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04/07/2021 04:20 PM 

Rules and Guidelines

I'm cringe, you're cringe, we're all cringe. Stay chill. Have fun. That's what we're here for. I'm a multi-shipper. I love romance storylines. I wouldn't RP a character named "Boyfriend" if I didn't.  Smut is fine, it's not what I'm here for so if I'm bad at it that's a you problem. That being said, for the love of god be at least 18. I'm a quarter of the way to the grave. I don't want to rp with children. Out of universe his name is Luis because for the life of me I can't just call him "Boyfriend" when everyone else has a normal ass name. In universe, unless my writing partner says otherwise he stays just "Boyfriend" because it's funny af. I can block anyone I want. For any reason. Period. If I do, don't readd me on another account and whine about it.I can't really do anything about it if you do. I'll just laugh at you with my friends.  I have discord, but rarely use it. Feel free to ask for it but I can't garauntee I'll be active. I do have a life, I can be slow as hell with replies. If that's a deal breaker? Again, that's a you problem. Just block me and don't make a huge deal about it. I literally could not care less. I almost always have my online now disabled. It just makes me anxious. Please don't take that as me being snobbish or unapprochable. I swear I'm a nice, chill person.


04/07/2021 01:53 PM 

Vivian’s Bio/Additional Info

Name: Vivian Nickname: Viv, V, Misfit Demon Race: Demon Age: Unknown Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Straight [No romantic interest with Males or Futas] Skin Tone: Caucasian or Tan Weight: 46kg Height: 157 cm Home: Underworld Likes: Causing Trouble,Black Spiced Rum,Animals,Reading,Gaming,Slasher Movies,Music and Traveling. Dislikes: Jerks,Complainers,Animal Abusers, People who use big words to talk smack, sex crazed people and Rapists. Abilities: Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Immune to Fire, Spell Casting, Summonings, Flying, Communication with animals. Favorite Weapon: Black Magic Favorite Food: Spicy Ramen, Shrimp Scampi, Fried Mushrooms and Tacos. Least Favorite Food: Cucumbers, Mangos and Carrots Favorite Animals: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Ferrets, Wolfs, and Foxes Personality: Calm, Goofy, Friendly, Serious, Smug, Mischievous. [ADDITIONAL INFO] [If your a hardcore rp writer who love multi para to novella rps I wouldn’t recommend adding me. I prefer short liners to para.. why? I use to do multi para rps but due to people on this site either abandoning their accounts, deleting them or removing me from their friend list.. i don’t want to waste my typing a long story for nothing.] [People who are into just chatting or do edits only are also welcomed] [If you attempt to start drama with me i’ll mostly just remove you. Not gonna attempt to argue with a immature user on a rp site] [If I haven’t replied to you in a few days your free to let me know. If you choose to delete/block me that’s fine too.. i will not shed a tear for you. I have a job in real life which keeps me from replying most of the time.. you may see me online but i might not be there.] [I will update this once in awhile]

Kagura [[The Black Gale!]]

04/07/2021 04:45 PM 

Kagura Mutsuki: Primer & Rules.
Current mood:  adored

Greetings, and welcome to the Duodecim! It's been a while since I joined, and I saw it appropriate to make a basic blog post outlining my character, how I play him, and some general guidelines to keep in mind when writing with me. If you're new or have recently added me, I suggest giving this a look-over first, to help get acquainted.The character I roleplay is Kagura Mutsuki, hailing from the BlazBlue verse. He was introduced in the third game, Chronophantasma, and has since become one of the main characters. Compared to many people on this site, I could be considered new. I had never seriously RP'd until I joined Ani in April of 2020 during lockdown. I originally joined as Prison School's Meiko Shiraki (who I still use on that account) but after being greatly inspired by this site's Lilith Aensland and Kokonoe Mercury, I chose to portray a male character who was the closest to my real life self, which is how I settled on Kagura. I have several other accounts, but this is effectively my main and the one I most enjoy using.Sadly, by the time I joined, BlazBlue had become something of a niche verse, and I more or less carry it on my back these days. As such, I am completely open to crossovers of any verse, with a heavy lean towards fighting games, but I'm not selective at all. Since I identify heavily with Kagura, I can play him in a variety of scenarios, from action to general slice of life. I'm also the co-leader of the Crossed Fates RP group along with its main leader Bang Shishigami, which takes heavy inspiration from BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.My schedule can be a bit sporadic at times, so I might be slow. Feel free to poke me for replies if you're really feeling it. That said, I love hearing from you all and hope you enjoy my writing whole heartedly. I will not list Kagura's full biography here, as I feel there is a good enough summary on my actual profile. However, there are some basics you should know just so you don't get the wrong idea. Kagura is a notorious flirt and a playboy. I do not use this character trait as an excuse to try to get with every female on the site, far from it. If anything, I take the comical approach. Worry not about my thirst levels, I am taken IRL. Which leads me to my next point - one major canon divergence is that within status streams, I portray Kagura as having genuine romantic feelings for Lilith. Don't take this the wrong way, I in no way go for underaged characters - I am a close friend of Succ and we have discussed this extensively. Furthermore, I am not single-shipped with Lilith - I will openly do romantic RP with those interested. Another major trait of Kagura is that he loves to drink. I will offer you a drink all the damn time. If you are uncomfortable with alcohol themes, feel free to decline. Drink responsibly, kiddos. Though I am fully open to ero/H writing so long as there is proper buildup, this is not the primary focus of this account. If you specifically seek that with no pretense, you might want to look elsewhere. Also, I do not play Kagura as gay under any circumstance, so yaoi/BL is a no. I am an active player of BlazBlue and other anime fighters. My primary platform is PC, though Switch is also an option. If you would like to game with me, feel free to ask for my Steam or my FC, and I am entirely Discord friendly.

𝚓𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚒 ! !

04/06/2021 09:58 PM 


  Rules/Preferences ▹Preferably literate, 2+ paragraphs (can vary based on what’s happening obviously!) ▹18+ !!! ▹You add, you message/I add, I message- only because I tend to lose track easily- that would be very much appreciated! ▹Discord available, though hesitant to give out. ▹honestly?? I really don’t have many limits, other than what’s listed under ‘no’ in the f-list link. So, nearly everything is fair game (especially what’s in the faves section)- be as brutal or cruel as necessary, mean, manipulative, or just intimidating...if it wasn’t obvious, more serious/rough scenes are preferred, although I am absolutely willing to hear anything else in mind! ▹Anyways, super easygoing, so please don’t hesitate to message me! I’m only a bit picky with some adds, though for the most part there’s no need for a filter around me, I’d love to discuss and make friends! ▹IC and OOC both absolutely welcomed, will try to match post length! ▹Very patient with replies, and I hope you’ll be the same...I understand everyone has a life outside of here, plus just general motivation can be overwhelming sometimes, so replies may be inconsistent with response time! ▹In the end, just be nice and have fun! I very much look forward to stories that we can get going! ▹F-List (in case you missed it in the character description! If it’s a little unclear, these are all things in reference that I enjoy being done to my character, or involving between the two. Purely from a submissive standpoint.) -  

𝚓𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚒 ! !

04/06/2021 09:56 PM 

junichi okada!

Looking for?   >>> Triggering and/or disturbing potential themes ahead, please be wary if it's not your cup of tea! If you dislike it, please dni, thanks! <<<   Darker themes preferred. Perhaps an abusive owner/family member, captor, or something of the sorts, either heavily abusive or not. Maybe something with a stockholm syndrome-esque plot, just to throw an idea out? Or, perhaps something along the Yandere plot, whether it's my character or yours that takes the Yandere role. But then, of course, maybe it's something more simple like a stalker or molester looking for some fresh meat, or a new pet…or, maybe it ends up being a family member. Typically anything sexual in nature is a go, f-list is provided of course! Not everything has to be included, obviously some of the more strange ones that not everyone is into as well, although the sky is the limit. Would absolutely love someone for a long term, dark roleplay. Violent themes welcomed, taboo ones as well, any gender is most certainly welcome although with a male lean!  On the other hand, I'm also open to plots not quite as violent, and ones rather nice in nature! Slice of life sort of stuff. However, I've been craving some darker plotlines recently, although other ideas can be discussed in private.   F-LIST: x x xBasic Information Name ▹Junichi Okada  Nicknames ▹ Jun, Ichi Age ▹16-18, can vary Gender/Species ▹Male, part cat Nationality ▹Japanese Occupation ▹Works as a fast food cashier, so he’s able to wear a hat to hide his features. A student, otherwise.  Sexuality ▹Bisexual Sub/Dom? ▹Submissive. Despite being stubborn or bratty, he totally cracks under pressure.   Features Hair Color ▹Totally black, cat ears blend in easily. Eye Color ▹Red Height ▹5’4 Weight ▹115lbs Generally Wears ▹Baggy clothes- a hoodie with a t-shirt underneath, sweats or baggy jeans, sneakers, typically skater-esque ones. Is Less Likely To Wear ▹Anything formal, proper, or shows off his shape.  Body type/features ▹ Not malnourished, though quite skinny. Little to no muscles with fairly pale, smooth skin. If stretching, ribs may show slightly. Perky nipples, around a 5 inch member. Body hair is essentially nonexistent. His figure is fairly feminine in a way, so he tends to avoid anything form-fitting. He’s able to easily tuck his tail away, ears as well. The only features that may cause suspicion is his oddly sharp teeth, somewhat pointed nails and occasional mannerisms.   Family & Friends Information Mother ▹ Deceased. Father ▹ Alive, though often absent from his children's lives.  Brother(s) ▹Takibi, Oldest (27). Satoshi, Middle (24). Sister(s) ▹N/A Friends ▹A few school buddies, but that’s about it.   Likes, Dislikes, Etc.  Favorite TV Shows ▹Movies, anime, anything he can avoid responsibilities with. Favorite Foods ▹Typically instant meals. Ramen, other noodles, microwave food, you name it- anything generally unhealthy. The only exception is that he absolutely loves seafood. Favorite Possessions Owned ▹Some manga he has collected over the years, this really cool ring he got from a cereal box, and the alley cats he feeds every now and then. Things Disliked ▹ Baths, being overpowered, being looked down upon/humiliated, anything that typically undermines him.   Bio/Background (WIP, may change or vary!)   Being the youngest of two brothers was a bit of a pain in the ass. Between being the essential runt of the litter, having to hide such features, and having to survive everyday life without being called out, got difficult. Not to mention, his overall personality makes it worse. His older brothers are, of course, way more successful than he is. One has a family, the other a successful scholar, and then that leaves Junichi...barely passing grades, a sh*tty part time job getting underpaid, and spending whatever other time he has leftover in his gross little apartment. But, it was everyday life. At this point, he didn’t really mind it.    Other than family, no one knows about his cat-like features. He hasn’t kept friends around along enough to trust them, and he knows that if some creeps found out he had cute little ears and a tail, well...he probably wouldn’t see the outside world again. Though who knows, maybe in the blink of an eye, all that could change someday.   Mischievous, bratty, and stubborn. Junichi was this and much more. He tends to be a little sh*t, it’s rare seeing any other sort of side to him. Perhaps he puts up a tough front as a defense. Or, maybe he just likes it. His attitude doesn’t mesh well with being forced to be kind to customers at his job, nor does it work well with making and keeping friends...but, he can’t lose either, or he’ll really become the scum of society. Either way, eventually he’s bound to push the wrong buttons on the wrong person.     

Rouge the Riveter

04/06/2021 07:43 PM 


Welcome to Universe 15-A! Or was it 15-B? Aw, heck, there's so many different Sonic universes out there I can't keep track of them all! But here's how this one operates, so listen up!Bizarro World:I'm drawing inspiration from a lot of different sources, mostly from the "Bizarro Universe" trope. Everyone from Sonic's reality is here, but inverted. Good guys are bad, bad guys are good, nothing is the way you remember it. To quote Wario: "It's-a good to be bad!"Southern Charm:Rouge's personality is a combination of canon Rouge, Bunnie Rabbot, and Applejack from My Little Pony. (And just a little bit of Mario.) She's still a big flirt and a sucker for anything shiny, but also a country sweetheart with a big heart to go with her big... um... ears. Yeah, ears. That works.Hey, You Got Your Sonic in My Mario!:I love crossovers, so bring me whatever you've got! By default, I accept the Mario and Sonic universes coexisting, which means Rouge and Mr. Tinker most likely live in Wario World. Don't be surprised if a pair of creepy pointy-eared trolls with Italian accents show up somewhere.Ain't I A Stinker?:Both Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog were inspired by classic cartoons like Popeye, Mickey Mouse, and Bugs Bunny, so the same goofball antics apply here. Besides, Looney Tunes logic is the only way to explain how Sonic can spin dash, Tails can fly, or Rouge's back can support those... ears. Definitely the ears, nothing else abnormally large on her or anything.


04/06/2021 01:38 PM 

Character's Most Wanted (so far what we need) underco

Naraku;  spider hanyō who was born from the human Onigumo and various other yōkai, and the primary antagonist of the InuYasha series. He was directly responsible for the death of Kikyō and the seal placed on Inuyasha, and for nearly all the other character's misery, something that he enjoyed. Naraku desired the Shikon no Tama, a jewel that would be able to grant him near-invincibility should he acquire all the pieces of it. He desired the jewel to purge his half-human self from his body, and enhance his strength even further. Close to the end of the story, Naraku gained all Shikon Jewel shards and made the Shikon no Tama whole again which resulted in Naraku fully transforming himself into a spider yōkai shortly before his defeat and death by Inuyasha's hands. It was revealed near the end of the series that Naraku had actually been a pawn of the Demon of the Shikon no Tama all along, which manipulated him in order to assure the Jewel continued existence.Takemaru; Takemaru no Setsuna (Takemaru of Setsuna) was a jealous human Samurai lord who fell in love with Inuyasha's mother, Izayoi who was, at the time, in love with Tōga and pregnant with their son. His jealousy became so great that he attempted to take her life and impaled her while she was in labor with Inuyasha. When Tōga came to save her, Takemaru appeared before the daiyōkai warrior and attempted to take him on but, his challenge was easily brushed aside, costing him his left arm. Not wanting to let the Inu daiyōkai take Izayoi away, Takemaru ordered his soldiers to immediately burn down the mansion. Takemaru's attempt to keep her for himself was in vain, as the daiyōkai utilized Tenseiga to revive Izayoi, giving her the Robe of the Fire-Rat. Takemaru then approached Tōga with the intention of fighting him to the death, even going so far as saying that they shall "journey together into the netherworld". Tōga simply replied with the word "Inuyasha". Initially surprised by what he said, Tōga told Takemaru that it was the infant's name, to which Izayoi accepted, and escaped under Tōga's orders while he used Sō'unga's Dragon Twister as he fought the desperate Takemaru to the death. Both Takemaru and Tōga are killed when the castle collapsed on them.Zero;Zero is the elder sister of Lord Kirinmaru who informed her brother of the prophecy the Shikon Jewel had predicted, that he would meet his demise at the hands of beings that are neither human nor demon and an impossible entity surpassing time itself.As such she wants Sesshōmaru and Rin's half-demon twin daughters, and Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi's quarter-demon daughter dead to prevent the prophecy's fulfillment.Kirinmaru Daiyōkai that rules over the eastern lands and the main antagonist of Hanyō no Yashahime. After the death of Tōga, the ruler of the west, as well as his eldest son Sesshōmaru refusing to inherit his title, Kirinmaru plans to distort time itself and swallow the world into a dark age with the assistance of his most trusted servants, the Shikyō, and their own underlings.Kaguya ( かぐやGoddess of Eternal Night") was a yōkai who absorbed a celestial being, known from the popular Japanese classic The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter as Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫, "Kaguya-hime"). Kaguya took on both the maiden's name and her physical appearance and even began referring to herself as a celestial being, even though she was technically still a demon. She also gained the celestial maiden's powers, increasing Kaguya's own strength greatly. However, the cornerstone of her power, the Celestial Robe, was stolen by a passerby while she was bathing in a spring. Enraged, Kaguya began to revenge herself by killing nearby villagers. This attracted the attention of the monk Miyatsu. Miyatsu sealed Kaguya within her own mirror and placed it in a shrine in the Forest of Illusion. 

inuyasha, inurpg, yashahime princess half demon


04/06/2021 01:31 PM 

Rules Of Feudal Era's

Rules of the land;   Communication is Key;  No bullying or harrasing anyone; Be an active roleplayer; We understand life gets crazy just let us know.This is an OPEN roleplay group, which means characters are not limited to only RPing with their group members, but can RP with anyone freely.Para and Multi para and up are acceptable To apply please send a message; How to apply is  Character NameTime Zone:How often can you be online?Sample of writing: 

inuyasha, inurpg, yashahime princess half demon


04/06/2021 12:16 PM 

Full Biography

.img { background:#ffffff; padding:2px; border:1px solid #777777; -moz-box-shadow:0px 0px 5px #222222; -webkit-box-shadow:0px 0px 5px #222222; box-shadow:0px 0px 5px #222222; }     After the death of Babydoll's mother, Baby's stepfather discovers from their mother's will that his wife left everything to her two daughters. Apparently enraged that he worked so hard to marry the woman (and perhaps engineered her death) only to be left nothing, he gets a bottle of Paradise rum and drinks (Paradise is  reoccuring theme in the movie - be it an idea, commodities or objects in general). He gets so drunk that he heads for the girls' rooms, and just as Baby is leaving her sister's room, he decides to attack Baby and possibly try to rape her. He doesn't succeed and then turns his sights on Baby's sister. He locks Baby in her room and then moves in on his youngest stepdaughter.     Baby, in a panic-stricken state, escapes her temporary "holding cell" by climbing out her window and finds her stepfather's Colt .45 pistol. Baby stops her stepfather just as he breaks into the closet where her sister has locked herself. Scared at seeing Baby with a gun, he tries to reason with her, but she fires one round that misses entirely and takes out the lightbulb in the closet. A second shot grazes his left forearm, however, the bullet ricochets off a steam pipe, and then fatally strikes her little sister. Baby rushes to her sister and cries over the body, horrified at what she had done. Scared and angry, she stalks over to her stepfather who (presumably) was trying to call the police. She aims the gun at him, but is so upset at what just happened she drops the gun and flees the house. Her stepfather successfully calls the police, who arrest the distraught Baby at her mother's grave. She is injected with something by EMT's and then taken to the Lennox House for the Mentally Insane.     Her stepfather has framed Baby for the murder of her sister, and conspires with the corrupt head orderly, Blue Jones, to forge Dr. Gorski's signature in order to have Baby lobotomized so that she cannot reveal the truth about the circumstances leading up to her sister's demise, hence the title of the movie; Sucker Punch. There are five days before the doctor arrives to perform the procedure on her. During that time in the asylum, Baby retreats into a fantasy world in which she is newly arrived in a brothel operated by Blue, whom she envisions as a mobster. While there, she befriends four other dancers: sisters Sweet Pea and Rocket, Amber and Blondie.     Dr. Vera Gorski (now going by the moniker of Madame Gorski within the first level of fantasy) encourages Babydoll to perform an erotic dance like the other girls, during which Baby further fantasizes she is in feudal Japan, meeting the Wise Man for the fiirst time. She tells him she wants to escape, so he presents her with weapons and five objects she needs in order to escape: a map, fire, a knife, a key, and an unrevealed item that will require "deep sacrifice" but bring a "perfect victory". He gives her one last piece of advice before he ushers her out the door into the waiting blades of three demonic samurai; she must defend herself. Taking her newly acquired sword in hand, she fights. Once she bests all three warriors, her fantasy ends and she is brought back to the brothel level of fantasy, her dance impressing everyone including Blue.     At this point Baby has retreated deeply into her own psyche and we as the audience do not get the true asylum reality of what really occurs during this scene and are therefore left to our own fantasies as to what actually happens to trigger this fantasy within Baby.     Later, while still within the first level of Baby's fantasy (the brothel), she tells the girls she has a plan to escape, Rocket is all for it but her sister Sweet Pea flatly rejects Baby's plan, saying no one has ever managed to escape before. Blondie says the last three girls who tried died in the attempt (foreshadowing the deaths of 3 of the girls). Nontheless, Baby tells them that they need to find a map, something to start a fire with, a knife, and a key, all four of which she saw when she first walked into Lennox House. She tells them that when she dances, everyone will be so distracted that no one will notice the girls stealing the tools they need. After some convincing, the girls join her in her quest to acheive freedom. First they must get the map with all the exits marked on it, which Sweet Pea has volunteered to steal from Blue Jones's office. Baby begins to dance, transporting herself into a deeper level of a fantasy world mirroring Sweet Pea's theft. In her illusion, the Wise Man informs the girls that the map is in a German bunker on the far side of "no-man's land" (a WWI trench warfare reference) guarded by undead steampunk WWI soldiers. After some spectacular fighting and a timely rescue by Amber, the girls secure the map and Baby is brought back to the brothel once again.     Next, the girls must find a way to make fire in order to force an employee of the asylum to pull the fire alarm which will automatically open all the doors in Lennox House. The Mayor (Amber's client), has a cigar lighter that will suffice nicely. Unfortunately it is kept in the man's breast pocket, and he is not a handsome fellow by a long shot. Amber doesn't think she is brave enough to swipe it from him, but, as Blondie tells her, he is her client. "Just kiss him on the neck and slip your hand down his chest into the pocket", is Blondie's advice to her. Gathering her courage, Amber agrees and Baby dances for the first time onstage. This time her fantasy is of an orc-infested castle guarding a young dragon and its mother. Inside the baby dragon's throat are two rocks that when struck togethher will create the most awesome fire the girls will ever see. To Rocket's dismay, they'll have to slit the baby dragon's throat in order to "reach inside" and retrieve the stones. The Wise Man warns them not to wake its mother and sends them on their mission. Rocket, Sweet Pea, and Babydoll storm the castle from the ground while Amber and Blondie take to the sky in a highly modified WWII B-17 bomber. Once they find the little dragon and slay it, Baby strikes the stones together, producing a magnificent fire. Unfortunately that fire wakes up the mother dragon, and she is not happy to find her baby dead. The girls run for their lives as Amber leads the mother away with her plane. After a bit of chasing Big Momma Dragon bites off the part of the aircraft that held Blondie's gun, causing Amber to lead the dragon back to Babydoll et al, saying that the firebreathing lizard is all hers. Babydoll swiftly jumps the jet of flame the mother shot at her and stabs the dragon in the head, completing their mission. Back in their dressing room, the girls celebrate Amber's bravery in getting the lighter and taking one more step closer to freedom. Blue breaks in on their little celebration (pesumably because he heard their jubilation), asking why they are so happy. Sweet Pea explains that they are glad Baby did so well on her first time onstage, which can be frightening. Blue is all smiles but is not at all convinced, instead lightly-but-threatingly accusing the girls, specifically Sweet Pea and Amber, of messing with his stuff and stealing little trinkets from clients. He advances towards Baby, saying that if she wasn't about to make him lots of money dancing for a man they call the High Roller (a rich man who will buy Babydoll's virginity in her fantasy but in reality is the doctor who will perform the lobotomy)... Blue leaves the threat hanging while we, the audience, are left reminded of his obvious brutality.     With time running out, Baby knows they must hurry. The next item up is the Cook's kitchen knife. Sweet Pea and Rocket agree to do this, even though the large, temperamental cook had previously harmed Rocket physically and attempted to rape her before Baby came to her rescue. Amber, Rocket, Sweet Pea, and Babydoll all work in the kitchen waiting for Blondie and Madame Gorski to set up the music. As the clock ticks and the two don't show, the girls start anyway. Rocket sits on the cook's lap to seduce him as the others tune his personal radio to more suitable music, spilling a bucket of pealed potatoes in water near the radio wire in the process. Baby starts to dance once more, creating another illusion and once again going deeper into her fantasy. This time the mission is to deactivate and capture a massive bomb set to go off when a futuristic train it's on reaches city limits. Sweet Pea, Rocket, and Babydoll handle this mission, shooting every robot set to guard the bomb. They successfully manage to deactivate the bomb with four minutes to go, hook it up to Amber's helicopter, and are nearly ready to leave when a robot that was blasted in half regains use of its arms and presses the big bad button overriding the deactivation procedure. Suddenly brought back to the kitchen, Baby sees that the radio wire had shorted out in the spilled water, messing with the radio, turning it off and back on again in quick bursts. The Cook snaps back to attention just as Sweet Pea grabs the knife from his belt. He shoves Rocket off of him and angrily takes out another knife, intending to stab Sweet Pea, but before he can Rocket knocks her aside, taking the blade meant for her sister in the ribs. As the knife comes down Baby suddenly snaps back to the fantasy and the bomb on the train. She has managed to get on the helicopter's ladder, but Sweet Pea and Rocket are still down below. There is no more time to try to deactivate the bomb again, so Rocket presses a button on her elder sister's jacket, activating a jet pack to send her off into the sky and safety while Rocket stays behind to see if there is anything she can do. Sweet Pea screams her little sister's name as the huge bomb explodes ending the second level of fantasy. Back in the kitchen, Sweet Pea takes her mortally wounded sister in her arms while the others are frozen with shock. With her dying breath Rocket asks her sister that, when Sweet Pea gets home, to tell their mother that Rocket loves her. Sweet Pea promises, and Rocket dies somewhat peacefully. Blue Jones bursts in at that moment and, seeing one of his girls dead, angrily shouts at the "inbred" cook, snaps at his bodyguards to lock the hysterical Sweet Pea in a closet, and yells at the remaining girls to get ready for their show. Despite all this Amber manages to claim the knife. Meanwhile Blondie is crying in the dance room, clearly distraught at the events that just unfolded. Madame Gorski finds her sobbing on the ground and tries to comfort her, asking Blondie to tell her what's wrong. Before she can, Blue interrupts though we do not know for sure that it's Blue until later. He interrogates the badly upset Blondie, and finds out about the the girls' plan to escape.     On the eve of Baby's last performance, Blue decides to make examples of what happens when people try to escape and "break the foundation of trust." In the dressing room he rants on about how he tries to give all his girls the good life and he does, so he says. It breaks his heart to have his girls conspire against him. Try to escape even. Madame Gorski attempts to calm him down but he strikes her instead. To her credit, she stands right back up and continues to try to soothe him. He presses a gun to her throat and asks her what is it she does, to which she viciously replies "I teach them... to survive... you." He very nearly shoots her, but to everyone else's relief he doesn't. Amber starts stammering out excuses, terrified to her very bones, but Blue calmly says that it's okay. He nonchalantly walks behind Amber and shoots her in the back of the head to the horror of the other girls and Madame Gorski. A terribly guilty and scared Blondie tells the girls she is sorry as Blue informs them that Blondie told him the plan. He appreciates her tip off but says no one likes a snitch, and kills her too. He has the bodies disposed of and sends everyone out of the dressing room except Baby. He comes close to Baby, and compares his job to a sandbox: he is sitting at the edge of the sandbox while everyone else gets to play with his toys. But not this time. This time he's going to take his toys, and go home. He then tries to rape Baby, but she grabs the knife they had stolen earlier and stabs Blue on the left side of his neck. Stunned, he sinks to the floor. She strongly tells him that he will never get her, and yanks the master key from around his neck. She runs to free Sweet Pea from the utility closet, who asks where Amber and Blondie are. Sadly, Baby states that it's just her and Sweet Pea now. They have all the items at this point, and so initiate the escape plan. They create a fire using a molotov cocktail in a Paradise Rum bottle, and wait for someone to pull the fire alarm, unlocking the doors. All is going according to plan until they see Blue's men at the front gate. Sweet Pea, visibly shaking, is distressed to find their way blocked and despairs, but Baby concludes that she is the fifth item. It is not her story after all - it is Sweet Pea's. She tells her friend that she will walk out and create a distraction so Sweet Pea can escape. Baby tells her to tell her mother what Rocket said, and that Sweet Pea will have to live for all of them now, after all, she is the only one who can fit into the outside world as she's the only one who still has a life. Quelling Sweet Pea's protests, Baby walks out into the open in full view of Blue's men. Sharing a final look with Sweet Pea as the latter sneaks out the front gate, Baby kicks one of the men very hard in the crotch.     Soon after, Baby is lobotomized. The Doctor asks Dr. Vera Gorski, "What did she do to deserve this?" Saying that the look in Baby's eyes just as he did it... it was almost as if she wanted it to happen. Dr. Gorski says that Baby caused a lot of problems in the one week that she was at Lennox House, including setting a fire and stabbing an orderly, but Vera wouldn't have done a lobotomy as a solution. Confused, the doctor says that she signed the order authorizing the procedure, but Dr. Vera says that's not true. The Doctor shows Dr. Vera the signature he was given, but she quickly recognizes it as a forgery. Meanwhile Blue Jones and his "bodyguards" lead a lobotomized Baby to a cell where she will be kept. The bodyguards are uneasy, saying they don't like hurting girls and they won't do it any longer, but Blue screams at them to put Baby in the chair and to shut the door. Alone with Baby, Blue kneels close to her. He softly complains to Baby that she has lost herself, and that she's not allowed to lose herself until he says so. Leaning closer, he kisses her. The kiss is broken when police bust open the door, Dr. Vera Gorski at their side. They swiftly arrest a clearly insane Blue as he yells about how he takes care of the girls and that nothing was done to Baby - just look at her face! He struggles and shouts that he will use the bribe the Stepfather gave him to lower his sentence. An officer shines a light on Baby, asking if she is okay. The camera turns to Baby's face for the first time since the lobotomy, revealing a blank expression but she very slightly smiles, suggesting that Babydoll is not completely lost and is now trapped(sic?) in her own fantasies from this point on - a paradise if you will.

𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓣𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰~

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Licia's Rules. ♥
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Hello there! My name is Licia. I've met many wonderful and talented roleplayers on this site, and I thought it convenient to write a basic set of rules and guidelines for writing with me in the future. I am not particularly strict or selective, but it is nice to have something like this set up to streamline the RP process so that you know what you're getting into. I roleplay as Licia of Lindeldt, a supporting character of the Dark Souls franchise. This is not an MCRP account and this is the only character I play here. As you can probably tell, this is primarily an ero/NSFW centric account, with romantic themes. I can work with proper story buildup, or get right to it if we're both about that life, just have some level of civility and literacy. If you're uncomfortable with themes like this, you may want to reconsider adding me. As with all my other characters, I only play Licia as straight. Sorry, ladies. This includes packing extra. I am primarily dom-leaning. This does not mean you can't be a dom character, but don't expect me to hard-sub. Godmoding is highly discouraged. I have a few kinks, but none are mandatory to RP with me. This will be a matter of private discussion between us; if I don't like it, I won't do it. If you don't like my ideas, I don't expect you to do it either Our sex song will be the one featured on my page. ♥ Last, but most importantly, please do not attempt to date the admin. I am taken IRL. If we do end up in bed... here's a few additional guidelines: 𝒦𝒾𝓃𝓀𝓈/𝓉𝓊𝓇𝓃-🍑𝓃𝓈: 𝐹𝒶𝒸𝑒𝓈𝒾𝓉𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑔, 𝒻𝑒𝓂𝒶𝓁𝑒 𝒻𝒶𝓇𝓉 𝒻𝑒𝓉𝒾𝓈𝒽𝓈𝒾𝓂, 𝓈𝓅𝒶𝓃𝓀𝒾𝓃𝑔, 𝒻𝑒𝓂𝒹🍑𝓂, 𝓅🍑𝓌𝑒𝓇-𝒷🍑𝓉𝓉🍑𝓂, 𝓉𝓌𝑒𝓇𝓀𝒾𝓃𝑔, 𝒶𝓃*𝓁, 𝒷𝓊𝓉𝓉𝒿❤𝒷 Turn-offs: Packing extra, overly hardcore BD*M, sc*t/p*ss, r*pe, underage, furry (some exceptions), pregnancy, inflation Thank you all for adding me, and for your patience so far. I look forward to continuing to write with all of you. ♥​​​​​​​


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Baby's Tools

Although Babydoll can use any gun or weapon needed, she primarily uses a personalized M1911A1 pistol and a Katana. She also utilizes a Heckler & Koch MP7, as well as a Lewis Gun she acquires from one of her many fantasy-based enemies. M1911A1 Pistol    In the real world, Babydoll wields a blue-black M1911A1 - .45 ACP against her Stepfather.In the Japanese Temple, The Wise Man presents Babydoll with a polished nickel-plated M1911A1 with engravings on both sides of the slide. The grip features a cherry token in the center. Five charms hang from the pistol's lanyard ring. She is also given three spare magazines. Katana    A traditional Japanese sword but with a Babydoll twist: Engraved on the blade is a timeline of the movie. The hand guard is made up of lobotomy picks and cherries. The sword is carried in a brown scabbard decorated with golden snowflakes.  She used it extensively along with her pistol in all tiers of the fantasy realm and even carried the map on the blade as she and her friends left sequence one. "The most intricate weapon bestowed upon Babydoll is her samurai sword. The sword features a handle of black rayskin (the belly of the Manta Ray, favored by the Japanese for its sandpaper-like quality that prevents slipping), covered with oiled brown leather, a hand-carved tsuba, or sword guard, and hand-sculpted bronze menuki, charms hidden beneath the leather. The saya, or scabbard, is made of lacquered wood festooned with snowflakes with a gold braid sash to fasten the sword to Babydoll's leather shoulder holster rig." Mouse over the following numbers to view a detailed description and close-up of the associated portion of the engraving on Babydoll's Katana 1     The beginning of the sword/story, showing the symbols of cherries and daisies (both representing innocence & purity), growing from a strong foundation (the tree)   2     ...also showing a doll/stuffed rabbit, symbolizing both childhood as well as "something close to her."   3     The foundation (tree) is destroyed by bullets (when her sister is shot) the will is revealed to be the catalyst of...   4     Babbydoll's commitment to the hospital. This segment is intertwined with a strait-jacket taking the placeof the tree as the foundation.   5     Once in the hospital, the countdown begins, forcing Babydoll to begin depending on her fantasies...   6     Her fantasies overtake her, the dreams of WW2 plans fighting and flying by the moon...   7     Dragon wings and steampunk-ish gas mask hoses intertwine with this stage's "foundation", which is Babydoll's dance, represented by the feathered boa.   8     Though she has fought, her friends are dead and her innocence is taken from her, the pure daisies are destroyed, the object "close to her" is decapitated, and...   9     She accepts defeat as the lobotomy doctor proceeds, but Babydoll, having nothing left, becomes enlightened by her acceptance.       Heckler & Koch MP7A1    Babydoll's primary firearm is a Heckler & Koch MP7A1 sub-machine gun. She wielded it during the "fire" quest. It is later suppressed for a more covert approach to the Baby Dragon's nest. Babydoll has also customized this weapon with a Zeiss red-dot sight, a flashlight and two 40-round magazines taped together for faster reloading. Last Updated: Friday, April 9th, 2021


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The singer's story

On site many would see Kurai as a cheerful idol that only wishes to touch the hearts of all fans that listen to his songs. But deep down is a person whose heart has been long lost to darkness. What's left is the shell of a person that functions soley on what they need to do to keep going in life and nothing more. Whenever people see Kurai, none would ever guess that their idol they admire so much spends his time deciding on whether or not he wants to find an excuse to get them out faster or just outright cut them up. How was it that he became this way?Kurai was an unplanned child so an average income family and having him was very costly and as a result his parents weren't all that good to him and his siblings were even worse giving him a life of suffering. No matter how much he tried to get their approval and just to be loved, he would never receive it. He attempted to run away in the past after seeing that for some it got better when family missed what they had, but this wasn't the case for him. The only sort of protection he got came as he got older and begin to be mistaken for a girl. Only then when parents saw the potential of forcing him to beaty pagents for the prize money and attention that they begin to pay some attention to him. But this caused his siblings to hate him more and those at school tease him that knew about it.It's not like he wanted to go, but if he didn't he'd be punished for it and forced anyway so Kurai didn't have a choice in the matter. After 16 years of this treatment, Kurai decided it was just time to go and never come back. Surely he'd find happiness anywhere but this place. During the night he would take some of his clothes from the beauty pagent and steal some money from his sleeping parents before going out for the last time. It started out a lonely walk into the night with all kinds of fishy and scary looking people walking around. If anyone attacked, Kurai didn't know if he'd be able to take them based on the various stories he hears about what goes on during the night.Given the dark every dog in the neighborhood at least once would wake up and surprise him by running up and barking but would be blocked by fences scaring him before he took a breath and kept walking. Eventually becoming tired enough to just prefer the main road and only hear the sounds of cars driving by. His only companion being just his own shadow that would show up anytime he walked into the night. He would walk as far as he could away from home so that when, more or less if they came looking for him, he'd be far enough that they wouldn't find him too quickly. He had no intention of going back to that life, infact he had no intention of being that person ever again. Kurai would eventually stop at a bus stop that had seats and made himself a bed on it to rest on.He would sleep until the sun was beginning to come up before sitting up at dawn. It was still a little dark, but there was enough light to see what was around him and to let him know that buses would soon be coming. He looks around to find himself near a supermarket and had an idea. First he'd eat there and then buy something for the remaining trip however long it took. Something to make it not so lonely like when he first started walking. He goes inside the supermarket to eat before shopping around and finally settling on a music player and headphones to continue the trip on. He was only able to get a few songs that he recalled that he liked before it was time to go as surely his family would notice him missing soon.Accompinied only by music now Kurai would continue his lonely journey to get as far as he could as fast as he could until reaching a bus station that'd take him out of town where he would board a bus at random and head out of the place he once called home. During this time he only wanted to be left to his own thoughts and the music that kept him happy. When reaching the new town he would use the building to change into some of his pagent clothes and cut his hair and dye it in a way where he looked much different, now having the apperance of a femboy. One of the last looks anyone would expect from him.From here he would spend the major first half of the time just trying to earn money for food and water which was pretty much living on the street. But when thinking back on the songs from the music player that has since went out, he found himself singing along to his thoughts which to his surprise earned him donations pretty quickly sealing his motives to make money. He just needed to sing more and so sing he did. Things were looking up from this and Kurai actually made a friend from this. A girl that would stop by and chat with him and eventually would invite him over to her house to spend some nights and get cleaned up. She even brought him things and showed him the affection no one else ever bothered to do. She really believed in him and encouraged him to keep singing and he'll make it somewhere.Unforuntely for him, he did and was taken in and quickly put to work on a record seperating him from his one and only friend. It was when he got back and couldn't find her that he heard news from those that knew her. She was sick and passed away to it. But until the end, she had never stopped coming back to the spot they met in hopes of seeing him one last time and he was unable to grant her wish. Some say this news struck the light not only out of Kurai's eyes, but it was the day he lost his heart. He was so overcome by sadness, and guilt he closed his heart up never to open it again leaving only his hate to grow.Hate for the people that teased him, hate for those that did nothing to help him despite always talking on tv about doing so, hate knowing that people liked the new him and otherwise didn't care for the old him, hate for his life. He hated so much, but for her when he's around people in his idol persona, he always manages a smile even in the foulest mood. It's what she would have wanted.These days Kurai has discarded almost everything about his past and prefers to never speak on it or even think about it. He likes to keep to himself, alone when not performing. Best described by a person who saw who he really was, Kurai has the eyes of someone with a fake smile. Deep down you can see a person who has given up on not just the world, but seemingly on himself as well.


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No particular rules other than the standard ones everyone else has


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OoC Tidbits: +Writing Style Info

Do not ask about my real life details other than what I am posting here. I will only tell you once before I remove you.- Roleplay and real life are separate. Anything done with Artemis is just roleplay.- I am an adult. Meaning my age falls in the bracket of twenty-one and older.- My time zone is Pacific Standard, otherwise known as PST.- I am only fluent in English. Artemis is multi-lingual. I use Google Translate for this.- I have a full time job that often works me six days and over forty hours. This means I do not always have the energy to sign in here or on Discord to do replies or even banter. I'm afraid you may wind up disappointed or aggravated if you're a person that requires weekly responses. Feel free to remove me if you haven't the patience for my timing. Rush me and I will remove you myself with haste.- I don't mind pre-made greetings so long as you greet me in some fashion if you sent the friend request.- I also don't mind roleplaying in both comments and messages!- I do not write with minors in or out of character.- Don't expect smut. Especially if there is no built up chemistry between our muses.I write in third person and my style varies during banter. I use literate style for full roleplays though. Meaning I will write in full sentences and full paragraphs, and use quotation marks when Artemis speaks. Whereas in smaller banters I will use backslashes, forward slashes, hyphens, asterisks or brackets for the action sections of the banter.Backslash: /Forward Slash: \Hyphen: -Asterisk: *Brackets: { } and [ ]I am also very fond of adding a splash of color to my writing when writing here on Ani. I tend to mostly keep the actions black and white while highlighting the conversational bits with colored text.


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Collaborative Writing Introduction

Collaborative Writing is used to describe those written work projects that involves multiple writers taking participation in writing and completing the work. It is different from shared writing in the manner of its execution, i.e. in shared writing, people divide the respective areas of work among themselves and focus on those areas itself. What happens in collaborative writing, though, is that multiple writers are employed to complete the task and these writers have overlapping domains of responsibilities. This means that writers have the authority to go through the content you have written and suggest changes that you may or may not implement. A day-to-day example of this could be the Wikipedia entries, which are written by people, edited by admins and changes are suggested by readers. In a truly collaborative writing environment, each writer has equal abilities and authority to engage in tasks of writing, editing, suggesting changes, removing text, and adding some more. This makes the best product come out in the end as multiple recursive processes run on a written text before it is published. Collaborative writing encourages a series of changes in written text, so that a consensus emerges on accuracy of text. Scope of Collaborative WritingProfessional writing is one such requirement that can be found in a variety of professions, organizations and department. Because of the quick availability of high-quality task, Collaborative writing is now being used in many fields ranging from education and remote-learning, because it has been observed that people pay more attention to a text when they are given the powers to edit the text if they don’t agree to it. This brings out a healthy debate as the original writer is made to share reliable sources to support his claim. This improvement of content based on mutual interaction makes the final product agreeable to all. While some of these documents are planned, drafted, revised and edited by a single author, most business reports and significant shorter communications are either formally written in groups or are reviewed by key readers in a company. Industry experts reportedly state that about 87% of workplace writers submit their task through collaboration instead of isolated writing stretches. A professional collaborative writer needs to have the competency in language, skills and knowledge on the subject that provides him the ability to engage in collaborative writing. Collaborative Writing - Lowry's TheoryCollaborative writing and its effects have been studied by researchers and business experts for years now. Depending on the observation of these researchers, numerous theories and working models have come up. According to Paul Benjamin Lowry, a common vocabulary must be conceptualized that different people working in a team or teams, can use to communicate in Collaborative Writing. He says that in the absence of this common vocabulary, teams put into collaborative processes and left to themselves to get the work done will make a heavy waste of resources like time, efforts and money. Keeping these factors in mind, he propounded five collaborative writing strategies, which are: Single Author Writing Sequential Single Writing Parallel Writing Reactive Writing Mixed Mode Writing Let us now discuss each of these collaborative writing strategies in detail.   Single Author WritingSingle-author writing occurs when one person represents an entire team writing collaboratively. This type of writing is usually practiced in law firms, when the lawyer employs a team to do all this research and paperwork, while he himself bears responsibility for the accuracy or fallibility of the mentioned facts. Sequential Single WritingIn Sequential single writing, a group of writer’s work on individual areas of a writing project, but in a sequence. It means that the responsibility of writing is shared by the members of a team in a numerical sequence. The writer who is supposed to start with the writing, will complete his part and then pass the document to the second in sequence. Parallel WritingClosely resembling shared writing in method and implementation, parallel writing involves employing a group of people who are handed different portions of the document and are asked to work on their areas at the same time. There are two kinds of parallel writing, one where the document is divided into smaller sections and different members handed writing responsibilities of these sections. The other one is where the team-members involved in the writing process are handed different roles. For example, proofreading, fact-checking, typo-correction, etc. Reactive WritingReactive writing involves different team-members or various teams going through one another’s output and “reacting” to the content by suggesting changes, proof-reading, fact-checking, editing, etc. This is considered a healthy practice and ensures a credible written document. Mixed Mode WritingIn the mixed mode of writing, some or all the above modes are incorporated into the writing process. For example, a team may have its team-members arranged in a sequence of writing, so while the first writer will be writing his part of the document, the rest might engage in reactive writing on it. When the first few writers are done with their tasks, they can become reactive writers in turn. Collaborative Writing - Construction Theory Javier Onrubia and Anna Engel carried out a research study with three student groups engaging in Collaborative Writing on four to eight written products. After analyzing the strategies that these teams used while preparing the written text, they identified four distinct yet interrelated processes of knowledge construction. These processes are as follows: Parallel Construction Sequential Summative Construction Sequential Integrating Construction Integrating Construction Let us now discuss these four processes in detail.   Parallel ConstructionEach group member is asked to work on a different part of the document and in the end, the final document is formed out of juxtaposing of these different parts. In another scenario, the document was divided into different portions and distributed among each teammate. After the writer had submitted his part of the document, smaller portions of text were selected from these and juxtaposed to form the final document. Sequential Summative ConstructionOne team member, usually a senior presents a partially-completed document with different sections made out and partially fulfilled as per the style, technique, verbiage, and specifications required. The rest of the team is then entrusted with the responsibility to complete the writing on the different sections and submit the final complete document. Sequential Integrating ConstructionOne team member presents a partially-complete or complete document to the team, upon which the rest of the team suggest changes, provide justified modifications or engage in discussions on the part they agree in the document or not. There is a successive contribution to the document. Integrating ConstructionThe difference between Sequential Integrating Construction and Integrating Construction is that in the latter case, the changes and modifications are suggested during the writing of the document, as opposed to waiting for the document to be submitted for the contribution process to start. Collaborative Writing - Engagement Theory Stephen M. Ritchie and Dona Rigano interviewed a science teacher who, as the head of the department, wanted to reform the education model of their schools. By comparing his belief system to the consents, concessions, negotiations, trade-offs and rejections that the teacher received on his ideas from the rest of the science teachers, Ritchie and Rigano were able to identify two levels of engagement between the team members in implementation. They are: Turn Writing Lead Writing Turn WritingThis form of writing is more cooperative where authors contribute to different sections, bringing changes and additional modification, which are then checked, implemented and collated by the lead writer.   Lead WritingTwo or more specialists on a topic are given a text to compose, who then speak their thoughts and others bring amendments into it which polishes and refines the text. The final text is then written down by another team member acting as a scribe. When the topic is done with, one of these specialists will act as a scribe and other teammates who are experts in the current subject will voice their thoughts. Collaborative Writing - Pattern Theory Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford researched on the significance of the audience of the text. They postulated a theory called the “Audience Addressed vs. Audience Invoked”, which debates the possibility of there being a pre-existing audience for any work of a writer, whom he will address through his work and whom he has to keep in mind while writing. The other argument is that writers create their own audience and they don’t need to keep the audience in mind while creating their content. Based on their observation and learnings, they theorized seven organizational patterns for collaborative writing, which include: First PatternIn this pattern, the entire team outlines and divides the task among team members, which each member then prepares and submits. The whole team then compiles the individual parts and revises the entire document. Second PatternThe team plans and outlines the writing task, however only one member partially drafts the document and the rest of the team edits, makes changes, modifies the document and does the final revision as well. Third PatternIn this working pattern, only one member of the team writes the final draft, which is then revised by the rest of the team. The difference between third pattern and second pattern is that, here the member writes the complete draft, not a partial one. Fourth PatternOne teammate outlines and writes the document. Once he is done, he will submit the document to other teammates, who may or may not consult the original author on the changes or modifications done. Fifth PatternIn the fifth pattern, the entire team collectively outlines and writes the draft and later one or more members revise the draft without consulting the rest of the team. Sixth PatternThe sixth pattern divides the team broadly into three parts: One supervising member who outlines, divides, and assigns task to the team-mates. A second supervisor who collects the completed tasks from the teammates and compiles them. The remaining teammates turn into writers. Seventh PatternThe seventh pattern also divides the team into three groups, where the first part dictates, the second part takes care of the transcription and the third part edits the resultant document and submits the final draft.   Ede and Lunsford found that the levels of satisfaction among team members working in different patterns change. Many people confess that they would like to be part of a writing process where the goals are clearly articulated and transparently shared. They also noted the degree of mutual respect among the team members, the control writers have over their content, their level of engagement in the editing process, the manner in which credit is shared, conflict-management, constraints on the writer, and finally the significance of the project within the organization. ExampleResearchers have found that people learn more about different cultures through mutual interaction, as opposed to giving them inter-cultural lessons in training rooms. For example, some of the common collaborative tasks given in Spanish cultural sensitivity classes are:  Hispanic culture Team-mates collaboratively prepare a cultural report related to Hispanics, their geography, climate, economy, popular customs, and regional cooking) through mutual discussion. Vacation in Spain Teams collaborate and describe their idea of a vacation in Spain, and places to explore. The team is also asked to design an entire itinerary for the trip, inclusive of expenses on transportation, lodging and meals. Collaborative Writing - Applications Nowadays, many writing assignments are impossible to imagine without having a collaborative writing team. For example, a major publication house desirous of publishing a book on Spanish Culture may get it written by a team of cross-cultural experts in India, but will get it revised by a team of writers in Spain too. Collaborative writing and peer reviewing are different activities, because peer reviewing basically is a correctional, editing-based and criticism-oriented process that comes after the collaborative writing effort. However, both are related and are often conducted together, so peer reviewing has been made a part of collaborative writing. Peer EvaluationWhen handling a collaborative writing assignment, it is important to set the areas that a teammember can evaluate another teammates output. This decision is normally taken by the teamleader after a consultation with his team. Some of the most common areas of evaluation are checking for completion, degree of cooperation and dependability on the writer, the amount of effort the writer put in his work and the quality of his output. The most important factor of them all is his adherence to deadlines. As a team-leader, the person should have the ability to quickly outline a project and delegate different responsibilities to different team members or divide writing responsibilities among different writers in his team. He should be able to motivate writers to keep writing when the process gets monotonous and should be able to resolve conflicts that frequently arise during the peer evaluation process. In collaborative writing, the group assignment is designed in such a way that the entire team contributes in writing. This improves skills of leadership, planning, division of labor and responsibility-sharing among team members. Planning is especially important because writers tend to work in isolation, which means they might not like to engage in frequent conversations and update-sharing. To manage collaborative writing assignments efficiently, a few factors are important to be kept in consideration. These factors are: The description of the project Success criteria Project outline Assigning of task evenly Equal responsibility-sharing Adhering to schedules Proper editing and Timely sharing of feedback Collaborative Competency   Collaborative competency is not only important to learners, but also to companies that employ them. The whole idea behind running a company is to make sure that the product sells. Collaborative writers are expected to create opportunities for sales, marketing, relationshipbuilding and reliability through their writings. Keeping this in mind, workplace writers need to hone sophisticated skills of communication through their written text. The demands for collaborative writing also is based on certain practical factors. For example, a business letter full of lengthy, complex Terms and Conditions could be quite challenging to write for any single writer. Even if the person is an experienced campaigner, he won’t be able to encapsulate all the absolute points needed to be put in the document and if he does, then he will take extra time to consider all the factors and elements. To avoid this congestion of ideas and time, the companies nowadays recruit collaborative teams to address the constraints economically and efficiently. Often is the case where business environment dictates the collaborative process. For example, the writers are often instructed to write keeping in mind the mood of the general public and the general reviews that a product has received. Benefits of Collaborative WritingCollaborative process is used in political processes too, where two countries enter an agreement and everything they decide and agree upon reaches a consensus. In such sensitive cases, no single person from either country and no single country wants to be solely responsible for the drafting of such an important document. In such cases, the collaborative writing process involves the best drafting teams from both the countries. That ensures a level playing ground where no country will be able to exploit any secondary interpretation of text later. That’s the reason all treaties today are drafted by a committee working on collaborative writing principles. A few more benefits of collaborative writing are listed below: Higher quality output, because various perspectives, skills and inputs of numerous writers. It is highly motivating to work in a team where participants try to outperform one another. Co-writers operate as critics and deliver valuable feedback during drafting. Writers of lesser experience get industrial exposure and experience working with senior writers. Better working relationship and coordination among team members. Unanimous acceptance of the final draft because of collaboration and feedback among members. As you can observe, there are multiple scenarios where collaborative writing not only accounts for higher efficiency and reliability, but also is an indispensable necessity.   Pitfalls of Collaborative WritingAs with any creative process, there are times when highly-skilled people will have a difference of opinion. When such scenarios come, a collaborative team gets split into sub-teams very quickly and things go out of control, if the team leader doesn’t respond to the situation quickly. Some of the pitfalls of collaborative writing are given below: Collaborative writing almost always struggles in case of political and social challenges. Coordination of collaborative process is very complex for a manager due to numerous writers. Collaborative writing is time consuming when it is on political processes and logistics documents. If all writers in the team are inexperienced, the documents won’t be necessarily of higher quality. Cultural differences and conflicting styles of writing can be difficult to channelize into one voice. Personal conflict over authority, styles of working and seniority are sometime inevitable. Some of the most common reasons for the failure of a collaborative team is the weakness of the most junior members of the team in grasping the concept and right approach. People might wonder the reason behind employing junior staff, if they can prove inefficient, but their appointment is subject to logistics and budget considerations.   In addition to that, communication issues like improper briefing and physical distance between the writers, frequent editing of teams also slows down the process and results in team failure. Finding a Collective VoiceStudies of writing teams state that teams give high importance on outlining the practical applications of collaboration and finalizing the best practices like writing, reading, group management, etc. The concept of addressing an audience runs deep. The most important concept for future collaborative practices will be to understand the viewership that the articles are going to get. It is important to realize how teams perceive and address their audiences. Now, the audiences can be split into internal audiences (members of the team) and external audiences (non-organization people who are going to read the document). Will the writers get tempted to address the internal audience to gain clearance of their document even if the external audience has different expectations? These questions are going to be asked more frequently as the collaborative writing process gets further spread and acceptance. Writers term this phenomenon as finding a consistent voice. This voice needs to be consistent with the business scenario or political compliance. Organizations manage to spread their voice through distributing memos, holding meetings, and arranging conferences. Collaborative Writing - Methodology While working on a major collaborative assignment, the writing team should first learn how to coordinate their tasks, by outlining a working model. The most common strategy is to assign at least two roles to each individual teammate, one can be related to writing and the other role related to the post-production, such as editing, scheduling, monitoring, etc. This requires a high degree of professional conduct and interconnectivity of thoughts on behalf of everybody in the team. The most important thing to note is that, even if the roles of writing could be clearly chalked out, the other role could be flexible and overlapping. In a collaborative writing structure, no person can be the sole partaker of any responsibility. An entire team can also be divided into sub-teams with specific roles such as: Writer − All members in this team are responsible for writing and completing the document. Group Leader − This group is responsible for the coordination of the team, scheduling and organization of actions. Editor − This group will take responsibility to edit, insert style and proofread the documents, either in intervals or after the final document’s submission. Graphics Designer − This group is responsible for designing illustrations and the layout of hardcopy and Web printing of the document. Subject Matter Specialist − This group takes care of researching on a topic and providing answers to queries of the team. They proofread the technical portions of the document for accuracy. Webmaster − This team puts the contents of the document on the website and maintains it. Determining which team member is fit for which job is the preliminary stage of any collaborative writing. In the first meeting itself, the members of the team get together and discuss their backgrounds and which areas they will be most comfortable working in. The team leader takes a note of the members’ technical writing skills, background, editing process and experience.   In subsequent meetings, the team outlines the project, delegates responsibilities and asks for submitting weekly informal progress reports in next meeting onwards. The team members can switch roles of note taking during subsequent meetings. Collaborative Writing - Editing Strategy When it comes to reviewing and revising the final draft, the team should design strategies that help them evaluate and edit the team’s writing, such as implementing quality control measures, holding periodic reviews and sharing feedback. The feedback should be on whether the writing has: Accomplished its primary goal of addressing the readers’ uses. Identified and addressed all copyrighting and editing issues. Reviewed and edited all the final areas of the document. As these meetings are held after parts of the document have been designed, the team will have to anticipate many issues that might crop up during the writing process, such as copyediting, grammar usage, content checking, etc.   After that, they will have to mention the project status, note the deviations, if any, from the initial plan and the list of actions that led to the difference between the first action plan and the current one. This process is divided into the following two segments: Review Draft Informal Progress Report Let us know discuss these two segments in detail.   Review DraftIn this segment, the team will present their document, acknowledging the incomplete sections, and make space for them in the project. In the later stages of their presentation, they will describe what will be mentioned in these spaces. Every member of the team should have authority to review and evaluate the other members of the team. The feedback should be short, precise and specific so that the members can act in an expedited manner. The Informal Progress ReportThe informal progress report can be structured like a weekly memo that gives a clear idea on the progress of the team. Members of the team should then initially sign each other’s progress reports. The memo should address the following questions: Who attended the meeting? Who missed the meeting, and why? Was the list of items on the agenda discussed? What was the next sequence of action plans? What is the status of very participant’s involvement and progress? These progress reports should include all the team members' names, their contact numbers, i.e. phone numbers and email addresses for easier contact.   ConclusionLearning the skills of writing a project in a collaborative manner in a team is considered as an invaluable asset in today’s world. Many employers have already started giving prior importance to those employees who can handle collaborative writing assignments. The future of organizations is in producing documents with shared authorship. They need to trust one another with sensitive, proprietary materials, so that they can work together in the future. The unique nature of collaborative writing will ensure that they develop greater cultural sensitivity and multiple viewpoints of drafting a document. Everything said and done, it is in the best interest of everyone that everyone participates successfully into a collaborative team effort, as that is where the future of business writing is headed.

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