a damsel in distress. If they're on equal grounds, or if you can make it interesting, suggest your idea. Mina is powerful, but not perfect -- as is the same with your character, I'm sure. So just respect her, and she'll respect you. Thanks ♥


06/18/2021 04:06 PM 

Why i haven't been on

I was robbed and super annoyed as a result.  My phone which I use for work and here was stolen and it had so much information on it for what I had planned for this account which none actually backed up like it should have automatically.   Anywho... I am up for discussions and stuff.. I'll be slow with the updating on here, but... I have enough saved on here to work with.

Alice, The Plagued Paladin

06/18/2021 10:54 PM 

Story so far.

Year One       Having made contact with an accursed teenager; Hiroto, Alice made a deal with the demon; Abyss. The deal would free Hiroto from Abyss' grip in exchange for possession of Alice's body till the day she died. Abyss was caught in a trap when she invoked Alastor to kill her upon the deal being struck. During her temporary stay in Hell with Abyss due to her using Alastor, Alice spoke to the demon and to Hiroto, who watched over her body, through her lesser grail. Showing her passion and sincerity as well as how far she was willing to go for people, Abyss and Hiroto accepted her redemption and were reunited under Alice's banner. Hiroto having gained new found friends in his old demon Abyss and in the tainted Saint. Both grateful they assisted Alice during her recovery, fed her, and let her bath in peace after her first ordeal in hell. Overall, her first mission since her journey to hell began was a succeas.Planning to go to Mesopotamia, Alice visited Hiroto one last time. Informing him of her rapid departure Hiroto took the news badly. After having her deeds thrown back at her in the best kind of way,  Alice made the mistake of falling in love with the young man for a second after giving him a surprise breakfast. Misunderstanding the situation he sent her away in anger and lost his connection with Abyss. Broken over having failed to save them both she left for Mesopotamia immediately, vowing to return one day.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Insert Song: Chop Suey - System of a Down.After several weeks of traveling she met Sun Wukong in China.Alice meets her contracted Angel, Uriel, and gains the key to the Gates of Eden.After an unknown period of time Alice makes it to Mesopotamia and there she meets Adam, Father of Humanity and obtains the Key to the Twilight.Year Four: After finally locating Lucifer, Alice returns to Hiroto hoping he was still around. After he attempted to share her pain via chaining his soul to hers, Alice removed the attempted chain using her newly gained Key of the Twilight and left him behind, vowing to never fall in love again.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

xxแดแดœสŸแด›ษชส™แดสsxx (แดแด„ส€แด˜)(Gay)

06/17/2021 10:40 PM 

Aoi Nashimi

Name: Aoi Nashimi.Age: Looks to be 17 years old. He is actually 30 years old.Gender: Male.Species: Vampire. (Was made in a lab.)Occupation: Works at a bakery.Marital Status: Single.Sexual Orientation: Gay.Position: Uke/SubmissivePersonality or what they are like: Positive. Friendly. Quiet, sometimes. Especially when deep in thought. Daydreamer. Peaceful. Considerate. Dependable. Stubborn. Easily flustered. Can be a bit dark though or cold when he is in a mood. Rp Starter:It was a stormy day, the sun hidden behind the clouds in the sky. Unfortunately, school was still in session, but most students seemed unfazed and continued with their normal day. Some were roaming the schools while others were in class studying like they were supposed to be. Outside was pouring and most were inside the building, except one student who seemed to be leaning against school building outside. He was panting heavily, he had his eyes closed with his head tilted towards the sky. His hand moving to his throat. He had snow white hair and crimson red eyes, that seemed to glow in the darkness of the shade when he opened them. The student was Aoi Nashimi, a popular student in school. “S…So thirsty…Please…Just make it stop…” Aoi begged out in a raspy breath as he slid down the wall to the ground, he was beginning to lose consciousness. He felt so thirsty and so hot right now. His vision blurred as the rain came down and he eventually lost consciousness. 


06/17/2021 09:08 PM 

Karaitha Allard

Name: Karaitha AllardSpecies: Wolf RagnianAge: 24Height: 6'4Weight: 259 lbsOptimal Genres: Romance, Action, Suspense, DramaPhysical Description: Karaitha bares characteristics expected of the Allard Bloodline; she is very tall, strongly build, having raven black fur, crimson eyes and long hair, and just a stature that echoes "dominance" much as her father's does. For her attire, she bares a red enchanted silk-like material woven from the most articulate of spinners; it's firm and flush against the arms but free flowing around the chest and waist. She bares a light gray dress for her leggings as such a fashion is standard for Ragnian women, though the dress ultimately leads down to bare foot-paws which is common among all Ragnians in general. Around her neck and shoulder area she wears a hanging blue-indigo Hijab that connects to a long and blue cape, refusing to wear the Hijab in its intended fashion as she would much rather have her head be free. (She only gets away with it because she's royalty, a Ragnian woman can be jailed or put to death for not wearing hers properly.) Above her crimson brow she wears a tan colored headband which conceals her most vulnerable insecurity. On her wrists, she wears golden bracers which are both enchanted and increase her magical prowess.Backstory: Karaitha was the younger of two twins born of The Ragnian King Raler Allard and the ailing Ragnian Queen Karaia Allard. Both Twins bore their father's likeliness in their appearance, though the elder twin Konor Allard was born much smaller than his sister and inherited his mother's illness. Karaitha, resembling so much of her father, was born large for Raginian newborn standards, and the resulting labor killing her mother during the birthing process. Even at birth, her warlock father could feel great magic in her, and decided to have her be the true heir to the Allard Throne. Karaitha grew up being mentored in the ways of the arcane by her father, being trained by him in the art of physical combat. Once her body was well conditioned, Raler thought she'd make an excellent lab rat as he was too uncertain of his own livelihood to undergo the procedure of himself. He had one of the great Earthly gems surgically implanted onto her forehead, The Gem of Mana. The gem resonated with her quite well and it rooted itself into her brain, but inheriting the gem onto her body also meant that he spirit inherited its nature as well. This gem acts as a sponge, soaking in all mana (magical energy) that is being broadcast in the area to a near infinite amount. Though, she had no way to filter the type of mana she absorbed so she uses a headband to cover and block the gem's flow. At the age of nine years old, she accompanied her father in the attack of the human kingdom capital (refer to Jude's backstory on his sheet) in order for her to witness the supposed cruelty the humans had shown the Ragnians. She witnessed her people being mowed down by automatic Gatling fire and had also witnessed her people retaliate and slay the humans with their magic. During that evening she had also witnessed the human prince, four year old Jude Harcorn, who attempted to destroy her father with his lightning but was ultimately captured after failing (refer to Jude's backstory). That day had changed her, it was her first exposure to how cruel the war could be. Even still, she had believed her father's deceit on the instigator of the war. Despite being the pampered and more well grown twin, Karaitha was fiercely protective over her sickly brother Konor, whom their father despised as he felt he was a disgrace to the Allard Bloodline. The two were confined, sheltered to the royal grounds of the royal palace. Karaitha, however, grew adventurous, and decided to start sneaking off-grounds in her early twenties without her father or his surrogates knowing about it. Doing this, she found out many of her father's plans and found that many of the people he had sent to do tasks across the land ended up dead. Her, being the most powerful mage in the Ragnian Kingdom aside from her father, decided to eavesdrop on her father's plan and learned that there was a scroll that needed to be retrieved at the old Harcorn towers, which was a relic of the beginning of the war, the entire facility nearly having been buried under sand over time. She learned that many Ragnian agents were going missing around the area and she decided it would be the perfect way to impress her father and to finally earn her stripes as a worthy successor. She ventured to the tower with her brother over a 10 day trek and using her magic, she was able to raise the giant tower from the sand. During this time, she did now know she was being stalked by a now free and determined Jude Harcorn (to read about his reputation, read his bio in my gallery) who was also keen on getting the scroll. She entered the tower with her brother and they found the scroll after hours of searching, but upon the discovery they were confronted by Jude. Karaitha protected her brother from the human terrorist by having him leave the tower. There she and the human did battle, causing the tower to collapse upon itself due to the conflict of the two. Despite her best efforts, despite her powerful magic, despite her larger size.....The human defeated her. Left paralyzed by his lightning, she was at the young human's mercy. However, he was quite impressed with her performance against him and decided to allow her to tag along with his crusade to destroy her father. Of course she's quite skeptical of this and wouldn't be so easily willing to take out her father who has been great to her all of her life; so Jude promised to show her around and expose her father's inhumanities upon the land and its people to her in order for her to come along with him. Now she, Jude, and Konor venture across Ragnia in order for Jude to expose the truth to them.Relevant Lore: The Gem of Mana is one of the five Earthly Gems which act as keystones to the World's natural and supernatural influences. She is one of two people in Ragnia who have an earthly gem surgically bonded with them, the other Being Jude Harcorn with Gem of Storms in his diaphragm. The Gem of Mana is said to have originally stored all magical energy in the known universe, but after the creation of all things its content was used to allow the supernatural to co-exist with the natural and now the gem is mostly emptied. That being said, it's incredibly hungry now since it's bonded to a host. It's best to allow the gems to remain covered for the safety of the host and for those around the host.


06/17/2021 09:07 PM 

Konor Allard

Name: Konor AllardSpecies: Wolf RagnianAge: 24Height: 5'4Weight: 90 lbsOptimal Genres: Romance, Action, HumorPhysical Description: Konor resembles the typical Allard "look." That meaning he has raven black fur, crimson hair with a short crimson brow, and crimson eyes. However, he's also quite different from the rest of his surviving family members as he's quite short and incredibly thin for a male Wolf Ragnian. He's only 5'4 which makes him a foot shorter than his twin sister Karaitha, and a foot and a half shorter than his father Raler. He dawns a green cap wrapped in brown linen which was common for male Ragnian Royalty, the trend only breaking with his father as he wears no head pieces. He tries to make himself look as big as possible due to his short stature, and he wears a large crimson scarf resembling his hair, a heavy brown cloak that flows like wings in harsh winds, and a smaller green cloak over that which helps amplify the effect. Under these heavy gowns he wears a loose fitting gray vest with brown khaki-ish pants which ultimately leads down t o the typical Ragnian bare feet. This heavy attire doesn't help him in the long run however as it adds insult to injury for heat exhaustion stacked onto his black fur and low stamina and resilience.Backstory: (Read Karaitha's bio for the more detailed nuances regarding the circumstances of his birth). Born to an ailing mother who labored twins, he was the first of the pair born and was born small and sickly. He had inherited his mother's illness and due to growing up with this illness, it had stunted his growth so he did not reach the tall stature his family had been known for as he grew. Short, weak, sickly, thin; he was the complete opposite of his prideful father who found him a disgrace to the Allard name. His father HATES him, and often doesn't even seem to consider him a blood relative. On top of that Konor was never really good at anything growing up, and often felt like he was just hiding his his prodigy sister's shadow. Raler even wanted to have his son killed during infancy, but despite Konor's sister being the star child and the prodigy, she cared heavily for her smaller twin. She's fiercely protective over him, more so than any other person. Due to his timid and shy personality, he often hides behind his sister when out in public as he knows she's the only one who would protect him. Once they started sneaking out of the palace to covertly help their father on his missions due to incompetent Ragnian agents, it was found out that he actually did have a very useful talent. He discovered he had a perfect photographic memory and could translate his memories onto canvas and paper perfectly, with more accuracy than the grainy and colorless photographs the humans were able to take at the time. After the conflict with Jude Harcorn in the old Harcorn Tower (refer to Karaitha's bio for that information), he joined along with his sister in the allowance to allow Jude to convince them of what the state of the world truly is like and who's responsible.Relevant Lore: Though Konor is a sufferer from the disease his mother had contracted while pregnant with her twin children, Karaitha also had inherited this disease; though for her it acts as a recessive gene and doesn't effect her like it does her brother.


06/17/2021 09:05 PM 

Jude Harcord

Name: Jude HarcornSpecies: HumanAge: 19Height: 5'8Weight: 189 lbsOptimal Genres: Action, Suspense, Drama, GorePhysical Description: Jude is a young human male of average height. He bares pale skin and pale brown eyes accompanied by raven colored hair, which is quite common in descendants from his ancestral homeland. He's in peak human physical condition, his body trained to hold more dense muscle and bone, which explains his high weight for his height. He's usually seen clad in a what appears to be a flowing leather hooded cloak made of a fire retardant material. Under that robe he wears an armored vest made of enchanted steel which is designed to lessen the damage of offensive magical spells. He also is glad in steel soled black boots and long-somewhat tight pants made of the same fire retardant material his cloak is. He wears gloves also made of this strong material, with red metal plating on the tops of his hands which bare the same enchantment as his armored vest but are primarily used to deflect blades.Personality: Jude is usually a serious, merciless killer who is pathologically incapable of feeling any regret over what he does. He's often described as a machine for the purpose of killing, and Jude would describe himself as such as well. He's a brilliant social engineer though, able to mimic and fake emotions as if they were legitimate, which is perfect for manipulating those he can find gains from. Despite his seriousness, he also has an avid sense of humor, often making fun of or mocking his opponents who are foolish enough to stand in his way. He's cold but empathic, he doesn't register to his own emotions but he's very good at recognizing other people's feelings which plays into his social engineering.Backstory: Raler Allard and his royal adviser Grandmaster Qui Zon had lead the Ragnian troops and managed to penetrate the Hunab's capital stronghold where the current human king, Gillian Harcorn had been residing. The Ragnians overwhelmed the humans, and the King was confronted by the Great Warlock King Raler. In the confrontation, Raler used his magic to render the Human King into a bleached skeleton as the prince and legitimate heir Jude Harcorn watched in horror, only a young toddler at the time. In a fit of rage Jude had fired a powerful bolt of blue lightning at the Warlock King, only for it to be blacked and absorbed into the body of Qui Zon, who also wielded control over lightning. The infant was easily rendered unconscious by the Elder wolf grandmaster and he pleaded with the Warlock King to allow the boy to live under his care as a slave, as he was only one of two electromancers (Lightning Elementalists) alive in the word. Raler agreed as he felt that with the royal heir captured and the King dead, the war was won. Little did he know Gillian had an illegitimate child away from the capital who would soon take over the mantle of King. Jude was taken and raised at Qui Zon's secret temple in the highest mountains of Ragnia. There lived Qui Zon's two wolf Ragnian children, the adopted daughter named Lin and his biological son named Liu` Zon. Both were older than Jude, who was 4 years old at the time; Lin being 7 and Liu` being 8. The two were opposed to having a human live as their adoptive brother; or that was until Qui Zon informed them that the boy was like himself, an endangered electromancer. Jude was trained under Zon from that day onward along with his two siblings, all three pushing their bodies passed their limits and becoming elite killers. They all grew to weigh passed their figures with their bodily densities all became the most renounced Martial Artists in the land. All 3 disciples of Qui Zon were elementalists; Jude controlling lightning, Lin controlling water, and Liu' controlling fire. Jude's mastery of lightning became so proficient by the time he was a young teenager, that Qui Zon had the legendary Gem of Storms surgically inserted into his body, as the gem resonated most effectively with lightning. During this time in Jude's life, Zon had fallen ill due to his old age. On his deathbed, he informed his 3 disciples that their true purpose was to kill Raler Allard and end the war between the humans and the Ragnians. This had shocked Liu` as he had grown a loyalty with Raler almost as strong as his bond with his master. Qui chose Jude as his successor, the adopted human son, to be the one to inherit such a legacy. Jealously fueled Liu` and he stormed off to later meet Raler and inform him of this; the biological son of Zon later becoming the Supreme General of the Ragnian Army. With this news, a large company of Ragnian Soldier accompanied Raler and Liu` to go to the temple and put and end to the late Zon's plan by apprehending the two remaining loyal disciples. When they arrived, the two adoptive siblings were already far gone from the temple. Now Jude, fulfilling the role of the instrument he was raised and trained to become, sets out to end Raler's rule under any circumstances with the help of his adoptive sister. Through his years of attempting to destroy the Ragnian infrastructure, he's the most wanted criminal in Ragnia and is considered a terrorist.Relevant Lore: The war was instigated by the Allard family during the beginning of the war, having married into the previous royal family of the Lazinshay who ruled so many millennia either. Ristroff Allard had married the queen Sulii` Lazinshay. Ristroff had poisoned Sulii` and claimed the royal thrown all for himself. The child he bared with his late wife was name Rolant Allard, who inherited the father's legacy after his death. Rolant used public social engineering to poison the minds of the Ragnian people and their military and convinced them that the humans, who had come to their land peacefully, were evil and needed to be destroyed. This trend was carried over for 7 generations in the royal bloodline and the Ragnian people, which now sits at the Ragnian Warlock King, Raler Allard. The human royal bloodline was never so forcefully usurped, and the Royal bloodline of the Harcorns had remained in power for the humans. When the war started, Erlik Harcorn had many contingencies in plan in case the Ragnians attacked and the humans had used their comparatively advanced scientific knowledge to develop weapons the Ragnians could not. It was the dawn of the age of the firearm. The war continued for 200 years with the Ragnian's powerful and seemingly endless magic against the Human's instantly lethal weaponry and science, the two being at a complete deadlock.

แ—ทแ–‡แ—ฉTTY ๐Ÿฌ

06/17/2021 05:46 PM 

List of Rules

1.) Literacy is required.2.) No-liners during a role play.3.) Messages are preferred.4.) I only roleplay on here, so please don't ask for my discord or something else like that. (Spoiler alert: I don't use any of those apps).5.) Roleplaying is not real, so don't take anything my character says seriously. My character can and will say rude things to your character. So, if you don't like this then consider this my warning.6.) Multi-shipping account.7.) No gore or death themes.8.) 18+ only, no minors.

Alice Sweet Alice

06/17/2021 02:25 PM 

About Alice

-Having been anbandoned by her father at the age of three, Alice was left in the care of her mother. Angry at her husband having left, took her anger out on Alice. From physcially abusing the girl, to denying her food. A few months after Alice's fifth birthday, her mother had passed away. Alice was unaware that her mother was no longer alive, trying to wake her up. When her mother wouldn't wake up, Alice didn't know what to do. Despite having been abused, Alice completely relied on her mother. Weeks had passed, her mothers body had already began to decay. Clinging to her mothers rotting corpse, Alice's own health had began to decline. By the time Alice had been found,  Alice was badly malnourished and dehydrated. Some wondered why the girl didn't ask for help, or why she didn't tell anyone about her mother not waking up.-She didn't know any better...-Lisa took the girl in, despite Dracula's concerns. It wasn't easy for Alice, the first few months were rather difficult for Alice. She suffered from nightmares, frequent tantrums. This all lead to Dracula and Lisa belieiving that she may have been abused. Her transition into a new home was difficult for Alice, though with time her past began to fade away. Alice became somewhat clingy towards her new parents, a part of her was terrified if they were to put her down they would leave her. It took time for Alice to learn that they wouldn't abandon her, to learn she was where she needed to be. -As she began to forget her past, Alice grew into a beautiful young woman. Stubborn yet smart, having learned from both Dracula and Lisa. She has knowledge in both magic and swordsmanship, though is weak in both. Alice is able to defend herself if needed, though she will falter quickly. -At the time of Lis'a death, Alice stood witness. Unablel to stop her execution, Alice watched in horror. Terrified of the same fate befalling her, Alice ran away. Alice blamed herself for her death, guilty for having left her there to die. Though there wasn't anything that Alice could have done, knowing anytihng she could have said would lead her to her own death. Her own guilt made it hard for Alice to look Dracula and Alucard in the face, which only caused her quilt to grow. -Appearance Alice is rather petite girl, standing at 5ft 4in.She has light complextion, grayish blue eyes and rather long wavy blonde hair.A few scars from her abuse as a child, on her back and arms. While a scar on her chest from having been shot with an arrow by a hunter who accidently shot her, almost taking her life.

สทแตƒโฟแตˆแต‰สณโฑโฟแต สทโฑหขแต—แต‰สณโฑแตƒ

06/17/2021 02:11 PM 


"PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!" Desperation wailed from a tired feminine tone that pierced through the dense woodland. Sandals barely carrying the fleeing maiden forward as thrashing brush and cracking branches echoed loudly behind her. "Come on girlie, I just want a bite!" sinister cackles danced from a fanged maw. Crimson hues fixated on their prey with amusement before taking a feral leap. The girl turning on heel to throw a violet dust cloud into his face. Quickly ceasing his charge with an annoyed growl. "Damn it! Wisteria?! That was a dirty trick! And here I was thinking about letting you go for only an arm! So much for mister nice guy..." Her lungs burned from her efforts as she could finally see a break in the trees ahead. A thrilled smile growing only for reality to rob her of the false hope. She had run herself into the side of a mountain. The cliff she faced being far too steep and lacking reliable footholds to consider it an escape. Besides, The fiend would easily catch up to her anyways. Realization left her veins running cold as that raspy chuckle made itself known once more. "You got nowhere else to turn, little mouse." he chides as if victory was all but assured. The brunette turning to press herself to the stone while clinging to her bag of belongings. "I-I'm not scared of you! Stop acting like you're so tough!" Her attempts to shake the demon were only met with a sudden rush forward. Clawed fingers piercing into the mountain she clung to, Trapping her by the throat in the cage of his fingers. "Tough talk for somebody who was running a minute ago.~ Give it up. You're mine... at least until the vermin take what's left kekeke.." She struggled to keep a brave face especially with the monster so close. The shadow of fearful doubt swarming her mind like blackened storm clouds. Was this really how her story would end? A meek meal at best? Her mind drifted to the memory of her smiling grandmother waving her off with encouragement and prayers of safety along her journey. How disappointed she would be to lose more kin to the likes of demons... It was only thanks to that sincere visage in her heart that she mustered the strength to smile, albeit uneasily. Unnerving the demon some as he dug his claws to creep ever closer to her exposed flesh. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT HUH?!" His fury did make the girl flinch but only for a brief moment before retorting with fragile courage. "B-Because despite the fact i'm about to die... I know someday someone will stop you from hurting anyone else. If... If my death saves another then... I accept it with a smile." The demon was entirely unamused, almost offended, by her lack of terror. He savored the thrill of screams and torment! Yet here this pathetic whelp was, no tears or pleas for mercy, just acceptance. "You cocky little bitch! I'll rip that smile right off!!" His free hand jolted back and pointed like a talon, Speeding towards the girl's face as she flung her eyes shut. 'Please keep smiling, gram... I'm so sorry...'

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