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06/29/2022 01:58 PM 

Roleplay sample.

Yona was lost in a dream, at first it started out alright then grew stranger, Lost in a sea of dreams the female felt lost.. “Hello?“The female looked around was she back at the castle no.. she couldn’t have been.. Kija, Jea-ha? Zeno?…Yoon, Shin-ah!. Ao .. Hak?” Calling all the names she could think of, no one responded darkness began to cloud her line of sight.Yona backed up as she felt a bit worried. Suddenly a vision of her horrible night came into the distance. Shaking her head she closed her eyes. “no no no no no, You’re not real! , this is just a dream Your just a dream!… you’re not real!“ she called out over and over again, not knowing she was saying ‘Your not real’ out of her sleep. Yona coward down as she felt terrified “Why.” She comments softly, looking around she noticed how history repeated itself, this time though she was before soo-wan, and instead of her father being the one before him it was instead her. Before she knew it she saw a blade come towards her and she closed her eyes. Yona now jumped up with a gasp as her heartbeat pounded out of her chest she looked around only to feel tears drop fall upon her cheeks, crying..?? She paused as she suddenly noticed Soo-wan before her and paused as she backed up and felt his hands on her shoulders. She tried pushing him back as her body shook from fear. “Stay away from me!” She called out. “Princess!…” She suddenly heard his voice, however, it wasn’t Soo-wan at all. As if in an instant The female's eyesight snapped back in a shocked GASP to reality as she saw who’s chest she was pushing her hands against, no this wasn’t Soo-wan’s chest but the dark dragons who looked at her with concern. Shaking realizing what she was doing the princess frighteningly withdrew her hands slowly as she lowered them by her side.  as she paused as tears formed in her indigo eyes as she stared up at him in confusion and scared. “H-Hak…?”

rp sample


06/29/2022 01:54 PM 

~ Rules ~

~ Literacy is a must.~ +18 account!~ Mutes are deleted within a week.~ No horror or gore.~ Semi-paragraph + Two paragraphs.~ Multi-shipping account.~ Don't ask for skype and discord.~ Messages over comments.~ Discussions and random starters are fine by me.

"Worst" squad's LT.

06/28/2022 05:53 PM 

QNA with the LT.

What is your name?Need to know basis  Subject uncooperative, good.  Now, Where were you born?A small village at the border by the river of sorrows.  Wasn't that village destroyed in the war?Not entirely,  My dziadkowie home survived and I was born there, it is home.  What country are you from?I am from...Anzio.  What brought you here?I wish to be a pianist in this country and make money to send back home to bring the village back.  Who are your parents?I never knew them, I was raised by dziadkowie.  You possess too much magical energy to be just some pianist, just who are you, truly?They said she was in the military, maybe I got it from my mom?  Surely that's why.  I mean, it's not like there's that many people out there with my hair color... right?  Can you look to see if there's a woman in your records that looks like me?  I wan... need to know about her... please?  You believe she is one?What other explanation can there be?  It's the only thing that makes sense. ... That'll conclude it.  You did well Snowy One, now go and do what must be done for the fatherland.

Leon Gray

06/27/2022 07:30 PM 

Verse List/Extra Guidelines

Hello and welcome to mt extensive verse list/some extra guidelines!I am a little picky on who I choose, only because I don't want to inadvertently overburden myself, and in turn, give you as my potential partner, low quality posts. However, please be aware I will answer any PM and consider all offers--I do not leave anyone hanging, UNLESS you dont follow my rules in my other blog post or this one. That is the only time I will ignore or delete a new add. Most times I have auto-approve on.   Im looking for long term play as well as both story based/18+, without a focus on one or the other. Too much of one thing may get boring. But I will tell you if Im losing interest/communicate.   REQUIREMENTS/GUIDELINES TO PLAY: - Im open minded and like strange things. I will never force anyone to like the stuff  I like. But please be respectful. I will not shame or judge you for things you enjoy, as well as be respectful to you. So let me know what you like included in an RP, no matter how 'bizarre', 'weird' or 'gross'. No telling if I will include it though. Its just important to know what we like and what makes the RP fun.- All my RP's are in messages and not on stream walls. I do not single ship unless we agree to something, and thats usually only if I wont be blocked/ignored suddenly. I expect long term consistent RP for that.   - Please have decent grammar. I do not expect perfect everything, and I won't harp on you for missing a comma or forgetting a period once in a while. But at least skim-read your post for any blatant errors so I am not reading hieroglyphics or a bunch of leet speak. I try to give you a quality write, only fair you should at least try as well. Non-native writers, this doesn't always apply to you--I will always be respectful to you--just try your best!   - Post length is negotiable. I tend to match, but often its a 2-4  whole 5 sentence paragraphs depending on the scene at hand.   - I had to add this, because its happened a bit lately: if you lose interest in an RP, maybe my style of RP isn't to your taste, or you decide for WHATEVER reason that you do not wish to play any longer, please, PLEASE just tell me. I promise I will not ask questions, spam you or bother you.   You dont have to go into specifics, but its a bit rude when I send a message asking if things are okay or if you are still interested, only to be met with silence or a block.I understand sometimes ghosting (when you are offline and doing IRL priorities/etc.) but blatantly ignoring someone/blocking them while you have something going on with them is rude. All I'd ask is two moments to say 'sorry Ive been busy. Ill get to you soon!/Im not interested anymore' or please use wall posts to say you're getting to replies, I will be patient. Even if you can spare a minute for it right away, Ill be okay with it. But if its been a week+ of silence, I will probably delete. You're welcome to re-add later, but I may be selective.  Without further ado, I will use this blog post to give a general idea of how expansive I'm willing to get with RP's. Blue Text is current cravings!   Fandoms - Anime: + Beastars (A human visiting Cherryton the first time sounds fun, would love to be paired with Legoshi.) + Naruto (I'd love to meet Naruto.) + DBZ (any version, I'd love to meet most saiyan characters or OC's.) + Wolf's Rain (I would love to meet Hige, Kiba or Toboe.) + Blue Exorcist (I would love to meet Rin!) + Fullmetal Alchemist + Inuyasha (I do not have any interest in the Yashahime Saga, but -could- be interested in some characters from it, if I know of them.) + Fruit's Basket (Would love to meet Kyo.) + My Hero Academia ( Would love to meet Bakugo, Izuku and Kirishima.) + Haikyuu!! (Not too well versed in it, but interested enough to learn and perhaps play in the verse.) +Sk8 the Infinity (Haven't seen, interested in some characters/verse.) + Fairytail (Not too well versed in the story, have seen some episodes.) + Ravemaster +Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas + Young Justice (DC Universe, would love to meet a beast boy!)   ---‐----------> There may be more animes, feel free to ask if I know yours!<--------------   TV Series: + Troll Hunters (Guillermo del Toro series on Netflix, I'd love to play with a half troll Jim! ) + Sweet Tooth (Netflix series, I'd like to explore custom hybrid characters).   ---------------> There may be more TV Series I know, ask if I know yours!<----------------- Movies: + Zootopia + Luca + Marvel MCU: Spiderman +Bad Guys (Animated Film)   ------------------->I probably know LOTS of other movies, please ask or recommend!<-------------------   Games: + Monster Hunter (I love to play a hunter hunting various monsters.) + DMC (I prefer Black Hair Dante or Nero as a partner character.) +Kingdom Hearts (Would love to meet Sora or Roxas.) +Jedi: Fallen Order (Would like to have an OC meet Cal Kestis.) + Not gonna bother listing these, but chances are I know it, especially Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc.ALL PREVIOUS VERSES ABOVE THIS LINE CAN BE COMBINED WITH CUSTOM VERSES/IDEAS BELOW THIS LINE. Original RP Pairings/No Verse Established/Custom: Note that I prefer the human role, herbivore role, slave role, submissive etc. I do play sub/switch though. + Werewolf x Human + Canon x OC + OC x OC + Canon x Canon (Sometimes. I will consider it, but very rarely.) + Anthro x Anthro/Carnivore x Herbivore + Anthro x Human + Kemonomimi x Human (Human with animal features, like neko. Can be dog, wolf, cat, etc. ) + Kidnapped x Kidnapper + Master x Slave + Monster (Monster Hunter verse) x Human Hunter + Mer-shark x Human + Seamonster x Human + Mer-fish x Human + Dragon x Dragon Rider Human + Borrower x Human (Basically, borrowers are mouse-scaled humans who live in  walls of homes or other places. They are often seen as pests to older people, but perhaps your character traps one to learn more about their secretive society, perhaps even tries to date one?)   ---------------->Almost anything. Just ask and suggest, and I may be open to it! Some of these can be combined.<------------- Questions? Just ask. I wont bite.      

𝔙𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔢 𝔒𝔫𝔢

06/26/2022 04:06 PM 

Elitte Zelkova Tyhree- Info

  A slight young woman with hair white as snow and bright magenta eyes   Full Name: Elitte Zelkova Tyhree Nicknames: Eli, Zelk Birth place: Romania  Age: 23 Visual Age: 17 Zodiac/Astrological signs: Aquarius Social Class: Upper Class, but lives quintly.  Religious Values:Practices several forms of Witchcraft — Gender: Female Height: 5’0” Weight: 125 lbs Body type: Slight of height, slim but curvy.  Race/Species: Magic-Weilding Human Eye color and Shape: Magenta irises round, youthful Hair color and Stylehite with the lowest layer soft moss green Skin tone and type: Alabaster Favored Clothing Style: Typically wears skirts and dresses in dark or pastel shades, often mixing the two. Why?: A reflection of her heritage, and gentle demeanour  Least Favored Clothing Style: Elitte dislikes jeans, or anything uncomfortable that could hinder movement. Important/Usual Accessories:A small pendant- a gold oval with a tree branch and diamond incrusted leaves that belonged to her grandmother. Tattoos: Carnation at the back of her neck Story Behind Tattoo: Carnations were her grandmother’s favourite flower Scar(s): A burn scar on the palm of her hand up her wrist from a spell gone awry, several scars of various sizes in various places from her clumsy nature Visual Health Level: Youthful, plump glowing skin, soft shining hair Spending Habits:Has a substantial generational wealth, but spends most of her money on knick-knacks  — Strengths: Accomplished witch, stubborn, see’s the good in everything Weaknesses: Sensitivity to light, can be naive when she’s not actively practising, is very clumsy. Weapons: House contains an armoury of expensive and antique blades, weapon of choice is a scottish dirk, however she prefers to avoid violence. Habits: Stirs her morning tea three times with intentions for the day Familiars/Summons/Pets: Her house is a safe haven for wounded or lost animals to come and go, a large dog being the only permanent guest. Old Injuries: Burns, scrapes etc.  Movement Issues: Tends to trip over her own limbs rather frequently Speed: Quick when needs to be, but when walking tends to “meander” Agility: quite agile when focused Strength:relies mostly on agility, does not have much brute strength Stamina: Full of energy- until it’s nap time Defensive Ability: Quite a high pain  tolerance Magical Ability: Accomplished witch, most spells take effect relatively quickly. Planning/Strategic Ability: indecisive and doesn’t think too many steps ahead Memory: Can remember spells, recipes, potions and enchantments but has an awful time remembering day to day things ie; names places (horrible sense of direction) Luck: Can be considered ‘blessed by the gods’. Despite the tragedy of her past, she has always found a way to survive, even on her own. Alignment:Chaotic good Occupation: Sells medicinal herb blends to townsfolk and passerbys Love Interest(s): Likes: Nature, animals, reading, soft sounds/textures Dislikes: Abrasive noises, pollution, organised religion, being in crowded or unfamiliar places Fears: The vatican Wishes: To make her late coven proud, and find a life she deems fulfilling Personality:quirky Favourite Colour and Why: She likes to mix soft pastel colours and black\deep colours as it is subconsciously a representation of herself Food:She likes experimenting with new recipes, always trying something new Manner of Transportation: She walks everywhere, although it is a hike to get from her manor to the town. Hobbies: Studying, foraging, practising magic, singing, tending to sick an injured animals Favorite Childhood Memory: creating herbal blends with her grandma, dancing under the stars for summer solstice. — Smell: has a light floral scent Character Flaws: Shy, awkward, clumsy.  Mannerisms: (Talks with hands, rubs nose, fidgets with necklace, has a hard time maintaining eye contact.): Personal Triggers: feels mild panic at the sound of church bells —  

𝔙𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔢 𝔒𝔫𝔢

06/26/2022 04:06 PM 

Bastian Underwood- Info

  Full Name: Bastian Underwood Nicknames: Bash (Sebastian,but used spitefully) Underwood Birth place: Ukraine Resides: Georgia, United States Age: 26 Visual Age: approximately the same Zodiac/Astrological signs: Scorpio Social Class: Depends on storyline, however came from money Religious Values: agnostic — Gender: Male Height: 6’3” Weight: 155 lbs Body type: Tall, lanky and thin Race/Species: Human Eye color and Shape: Acidic Green. Hair color and Style: Red (dyed), Dishevelled spikes Skin tone and type: Alabaster Favored Clothing Style: Alternative. Dark colours, worn brown leather jacket, jeans.  Least Favored Clothing Style: Dislikes dressing “posh” Important/Usual Accessories: Previously mentioned Jacket, sometimes where’s glasses Tattoos: Kanji on his neck Story Behind Tattoo: “Carnal Desire” Scar(s):An array of various scar’s from his childhood and adolescence Visual Health Level: Visually distraught, small signs of drug dependence and insomnia. Spending Habits:Spends a small fortune on drugs and alcohol — Strengths: Inventive Weaknesses: Tends to get into trouble a lot. Habits: Smoking when nervous/stressed out. Itching from the pills. Tapping his fingers on surfaces Old Injuries: Burns, lacerations, several broken bones etc.  Movement Issues: hit’s his head a lot.. Alignment:Chaotic nuetral Occupation: Varies on roleplay. Likes: Music, art, inebriation.  Dislikes: The obscenely wealthy, Government, Cold. Fears: The family he grew up with and their colleagues.  Wishes: For more emotional security, a different life, to not feel so empty. Personality: Slightly obnoxious, Copes with humour, dark. Favourite Colour and Why: Deep red. Food: He loves food- when he has an appetite Hobbies: Music, art, poetry. Favorite Childhood Memory: Is this a joke to you?   Smell: cedar and sandalwood Character Flaws: Always drunk or high, short temper, always distressed over something.   


06/26/2022 03:54 PM 

please join discord server

anyone is welcome is the server link your welcome to share it to anyone anywhere anyone is welcomeBring more members into the server make this more fun and bettercoffin: Safe place to chat.coffin: Meet awesome people.A judgemental free zone where you can be yourself, make new friends, relationships, and amazing roleplays! We are growing


06/25/2022 03:28 PM 

Worlds I would like to enter.

This will be updated on a daily occurance. Sometimes I search for worlds I want her to be in or maybe even try and ship her with, which I may name if I can remember them. Each will be listed best to last resort. Below that, any females I think would be great for freindship and story.-Dragon Age: Alistair, Cullen, Sebastain, Fenris. || Leliana, Morrigan, Wynne, Anora, - and so on.-Mass Effect: Kaidan. || Ashley, maybe open to more.More coming soon.


06/25/2022 08:23 PM 

Optional Bio.

Sophia didn't know what she was anymore. For centuries, she believed that she was still an angel. Sure, she had been cast out from heaven, but not with the morning star and his army. Oh no. There had been a second wave of dissent in heaven among those sympathetic to the former Seraphim. While she had previously believed that God, in all his omnipotence, was incapable of making a mistake, she somehow found herself being rounded up with the others and barred from ever entering heaven. She didn't understand how he could mistake her for a rebel. Sophia held only love and blind devotion in her heart for her creator and all his creations that followed. Surely this was some kind of error, or he had seen something within her, so deeply buried, she couldn't find it herself in all her searching.And search she did, to find what God had seen in her that deemed her worthy of being discarded, but even now, in the face of betrayal, she prayed for forgiveness and promised her undying love and devotion. But there was no answer. There was never an answer. Some of the others that had fallen with her prayed with her. Still, unlike Sophia, they had been sympathetic to the newly appointed infernal king. They listened to his sweet seduction as he lured them further from grace and into the hellfire's warm embrace until she was the last angel on Earth. She was blind to temptation and watched with pride as His creations began to grow and multiply before her very eyes. While she could ignore the call of demons, she couldn't ignore these creatures. Humans. They seemed rather... Cute. Perhaps if her own master would continue to deny her, she could devote herself in service of these creatures until God deemed her worthy of returning to paradise. Perhaps this was a trial, and she would persevere. But the more she got to know them, the more she forgot her trial and her mission to return home. So many centuries cut off from the celestial bodies that sustained her above and never giving in to the infernal temptation from below, Sophia grew weaker and weaker until she was no more powerful than the very humans she served. Her wings could no longer carry her, so she no longer unfurled them. Her halo grew dim and eventually flickered out of existence. Within a few generations, everyone Sophia came into contact with merely assumed she was human until they grew old, and she remained unchanged. But these creatures that had seemed so simple and pure in the beginning, that broke bread with her and taught her their ways became troublesome as they learned to hate and to kill each other. Sophia watched on as wars were fought over trivial matters. Entire populations were enslaved, including hers. She would try to preach kindness and mercy, but people no longer cared what a single woman had to say anymore, especially one that was incapable of conceiving a child. Her worth as a human became nothing in the eyes of those who decided they owned her and everyone within the village she resided. But even as they abused her and tortured her, Sophia's devotion to these humans remained unchanged. Eventually, she outlived all her captors. Empires rose and fell, and Sophia continued to preach to the humans. She picked up all the necessary skills to serve them. She learned how to sew, cook, clean, rear children, and how to heal them. She had been a maid in grand castles and lady in waiting to queens. That was until she came across the one who finally broke her. It was a demon though she wasn't sure which one it had been. He never gave her a name. He had possessed the leader of this nation and found her. He saw her wings when all the other humans couldn't and broke them. Despite everything she had endured and all the pain and indignity, this one instilled fear. Fear of pain, fear of disobedience, fear of death. He posed the question of whether angels and demons possessed a soul. The answer should be obvious. Of course not. But without a soul, what happens when an angel dies? They stop existing. She had never thought about it before, how all this time, she had made herself so useful, no one had ever sought to kill her. Granted, time left her unaffected, but what would happen if someone were to approach her with murderous intent? Suddenly her precious humans were no longer something to be adored and admonished from time to time. They were genuinely fearsome creatures capable of ending her existence. The prospect of simply... Blinking out of existence suddenly seemed so unfair. Hadn't she proved herself time and time again of being worthy of love, of returning home? What's worse, the demon introduced her to the perversion humans were capable of. She had endured degradation far worse, but this utterly dejected realization made her that much more susceptible to the satisfying acknowledgment when a human would reach out and call her  a "Good girl." Now that demon was gone. The damage was done. With wings shattered, Sophia wasn't sure if she was an angel anymore or if she was becoming something else. A human? A demon? She didn't know. If she died, would she stop existing or arrive at the pearly gates like any other human? She didn't know. All she knew now was that her devotion was gone. In its place was obedience. Her soul, if she had one, was broken, and the only thing that brought her peace was being "good." 

Leon Gray

06/25/2022 02:04 PM 

My Rules and Expectations (For You & Me)

My Rules & Expectations (For You and Me) 1. I'm experienced in Roleplay; have been doing it for a little over 18 years or longer. I don't expect everyone to be experienced as that, and I'll even RP with people that are new, but I expect you to learn and give me substance. I won't be responding to one-line posts that don't give me anything to react to. One-liners are fine, just not when I'm the one doing the work and pushing the RP forward. 2. If you are younger than 18 as a player, don't contact me, period. If I at any time suspect you to be a minor, I'll be deleting and blocking. Sorry not sorry.3.  Absolutely no drama. I'll slam that block button so quick your head will spin.4. I am gay, and so is the character. Ladies, if you decide to come at me with a male character or genderbend, that is fine. I don't care about the player's actual gender. I won't be doing anything with traps, ultra femmy men (skirts, long hair *unless you play an Inuyasha or Koga, thats fine* stockings, heels, bows, etc.) or girls with 'junk'. I don't feel comfortable with female parts whatsoever. I'll maybe consider a male herm with interchangable or both parts (mer-people or snake people etc.) Twinks are fine, and semi-masculine men are fine. If you aren't sure, feel free to ask. But please be aware I can be a tad picky sometimes. Old guys and *some* bara guys... ehh. Not really my types. 30 or younger is about my limit.5. I will only do third-person roleplays, and I expect you to as well. Please don't use 'you' or 'I' when addressing my character or yourself. I find it kinda creepy. 6. I like long-form paragraphs instead of these things: * * I don't mind them sometimes, but they get a little annoying to type.7. Be patient. I'm not at your beck and call for posts, and I don't expect you to be either. I have a life, and more often than not, this place while fun, is for leisure and relaxing. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. 8. Leon can be a sub or switch in relationship RP's, and I expect my partner's character to be a switch or dom, but preferably switch. When I sub, I don't just lay there and cry. My character is reactive and will be a force to be reckoned with, lol.9. Let me know your preferred themes--do you like more mature-based things, or more fluff? I will do pretty much any kind of theme, but I am respectful of your limits. 10.  I prefer starting with OOC messages, hash out what we both want in the RP, instead of random starters first.11. If you add me, please don't automatically expect me to begin something. I've had people make me send starters and they rarely continue the RP. If you are not interested anymore, or busy IRL, a little heads up is nice. I understand it gets hard, but please try. I'll understand.If ya got questions, please ask. Im very relaxed and open to talking. 


06/25/2022 03:56 PM 

Nyesuian Shiz

The Nyesuian Universe II: Flawed Tamaranean   The Nyesuian are a peculiar bunch that began as loose tribes located on the fringes of the Universe. Some say that they are a forgotten link to an unknown past. While others simply believe them to be long-living chronicles that exist as living failures to their ancestors' wishes. Yet neither of these two theories is true in the slightest. Fore the Nyesuian was once nothing more than lumps of flesh spliced together within test tubes. Spread out amongst the numerous facets of the cosmos, labs were the only homes they knew. Originally the side project of an alliance forged by several humanoid aliens the Nyesuian was an experiment geared toward creating the most adaptable warrior in the Universe. Combining several strands of DNA into one being caused most to end up as failures, and thus all but one researcher scrapped the project altogether. Minister M is what he called himself, and through his efforts, the project went along smoothly, and over the course of several hundred years, they made a breakthrough due to a single warrior. A young man or rather the corpse of a young man was found floating in space. After examining him, the researchers discovered that he did not hail from their universe, but from another. In truth, he had been perfect for their purposes, and without delay, they decided to utilize the corpse as a material. Using this Tamaranean DNA as a base it was discovered that it easily dominated, and even assimilated the other samples into itself once stimulated by external Ki. Went so far as to even absorb said Ki in order to make itself stable. After making such a discovery Minister M utilized DNA from the Nue Race as the final step towards perfection. Once known as a species of Warlords they were rendered nonexistent by the previous God Of Destruction for defying her will. Known for their primal, and savage fighting style that relied heavily on transforming parts of one's body into beast-like states. In every test phase, the combination soared to new heights, but in an unexpected twist, the first two Nyesuian to ever be born were seen as failures. Neither produced any Ki nor did they actually seem to meet the standards of their creators. The researchers themselves were all quite confused until Minister M revealed that his own actions may have ruined things. See he himself had been a part of the Nue Race, and while they didn't resemble him closely on the outside they had been born with one Ivory tail each. While the Nue often times also held a serpentine tail as well. In that vein he proposed that in light of their early failures trying again would surely serve them better results. And sure enough, it did indeed. The 2nd generation of Nyesuian was more Nue than those that came before. Born with scales, and tails of an Ebony color. In light of this, all four were raised together, but the newer generation yielded greater results. Be it general physical strength, or Ki they seemed to excel greatly at anything thrown at them. From then on they were known as the Royal Caste while the 1st generation was forgotten. Lila and Adel were trained more thoroughly as they exceeded any, and all expectations set for them. Making the researchers aim to create beings even better than they are. In doing so the next 8 generations were a bit worse off. After these generations were born a new form of the test was created. Kin would fight kin and slaughter reigned over them as the weak were put to rest. Eventually the 1st generation pair grew tired of watching their kin kill one another ruthlessly. Even without the power, the others possessed they aimed to set everyone free. It took them 13 years to do so, and in that time nearly 36 generations had been created and were killed by the offspring of the Royal Caste. In their rage, the unnamed pair of the 1st generation underwent an overwhelming transformation that resembled an Asura when recounted. Most only recalled the vague sparkle of purple stars igniting and then clashing with Minister M who revealed himself to be a Core Person aiming to take the seat of a God Of Destruction by creating a warrior able to defeat the Majin that guarded her. Blinded by his ambition he couldn't see the danger he had been cultivated, and while not killed he had been defeated by the transformed pair who were soon enough struck down by those of the Royal Caste while exhausted. With their creator defeated the Nyesuian went off to colonize an abandoned planet that was inhabited by an unenlightened race called the Popi who quickly revered them as deities due to their inherent ability to fly, and those strange feline like tails they possessed. Having matched the patron deity the Popi worshipped as a creator they felt a need to treat them with the utmost care. Those of the royal caste were of course at the forefront of this and went ahead in accepting the popi with open arms. It would be 200 years until Shiva was born. A Nyesuian with an Ivory tail rose up and killed nearly 70 members of the Royal Caste without breaking a sweat. She displayed abilities far more advanced than her kin and matched the ancient legends their species had been passing down. After she was killed all Ivory tails that came after were viewed as Omens. Ill tides were executed on sight and so too were the bloodlines that produced them. [Nyesuian Planet Yumex] NAME: Yumex Founder: Unknown Ruler(s): Nyesuian Royalty Type: Desert Planet Mythical Name: Unknown Inhabitants: Popi, Nyesuian Population: 150,000 SUN(s): 1[Red] MOON(s): 3 Extent Of Gravity: x7 Technology Level: Advanced The planet that is currently occupied by the Nyesuian was once a barren land in which was sorely lacking any life located within Universe II. All execpt for the Popi whom were strange humanoid snake hybrids. Resembling the Gorgons found in Greek myth they were the most suited to live on the planet before them. Uninhibited by the intense heat, lack of food, and the little amount of water they received. Split into several tribess the Popi survived by hunting, and gathering what they could. Mainly finding resources where they could, but their most profitable venture by far was the luring, and devouring of travelers from other worlds. Through this method they became man eaters, and relied upon such things to grow as a civilization. If not for that then they would have perished long ago. For this they thanked their gods above, and built statues of beings soaring through the air with the unusual appearance of four arms. It is unknown as to why this is though. Once the Nyesuian came they were praised as God Kin because of this very reason, and were positioned above all. Under their rule the Popi found themselves becoming willing servants, but also staples in Nysesuian society. Together both groups thrived given that the Popi possessed unimaginable raw strength, and a talent for fighting. Making them quality builders, and hunters even with the little bit of training that they were provided. This even stretched on to activating the ships left behind by the travelers whom were preyed upon by the Popi. Soon enough a system of goverment was formed, and after several generations the level of technology on the planet eclipsed the primitive start they were burdened with. Their captial city Xita now houses a population of 100,000 made up of 75% Popi, 24% Commoner Caste, and 1% Royalty Caste. Space travel has largely been banned by the royal caste as the 10 ships the Popi collected from their prey. Of course using them was dangerous due to their unknown origins, and while some royals used them to scout but for not much more than that. Beyond their traveling constraints the planet Yumex had entered an era of prosperity. Dunes of sand soon enough were replaced by artificial oceans, and trees as the population continued to grow alongside rapidly advancing technology. Dotting the skies of Yumex is a single red sun in which orbits the planet alongside 3 moons. One of which is being chained to the surface of it by a chain of unknown design that even the Popi can not explain. Any attempts to remove, or damage the chain results in the planet being met with large scale earthquakes that wreak havok across the lands. Though on some occasions strange treasures just appear next to the chain without warning. Most of them are confiscated items deemed as sacred by the royal caste though. [Taits&Abilities] Solar Sustenance: An ability that was pass on through the Tamaranean cells within them is a form of energy absorption that directly allows them to channel solor radiation within their bodies. This in turn grants them super strength, and surperior viality when compared to others races within Universe 2. The process also enables them to defy gravity in order to fly without the need of artificial methods, or magic. Many of the Nyesuians have also been seen with hair that seems to flare up, and catch fire when their emotions run high but that is simply an illusion created from an outside perspective. Finally the last utility it provides is replacement of food, and drink in times of dire need. They can instead burn the solar radiation they've stored up to stave off hungry, or thirst for a few extra days at best. Chimeric Ki: A type of Ki that was obtained from their Nue DNA, and gives their Ki the property of shifting states. Thus it can morph into the 3 states of matter freely. Furthermore they seem to be able to grant their Ki the qualities of natural elements they absorb into their bodies through various methods. Normally through direct contact, or by consumption. In the eyes of some this fine tuned control of their Ki can even mimic magic to some degree, but can not mirror its more mystical properties even on a surface level. Stellar Shiva Transformation: Named after the one time rebel of the species the Stellar Shiva forms are a type of transformation that see a Nyesuian tap into their altered genes by igniting Ki throughout every cell in their body. In this state a number of things can change about them, but none more important than the hovering demonic like arms floating behind them paired with a layer of Ki constanly changing and rolling about them. This form naturally grants those utilizing it a x2 boost to their base power level. While other forms do exist they have yet to be recorded in the history of the species, and thus do not have a bearing on most outside of the royal caste. Linguistic Assimilation: One of the less dynamic traits of the Nyesuian is their ability to understand any language of any species should they make oral contact with them. It is unknown as to how they perform such a thing, but most don't bother trying it either way.

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Rules, etc!

Rules/Limits/Etc -> 18+ themes welcomed - NSFW, violence, smut, etc. Please, no writers under the age of 18!> Any taboo/controversial themes that may be included are absolutely 100% NOT condoned in real life! This is all purely fantasy, purely fictional writing, and does not influence anything outside of roleplay.> please check this out for any additional information concerning roleplay limits/themes! https://www./c/overall%20rp%20stuff/> I write in third person, ranging from one to four paragraphs depending on the scene! Please nothing less than 2-3 sentences!> Literate writers please!> Please understand that replies may take longer depending on the day of the week - we all have lives outside of here, although I will try my very best to reply in a timely manner!!> On the other hand, I am open to both hardcore and also soft themes.> If you friend me first, please message first!> Starter greetings are welcomed!> Occassionally picky with friend requests.> I am open to planning out a story or just winging it - I'm rather easygoing for the most part!! :>> Will add to this as necessary! Thank you for reading!! 


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٭Animes٭ Mha/Bnha Naruto Fairy tale Black Butler Hunter x Hunter   *Video games٭ Fnaf Yandere Simulator Friday Night Funkin’  Sally face Scp Foundation Undertale BATIM Little Nightmares Fran Bow      *Shows/Movies/books٭ Miraculous Ladybug Big Hero 6 (maybe) Descendants IT(2017) Total Drama Teen Titans The loud house Harry Potter Helluva boss Marvel DC Suicide Squad Adventure Time Gravity Falls Criminal Minds TMNT   ٭Other* Creepypasta

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Welcome to my profile. Ava here is primarily for a modern day setting, however, this does not mean I an opposed to other settings. Since she is based off Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Ava can end up in different settings. This can include medieval/feudal fantasy. Since Nanoha is somewhat sci-fi/fantasy this is also acceptable. The themes I enjoy will sometimes include school life however Ava takes online courses. As a lovable cinnamon bun who adores manga and video games some of our starting locations can be at an arcade, clothing store, retro video game store, card/d&d shop and so on. These are for more social interactions. Ava is new to using magic and only has a basic understanding. She has been told that mundane people of her world are not supposed to know about it, however, in the magical world magic is used every day( once again think of Nanoha).Overall I like slice of life and comedy, some drama. Trying to make characters feel alive abd the world itself without bogging down with details. I write between two and six paragraphs, sometimes more if the other is comfortable or I'm feeling up to the task. Action, an adventure, dark themes are fine too. And for those curious about romance I'll bring this up: Ava is available but that's not gonna happen without story and Ava considering that person a true friend.  


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~Roleplay info~   1) I will play men, women (please don't ask me to play f*ta or any of that sh^t)   2)Cannot play canon characters, I will only use ocs.   3)I will only do MxM, MxF, NbxM, and NbxF.   4)I will only play dom men and sub women   5)Semi, para, or multipara, no one-liners or novella (I lose motivation to write rather quickly so please nothing too long or too short I can write 1-3 paragraphs)   6) Please be respectful!   7)Grammer is critical. You don't have to have perfect grammar but you have to be understandable.   8)I do mainly fandom roleplay. But I also do oc verses.   9) I don't do FxF much, and it's very rare that I will do it, but that doesn't mean I won't do it.   10) No bestiality/Zoos, MAPS/P*dos, not a fan of furries but I'm alright with them, don't come at me with one-liners, you may just get ignored   11) I will give you 3 days to a week to message if you added me, but if you don't message within that time period I will delete you.   12) Kuro is not my only character, I have many more ocs. If you want me to play a different oc, just ask.   ~OTHER INFO~ 1) You add, you message first. I add, I message first. It's that simple.   2)Not a detailed writer (I've only been a roleplayer for about 2 years but I took a break for a few years to focus on school but now I'm back at it to get better!)   3) I have a life as well, I'm sorry if I don't get back to you right away. And if I didn't reply to you within a day, again I'm sorry. I forget things very easily and may have forgotten to reply to you.   (Will be updated every once in a while.)

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